April 17, 2024

Ohura’s Spotlight – Meguri


  • Born: 04/05/1989 (29 years old)
  • Career: 2010 – 2017
  • Measurements: 95-60-88
  • Cup Size: G-Cup
  • Hair Colour: Brown / Black
  • Eye Colour: Brown



Meguri is an actress that has been around for many years. She first started under the name Megu Fujiura as a gravure idol. She made her JAV debut in 2010. Megu quit not long after and then came back a few months later under the name Meguri; she has been a highly regarded actress ever since. Meguri has worked for several studios: Oppai, Moodyz, S1, Tameike Goro, and SOD Create are among the ones she has worked extensively for.

2In 2017, Meguri had one hell of a year. She tripled her video output and went out with a bang before her retirement, going full freelance. She did all sorts of videos including some that were outside of her typical wheelhouse like RKI-438, a semen overload video. She also starred in some notable series such as Raw Creampie Sex – If You Can Handle It (WANZ-607), Stepsister Creampie Temptation (PGD-945), Tropical Night (MEYD-245), and The Moment I Met Her This Porn Star Demanded Raw Creampie Sex (PLA-064). 2017 was just a great year from her, and when I ended up watching 300+ videos that year, Meguri was my pick for actress of the year. Meguri really proved to me that year just how good of a performer she was, keeping up with some of my favourite performers. While it saddens me that Meguri retired, I’m also glad she had an amazing year.

Metric Score
Face 11 / 10
Breasts 8.5 / 10
Ass 7 / 10
Body 9 / 10
Video Quality 9 / 10
Performing 9 / 10
Genres Average

meguri-2I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Meguri is the most attractive woman I have ever seen. I gave her an 11/10 because really, it’s hard to put into words just how attractive I think she is. I really can’t overstate just how attractive I think she is, she’s just so beautiful. Towards the end of her career, she started to look just a bit older, which I loved; it let her play a few awesome MILF performances. Going on, Meguri also has a nice figure with no aspect that’s bad. While her breasts are most likely augmented (fat grafted) they’re still quite nice. Her breasts move quite nicely from certain positions and they still have a great shape. Meguri’s ass is also quite nice; it’s not the biggest or roundest, but it’s more than enough to enjoy. Meguri really comes off right at the bottom of thicc, having solid curves. At the end of the day, Meguri is just super attractive in every way. Such an amazing body with an absolutely gorgeous face.

3Meguri is definitely a really good performer. Like most actresses, she didn’t start off that way, but toward the end of her career she really made it apparent just how good she was. I think probably late 2014 is when she really blossomed into a good performer. I think most people were sleeping on her performing capabilities, not really realizing just how good she was. Personally, I felt Meguri excelled at rape themes, both being raped and reverse rape. I really do think she was one of the best in both categories. She just seemed to understand rape in a way where she would make the correct expressions and even fight back / try to escape. When it came to reverse rape, she was so good at just letting go and going all out. A lot of actresses have trouble going all out, but not Meguri. There are two rape and two reverse rape videos on the top 10 list, which really goes to show just how good she is at them. While Meguri was good as a performer in general, she did struggle sometimes. She had this habit of going a little too overboard sometimes, and she’d come off like she was overacting, completely crazed with lust. It often really hurt videos because it seemed like she was acting nonsensically, off in her own world or something. She also struggled a bit with fan appreciation type videos, particularly around keeping the content fresh and interesting. Still, I think she had a lot of solid performances where she didn’t go overboard, and even in cases where she did go overboard, it usually wasn’t terrible. I tend to find overacting to be better than being bland, so I’m much more accepting of those performances. Of course, for those few times that going overboard is actually what the scene calls for, it’s fantastic, and there are a couple of prime examples of it in my top 10.

5QSiV6z.jpgMeguri’s on the low end of average when it comes to genres she’s done. Since she started out in gravure, she sort of set herself up to be pretty vanilla; I find a lot of gravure actresses don’t want to venture out too far. It really wasn’t until her last year when she started to open up a bit. Her semen overload video for Rookie and cosplay for Fitch are a couple late additions that really upped her variety. I definitely don’t go watching Meguri expecting variety, but it’s certainly nice that she’s got at least some so it’s not just rape or incest after another. I really wish Meguri had more variety, particularly because of her awesome performing skills. Watching her do videos like the semen overload you can really see just how much she excels. A gokkun special or interracial would have been great, and I would have lost my shit if she had done a lesbian scene with Ai Sayama.

zjYQtPaMeguri’s good performing really contributes to a high quality among her videos. Even though she’s only average in terms of genres, her videos are just all good. There’s just so many good videos that she’s done, and the bad performances are far and few between. Meguri’s ratings are at the top of the list, competing with my favourites like Hitomi. I will admit though that I’ve seen more of her newer work than her older work, so I’ve been watching more of her good performances. Still, we’re talking about the best of Meguri, and the best of Meguri is really quite good. Even when Meguri’s going overboard, I find overboard to be more enjoyable than not really doing much; I’d rather too much than too little acting. It makes Meguri super enjoyable to watch because you can just always expect a solid video.


Honourable Mention


Tropical Night


When Meguri’s older brother comes to visit her and her family in the hot summer, he can’t hold himself back. While at first Meguri isn’t into it, he turns her around, and she becomes enthralled by him. The two of them then enter a forbidden relationship of carnal desire as they have steamy, passionate sex throughout the rest of the video.

Meguri’s performance isn’t the best here, which is the reason it’s the honourable mention. I found her enthusiasm felt a bit low, as she seemed not to react strongly when she disliked what was going on or later when she started enjoying herself. What ends up making it enjoyable still is just how good the sex is. Taking place during the hot summer, Meguri gets super sweaty. Watching her body glistening in sweat is a sight to behold. The sex looks fantastic, especially her breasts covered in sweat as they move around.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a great video with some fantastic sex, but not every video can be in the top 10.


Top 10 Videos


10. PLA-064

Creampie Raw Footage Sex With An Actress Who Will Cum Right At You Instantly After Meeting


Meguri plays a pornstar who wants nothing more to just surprise fuck some guys. She manages to sneak up on guys and then instantly start fucking them, regardless of what they want. And of course, Meguri gets them to creampie her against their will.

Meguri’s really great at reverse rape here. She goes completely over-the-top and just starts fucking them without consequence. Guy wants to escape? Nope, Meguri is gonna keep fucking him. Even at the end when she’s done taking a creampie, she just keeps trying to get more out of them. The scenes end with the guy running away from her, and Meguri looking bummed out is super nice. The look of disappointment on her face when the guy’s running away is an expression I love from her, and I’m always happy when she does it (she does it in her WANZ Factory fan appreciation video as well). While Meguri’s over the top acting was usually a bad thing, this is one of the few videos where it was perfect.

The content is also super enjoyable. I think the performance certainly helps tie it all together, but just watching them be raped is hot. Getting to see them squirm as Meguri’s just riding them and trying to make them bust a nut is so pleasing. The whole idea of surprise reverse rape is awesome because it seems both good and bad for the guy. One on hand, he’s being randomly raped, but on the other hand, Meguri’s a hot pornstar.

This series by DAS is one of my favourite series, and Meguri’s entry is another in a line of great videos. Her upbeat and over-the-top performance really suit the theme well and help make it one of her best.


9. MEYD-236

Keep Cumming Inside Me Until I Get Pregnant…


Meguri is a single mom who lives with her son. She isn’t getting any action, and when she catches her son having sex with his girlfriend, she becomes uncontrollably horny.  As the video goes on, she eventually can’t contain herself and has to get a piece of him. The two of them then start fucking like wild animals with Meguri taking creampies.

The content is super awesome here the entire video. Meguri actually masturbates uncontrollably in the hallway when she catches her son having sex. Seeing her just completely lose all control in the hallway like that is fantastic. When the two of them get down to sex, Meguri takes multiple creampies. It’s pretty hard not to enjoy lengthy scenes with multiple creampies.

Meguri’s performing is also great. It’s not just seeing her break down in the hallway, but she has a lot of little things that work so nicely. For example, she goes to her son’s room later on and finds all the used condoms, and her expression is great. Later on when they’re fucking like animals, Meguri’s just got this lust-filled personality going. While she’s been known to overdo it a lot, I found this to be a good amount.

The video is just great from start to finish. A great performance on her part as well as great sex scenes.


8. MIAE-064

Sister-in-Law Family Creampies Temptation Meguri


Meguri’s brother-in-law comes to visit and Meguri is instantly attracted to him. Even though her and her husband are having sex regularly, she can’t help but want him. Meguri starts enticing him right from the get-go, and the seduction finally boils over after he’s spying on them fucking while Meguri is looking back at them. From then on, the two of them are just going at it whenever they can, Meguri getting creampied.

I really liked how they managed to fit in a risky theme here. There are plenty of instances where she’s fucking in risky ways, like her husband is nearby or they scramble at the end of the scene. And let me tell you, there are three creampie sex scenes. It’s hard not to enjoy content like this, it’s almost like a GES video.

I also thought the performance from her was really good. I liked how she was able to keep her voice down and not really go overboard like she often did in 2017. Watching her ride her husband while her brother-in-law is watching is super hot.

A risky-themed video with good performing was obviously going to make my list. It’s not quite GES, but when Meguri’s GES wasn’t that great, I’ll take this instead.


7. MEYD-202

Hot Steamy Lust And Raw Fucking Sex A Stepmom Invites Her Boy To Bathe Together In Sweaty Hot Sex


For some reason, Meguri’s husband doesn’t seem to want to have sex anymore, and Meguri’s feeling frustrated. It’s hard for her to contain herself when she finds used tissues in her son’s room. While her and her stepson don’t have the best relationship, that soon changes. Meguri catches him spying on her masturbating, and so begins their forbidden relationship.

I quite enjoyed Meguri’s performance here. It’s enjoyable to watch her mindset change from someone who would never do such a thing to being crazy for him and going insane fucking him. She starts to go a little overboard at the end, but I find it works out well for the video; it just feels like the right direction to take given the plot. Meguri does more than that right though, she has moments like when she finds his used tissues and sniffs them. You’d be really surprised how hot it is watching her sniff some tissues.

The content is nice and fits well with the plot. I loved that they opted for their first interaction to be a sex scene. They really do a good job building up the tension, as the next time they’re just mutually masturbating in his room. Even if it’s a little dark, it’s surprisingly enjoyable watching the two of them move toward the land of no return.

At the end of the day, good content all around here. The content and performance all work so well with the theme and make it great.


6. PPPD-370

A Current College Girl With Big Tits Does Some Private Creampie Tutoring


Meguri plays a college tutor in this one. She comes over to give some private lessons, but I don’t think she expected them to be sex lessons. In typical fashion, she trades sexual favours with her for her student trying his best.

Meguri looks amazing in this video. The way her breasts look, how she plays this charming college girl, it all just looks amazing. The sex isn’t anything crazy, but just her look while being fucked, oh baby does it look great. Seeing the way her breasts jiggle as the student plays with them is fantastic.

I think one of the big reasons it’s so good is that the content is just very solid. None of it’s something that’s going to completely knock your socks off, but it doesn’t always have to be. The fact that the content is just all good is enjoyable.

This video is simply a prime example of how you don’t need anything special to be good, just good content. Every part of the video is solid with no bad parts. It’s easy to enjoy Meguri getting her students to study when she offers to fuck them. If I had a tutor like this that traded studying for sex, I could have been a doctor.


5. PPPD-407

Loving, Baby-Making Sex During Ovulation With My Busty Wife Meguri


If it wasn’t obvious from my posts how much I enjoy Meguri yet, I think this far into this post it is. A video starring Meguri as your wife is just perfect. A lovely weekend where you just get to enjoy her is absolutely perfect. What could be better than spending time with Meguri? Why, fucking Meguri multiple times a day, of course.

Meguri’s super enjoyable here, not performing over-the-top or anything like that. She comes off very sweet and charming, and it’s hard not to enjoy her. Watching her peek her head out from under the covers where she’s sucking you off, oh boy.

Of course, the content is also quite good. It’s hard to argue with sex all around the house, with a variety of different settings and such. At the table, in bed, the living room, the bathroom, etc. Enjoying her across the house like a young couple who’s madly in love is exactly what the doctor ordered.

I wouldn’t hesitate to be in a relationship with Meguri, especially if I got to do stuff like this. She makes it seem like living with her would be amazing. Spending a day with Meguri fucking her all around the house sounds like a perfect day to me.


4. MIAE-076

A Gang Bang Fuck Party Meguri


Meguri’s husband has some work friends over, and she finds herself being pressured by some of them into some sexual things. Meguri finds herself cleaning some guy’s pants after they spilled some wine on them, and when he tries to get her to blow him she wants none of it. After they try to get her to strip, she runs out of the room wanting nothing to do with it. But once they come to console her, they do manage to get her to have sex. Soon after, she’s becoming naughtier and naughtier, giving them a blowbang and eventually a gangbang

The content is really good in this one, and fits the theme well. The video really played to the story well, as they got to show Meguri progressively doing more and more lewd things. Blowbangs are hot, and so is Meguri having a gangbang here. It’s hard not to enjoy her doing all these crazy things.

Meguri’s performance is really great. At first she’s very quick to turn them down, even running out of the room at one point. You get to see them breaking her down and finally deciding to fuck them. By the time she’s been broken down, she just goes nuts and turns on her inner nymphomaniac and goes to town. Seeing her capable of such a complete 180 with both sides being well done is an absolute treat and a reason why this is one of my favourites.

Meguri’s amazing performance makes this video already filled with such great content stand out as one of her best.


3. MEYD-094

The Faceless Serial Rapist Who Only Attacks Ovulating Married Women


Meguri stars as a housewife who gets repeatedly attacked by this rapist. He particularly comes and visits her when she’s ovulating, as he finds out from her diary. While Meguri is genuinely scared and displeased with being raped at first, eventually she succumbs to him and gives in to the pleasure.

Meguri puts on a clinic on how to act during a rape video during the first scene. She has such genuine-looking facial expressions and reactions. She does such a great job of pushing back and trying to escape, as if she really was being raped.

The content is hard not to enjoy when her performance is so good. Lengthy creampie sex scenes, how can anyone say no? Some might not enjoy the rape aspect, but the sex just looks so good. The performance ties it all together here, it really does. The content just seems so mediocre when the rape performance isn’t good, but with it being so good here it’s just so easy to enjoy.

Meguri delivers one of the best rape performances I’ve ever seen here. It’s one for the ages, and no doubt one of her best.

2. CJOD-089

Suddenly Time Stopped At The Exciting Academy: Ms. Meguri


Meguri is a teacher at an academy who wants nothing but to engage in lewd activities with her students. When she comes in possession of an app that lets her freeze time, she takes full advantage of it, fucking her students without their knowing.

Meguri puts on an incredible performance here. While her over-the-top acting is often not ideal, it works out perfectly here. She really does look like she’s a bit crazy, but if you’re going to stop time and rape your students, you kind of have to be. She’s really good at going all out and looking like she’s enjoying every moment.

The content is also superb as well. Meguri just fucking a bunch of students without their knowing is hot. Every once in a while she unfreezes time and lets them see what’s going on. It’s really fun watching as everyone’s going crazy and Meguri’s having a blast. She’s got some great outfits and simple scenarios that work out so well, like the homeroom teacher or gym teacher. Add in some creampies and it’s truly one of her best.

This is easily one of her best. Meguri proves she’s a great performer, especially at reverse rape. With such good content you can’t help but want to pause time and enjoy this for longer.


1. PPPD-329

Busty Undercover Investigation


Meguri is a undercover agent who goes to investigate a drug company. While she finally does undercover their secrets, she gets drugged and raped by them. The video starts off with her being this dominant investigator and ends up with her being totally violated by some guys.

Meguri’s performance is very good, and they give good opportunities to show it. The video starts off with some creeps trying to show her a good time, but instead she beats them up. Later on when she’s drugged, watching her wobble around convincingly is awesome. It’s moments like this that really make an actress stand out. Her performance isn’t limited to these moments either, she performs well the rest of the time whether she’s being raped or trying to entice a guy to find out more information. It’s just an absolutely amazing performance.

The content is also super awesome. Investigator outfits are hot as fuck, and Meguri looks fantastic in hers. Even if the content is all rape, they found good ways to mix up the content. The last scene, for instance, is a gangbang, or the middle scene has her being facefucked. Normally the last scene is a bit mediocre because the actress is tied up, but they untie her and it makes that scene super enjoyable.

This is definitely my favourite Meguri video, and I even gave it a perfect rating. It’s just so good on so many levels, from her stunning performance to some incredible content.



There you have my spotlight on Meguri, including her top 10 videos. Meguri is easily one of my all time favourite actresses. Even if I didn’t think she was as attractive as I do, she’s got a fantastic body and some great performing skills. I’m sad that Meguri is retired now, but there will always be a place in my heart for her.


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