April 17, 2024

Pan’s Top 40 Favorite Videos of All Time Part 3/4

20. AVOP-371

“An Explosive Ass Exhibition Big Ass Mature Woman Babes In A Sexy Fuck Fest”


5 big ass actresses in one video? Sign me up! The premise is very simple. 5 milfs with 5 big asses casting Kaori as the center focus. Featuring 4 hours of juicy goodness. What’s really special here is the action and scene variety. You’d think the premise may wear thin and scenes may starting feeling a little stale but not so. Marrion does an outstanding job with every aspect. The camerawork is superb and the variety is excellent here too. Some of the highlights include a threesome massage with Kaori and Ryoko, group sex scene with a maid theme, swimsuit scene involving pegging and even a lesbian scene with Kaori. Not only that but all the actresses look super sexy and wear some phenomenal outfits. Each one accentuates their amazing asses and bodies. My personal favorite being Kaori’s outfit in her solo sex scene which is a bunnygirl/maid outfit. Lastly performances from all of them are top-notch as they’re intense, dominant, engaging and very enthusiastic. Sometimes they overdo it but its  not a big deal. Whether you’re a Kaori fan, enjoy milfs or an ass lover you absolutely cannot miss this video. I can easily say that this was the best video imo of 2017 and one I will never forget. A true massterpiece.



19. MIDD-891

“Colossal Titties Instructor’s Shapely Seduction Lesson


This here is my personal all time favorites Ai Sayama video. The premise here is pretty straightforward as she simply plays a flirty and seductive fitness instructor. A personal favorite theme of mine and Ai Sayama is a great fit for it. I mean who wouldn’t want her as your workout instructor? The best aspect of this video hands down is Ai Sayama’s appearance. Imo Ai Sayama was her in physical prime here. She still looks terrific no less but she was perfect back then. And her wardrobe is utterly amazing. Consisting of super tight and sexy workout clothes and thongs which all showcase and highlight her thick and juicy body perfectly. Her acting here is pretty impressive as well. Ai Sayama has always been in mind a very capable performer and here is no different. She’s very flirtatious and seductive plus she takes the lead in every single scene. Not to mention how engaging and active she is. One of her best performances easily. Of course the sex has gotta be good too right? Thankfully it is. Featuring plenty of sex scenes and some great paizuri scenes there’s no shortage of good action here. Plus the camerawork is on point capturing all the best angles of Ai Sayama’s body and lighting is solid too. There’s some nice facesitting as well which I’m always a fan of. This is a video that should be in every single Ai Sayama fans library.



18. PPPD-340

“My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempted Me With Her Big Tits And Her Willingness To Take My Creampie”


Julia’s acting has never been her biggest strength. But when it comes to this particular video her performance ranks as one of her all time best and results in her greatest video to date imo. Most of you out there know this series and the plot but for those 2 out there unaware here’s the brief rundown. Julia seduces her sister’s boyfriend by flaunting her big tits and promising to let him creampie her. It’s a brilliant plot that allows for Julia to show off her slutty side which she does so in spades here. She plays her role flawlessly with appropriate facial expressions and terrific enthusiasm. Plus she’s in control for most of the scenes. She’s definitely not her usual dead fish self here. All this would be for nothing if the action wasn’t as good and thankfully it’s fantastic. There’s multiple creampie sex scenes and nearly every one includes an element of risk. Such as in the final scene where they fuck while the girlfriend is asleep in bed just feet away. This certainly makes the action much more exciting. And of course I gotta talk about how damn good Julia looks here. She’s truly in her physical prime with this release as her boobs, face and body are is pristine shape. All this makes for a perfect 10/10 video.



17. CJOD-124

“She’ll Bring You To An Amazing Ejaculation With Her Ass In This Furious Big Ass Oil Massage Parlor”


Yuu Shinoda has many great videos under her belt but imo none better than this. This video plays to several of her strengths and excels in every aspect. The plot is pretty simple as it’s just a basic massage themed video with Yuu playing the role of a slutty masseuse. There are many reasons why is a near massterpiece but one of the big ones is the incredible action. First off the camerawork is amazing as it captures some insane angles of her body and the addition of pov in 3/5 scenes is fantastic. Plus the lighting is very nice. The positions used are brilliant and really do a terrific job of highlighting her ridiculous figure. Next up is her performance is which is near perfection. Wonderfully seductive, on point facial expressions and great energy with a nice subtle slutty touch to her overall acting. Last but certainly not least is her appearance which is another home run. Her wardrobe is what you’d expect with the typical masseuse smock and stockings. Her physical appearance is superb as she’s in the best shape of her career imo. And when she’s on all fours and arching her back, its beyond words. No one looks better than her in doggystyle. If you ever wondered what the hype is about for Yuu Shinoda then you can do no better than this. Watch this immediately and be amazed.




16. WANZ-294

“Cowgirl Lady’s Certain Explosion Creampie SEX


This series was one of my favorites from WANZ Factory and Kaho’s entry in it is nothing short of spectacular. The focus here is on the cowgirl position and Kaho taking control and being rather dominant. Not to mention the abundance of creampies(though likely to fake).  While the premise is centered around cowgirl there’s still a fair amount of variety in the scenes. From fucking a guy blindfolded and tied to a chair to a pov sex scene and last but not least the final and best sex scene that is a must watch. Adding to the amazing action is her dominant and very energetic performance. As per usual she gets super sweaty as she rides and grinds with unmatched enthusiasm. And some of the positions she fucks in during the last scene are just beyond words. She looks stunning as well wearing a few nice outfits with the last being the standout. Kaho Kasumi in latex while being covered in sweat is just too good. All in all if you enjoy cowgirl sex, creampies and dominant and energetic performances then this is a can’t miss video.Without question this is my all time favorite Kaho Kasumi video and one you don’t wanna miss.



15. IPZ-561

“I Won’t Forgive You Until You Cum – Two Smart Frustrated Sluts Become Filthy Reverse Molesters”


Anyone that knows me shouldn’t be surprised to see this here. After all it includes one of my all time favorite scenes ever in jav. The premise is basically that of a typical reverse rape/molester video. Both actresses go around in a public location such as an elevator, restroom and library and proceed to throw themselves at unsuspecting men. Every scene features both actresses sometimes in a threesome, foursome or fucking a guy one after another. Hands down the best scene is the elevator scene as Minori showcases her flawless dominant and lewd acting. Speaking of acting the performances from both actresses are quite good with no real glaring weaknesses. Wardrobe is also another highlight too. Their outfits are of typical OL style wear with some normal clothing as well. It creates a great contrast as they appear classy on the outside but slutty on the inside. I could go on endlessly here but I’ll end it by saying this is a video that should 100% be in every Minori fans library. An absolute must watch and personally one of my most memorable videos ever.


14. MIAD-711

“Female Teacher In A Tight Skirt


Easily one of Kurea’s all time best videos ever but also one of the greatest teacher themed videos I’ve ever seen. The premise is simple as Kurea goes around and has sex with her students in a mostly dominating fashion. Now what truly remarkable is that every single aspect of this video is flawless. Starting with her outstanding appearance and wardrobe. She constantly wears skirts, high-heels, stockings and pantyhose all of which emphasize her super sexy legs and amazing ass. The sex is equally just as good with some intense action focusing on clothed sex. There’s some great facesitting as well and also one of the best footjob scenes I’ve ever seen. Finally there’s her perfect performance. Extremely dominant and slutty with fantastic energy and facial expressions. She makes even the mundane footjob scene very fun to watch. In closing this is vintage classic Kurea Hasumi doing what she does best which is take complete control with confidence and look damn good in the process.


13. DVDES-357

“Lesbian Fan Thanksgiving Day!!


Rio Hamasaki has many amazing videos but this one ranks as one of the best for sure and its one of my favorite themes with fan thanksgiving. Instead of pleasing her male fans this time it’s all about the ladies. Sometimes lesbian videos can be quite boring and dull but this one delivers on all fronts starting with the action. Most of the scenes involve Rio being on stage and drawing numbers out of a box that correspond to a lucky fan from the audience. Afterwards she engages them with a different act ranging from light stuff like groping and kissing to motorboating her and fucking her with a strap-on. The variety is surprisingly fantastic and will keep you entertained all the way through. One of the most important aspects of a fan thanksgiving film is the actresses performance. Thankfully Rio is absolutely perfect and delivers one of the best performances in this genre. She’s so incredibly friendly, warm, inviting, bubbly and just so natural. It really seems like she’s enjoying herself and having a good time. It doesn’t feel forced at all. And her facial expressions are incredible. Very lively and expressive. Finally I can’t forget to mention how insanely gorgeous Rio looks here. Besides wearing a few nice outfits she herself is just in flawless shape. She’s really in her prime here as her teeth are fixed and her boobs are as firm and perky as can be. I could go on all day about this masterpiece but I’ll stop now. This is an absolute must watch for everyone. Don’t miss it.



12. ZUKO-114

“Baby Making Sex At The Erotic Sensual Festival In The Village Of Big Tits


This film boasts one of the greatest casts ever for a video imo. Asahi Mizuno, Erika Kitagawa, Aimi Yoshikawa and Rina Ayan. How could this NOT make my list. The premise is pretty standard fare from this studio. Its based around these 4 girls wanting to make babies with you and constantly wanting sex. Sounds good to me. Lemme get my one minor gripe out of the way and that is “jazz hands”. Yes the actor here often waves his hands in protest as these girls fuck the life out of him.  Still the sex is incredible with loads of group sex and creampies with no filler at all. What’s also nice is that the spotlight is shared equally among the actresses so no one feels left out. Plus all the actresses look fantastic as this is easily one of the best casts ever assembled for a group video imo. They all wear really skimpy outfits too such as tight shorts and revealing tops. And when it comes to performances everyone is on point and even Aimi herself is solid. Everyone is pretty engaging, expressive and boasts solid enthusiasm.  Definitely one of the best harem videos out there. Thanks in part to its amazing action and pov group sex along with a star studded cast and solid acting.


11. PPPD-511

“Face-Sitting Babe With Super Colossal Tits Get Ready For The Delicious Torture Of Crushing O Cups”


Hitomi has had a long career with tons of great amazing videos. However this is without a doubt my all time favorite solo Hitomi video ever for a myriad of reasons. First off the overall premise is just genius with Hitomi smothering guys with her boobs. Simple but effective. Another nice aspect is that each scene has its own scenario. From her playing a yoga instructor to having her way with a home intruder. Every scene is memorable and very entertaining. In addition the action is outstanding with plenty of paizuri and fantastic positions with Hitomi smothering the guys while riding the absolute shit out of em. Perhaps the most impressive thing about this video is Hitomi’s performance. She really knows what she’s doing here and it shows. The way she throws her boobs around is quite the sight to see. Going beyond that her enthusiasm is breathtaking and her facial expressions are some of the best I’ve seen from her. Finally how could I not mention Hitomi’s stunning appearance.  Nearly every outfit is a winner here. Not only that but she herself is an incredible shape. Her boobs look terrific along with her magnificent body. All in all this stands as my current favorite solo Hitomi video as it nails every aspect and is an absolute masterpiece.

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