May 16, 2024

Oppaira’s Spotlight – Asahi Mizuno


  • 6d9db29a7f071df42964efb25fb11d50Born: 11/12/90  (28 years old)
  • Career Status: 2013 to present
  • Measurements: JP 90-58-88 cm (35-23-35 in)
  • Cup Size: G
  • Height :  165 cm (5 ft 5 in)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Black

Asahi Mizuno debuted in early 2013 and immediately started her career as a freelance actress. With her short hair and tomboy looks, it took a while for people to come around on Asahi, but boy did they come around. People noticed she had one hell of an ass on her awesome body. Asahi started off her career doing lots of different stuff to get her foot in the door until they realized just how awesome she was and from there she’d become one of the best in the industry.

a54209fcAt the end of 2018 Asahi announced her retirement. Asahi maintained an average of more than one video per week throughout her career and was insanely popular for a large portion of it, spending most of her time on DMM’s top 100 list. For those familiar with Asahi it’s pretty obvious why she climbed to the top of the charts. Nice ass, solid performing, and tons of variety. Asahi definitely became one of my favourites throughout the years, her ass a big part of that.



Metric Score
Face 7.5 / 10
Breasts 7 / 10
Ass 10 / 10
Body 9.5 / 10
Video Quality 7 / 10
Performing 8 / 10
Genres Way Above Average

middle_resize_0Physically Asahi has some great qualities. I think I don’t find her as attractive as others do, though that isn’t to say she isn’t hot. I’m typically not a big fan of short hair, and while it works on Asahi, I would have loved to see her with long hair. Personally, I preferred her hair at medium length (about chin level). Asahi’s breasts are also fake which is a bit of a letdown for someone as awesome as her. I must admit though, for being fake her breasts are quite nice. Now for the rest of her it’s pretty much a slam dunk. Asahi’s body is amazing and only outdone by her ass, which is among the best I’ve ever seen in the industry. I think Asahi will pretty much always put her name in the hat for best ass and it’s pretty obvious why.

031_Dxg5-SfV4AQAYY0When it comes to performing I think Asahi is a bit of a mixed bag. When Asahi’s performing well she’s really performing well, but far too often she just isn’t performing as well as I think she’s capable of. She’s often just missing that little something to put her over the edge, whether that’s her being a bit too noisy or not showing enough enthusiasm. I definitely think her best quality is her dominant side. You’ll see from my top 10 videos that there’s a general theme of her being dominant. She’s great at going the extra mile in those dominant videos whether she’s riding up on someone or slapping the guy in the face especially when she’s laughing the whole time.

asahi mizuno 2Asahi scores really high on the genres scale. Asahi really didn’t hold much back in terms of genres and there are only a few things she didn’t do like anal or futa. I was really hoping she would muster anal before her career ended and it’s a shame she didn’t with how amazing her ass is. Asahi actually experimented a lot early on in her career before she became super popular doing both BBC and uncensored within her first year. She seemed to calm down on what she was willing to do as her career progressed and she became super popular. Still, any uncensored is more than most.


Asahi’s video quality is good but not quite as good as you’d think. I find it’s the little things that make videos good, but between things like Asahi’s paizuri being generally mediocre or not really squirting her videos often ended up worse than 234_DmXTTV3U0AEumvwyou’d expect. Good ass videos from her went a long way making a mediocre video good or a good video great. I found Asahi had a lot of videos that seemed promising and then just didn’t pan out at all; the theme was missed or the content was mediocre, or even her performance just didn’t cut it. It always seemed like Asahi’s videos ought to have been better than they ended up being. That isn’t to say she’s bad or doesn’t have good videos it’s just that so many of her videos were so close to being great and just missing a little something.


Honourable Mentions



The Female Teacher With Aching Loins Whose Cock Hardening Techniques Will Make You Cum Inside Her Over And Over


This is one of those videos that just checks all the right boxes. Horny teacher coming on to her student? Creampie sex? Hot outfits? It’s certainly got everything you need for a great video. Unfortunately not everything can be top 10 material and this just happened to be the unfortunate video that missed the cut. This is one of those instances I pointed out above where it looked promising and then just wasn’t as good as I had hoped. In this one I think her performance just wasn’t quite as good as she’s capable of being.



The Finest Dirty Talk & Dual Blowjob Ever ~Death By Ecstasy From Filthy Mouths And Naughty Tongues


If that cover doesn’t entice you then I don’t know what will. Asahi and Rena giving blowjobs together is insanely hot, even if they don’t really play with each other. I found that the two of them giving simultaneous blowjobs really made it seem like there was more interaction than there actually was. Still, two of my favourites giving blowjob after blowjob is quite nice, especially when they contrast each other nicely (Rena a tanned MILF with big tits, Asahi much younger looking with a big butt).



I Accidentally Enrolled In A Pregnancy Yoga Class! These Colossal Tits Housewives Were Hungry For Semen And Now I Was In Deep With A Harlem Creampie Lesson


Creampie yoga class? Count me in. The video features several busty women, three of which I’m a big fan of (Asahi, Mio Kimijima, and Yuri Oshikawa). It’s a four hour video featuring solo, duo, and group scenes. It was definitely close to making my top 10 list but I felt like a combination of some mediocre performances and actresses I’m not a huge fan of weighed it down a bit. This is definitely one of those cases where you just have to accept not every video is top 10 worthy. Still, creampie yoga class is quite hot.


Top 10


10. MMNA-004

Super Bubble Butt Monster


The video’s got one crazy title but when you think abut it, well, it’s quite accurate. Asahi’s super bubble butt is definitely on display in this video where she goes all out on guys. Whether she’s aggressively grinding her hips or pegging the guy she’s certainly the aggressive one dictating all the action. There’s a ton of hot outfits that show off her ass on top of the great positions and angles the video uses.

I think the video is just great at displaying her ass and really giving Asahi fans what they want. As good of a performer as she can be, people largely just want to see her ass in some hot positions. Combining the two is a surefire way to make a great video. This video absolutely nailed it with the positions, finding all sorts of ways to show off her ass. Even in missionary they’d position her so you could still see her ass, and it’s that kind of directing that makes a video something special.


9. AVOP-121

Guy Who Cums The Hardest In The World Fucks Kaho Kasumi, Ruri Saijo, and Asahi Mizuno


Ah yes, Rookie’s famous series. Asahi, Kaho, and Ruri all get covered in cum by a guy. The video sets itself up as a mix of solo, duo, and group scenes. The guy shoots his load everywhere, whether it’s a creampie, oral creampie, on their back, on their face – you name it.

There’s something about an actress getting blasted by fake cum that’s enjoyable; it’s like a one-man bukkake. I think bukkake scenes often feel like they’re super repetitive and give the actress very few opportunities to really shine but the novelty of this concept really sells itself well. Seeing all three of them getting blasted with cum is really quite enjoyable for me. Most of these Rookie videos are solos so one with not two but three actresses, all of which I enjoy, is definitely a treat. If people are fans of this series from Rookie then I’d definitely recommend this one.


8. PPPD-380

My Busty Girlfriend And Busty Fuckbuddy – The Two-Way Harem Of Your Dreams – Creampie Life


Asahi is the guy’s girlfriend and somehow he finds himself cheating on her with Mio Kayama. The video goes back and forth between scenes with his girlfriend and fuckbuddy, even going as far as to creampie them. In the end, Asahi comes home while he’s getting busy with Mio. While she goes and hides to avoid getting caught, she can’t help herself when he starts having fun with Asahi and joins in for some duo action.

I thought the video had lots of great content. Each of them had a solo paizuri scene and solo creampie sex scene. No time wasted with some sort of nonsense plot or downtime, just scene after scene of hot content. The final scene is definitely what took the cake and made this one of my favourites. Asahi and Mio end up competing with each other to see who the guy likes the most. You best believe that the two of the competing is as hot as it sounds. Watching them push each other away to get their turn is awesome, and the two of them getting creampied in the final scene is also quite nice.


7. BF-461

Female Teacher Tempts With Her Huge Ass


The video has a simple premise of Asahi being a female teacher with a huge ass who tempts one of her students into some sexual fun. It’s hard to say no but Asahi is basically a succubus and won’t give him a moment to rest. She just continues to have her way with him even as he finds himself tired from fucking her non-stop. The video is five scenes of Asahi getting it on with the poor (more like lucky) student.

Female teacher videos are always great to watch but Asahi’s dominant performance is a real shining light to this video. Unlike her other teacher video in the honourable mentions, she just goes above and beyond in the performance this time. Asahi slaps his cock, slaps his face, pushes him around – just generally does whatever she wants while having her way with him. Asahi refuses to take no for an answer and you even get scenes where the guy tries to leave but Asahi just pushes him down and makes him pleasure her. What can I say, a teacher as hot as Asahi forcing her way on her student is as hot as it sounds.


6. HND-322

A Slut And 20 Single Men Under One Roof – Please Spend The Day With Me And Be My Creampie Manager


Asahi shows up one day at a house with a bunch of guys. She goes around the house acting as a cum dump for them. In the first half she walks from room to room and gets whatever guy she finds off. She even offers creampies for them as well! As soon as she finishes she’s off to find the next guy. In the second half all the guys gather to have one massive gangbang with her with the guys opting to creampie her several times.

The video had an amateur feel to it that made it extremely enjoyable to watch. These guys never set themselves up as experts or anything, and several of them creampie her after only a minute or two of fucking her. While you’d think that would make it bad, Asahi’s performance is wonderful. Seeing her have fun the entire time and respond well to their quick releases is surprisingly enjoyable. I also enjoyed watching her finish with one guy and then head off to find the next contestant.


5. WANZ-581

The Best Way To Fuck A Hard Working Slut Office Lady Is To Creampie Her From Behind!!


I couldn’t agree more with the title as the best way to fuck this hot office lady would be to cream her from behind. The video is a buffet of scenes as Asahi gets it on with her coworker. It has a huge focus on her ass, especially doggy. While the cover might make you think she’s going to be raped the video instead featured her being dominant and dictating the pace. The video also has a huge emphasis on the office lady theme, from the locations to the outfits.

I really enjoyed the content in this one. Office lady themes are universally loved, especially when done right. Various office settings and outfits contribute to how great this video is. There’s even one scene where there’s just a hole in her pants and she gets fucked while fully clothed. That variety is great and Asahi’s ass is definitely one to enjoy with this. Let’s also not forget that they managed to make it ass-themed as well. Tons of great positions that any fan of her ass would enjoy. Asahi also totally did everything right with the performance as well. Instead of the usual “no good” as a response to the guy saying he’s gonna cum she just grinded faster and in the end took more creampies. How can anyone say no to fucking Asahi in doggy and giving her a huge creampie?


4. MIRD-151

Polygamy Dream Creampie Special


If that cover doesn’t do something for you then I don’t know what will. Four busty babes including Anri Okita and Asahi Mizuno. The video is a whopping four hours long with several scenes. There’s multiple duo scenes, a solo from everyone, and two group scenes. Factor in a ton of creampies and a lot of POV and it’s a no-brainer.

Harem videos can really go any way depending on how the content ends up and this one had plenty of great content. Every actress having a solo scene certainly added plenty of great content to the video. The video also featuring plenty of creampies, including in the harem scenes, really made the content enjoyable. The theme of them all being married to the guy added a nice lovey-dovey aspect to the video. The actresses all just wanting to please their husband was awesome and they managed a ton of great variety. One had Mio Kayama get him off in the shower while another had Nao Mizuki barely let him in the door before fucking him. Even just a simple scene of two actresses cooking for you but then pausing to fuck you is hot as hell, especially when it’s Anri and Asahi. Easily a favourite of mine from her.


3. PPPD-481

My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her


Ah yes, Asahi’s GES entry. The premise is quite straightforward: Asahi’s little sister’s boyfriend comes over and she finds herself interested in him. She then tempts him with her big titties and by offering creampies. The two of them engage in sexual acts behind her sister’s back whether it’s a quickie during dinner, a soapy shower, or creampie sex. Of course, the two of them do get caught in the end, but that doesn’t stop Asahi from getting one last creampie.

GES is by far my favourite series and Asahi’s entry is one of the better ones. Asahi’s personality is great for this kind of series. She’s upbeat and enjoying herself the entire time. Asahi’s GES is one of the first videos I saw and also one of the ones that convinced me Asahi had some skills. Who would have guessed back then that Asahi would wind up as one of my favourites, and yet that’s exactly what happened. I think Asahi really played the elder sister role well, coming off as both a respectable older woman and a slut at the same time. Factor in really hot scenes like the quickie behind her sister’s back at dinner and it’s a fantastic video.


2. MIRD-145

Superb BODY – Real Creampies – Large Orgies Special


The video is a collection of large orgy and harem scenes. There’s a few scenes with just a pair of actresses but that’s to be expected in a video that’s a whopping four hours. The video features four awesome actresses as well – Ayumi Shinoda, Kurea Hasumi, Anri Okita, and of course Asahi Mizuno. The video not only contains several real creampies throughout but the actresses having fun with each other too. It’s really a perfect storm of fantastic content.

Where to begin with this one because the content is simply fantastic. Before even watching it the cast jumps out as something awesome. It’s rare to find videos where you enjoy all four actresses let alone having three of them on your top 10 list. I guess after that there’s the real creampies. JAV is known for faking creampies but they make a point to show them being real here by having the guy partially come outside. If those two factors alone weren’t enough the video also features tons of lesbian action. The ladies are quick to feel each other up or make out and it’s beyond words for how hot it is. Group scenes can feel like there’s too much going on but when all of it is as hot as this then I’ll gladly sit back and enjoy it.


1. HND-351

I Gave The Teacher A Creampie While A Schoolgirl Was Watching


Asahi plays teacher to a class full of girls with just one guy. The guy finds himself in situations where the teacher wants to humiliate him sexually in front of him classmates. Whether it’s him being humiliated during class, punished for spying on their gym class, or fucking in her office, the video is chalk full of great scenes. Throw in a clothed female aspect for good measure as well as creampies and you’ve got a clear winner.

Risky sex is one of my favourites but this just takes it to another level. The guy doing sexual things with Asahi in front of his classmates is really quite something – it’s the kind of plot that’s straight out of a hentai story. Asahi leads the charge the entire way as well. I think one of the reasons other videos feel like they’re a let down is because of how good this video is. Asahi’s just incredible to watch her as she dominates the guy the entire time. This is absolutely one of the best dominant performances I’ve ever seen, not just from Asahi but from any actress, and that’s largely the reason why this is my favourite Asahi video.



Asahi’s one of my favourite actresses and it’s always sad to see one of your favourites leave. At the same time, Asahi really made the best of her time in JAV. She had a ton of great content and certainly left a mark on the industry. I know people won’t forget her and her awesome ass, I know I certainly won’t. Here’s to Asahi and wishing her the best.


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    [ In Asahi’s hnd 322, who’s the actress who appears at the end of the jav?.]


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