July 18, 2024

Oppaira’s Top 10 All-Time Favourite Videos

This week we’re discussing everyone’s favourite videos. There are so many good videos that I’ve seen but some of them are just so good you want to tell someone. That’s exactly what I’m doing here, letting everyone know about a select few videos so good that they need to know. I’ve included a scene from each of the videos that I think demonstrates why the video is so good. So sit back and enjoy as I count down my favourite videos and show you why they’re so awesome.


Honourable Mentions

These are the videos that just narrowly missed out on making my top 10. They’re all fantastic videos that I would still highly recommend.



My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her

Harura Mori


To start off my list I’ve got a GES (Girlfriend’s Elder Sister) video. I think at this point people will realize there’s gonna be more GES on my list, but then again I think they knew that before seeing this. Harura’s is an excellent entry that hits all the right marks. It includes them going at it with the sister right there as well as a really awesome bath scene where they’re fucking while the sister is blow drying her hair. The ending is the icing on the cake when the two of them are fucking while the sister is locked out of the apartment, knowing they’re fucking. A really great entry and one of my favourites that just narrowly missed the cut.



The Perverted Creampie Elder Sister Next Door Is Cumming For You

Wakaba Onoue


My favourite video from 2017 and it sadly wasn’t good enough to make my top 10, but don’t let that fool you into thinking the video isn’t awesome. Wakaba expertly walks the line of being horny and drunk at the same time. It’s got this really great theme where she’s your neighbour and despite being in a relationship, seems to enjoy your company. It feels so natural to see her thank you with sex for helping her while she’s drunk, or having her find your porn videos lying around. There’s really just so much done right with this video that’s topped off by a wonderful performance.



Horny Exhibitionist Women

Ai Sayama


Ai Sayama is a wonderful performer who’s performance skills I think are often overlooked. This video is just one of many where she puts on a display of just how good she is. It’s also coupled with a great theme where Ai’s out and about and getting nasty in public whether that’s in a park, a porn shop, or a men’s room. Seriously, that men’s room scene is one of the hottest scenes I’ve ever seen. Watching her show up in nothing but a trench coat and fuck the guy in there is absolutely amazing. Ai totally kills it with her performance too and I think the gif below really demonstrates just how good her performance is. Fans of Ai or public sex will probably agree with me it’s a great film.



On Days When Our Parents Aren’t Home, My Big Tits Sister And I Fuck Each Other’s Brains Out

Kaho Shibuya


People may recall that this made my top 10 list for Kaho Shibuya, in fact it was my favourite Kaho video. For me there’s just something about two people getting it on in ways they might get caught. The video starts off with Kaho almost getting caught blowing her brother under the covers and continues in that fashion. I think the best scene is when she fucks her brother in the kitchen, even starting out while her mom’s right there. Top it off with how good Kaho always makes sex look between the squirting and her amazing paizuri skills and you’ve got an easy winner. Definitely one to remember!

Top 10


10. JUFD-570

Ecstatic Ass Trembling Dripping Wet Big Assed Fucking



To start off my top 10 I’ve got a big butt Kaori video. Fitch is known for doing justice for thicc girls but this one is really quite something. I think if there’s anything about this video that stands out it’s that when you have a great asset like Kaori does, all you need are videos that display it in the best way possible.

Kaori’s ass is super nice, it’s big, it’s round, and Fitch gets that. It’s so easy to make an ass-themed video and really miss on the theme. When you look at things like paizuri, blowjobs, or missionary, it seems all too easy to just ignore their ass and focus on the content, yet Fitch does exactly what you want. All of the scenes make a point to show off her ass in whatever ways they can, like blowjobs from angles where you can see her ass or missionary with her hips raised. This is simply the perfect example of how to show off a nice ass and that’s why it’s one of my all-time favourites.

This scene is not just my favourite scene from the video, it’s one of my favourite scenes period. What makes it so good is how it embodies everything I mentioned above. Whatever’s going on in the video you’re treated to a front row seat to Kaori’s ass. Blowjob? Here’s it from a side angle with her ass. Want another sex position? Here’s them fucking while standing from a position that shows her ass. Just general stuff like that goes a long way to make such fantastic content. The scene even has squirting which is rare for Kaori, I find. Easily a fantastic scene from a fantastic video that really sets the bar for this top 10 list.

9. XVSR-282

An Orgasmic Battle Royale No Scripts/No Mercy A Furious Fuck Battle!!

Hibiki Ootsuki vs Yui Hatano


Next up on the list is a duo video starring one of the best actress pairs I’ve ever seen. Yui and Hibiki are best friends in real life the same way Anri and Hitomi are, except Yui and Hibiki are together all the time. Seriously, you can’t go 10 tweets without finding them together. It’s no surprise that a duo video starring the pair would be so good.

I think what stands out the most to me in this video is just how good the performance is from both of them. Their chemistry is insanely good, one of the top three duos I’ve ever seen. It’s pretty clear that being good friends outside of porn carries over really well into their videos, especially this one. On top of that the content is just so good. There’s a lesbian scene to start it off and an extremely long threesome with Shimiken to end it. That threesome scene ends up having a lot of nice lesbian interaction between the pair as well. A good performance is great but it’s nothing without such good content to fill it out.

The final threesome is definitely the best part of the video. The clip really highlights why, as Hibiki is playing with Yui while she’s riding Shimiken. I think you can tell just how much Hibiki is enjoying it as well, especially when she gets off him and has a nice big smile on her face. The whole scene is basically more of the same and that’s exactly why the video and scene are so great. It’s not just that the content is great but how much nicer it looks because of their chemistry.


8. PPPD-329

Busty Undercover Investigation



Secret investigator videos always seem so hot because of the outfit but rarely do they end up being this amazing. Meguri’s is the gold standard when it comes to these videos. Those who’ve seen my Meguri spotlight will remember this video as it is my favourite Meguri video.

My favourite part about the video is her performance. Meguri just gets it right from the get go. She’s great at showing herself as this dominant female, which is what you should be if you’re an investigator. On the flip side, she’s also great at showing herself in moments of weakness, like when she’s drugged and getting fucked or taking multiple loads from some dudes. To be able to do both side well is surprisingly well, and I’ve said before that Meguri’s good at both rape and reverse rape. With a performance like that in this outfit, definitely a spot for it on this list.

It’s hard to pinpoint a single scene to represent this video because it’s the whole of it that really makes it so good. Whether it’s Meguri beating up some jerks, getting fucked while drugged, or creampied multiple times, it’s all great. The outfit happens to look oh so nice on her as well. I really do think what makes this video so great is how good Meguri’s performance is regardless of the situation she finds herself in.


7. MIDE-213

A Date With a Slut With Amazing Technique and Huge Tits Who Makes Me Cum Over and Over

Anri Okita


Anri’s one of those actresses that are just universally loved. Pretty, big tits, nice body, and great performing. When you couple that with a video with so much good content it’s undoubtedly going to be a fantastic video.

To start off why it’s so good the video is four hours long. Not just that but all the content is really good as well, which can be difficult to do in a video this long. The theme is a rather simple concept: you’re dating Anri and just keep doing sexual things. What really sets it apart is how it all comes together. Pretty much the whole thing is POV which really does the theme justice. Add on that you get it on in all sorts of different settings including including a hotel room, a car, and even a public washroom and you really paint this picture of Anri being slutty. Most of the girlfriend experience type of videos are either all at home or include too much non-sexual stuff. This video is definitely girlfriend experience done right.

This scene is one of many in this video that really emphasize what’s so good about it. Waking up beside Anri and then getting to play with her amazing breasts, can’t go wrong there. It also continues to promote the good stuff about the video like it being POV and her good performance.


6. PPPD-511

Face-Sitting Babe With Super Colossal Tits Get Ready For The Delicious Torture Of Crushing O Cups



Finally a Hitomi video shows up on my list. I don’t think anyone was worried that she wouldn’t make the list. This video pretty much embodies all the best aspects about Hitomi from wonderful performing to her amazing breasts to fantastic content.

The theme of the video is literally just Hitomi’s big tits but is done in a way that is actually very enjoyable. Hitomi’s often shoving them in the guy’s face, even going as far as to repeatedly slap a guy in the face with her tits in one scene. Hitomi has a ton of videos where her tits are the focal point but so few of them do it right. Most of them just rely on her tits being enough to enjoy so the content isn’t anything special. The myriad of different ways they make use of her tits here while giving her such awesome opportunities to perform are what set this apart from all the mediocre videos she has.

While this video has so much amazing content in it I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy this part just a little more than the rest. Hitomi’s such a good performer and this marriage of using her tits to drive the performance is awesome. Using her tits to fight back against some intruder is such a brilliant idea that works out better than I could have fathomed. Letting her have fun with it too, which she so clearly does while suffocating the poor guy (or lucky from my point of view) really helps bring out the best in this video.


5. PLA-045

The Moment I Met This Pornstar She Demanded Raw Creampie Sex

Ai Uehara


Fans of Ai know that her best quality is her performing. I think of the different types of personas she displays, dominant is at the top. This series is really the perfect series for Ai to show off her performing skills. Ai’s so good at putting a guy in his place and that’s exactly what goes on here.

The concept of the video is rather simple: Ai wants nothing more than to get creampied by unsuspecting guys. The video has her showing up randomly and instantly fucking guys. You get to see just how crazy she is when she continues jerking the guy off when he’s done or how she forces them to creampie her. Ai’s someone who does over the top very well and this video just gives her perfect opportunities to show it.

This scene definitely shows both what makes the series so good and what makes Ai’s the best entry. Watching Ai completely dominate this poor guy and fuck him nonsensically is great. Really expressive facial expressions show just how much she’s enjoying it and how well it suits her. There’s never a moment where Ai tunes out either, she’s great right from the moment she pulls off his pants until the moment he runs away from her and she’s running after him.


4. PPPD-506

My Girlfriend’s Mom Tempts Me With Her Big Tits Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her

Rena Fukiishi


Rena Fukiishi and my favourite series? I feel like not too many people are surprised this video is up here. It’s really a fantastic video and one of the best in this series.

This video really knocks it out of the park in so many ways, whether it’s how good Rena’s performance is or how good the content is. There’s so many risky parts to it, like when Rena’s playing with the boyfriend while her daughter’s on the phone beside them or fucking him while she’s studying in the other room. They happen to use the risk really well, having the daughter interrupt them multiple times. Her performance is also pretty awesome. At the beginning you can really sense her desperation and as it goes on you see just how much she enjoys it.

This is easily my favourite scene in the video despite there being tons and tons of excellent content. Rena’s so enthusiastic about getting the boyfriend off even while her daughter’s literally right there. That added risk is not only really awesome but woven into the scene excellently when they get interrupted. On top of that Rena’s actually great at paizuri and she certainly reminds us of that. The scene just has everything that makes this series so awesome.


3. PPPD-340

My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her



Another video in this series? Do I even like anything else? I know there’s a lot of this series on here but this series is great and this entry is fantastic.

Julia’s performance here really sets the bar for her. So often she just doesn’t really hold up to some others in the industry but every once in a while she’s got one that really wows you. Somehow Julia just seemed to get this idea of stealing her sister’s boyfriend. The video did a pretty good job of finding ways to make it risky as well, like having them get it on beside her sister or even just having the sister pop her head in right at the end. There’s just so much that’s done right here

People might remember that this was actually my favourite scene of all time. It’s honestly just so good on so many levels and a big reason why this video is so good. Julia seems to really enjoy herself here which is something Julia doesn’t always express so well. Watching her play with herself on the other couch – even sucking on her nipple (which she almost never does) is just such a treat. And I must say, Julia looks so good here, from how well the outfit looks or seeing her breasts pressed up against the glass while she’s getting fucked. I could really just go on and on about how good the scene is but at the end of the day it speaks for itself and how good the video is.


2. PPPD-402

My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her

Hitomi Tanaka


If you’ve come this far and anticipated this one then good on you because it should have been obvious. Hitomi’s GES is my favourite GES, just narrowly beating out Julia’s. That also means it’s good enough to be the second best video I’ve ever seen. It might seem a bit crazy that there’s three GES videos this high on my list but then I think everyone knows just how much I like them.

Hitomi’s GES is such a masterpiece from both her performance and the quality of the content. Hitomi does such a fantastic job performing from all her amazing facial expressions. She just gets it in ways others don’t and you can really tell from the way she smiles, how much she seems to enjoy herself, and how much she interacts with the situation. The content itself is also quite awesome with Hitomi not only looking good during sex but all the risky things about it. There’s situations where they’re getting busy with the sister in the background whether Hitomi’s giving a blowjob, paizuri, or straight up fucking her sister’s boyfriend. One of the best moments is when Hitomi’s out on the balcony with a dildo giving one of the best facial expressions I’ve ever seen.

The final scene in this one shows everything that makes GES my favourite as well as Hitomi’s my favourite entry. Watching them get busy with the sister in the background is super hot, and having Hitomi call her sister to tell her they’re fucking is even hotter. The sex looks fantastic but what really seals the deal is Hitomi nailing the ending. Not only does she acknowledge her sister, she gives her some great facial expressions and totally shows her what’s up at the end. It’s exceedingly rare to have great facial expressions at crucial moments and Hitomi’s are just perfect.


1. MIRD-150

Two Pairs Of Huge Tits Take Real Creampies

Hitomi Tanaka and Anri Okita


If you’ve been on our discord for more than 10 minutes you probably saw this coming right from the beginning. I’ve said so many times that this is by far my favourite video. So sit back and let me explain why this is so awesome in the one chance people won’t complain about me shilling it for the millionth time.

For starters it has two of my favourite actresses and includes basically the only time either have done lesbian. Everyone at this point knows Hitomi’s my favourite, but Anri’s been on my top 10 list for quite some time as well. On top of that the performance here from both is amazing. They’re both known for being pretty good performers but their chemistry is among the best in the industry. The two of them not only constantly look like they’re enjoying themselves but go over the top and are constantly playing with each other. Another great aspect is how good all the content is. Performance aside they’ve got everything ranging from zero guys to four guys. Their lesbian scene is super awesome but they make even just standard MFF scenes look good. Watching Hitomi slap Anri’s ass, Anri suck on Hitomi’s tits, or Hitomi eating out Anri post creampie, it’s all just fantastic to watch.

This scene definitely displays everything right about the video while showing you what makes a duo scene so amazing. Anri and Hitomi look like they’re enjoying themselves so much here and you can tell the entire way through, from their facial expressions to them playing with each other. It’s honestly such a rarity to see females play with each other in a threesome and yet here they make it look so amazing. Just like Yui and Hibiki’s video you can really tell Hitomi and Anri have this chemistry that’s just impossible to achieve without being such good friends.



So there you have my top 10 videos. I hope everyone enjoyed the list and the accompanying gifs. Make sure to let me know what your favourites are as I’m always on the lookout for awesome videos.


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