May 17, 2024

Ohura’s Top Hitomi Videos

Anyone who’s spoken to me for more than 5 minutes knows Hitomi is far and away my favourite adult actress. She’s gorgeous, has a fantastic body, has incredible acting, and who could forget, amazing breasts.

Here I countdown my 10 favourite Hitomi videos. These are not necessarily her best videos, just my favourites.

10. MIDD-921 – Colossal Tits Naked Exhibitionist Hitomi


Does anyone dislike public sex? I definitely don’t. In this one, Hitomi is an exhibitionist who has sex outdoors. I love her ability to come across as a slut in this one, looking like she really enjoys what she’s doing. The thought of her just walking up to strangers and having sex with them is pretty hot.

The first two scenes has her walk up to someone in classic trench-coat style and then whoosh, here’s everything. What a dream come true. Anyway, getting people off in the middle of nowhere outside is something I’d watch again. The acting definitely isn’t as good as it is now, but it’s certainly not awful.

Even in the scene where she’s not going completely all-in on the slut them, we’re getting a beach scene, which has always done well for her. I don’t know if its having read or watched one too many hentai, but it just looks good. Especially when they play off the rocks at the beach, it just gives it a little something extra.

vlcsnap-2016-12-02-02h51m34s932The last scene is quite enjoyable as well, where she’s in a room touching herself when the guy notices and joins her, and then a second guy joins her. Just watching her from afar, they have an interesting camera angle and she actually does a decent job of selling herself. Could it be better? Absolutely. Is it still good? You bet.

Overall it’s one of the weaker videos on the list, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad video.


9. MIDE-003 – The Selfish Seduction of a Bra-Less Wife: Hitomi


vlcsnap-2016-12-02-02h35m23s827Have I ever mentioned that I like clothed females? Sweater meat is absolutely fantastic, and that’s what you get here. It’s not just that there’s clothed sex, but that there’s a bit of everything. There’s one where she’s wearing a sweater (which is off during the sex, but she’s not wearing a bra when the scene starts), one where she keeps on a wet t-shirt, and even one where she’s wearing some workout clothes. Simply put, it’s got something for everyone.


The first scene was one of my earliest favourite scenes. The way her breasts look in that sweater is amazing, and the sex while she’s partially clothed just looks incredible. In the second scene while she’s still wearing the wet t-shirt and you can see her boobs, amazing. Hitomi’s breasts look best when they’re kept together, and the shirt does exactly that while still giving you a view.

vlcsnap-2016-12-02-02h44m14s437Even in the weaker scenes of the video, they’re not that bad. Who doesn’t enjoy some oil from time to time? The sex isn’t all that great in the other scenes, but I like the idea of some contrast between clothed sex and non-clothed sex, and they do a good job of mixing it together. It just all comes together nicely for one hell of a video.

Overall, clothed sex is just really hot and a turn-on for me, and Hitomi does a really good job of it. Different outfits, minimal plot, and sweater meat as far as the eye can see.


8. MIDD-879 – Jcup Super Huge Titty Instructor Hitomi


vlcsnap-2016-12-03-05h23m56s842Who doesn’t like workout videos? Everyone lives for this stuff, and it’s always good. I’m actually not sure I’ve ever seen a bad workout video. Something about big-breasted women in form-fitting clothes that show off their breasts is hard to be bad.


One thing about this video is that the acting isn’t that good. It’s not particularly bad, but given 2016 Hitomi’s acting, it’s not very good. I actually find in general that workout videos don’t have great acting. What makes them good still is that they really don’t need acting. Good sex combined with a good appearance (aided by the workout clothes in this case) is enough to carry a video. Good acting obviously helps any video, but to make acting a requirement for a video to be good is just wrong. Sometimes you don’t want to spend an hour beating off, and just want to watch her get fucked while it all looks hot.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-05h25m59s828There’s about 15 minutes of bad sex in the two hour movie, and it isn’t even that bad. Hitomi plays with herself in a toilet stall and a guy comes in and they mutually masturbate. It’s definitely the weakest scene, but then, the weakest scene in a video where the sex is actually all good is not that bad. Part of why it’s the weakest scene is that it’s the one that required some acting, but there really wasn’t any.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-05h26m31s779The rest of it is just standard workout sex scenes. Hitomi’s an instructor, they do a bit of exercising while she puts her assets on full display, and then sex. It’s just enough to call it a plot while not too much to make the plot be relevant to any degree. Again, a scene can be good when it has the actress looking good and the sex looking good, plot or acting aren’t necessary.

I’m a pretty big fan of competitive swimsuits, but I strongly dislike how they almost always just pull out the breasts immediately. Her scene here is nice because they leave one breast clothed and the contrast looks great. Best of both worlds. It’s much like the wet t-shirt in MIDE-003, where it keeps her boobs together and prevents them from spilling off to the side.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-05h25m38s406It’s simply hard to have a solid workout video and have it not make the list. I’d really love to see her do one again with her newfound acting skills, but for the time being, I’ll continue enjoying this one.


7. MIDE-219 – Hitomi is Your Bride


I believe I speak for everyone reading this that this is your ultimate fantasy. Hitomi as my bride, wow. The premise of the plot is exactly that, you’re married and it’s a Saturday and, well, like any newlyweds, that means staying in and having lots of sex.

One of the big selling factors of this video is that it’s shot in POV. In a video where the goal is to pretend Hitomi is your wife, the POV shots just add a little something extra. They do a rather good job with it, both with maintaining the POV shots as well as making them look good. They certainly mess around with it a few times, but I won’t overly complain about the few times they mess it up when the whole is very good. Being able to play along is just fantastic.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-20h45m24s011Hitomi in 2015 had some really good acting, and this video is a prime example. It’s not the kind of video where you need her to have unusual facial expressions or certain voice tones, but just for it to feel natural. Hitomi smiling or giggling just really sells home the theme really nicely. A lot of actresses naturally whine during sex, but I get a sense that they generally enjoy having sex if they’re doing it as a career. When Hitomi’s performance comes off as exactly that, smiling, laughing, and just overall having a good time, it’s a huge plus.

If this video doesn’t turn you on like it turned me on, well, I don’t know what to say. Hitomi as my wife is to die for, and this is exactly the feeling the video gives me.


6. PPPD-369 – If You Can Stand Hitomi’s Titty Fuck You Get to Cum Inside Her at The Fan Appreciation Event


This video is exactly what it sounds like. Hitomi gives paizuris to random guys and if they last long enough, they get to have creampie sex with her. It’s basically the same thing as the WANZ Factory videos, but her sex technique is a paizuri, and she’s the best in the business. They also use a house rather than a tour bus like the WANZ Factory videos.

Once again Hitomi shows us that she truly enjoys what she’s doing. She’s constantly vocal during the paizuris, especially at the end when the guy cums. After the first guy finishes, she enjoys jerking him off some more, even though he’s clearly really sensitive and having a hard time. She just laughs the entire time with a big smile on her face and it comes off really genuine. Any time the guy shows it on his face that he’s struggling, she smiles or laughs at it. She also has moments where she goes really hard as though she’s trying genuinely to win. Her acting during sex isn’t quite as good but then I suppose I don’t really expect it to.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-05h46m18s825Her paizuris are also really great. Her tits are really big and it gives her the ability to do a lot with them, and she does. She mixes it up in enough ways that you don’t particularly get bored, or at least not as much as you’d expect to from an hour of only paizuri. I mean, how many ways can she possibly play with your cock using her tits? Leave it to Hitomi to find interesting ways to get you off.

The sex in the video isn’t anything special. Her enthusiasm during it isn’t very good and she seems to feel it a lot more than you’d expect given that they’re supposed to be fans and not pornstars (though some of them most likely are). I really expect a lot more from her in this situation, she should take more of a lead and not whine as much.

中出し! (creampie)

Overall, I think Hitomi doing a paizuri fan appreciation coupled with good acting is what makes the video good. It obviously struggles in some ways, but the acting during the paizuri and the quality of the paizuri are what I came for, and it was good.



5. MDYD-931 – The Ravaged Female Money-Lender With Colossal Tits Hitomi


This is one of Hitomi’s good acting videos from 2014. She was a mixed bag throughout 2014 as she came into her own acting-wise, but this one was great.

Don’t give me that shit

The video plot has Hitomi as the leader of a loan shark company, and they start off showing her dealing with some guy who owes them money. As the video progresses, we get more background knowledge about how they got here, and it turns out she was taken as payment when her husband owed money. Hitomi’s clearly done well for herself as she’s now running the show. They run into some competitors later on who decide they’d love to have fun with Hitomi, and in particular, make her employees rape her. I don’t know about them, but being forced to rape Hitomi doesn’t sound like the worst thing ever.

Hitomi’s appearance is very good here, but it’s really the acting that stands out. I think she could have maybe done better when she was playing the boss, as she wasn’t all that authoritative, but when it came to her being raped, it was great. She had really good facial expressions and really showed that she didn’t enjoy it. A lot of people just sort of sit there and take it in these situations, but Hitomi gave a lot of appropriate looks and glances of displeasure that really helped sell the story.

They also manage a lot of different positions which makes the sex feel very unique. For example, jackhammer is a position that’s really not that common, so it’s great to see. Even the facefucking, as bad as it is, is still enjoyable when coupled with her facial expressions and attitude. In particular though, I really like the part where the guy puts his foot on her head. That’s the sort of sex that stands out and really makes you remember a video.

I’m indifferent towards rape fantasy, which is to say that I’ll watch them the same as any other video and enjoy them the same as any other video. This video was good start to finish, from Hitomi’s acting to the high quality sex.


4. PPPD-494 – A Horny Slut With Big Tits Steals Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend The Elder Sister Hitomi


Okay, I think everyone knows how much I like the Girlfriend’s Elder Sister series, and this is version 2.0 of that. Hitomi steals her best friend’s boyfriend in the same manner as in the GES series videos. Basically Hitomi and her best friend go to her best friend’s boyfriend’s house and spend the day/night there. Hitomi catches wind that the guy’s interested in her boobs and takes it upon herself to give him a show.

One of the things that makes this video only this far on the list is that they never get caught. I really like the theme of the video, and I think getting caught is one of the best moments of that series. It gives the actress a really good opportunity to display their acting abilities as well as just be a very unique scene. It just feels like there’s something missing from the video and that it could have been a little bit more. I think perhaps the scene where the boyfriend hides under the covers could have been changed to be one where they get caught near the end. Or instead, they could have simply gotten caught in the scene when she’s sleeping beside them.


Outside of that scene missing though, I do like the video as a whole. They do a good job of consistently having scenes where they’re interrupted or the girlfriend is in the background, which are important for the video. It’s important to sell home the idea that they’re doing it behind her back, and those are the ways they do it. They have a quickie in the kitchen where they almost get caught, then do it while the girlfriend is on the phone (and visible in the foreground). They have a scene where they’re having sex with her sleeping right beside them. Even though the girlfriend only briefly interrupts in the other two scenes, there’s one where Hitomi is under the cover still going at the guy.

Hitomi’s super on point with her acting in this one, especially the scene in the kitchen. When she smacks his cock on her tits really loudly, the guy looks like he’s going to have a heart attack and she’s just sort of laughing at him. It’s really great that she understands her role and she really does a good job portraying it. I definitely get the sense that she knows she’s up to no good but doesn’t care.



It’s a great entry despite not having the scene I really like. It’s hard to deny just how good her acting skills are, and how good they make the video look as a whole. I think it’s just difficult to deny how good this theme is.


3. PPPD-511 – Face-Sitting Babe With Super Colossal Tits Get Ready For The Delicious Torture Of Crushing O Cups


This is the newest Hitomi video on the list, but it’s one of her best performances ever. The sheer enthusiasm she puts forward and the energy of the video is what sets it apart from so many of her other works.

First off, the clothes she wears are really good here. The purple sweater is nice, and who doesn’t like gym clothes? But more than that, the amount of cleavage in the second scene is great, and I do like her lingerie in the third scene as well. I don’t like the look of Hitomi currently as much as I used to, but that being said her current appearance is still very good.

Hitomi’s acting is just great here. In the first scene she’s a tutor and just smothers the student with her boobs, because that’s exactly what he wants. In the second scene, she smothers her brother. Even though he doesn’t want it, she’s persistent, going as far as to keep going after he blows his load and make him cum again. You can really sense how uncomfortable he is and how little she cares that he’s not into it at first. In the third scene, she actually captures a home invader and uses her boobs to torture him (not sure if that’s torture or not) before finally calling the police.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-06h18m52s664Thirdly, the scenes are just really well done. The action perhaps gets a bit repetitive in the early portion, but they more than make up for it once all the sex starts rolling. It just keeps getting better and better until the final scene, which is incredible. Hitomi has sex with two guys and goes as far as to give a double paizuri. When I say double paizuri, I literally mean two cocks between her breasts at the same time. There is one massage scene that’s pretty mediocre, but considering it’s short and considering the qualities of the other scenes, I can look past it. I really like that they keep true to the face smothering theme of the video. Even as it progresses, they make sure to give you more of what you’ve been enjoying.


This is the kind of video only Hitomi could do. You really need huge breasts to pull this off, and of all the people I can think of that have breasts that big, only Hitomi has the acting skills necessary. Hitomi definitely pulls it off in great fashion.


2. PPPD-402 – My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her


This video is, in my opinion, Hitomi’s best solo video. It’s just such a masterpiece in so many ways. It’s probably my favourite largely because of how much I like the series though. The series is really straightforward – you go to your girlfriend’s house and meet her older sister, who has huge boobs you can’t help but be enticed by. She then tempts you with them and tells you that you can creampie her, and, well, it’s hard to say no.


The video does a decent good job of hitting all the types of scenes I like. They have a kitchen scene where they almost get caught and also don’t have intercourse. There’s no bathroom scene (which is almost always the worst scene in the video). There’s portions where Hitomi is spying on them and persuading the boyfriend to leave and come join her. I really wish there was a scene where the girlfriend was sleeping beside them, and if I could have changed the video, I’d have cut the first scene (but have a lengthy intro), put the kitchen scene first, and then add a bedroom scene.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-06h22m32s686One of the key things that makes this video as good as it is just how good her performance is. Hitomi is one of the best when it comes to putting on a show, and she does a better job than everyone else. When it comes to her tempting him, she really makes it seem like she wants it and really goes the extra mile. When she’s out on the balcony playing with the dildo, she starts giving him gestures to come join her. When she comes to suck him off while he’s cooking, she gives him gestures to be quiet, and has nice smiles and such throughout the scene.


vlcsnap-2016-12-03-06h24m05s038Her facial expressions and enthusiasm during the ending is the best of all the videos in the series. I’ve been really critical of actresses not recognizing how the ending should go, but you really see what it should look like here. Hitomi actually tells her sister on the phone what she’s doing, and she seems to genuinely enjoy that she’s doing it. Not only does Hitomi converse with her sister when she gets caught in the act, but after she gets creampied, she plays with the creampie while looking straight at her sister. It’s moments like this that I live for, the rare moments when the acting is just spot on.

Why yes, we did just have sex, what are you going to do about it?

This is really one hell of a video, and it comes as close to the number one video as any video likely ever will. It was definitely the best video in the series and definitely Hitomi’s best solo performance yet.

1. MIRD-150 – J & L – Two Pairs Of Huge Tits Take Real Creampies Anri Okita Hitomi


If you’ve gotten this far and you haven’t guessed what this video is, you’re living under a rock. MIRD-150 is Hitomi’s best film, plain and simple.


What immediately stands out in this video is the chemistry the two have. I have never, and probably never will, see on-set chemistry like the two of them have. They seem so natural and enjoy each other just so much. For those unaware, Hitomi and Anri are best friends in real life, so it’s no surprise their duo performance would have such good chemistry. The two of them just seem to know that we want to see them play with each other’s boobs or make out with each other. It’s not just that though, they go above and beyond. Anri slapping Hitomi’s ass or Hitomi eating out Anri after a creampie, it’s just beyond words. And don’t get me started on the lesbian scene, they’re not shy at all and really drive home the performance.

vlcsnap-2016-12-03-06h36m10s519It’s also very rare to get duo performances where we get both lesbian scenes as well as scenes with other male performers. This video has scenes with one, two, and four guys having sex with them, and it’s absolutely a treat to watch. Especially when the two of them just casually play with each other throughout a scene, they do such a great job. I find a lot of the time in duo performances, I’m left wondering what it might have looked like if they had changed things up a bit. Sometimes actresses don’t touch each other, sometimes there’s only one guy, sometimes no guys. The fact I’m not left wondering is such a rare treat. Did you want to know what they looked like making out? Making out while getting fucked? Not anymore. They even both squirt in this film, something that’s not all that common for either of them, and it’s great.


If there’s one thing to nitpick about the video, it’s Anri’s appearance. She’s definitely looked better in other videos. Her hair and makeup simply aren’t up to par when compared to something like PPPD-451, which is her Girlfriend’s Elder Sister video. That being said, I can live with her appearance if the quality is this, and I’ll take that tradeoff 9/10 times. It’s perhaps also worth mentioning that Hitomi’s acting is better than Anri’s in the video, her facial expressions are much better and really sell home just how much she enjoys it. It doesn’t surprise me though, Anri’s mentioned that when they were living together, Hitomi would sometimes just start randomly fingering her.

The face of pure happiness

MIRD-150 is just a classic in JAV, and people will be remembering it for a long time. I’m expecting duo performances in general to get better after actresses watch this video and see what a performance they put on. Even if you’re not a fan of Hitomi, I’d be surprised if you hadn’t seen this video just by how often it gets recommended, which is literally every chance I have to do so.


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  1. Good choices, though I would of included MIDE-271 – she’s crazy hot in that.
    Actually, apart from the occasional Julia, Hitomi’s work is the only JAV I watch. She’s the total package, for me.


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