May 17, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Aika Yumeno Videos


  • Born : 09/13/1994(23 years old)
  • Career Status: 2013-present
  • Measurements: JP 79-52-78 (US 31-20-31)aika-yumeno-04653197
  • Cup Size: G
  • Height : 149 cm(4 feet and 11 inches)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
Metric Score
Breasts 8.5/10
Face 8.5/10
Body 9/10
Ass 7/10
Acting 8/10

Best Videos


“A Delivery Health Sex Service That Will Go Anywhere You Ask! Aika Yumeno And Her G Cup Titties Will Reverse Pick Up Men On The Street And Give Them Hot Sex Club Action!”


Easily one of her best videos to date and one that highlights her fun personality and excellent performance ability. Tasked with picking up “random” guys off the street and allowing them to fuck her. This video nails just about everything. The action is plentiful with several sex scenes all with a soapland theme. She looks amazing as well and her overall outfit is terrific. Those shorts and red bikini look great on her. And most importantly her performance is outstanding. She’s everything you want out of a film like this. Cheerful, upbeat, engaging and boasting some very fun facial expressions. All of this combined makes for one of her top videos and one not to miss.




Wet Tendencies – The Worries of a Sweaty OL”


SNIS-432 is simple but oh so effective. The overall premise if you couldn’t tell by now is centered around sweaty sex. Now despite having “OL” in the title only one scene really uses the office theme. But that doesn’t matter much as this video is loaded with great action with very little filler and 3 full sex scenes all featuring her getting incredible wet and sweaty. Also nice is that each one features a slightly different theme such as pov and an office setting. My only real criticism is that her performance was just about average. But it doesn’t really impact the enjoyment of the video. After all this is hands down one of her best videos and if you’re a fan of sweaty sex then without a doubt this is worth checking out.




“Female CEO Of A Complaints Processing Company – She Resolves Your Issues On Her Knees”


This video excels in every key area making it one of her strongest releases to date. The plot is great as it tasks her with playing a customer service rep who visits clients who weren’t pleased and she uses her womanly charm to change their minds. This allows her to show off her seductive and slutty side which isn’t something you see too often. Which leads me to her performance and she really delivers a standout job. She’s quite seductive and very engaging making for an entertaining and enjoyable performance overall. Aika Yumeno looks stunning as well with some very nice outfits and sexy lingerie. And finally when it come to the action its incredible. Featuring 3 full sex scenes along with the usual 2 or so filler scenes. Whats especially great is that even those scenes such as the paizuri and group blowjob scenes are worth watching due to her acting and the premise. When you add all that together you get a standout video and easily one of her best releases.




We Film At Your Workplace”


Definitely one of the most unusual and memorable videos from Aika Yumeno. The premise centers around her visiting four different businesses/offices and provides to shoot a scene in front of everyday people. It all makes for a very entertaining plot seeing these regular people reacting to the whole setup. In addition her performance is quite good as well. I will say she acts very embarrassed at some parts which is expected. There’s a fair amount of action too with several full sex scenes and little filler. Combine that with her sexy appearance and you got a must watch video that will no doubt leave you entertained.




“This Girl’s Big Tits Unconsciously Arouse Men Even Through Her Clothes”


As a big fan of this type of plot choosing it wasn’t hard. SNIS-588 ranks as one of her best due to some great sex scenes and of course the clothed sex aspect.  Every scene has her inadvertently seducing random men by not wearing a bra and having her boobs show through. Each scene features clothed sex in some form. What’s nice is that she’ll spend half the scene clothed and the other half topless. Best of both worlds. Now I will say that her performance is a little underwhelming as she is submissive throughout most of the video. However her outfits, physical appearance and most importantly the action help make up for that shortcoming. A definite must watch for anyone with a clothed sex fetish.




“Her Writhing Hips, And Ultra Thin Waist”


Probably the most straightforward video on this list as the emphasis here is exactly what the title says. It’s all about showing off her thin waist, nice hips and big tits. There’s no plot of any sort as it’s all sex focused. Thankfully in that regard S1 really delivers. The camerawork and lighting especially are top-notch quality and really makes her body shine. In addition her curves look ridiculously amazing here. Now my only criticisms are that there’s a pretty weak filler scene near the end that is entirely skippable and her acting is rather lackluster. However those issues aside this is still a standout release and is one I absolutely recommend. Especially if you’re more into sex focused videos than plot driven ones.




“This Big Tits Girl Is Always Pressing Her Tits Up To The Glass To Try To Lure Me To Temptation”


Definitely one of her best releases from 2017 so far and boasting a pretty sexy cover. The premise is very simple as its based entirely on Aika pressing her boobs up against glass to seduce and tempt men into sex. I’m always a fan of seduction and adding in this specific element is just fantastic. The action is very plentiful with several sex scenes and even a nice paizuri scene with her dressed as a maid. Each scene is loaded with shots of her mashing her boobs against glass so the theme is a recurring aspect which is very nice. Adding to all this is Aika’s incredible appearance and some nice outfits as well. However the weakest part of this video is her underwhelming performance. She tends to act submissive and a little whiny during parts of the sex scenes. It’s frustrating as she should be more slutty or even dominant but unfortunately it’s not the case. That one negative is not nearly enough to ruin this video but does prevent it from being a true 10/10.




“The Obedient And Petite Manager Who Secretly Has Big Tits Is The Burly Volleyball Club Members’ Sperm Receptacle”


That’s a damn good cover huh? One of the main reasons I chose this one is the amazing contrast between her petite appearance and the guys burly and tall stature. She looks so tiny here compared to the men. Moving on the premise is another bright spot. I loved seeing her used as a cum dumpster for the entire team and getting gangbanged in the final scene. Her acting is appropriately submissive and she delivers an accurately submissive performance. The action is pretty varied with a nice mix of scenes as well. All of this is rounded up by Aika Yumeno’s stunning looks and great wardrobe. If you’re looking for a more submissive based premise that’s not overly “rapey” then this is one I strongly recommend.




“Beautiful Tits Slip”


Personally I’m a big fan of this particular series from S1 and Aika’s entry easily earns a spot on my top picks list. For anyone unaware the premise revolves around her accidentally flashing her boobs to random men. Such as an old man with her playing the role of a caretaker, inadvertently flashing an air conditioner repairmen and a package delivery guy. One of my favorites though occur through a pov scene as you arrive home drunk with your boss(I think) and he proceeds to fuck her while you watch. Never been a fan of those type of scenes but I greatly enjoyed it here. Overall the action is one of the biggest highlights here with interesting premises, plenty of sex and great camerawork. Highlighting it all is her terrific performance in which she plays her roles well and can be pretty engaging too. In addition she looks gorgeous from beginning to end. She wears several nice outfits here that really show off her amazing cleavage. Plus she looks fantastic as always.




“Pussy, Kapow!”


Here is a video that on paper the premise sounds ridiculous. Focusing an entire on her spreading her pixaleted pussy? But what S1 does with the particular theme is really interesting. They present the act of her spreading her pussy as a means of seduction onto random men. Such examples include her playing the role of a teacher and a nurse. The other scenes however are rather vanilla but even then they’re worthwhile due to her sexy outfits and appearance. Speaking of which she looks astonishing here especially when she wears some fishnet stockings. Her performance is pretty solid as well with her being quite seductive and engaging in most scenes. Overall perhaps not the best video on this list but certainly worth a watch.



Worst Videos


“Pissing Unleashed A Flood Of Golden Showers Special”


The entire focus of this particular video is on pissing. Now don’t get me wrong as I enjoy squirting and I realize they’re nearly one of the same but they really pass it off here as just straight pissing which I’m not a fan of. Even beyond that the sex is incredibly plain and vanilla with no interesting plots or scenarios. Plus her acting isn’t that special either. Avoid unless you’re a huge fan of piss I guess.


“Peeping Real Document! 22 Up Close And Personal Days We Filmed Aika Yumeno In All Of Her Private Moments, Using A Handsome Picking Up Girls Pro Disguised As A Stylist To Get In Her Pants”


While the cover here is incredible the actual video is less than stellar. The plot revolves around a guy disguised as some random “pick up artist” who tries and succeeds into fucking her. The video was way too long and hell the first hour is literally just talking with no action whatsoever. Once the sex does start its pretty tame and shot in an amateur fashion which I understand the reasoning for but I personally hate it as the camera angles are too far away. Unless you’re a hardcore fan of hers feel free to skip this one.

In closing I hope after reading this you’ve now got a clear list of videos to check out from the incredible Aika Yumeno. She’s perfect for anyone that’s a fan of petite, busty and curvy actresses. Easily one of the best talents S1 has on their roster and will hopefully continue to be for years to come.


One thought on “Pan Picks: Top 10 Aika Yumeno Videos

  1. Another big fan of Aika here, enjoyed reading your thoughts on these videos, sounded pretty spot on to me. Some fairly weak releases recently, and the fact that she has piled on the pounds of late, all make me wonder how much longer she will hang on to that spot at S1. She doesn’t strike me as the kind of girl to just go off freelancing so an uncertain future I think. That said, she is still my favourite idol, as she has been for years, so thanks for highlighting her many talents here!


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