April 17, 2024

Oppaira’s Spotlight – Rena Fukiishi


  • Born: 07/06/1980 (39 years old)
  • Career: 2012 – 2013, 2016 – 2019
  • Measurements: 90-58-86
  • Cup Size: G-Cup
  • Hair Colour: Brown/Blonde
  • Eye Colour: Brown

Rena Fukiishi originally debuted under the name Misato Masaki way back in 2012. Her career was fairly short lived as she only did a handful of titles. In 2016 Rena made a triumphant comeback. She released over 150 videos that year and really cemented herself among some of the best. She had videos with all sorts of top tier actresses and major studios, really putting herself out there. Rena would also start working at a soapland, her JAV career making her extremely popular.

In 2019 Rena finally decided to throw in the towel. Rena’s career certainly skyrocketted in 2016 and propelled her to one of the top actresses. Rena would make both r18 and DMM top 100 lists at times throughout her career. Rena definitely cementer herself as one of the industry’s top MILFs, especially when it came to variety. She never shied away from genres and even wound up doing anal, BBC, and uncensored before she retired. I think Rena will always be remembered for unique look as her tan lines set her apart from from others.

Metric Score
Face 9 / 10
Breasts 8 / 10
Ass 6 / 10
Body 8 / 10
Video Quality 9.5 / 10
Performing 8 / 10
Genres Queen

9Physically speaking Rena is the embodiment of busty, tanned MILF. She certainly has that MILF look to her and looks on the older side without being too old that the average person is turned off. I still find her to be quite beautiful for some reason. I know I’m mostly by myself on this one but that’s just how I feel about her. Her breasts are large as well but on the saggy side. For me that’s not much of a problem but for some that may be. I think the biggest thing people notice when looking at her are her tan lines. She has really pronounced tan lines that some people may not like. I certainly felt the same at the beginning but once I started liking her I started to not care. She also has tattoos that are covered up in videos and most of the time I find I don’t really notice; you can see them in her uncensored videos.

tumblr_p6z0n00U7h1v350szo1_1280Rena’s performing skills are quite solid. Rena’s capable of playing a lot of different roles and doing them well but she often doesn’t do the best job. I find that she often falls back to her comfort zone and provides a very generic performance. Still, you’ll see from my picks below a few examples of how good Rena can be performing. One thing Rena has always been adept at is managing her moaning. Some actresses are good at not moaning, some moan too much, Rena walks a fine line in between the two. She definitely moans but never enough that you’re bothered by it. I think that’s one of the reasons she’s a solid performer, that her bad performances are never really that bad. Excessive moaning is one of those traits that you remember about actresses, so I equally remember when Rena’s so great at it. So even if she doesn’t nail the personality she always manages to be okay during sex. I feel like Rena’s variance on performances is quite high, as her good performances feel great while the other ones are just average.

21Rena scores as high as you can on the genres scale at queen. That’s right, she’s scoring as well as the best of the best in this category. You may not notice it at first but she’s done a lot of stuff, particularly in the past half a year or so. That includes things like anal, BBC, futa, and even uncensored. Rena’s never been bad in this department but she always felt a little reserved, until recently. Most actresses can get to above average with minimal effort and can get to way above average if they put some effort, but getting to this high at queen requires actual conscious effort to get there. I’m really glad Rena put in that effort, especially when she was retiring and didn’t have to.

14Rena’s video quality was similarly quite high. Part of that certainly came from her willingness to do different themes, as I watched her do all the themes mentioned above. Don’t forget that she had plenty of amazing content before her variety increased. She’s done plenty of lesbian with lots of great actresses including Ayumi Shinoda, Kyoko Maki, Natsuko Mishima, and Yumi Kazama to name a few. And those are just some lesbian partners, she’s starred in non-lesbian videos with plenty of other great names like Asahi Mizuno, Kaho Shibuya, Erika Kitagawa, and Yui Hatano. I think at the end of the day, Rena being willing to do all sorts of stuff and her sheer volume made it really easy to find content to watch, and that’s really the hallmark of good video quality.


Honourable Mentions



Mature Lesbians – Flesh and Bodily Fluids Intermingle For Deep and Hard Lesbian Action


The first honourable mention belongs to one of the first Rena videos I ever watched. Being a new Rena fan a lesbian video with my (at the time) favourite MILF Yumi Kazama seemed perfect. The video turned out to be great. It was a really passionate video fueled by the plot. It shows Rena and Yumi going from being friends to lovers to a married couple. The sheer passion the two of them display here really works out well drives some awesome content. It’s not my favourite lesbian video of hers but it’s still worth a watch, and is a good introduction for Yumi Kazama fans.



My Mom’s 6 Busty Friends! They Tempt Their Friend’s Son And Husband While She’s Right Beside Them. 6 Sex Scenes! The Temptation Of Slutty Married Ladies Who Show Off Their Cleavages To Try To Get Fucked


Six lovely MILFs in one video, what more could you possibly want? Rena and co play friends of a mom and have some fun with her two sons and husband. Rena teams up with an unbelievable cast starring five other ladies I enjoy. It’s so rare for videos like this to have a full cast I enjoy, even more so given how many actresses there are. The rest of the cast is Natsuko Mishima, Arisa Hanyu, Kyoko Maki, Miina Wakatsuki, and Yuri Oshikawa. Each of them getting their time in the sun whilst there being a final group scene is just amazing. Just a little shy of making my top 10, largely due to some very average performing, but still an absolute treat if you ask me.



In A Tiny, Dilapidated, Rented Room. Obscene Lesbian Sex Covered In Breast Milk!! ~ Lactating Lady With Aching Tits X A Tanned Mature Woman Who Looks Good In A Bikini


A lesbian lactation video is everything I never knew I needed. The cover pretty much sells it and it’s definitely quite hot. Watching Rena and Minori engage in lesbian action filled with milk is really nice. Sometimes Minori is squirting it on Rena, other times Rena is sucking on her nips. The video has a rather aggressive tone rather than a sensual one, which at times I wish they had varied it. It does also feature Rena fucking Minori with a strap-on, which is as hot as it sounds. It’s all around great, especially at three hours, and just narrowly missed my top 10.


Top 10


10. JUFD-627

The Finest Dirty Talk & Dual Blowjob Ever ~ Death By Ecstasy From Filthy Mouths And Naughty Tongues


Over two hours of Asahi and Rena sucking and fucking. The video features solo and duo scenes, particularly duo content where the two of them are giving a blowjob together. It also has brief blowjob scenes by each of them where they blow a dildo. The video certainly has an emphasis on the blowjob content, even in the sex scenes.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of this video is how Asahi and Rena manage to take a video with no interaction and make it seem like there is. These dual blowjobs make it feel like the two of them are participating together rather than individually like a lot of duo content feels like. I also thought both of them looked fantastic here and made me enjoy them giving blowjobs even more. The two of them provided a really great performance as well, watching them be enticing and enjoyable while not going too overboard was great. Certainly a worthy inclusion from two great actresses.


9. CJOD-040

Tanned, Nut-Busting MILF Captures Virgin Cock Between Her Big Tits For The Titty Fuck Of Their Lives


You better believe a Rena paizuri special was going to make this list. Rena’s breasts may not be as perky as others but they’re big and wonderful for giving paizuri. The video contains several scenes with paizuri focus ranging from just paizuri to sex with plenty of paizuri. Paizuri videos are always enjoyable to a big breast enthusiast like myself but to have such great content on someone so enjoyable is extra nice.

The highlight of this video is absolutely Rena’s paizuri performance. She’s very good at giving paizuri, and I think her skills are often overlooked. She’s really great at keeping a cock between, something her saggy breasts do well for her. She’s also great at mixing things up, plus she has some nice facial expressions at times. With a great variety of paizuri scenes from clothed paizuri, multiple guys, sex with lots of paizuri, this video is a slam dunk.


8. MEYD-185

My Friend’s Mother: Violated And Forced To Cum Over And Over By Her Son’s Friend…


Rena’s son has some friends over and they can’t get enough of her. One of them fakes being sick so he can be home alone with her, which he uses as an opportunity to rape her. He uses that to continually do sexual things with her trying not to get caught, which they do by the other friend who joins in. Rena, over the course of the video, goes from not enjoying it at all to being enamored by two young guys loving her.

I think the video had a great combination of plot and content. They flow really well together and create a very cohesive video. When Rena gets raped the first time she’s folding laundry and goes right back to it after. As she’s fucking later on the friend effortlessly joins in. They did a great job of just casually throwing in some risky content that flowed really well. The content is quite hot too and the sex looks fantastic, as does Rena.


7. MIAD-943

Big Sister With Colossal Tits Desperately Wants Her Own Little Brother’s Dick


This video is actually the very first Rena video I watched. I think it being so good is partially why this post even exists. I literally just saw her on the cover and was like “I think I’m going to watch this” after not caring at all for her. The premise is that she’s watching over her brothers and things turn sexual. I believe they’re supposed to be virgins that she ends up teaching about sex.

Part of what made this so enjoyable for me is how good Rena’s performance here. This video doesn’t have any content that stands out specifically but Rena’s performance elevates the video so much. Such fantastic expressions of pleasure on her face and doing such a great job being the lead. She absolutely understood the theme of how she’s the older sister and is teaching her younger brothers about sex. I think this video is a great statement about how good Rena’s capable of being.


6. CEAD-185

Quickie!! 18


Rena goes to an office and then immediately turns things sexual. I can’t tell if she’s going to get some work done on her car or is a call girl but either way she’s down to fuck. After some foreplay the video breaks out into intercourse and then continues that path for the remainder in what’s basically one giant scene.

What makes this video so good is how great the content is. It’s literally two hours of non-stop action. They play it up as one continuous scene where Rena just keeps getting fucked. One guy’s done? The other comes by to take their turn, not giving Rena a moment to rest. Then in the end there’s a group scene. Honestly, this is a prime example of how content can trump everything else. The sex looks great, Rena looks great in the various outfits – it’s all just great.


5. NITR-233

The Voluptuous, French-Kissing, Bukkake Female Company President With Big Tits And A Big Ass


Rena plays the busty boss who wants nothing more than fool around with her employees. Whether she’s having fun in the other room, taking someone home, or having a giant gangbang, Rena’s down for it all. Rena can be seen in all sorts of hot outfits from glasses to the purple lingerie on the cover.

Office themed videos are hot. Now add in an even hotter actresses. Add on top that she’s the boss having her way with her subordinates and you’ve got the making of a really hot video. Rena’s performance is pretty solid too and especially in the first scene you could sense her being the boss in charge. This series has always been great, a good mix of workplace content. Rena getting someone off in the back room or having a big gangbang keeps the content fresh and is just plain hot.


4. LZPL-012

Mature Lesbians. Animal Ecstasy


Three hours of Ayumi and Rena, two lovely MILFs, engaging in hot lesbian action. Seriously what more could you possibly want. There are scenes where Ayumi is the dom actress, where Rena is the dom one, or where both of them just go at it with vigor.

This video is as good as it sounds. Two hotties with nice breasts just at it over and over. The two of them go at it super aggressively which is a nice change of pace from the typical sensual approach most lesbian films take. Sensual videos certainly have their place and are great but once in a while you want to see it a bit more “rough” so to speak. This is definitely everything that a rough lesbian video would entail without being some sort of rape theme.


3. PGD-905

Together Alone, They’re Fucking! A Hot And Horny Brother And Sister


It’s a no brainer that I love risky sex and this is a great one. Rena and her brother have a sexual relationship unbeknownst to their parents. They’re so hot for each other that they can barely contain themselves, going at it even while their parents are right beside them. It starts off with Rena touching her brother underneath the kitchen table at breakfast and leads to them fucking as soon as their parents leave. It then continues in that fashion for the rest of the video.

Risky sex is hot as it is but there’s something even more enjoyable when it’s this risky. The two of them almost get caught a number of times and don’t even seem to care about just how risky it is. Rena’s performance is also really nice here as she seems to be the dominant one. Watching her smile and enjoy herself as she’s touching her brother during breakfast is really great and the kind of upbeat performance from Rena I’ve come to enjoy. Definitely a hot one for all the risky sex fans out there.


2. PGD-888

Creampie Temptation From My Sister-In-Law ~ Her Lewd After Suntan Is So Tempting


Rena’s brother-in-law comes to visit. While Rena enjoys her husband and still has sex with him she can’t help but be interested in the younger guy who’s clearly into her. She takes that opportunity to fuck the younger guy and begin her adulterous lifestyle. It features a few scenes with the brother-in-law as well as one where she’s fucking her husband while the brother-in-law is watching.

This video is so good on so many levels. Rena’s performance is great, whether she’s coming onto her brother-in-law or enjoying him watching. The scene where he spies on them is extremely hot. Rena notices and keeps glancing at him during it as if she’s putting on a show for him. The scene does a really good job of mixing it up between shots from the perspective of the brother-in-law as well as close up shots of the two of them fucking. That performance coupled with how good all the content looks throughout is why it’s one of my favourites of hers.


1. PPPD-506

My Girlfriend’s Mom Tempts Me With Her Big Tits Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her


Ah yes, Rena’s GES video. GES my favourite series, Rena one of my favourite actresses, of course this would be number one. What people may not immediately know is that it’s in my top 5 all-time videos and has one of my top 10 favourite scenes. Rena’s daughter brings over her boyfriend while Rena’s husband is away. Turns out older ladies have needs too and Rena decides to use her daughter’s boyfriend. Rena and the boyfriend get freaky around the house until finally the daughter catches them right beside her.

This video is just amazing from every aspect available. Rena performs well from being a seductive MILF enticing her daughter’s boyfriend to having fun being super risky. Speaking of which, the video has some nice risky scenes highlighted by Rena giving a paizuri while her daughter is right there on the phone with her husband. Rena’s expressions are super on point whether she’s got a big smile on her face as she’s enjoying the risky content or looking lonely and wanting from the hallway. Seriously, you could feel how badly she wanted it early on and then how happy she got when she got a piece. Everything was just right with this video and it’s easily her best video.



Rena has surprisingly become one of my favourite actresses. She went from someone I was uninterested in to my top five all-time. I think she’s incredibly attractive and one of the best MILFs around. I’m quite sad to see another of my favourites retire but Rena had a great career. I can only wish her the best with her next chapter.


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