April 17, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Ai Uehara Videos



  • Birthday: 11/12/92 ( 25 years old)
  • Career Status: 2011-2016
  • Measurements: JP 83-57-82 cm (US 33-22-32 in)
  • Cup Size: C
  • Height: 155cm (5ft 1in)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Black


Metric Score
Breasts 7/10
Face 8/10
Body 9/10
Ass 8.5/10
Acting 10/10


If there was ever a hall of fame for jav, Ai Uehara would be a shoe in. Does she even need an introduction. Every one of you reading this right knows who she is. She’s an absolute legend for many reasons. Known for her incredibly energetic acting, nice ass and thick thighs and of course her ridiculous squirting ability. In addition she’s done nearly every fetish imaginable from bukkake and cum swallowing to interracial and anal to even trannies.

Honorable Mentions


“You’ve Hit The Wall You Can’t Escape!


Ai Uehara is no stranger to wacky and silly plots and this is certainly one of them. Don’t ask how but basically Ai gets herself stuck inside a wall and as you can guess she gets taken advantage of. It’s definitely bizarre but Ai pulls it off with a fitting performance. Expect tons of creampies as well which really goes hand in hand with this theme. Free use is also a huge factor too if that’s your thing.


“Woman Who Don’t Know Are Missing Out! World’s Biggest Mega C*ck Blowjob/Squirting/Creampie Raw Footage”


Certainly one of Ai’s more memorable videos. In it she travels to Los Angeles to meet and fuck several black guys. While her performance is more submissive than I’d like but this is still a top-notch interracial film. Lots of squirting and creampies plus the overall action is very intense, mainly due to how hung these guys are. Highly recommended for interracial fans.


“Ai Uehara And A Popular Masturbation Cup Together At Last!


Ai Uehara as a fleshlight brought to life. The role she was born to play. This is by far one of the strangest plots I’ve ever seen. But it’s not a bad thing. She’s basically treated as a living sex toy here as she gets fucked, dp’ed and filled with cum. Not to mention she looks great in doing so. Plus that cover is amazing. Ai Uehara with a makeshift Megaman buster arm? What’s not to love?


What An Ass!!


This was a video that I just recently discovered. And I’m glad I did. As you can tell from the cover it’s all mainly ass focused with Ai wearing a variety of costumes relating to different themes and scenarios. Some examples being an american school girl, waitress and a devil outfit. That variety also lends itself to her acting as well. Cosplay, Ai Uehara and non stop focus on her ass. What could be better?


“A Girl Takes 100 Creampies – Complete Version


I’ll be honest here and say I have no real idea what’s going on. It seems to be some kind of team based hide-in-seek game with Ai, Koharu and Hibiki involving creampies. Subtitles would definitely help a lot here. Anyway it’s a very fun and entertaining video despite not understanding it.  Lots of sex and creampies to be had.

Best Videos


“Big Bootied Slut With No Panties’ Wild Hip Shaking


I’m kicking off my list with one hell of a video and personally one of my all time favorites of hers. I just wanna start by saying that’s one hell of a title and cover. Definitely grabs your attention. Anyway the plot is pretty much exactly as it sounds with Ai playing a super slutty office lady who relentlessly teases and seduces her co-worker. Ai Uehara playing the dominant role is nothing new and as always she knocks it out of the park. She’s very lewd and slutty which is exactly what you want to see here. And of course she’s her usual high energy and enthusiastic self. Not only is her acting on point but also her appearance too, I mean just look at the cover shot. Her wardrobe is outstanding here with several sexy outfits with the best one easily being those full body fishnets. They show off her incredible ass and thick thighs extremely well. Adding to all this is the top-notch sex filled with squirting, cowgirl and plenty of facesitting. Plus the camerawork is exceptional as it captures some really amazing shots of Ai Uehara’s glorious ass in action. This video has really got it all. Incredible action, slutty acting, terrific plot and above all else Ai Uehara looking fantastic. Easily one of her all time best.


“After That, We Fucked Hard


One word to describe this video, intense. The plot here is basically her taking non-erotic situations and turning them into crazy over the top and lust filled fuck fests. Such as when she drops her papers and some guy picks them up for her and they touch hands on accident. Five seconds later they start fucking. Kinda weird but it makes for some intense action.Which speaking of the sex, it’s absolutely incredible here. There’s several full sex scenes along with some great blowjob and outercourse scenes that are all very, very intense. Also they each feature a unique scenario helping things feel fresh for every scene. Compounding this intensity is Ai Uehara’s standout performance. This is her at her absolute best. Her raw enthusiasm  and energy is unrivaled and she keeps this going throughout the entire film from start to finish. She makes even the run of the mill handjob scene into something truly memorable and entertaining. Also I can’t forget to mention how nice Ai looks. There’s some great outfits here such as a nurse uniform and a pair of ripped pantyhose. This film does a splendid job at showcasing just how explosive of a performer Ai Uehara was. Her insane high energy and intense acting is on full display here. Couple that with some great action and varied scene scenarios and you’ve got one hell of a video.


“Slut Female Ninja


Ai Uehara as a sexy and slutty ninja, hell yeah. By far one of the most unusual plots Ai Uehara has ever taken part in. In this one she plays a female ninja who is super slutty and dominates and forces guys into sex. Definitely wins points for originality plot wise. Overall it’s just one of her most unique videos ever, which is saying something. It all starts with her appearance. While she only wears one outfit pretty much with that being her kunoichi uniform it looks really good on her and it’s certainly memorable. Beyond that she looks sexy as always. The action is another highlight as every single scene is terrific and boasts its own distinct premise. In one scene she’s tied up and gets raped but halfway though she turns the tables on her two captors and fucks them silly. Or in another when she captures her target by surprise, restrains him and proceeds to use literal shadow clone jutsu to make a double of herself and jerk the guy off. You’ll be entertained from beginning to end. And as you can guess Ai brings her usual high energy and intense acting here. She does a fantastic job at settling into her role and makes it believable. Plus her facial expressions and body language are on point too. If you want something a bit different and unique then look no further.


“Rookie Nurse Takes 10 Real Creampies For Sexual Treatments


The nurse is ready to see you now. This is easily one of the more interesting and memorable videos on my list. In this Ai Uehara plays a nurse who goes around a hospital and has sex with an assortment of patients. There’s no cuts at all as it’s all just one long scene of her moving room to room having sex. Hell at one point she’s riding a guy in a wheelchair as he moves through the hallway. Overall it has a real sense of professionalism to it and Ai does a great job at playing her role. Which leads me to her performance which is solid for the most part. You won’t see Ai in her “semon demon” mode here as she’s more subdued but she’s still on point. Adding to that is her appearance. She of course is in flawless shape and her wardrobe is great too consisting of the typical nurse garb. What’s nice is that the nurse uniform isn’t overly slutty which helps make the premise more believable. Last but certainly not least is the incredible action. It’s nearly non-stop all the way through and features loads of creampies and entertaining scenes. There’s even a nice pov scene at the end. Definitely one to watch if you have a fetish for nurses, hospitals and creampies. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m feeling ill…


“If You Can Stand Ai Uehara Stroking Your Cock, We’ll Give You $1000


One of my all time favorite series here. Most of you reading this are probably aware of it but I’ll break it down real quick. They bring onboard “random” strangers to see if they can last 10 minutes with Ai. If they last 10 minutes, they have the choice to either take the money or fuck her and, if they can last another 10 minutes, they receive twice the money. Ultimately it’s a win-win situation. It’s a fantastic premise that allows for Ai to act natural and be herself which she absolutely does here. This is yet another example of Ai at her best. Extremely energetic and engaging with great facial expressions to boot. She makes every single scene here fun to watch and super entertaining. As always with this series the outfits used here are terrific. They’re all varied and suit her quite nicely. No weak ones to be had at all. The sex is another masterful highlight. While most of the action does consist of handjobs, blowjobs and outercourse it’s all amazing thanks to Ai’s intense and enthusiastic performance. And when the sex does happen it’s all fantastic thanks to some nice creampies and sexy positions. Overall REAL-535 is an entertaining non-stop ride from start to finish. Getting to see Ai in her natural element is a treat and will no doubt blow you away.


“Cum Swallowing International 2


Creampies and cum swallowing are the menu here. It’s very straightforward as it’s broken into two separate scenes. The first features her having sex with around 5 guys of different nationalities such as black, white and Mexican. And as the video title suggests she swallows every guys load. Now in the second scene she puts on a blonde wig and fucks a bunch of guys in a row. Each guys cums inside her and then she pushes the cum out and swallows it. It’s great in that whether you prefer creampies or swallowing you get your fix here. The action as a whole is pretty great but it does take some time to get going. But once it does it’s fantastic and is loads of fun watching her getting filled to the brim with cum. Her performance is as expected pretty great. While she can be a little too submissive here and there she manages to swallow every load with a smile on her face. Ai Uehara’s appearance is quite nice too. In particular in the 2nd scene in which she wears a blond wig. While it’s certainly a little more niche than other videos due to the focus on gangbangs and cum it’s well worth it if you’re a fan of those genres. You won’t be disappointed.


“Pumped Full Of Cum Doggie Style -From Hot Ass-Pounding Fucks To Real Creampies”


Now if you’re a simple man and just wanna enjoy Ai’s glorious ass with no weird plot or premise then this is for you. This whole video boils down to 2 elements really. Tons of ass focus and creampies. There’s no story involved whatsoever. It’s all very simple but that’s definitely not a bad thing. With all the focus on the action it better be good right? Well thankfully it is. There’s several sex scenes all ending in creampies along with a scene of her masturbating while guys cum on her ass. Beyond that the camerawork is exceptional capturing some truly amazing shots of her. Also one sex scene is even shot in pov. Now I will say that her acting is just about average overall. She doesn’t really get too crazy here but it doesn’t impact the overall enjoyment too much. Thankfully though Ai looks outstanding here. Every single outfit she wears is amazing and fits her perfectly showing off her incredible ass and thighs. They definitely nailed that aspect. Honestly that’s all there is to say. Creampies and Ai Uehera’s ass. What more could you want? I mean just look at dat cover. Nuff’ said…


“Narcotics Investigation Squad – Pussy-Twitching Addicts”


I’m really not a big fan of the rape genre. However this is one of the few exceptions that I really enjoyed and would actually say it’s one of my personal favorites of hers. Ai Uehara plays a secret agent who goes on a mission to rescue her friend(Yui Hatano). She gets caught and subsequently raped. Then afterwards a drugged Yui ends up fucking her with a strap-on. But then the tables turn as Ai gets drugged while the drugs Yui took start to wear off. It all culminates in a final scene where the two get fucked side-by-side with Ai loving it and Yui being submissive. By far one of my favorite rape plots. In addition the action is fantastic with a nice variety in the scenes. There’s group sex, one-on-one scenes and even the aforementioned lesbian strap-on scene. When it comes to their acting both of them are pretty spot on. They each play roles well and act appropriately when needed. Yui does a solid job but Ai is just a bit better. She delivers both submissive and dominant  style performances to great effect. And lastly the two of them look terrific here. Not only does Yui look sexy in her catsuit but Ai looks stunning as well in her tight skirt and revealing blouse showing off her cleavage. I cannot recommend this one enough, especially to rape fans. If you’re a fan of the genre then add this to the top of your watch list.


“Squirt! Cum! Slurp! 4 Person Fuck!


Two of my all time favorite actresses starring in a video together? With tons of squirting no less? This was one of the most easiest picks on my list for obvious reasons. There’s no plot to be had here. Instead its just several scenes of these two together in threesomes, foursomes and plenty of girl-on-girl action. Speaking of the sex it’s pretty damn good. Let me just say that if you enjoy squirting then this is as good as it gets. Every single scene features tons and tons of it as they constantly blast like a geyser. Beyond that there’s plenty of lesbian play as they grope, finger and kiss each other. Compounding that is their incredible chemistry together. It doesn’t feel too forced and they get along great. Maybe a little too whiny at times but it doesn’t matter all that much. And it goes without saying that both of them look terrific. Not a whole lot in terms of their wardrobe but that’s fine as their natural appearances are more than enough. They really make a nice pair together. All in all this is one of my personal all time favorite duo cast videos. If you love squirting and of course Haruki Sato and Ai Uehara then this is easily a straight 10/10.


“The Second We Met This Porn Star Jumped On My Dick For A Creampie”


Truly saving the best for last. Any Ai Uehara fan knows this video and how legendary it is. The premise is super simple as it basically follows Ai as she moves around a house fucking the shit out of any guy she finds. Often making them cum multiple times in a row. Where do I even begin with this one? Every single element here is just flawless starting with her appearance. Besides wearing a few sexy outfits she’s in perfect shape. Definitely in her prime here. Secondly the action is just completely over the top and incredible. It’s nearly non-stop from beginning to end with tons of facesitting, some squirting and loads of creampies. The best word to describe it all is “entertaining”. Watching her trying to find guys in a game of hide-in-seek and then immediately jumping on their dick and riding them is just amazing to watch.  Plus the fact that she often makes them cum twice in a row is just remarkable. But by far the most notable aspect is her acting. This literally could be the most enthusiastic performance I’ve ever seen from any actress. She’s just relentless here as she chases guys through hallways, holds them down and just milks them dry. So full of energy without ever skipping a beat as she has the ability to make even the mundane handjob scene a sight to behold. I could on all day about this video but I’ll end it here. PLA-045 is in a class of its own. This is THE Ai Uehara film to watch. If you want to know what she’s all about. This is it.


Worst Videos


“Your Kiss Feels Incredible…” Silver Fox Diner 10 – This Married Woman’s So Sensitive She Could Cum With Just A Kiss – Her Body’s As Tasty As Her Home Cooking.”


I’m not sure who the target audience is for this but good lord this one is awful and dreadfully boring. Half of the video is spent on Ai cooking a meal and then the other half is a simple one-on-one sex scene. And even then the scene is bland and forgettable. Absolutely avoid this drab waste of a video.


“Training! Exhibitionist Pet


Sometimes I can enjoy a rape themed video but more often than not I dislike them so naturally I have this at the bottom of my list. It’s basically just about her being kept in a cage and used as a sex slave. All this while taking place outdoors mostly. I couldn’t enjoy this at all and absolutely hated it. Don’t bother unless you really enjoy rape.


“I Normally Can’t Cum But She Made Me Blow 10 Loads – The Soapland Hooker With Incredible Technique SPECIAL”


It’s definitely not her worst video but the combination of these two could have been much more. I was hoping the addition of Ai would have elevated Aimi’s performance but sadly not as she’s still her typical whiny self. To make matters worse they barely interact with each at all. No groping, kissing or fingering. They just have no chemistry whatsoever and are too different. Ai is one of the best performers in jav ever along with having an incredible ass and thick thighs. Meanwhile Aimi is a terrible performer with no ass but boasts huge boobs. There’s still some value here and it provides some fappable scenes but still you’ll be left wondering what could have been and just…why?


Ai Uehara was one of the all time greatest actresses to ever grace jav. She was incredibly unique and a true one of a kind. She had mass universal appeal and could attract just about anyone. Hopefully this post has narrowed down her ridiculously sized catalogue and given you some highlights to check out. Whether you’re an existing fan or somehow avoided her all this time. You can just never go wrong with Ai Uehara.


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