June 16, 2024

Oppaira’s Spotlight – Aki Sasaki


  • Born: 12/24/1979 (39 years old)
  • Career: 2015 – 2019
  • Measurements: 85-60-94
  • Cup Size: D-Cup
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Eye Colour: Brown


Aki Sasaki debuted in late 2015 for SOD. She debuted at the reported age of 35 as a married woman with children. It didn’t take long at all for people to realize just how awesome Aki was, nor did it take long for her performing abilities to shine their light. In her debut year she was filming more than two videos per week. In her first six months, she even managed a lesbian video with none other than Ayumi Shinoda who had just won an award for best MILF. It was very clear right from the beginning Aki was destined for greatness.

AAP916-8_6Aki would go on to become one of the top performers in the entire industry. She would frequently maintain top positions on both DMM and R18’s charts. In April 2019 she finally called it quits, retiring while one of the industry’s top performers. It’s no surprise for anyone that’s seen some of her quality content why she made it there. She’s was willing to do all sorts of stuff which was pretty amazing for someone debuting at her age. She’s also really attractive as well, very pretty for a MILF with a pretty nice body. Aki just seemed to find herself at the center of the industry producing content for the best studios with the best actresses. Simply put Aki was really awesome.

Metric Score
Face 9 / 10
Breasts 3 / 10
Ass 7 / 10
Body 8 / 10
Video Quality 8 / 10
Performing 8 / 10
Genres Queen

sasaki_aki_20180324a04sI think Aki is actually very attractive. While she may have joined the industry at a reported 35, she seems to defy that number. Even at 39 now she looks amazing, and I continually question whether she actually is almost 40 years old. Just looking at how pretty she is it’s quite a shock to realize that. Going on further, her body is really slim and nice, even if she’s a little on the skinny side. I’m not particularly a fan of her breasts, they’re fairly small and not at all what I’m typically interested in. On the other hand her ass is fairly nice and makes it so Aki has some amount of curves. I definitely think the takeaway on Aki physically is that she looks great for someone with her reported age. She’s definitely the kind of MILF you’d be dreaming about.

DeggaUGU0AAzwIoAki is a pretty solid performer. You may not expect this level of performing out of her but she’s actually much better than I think people give her credit for. She’s quite good at being a cheerful, upbeat MILF and I’ve come to really enjoy those videos from her. I find a lot of actresses struggle with really promoting such an infectious attitude and yet Aki manages to do it a lot. Aki’s quite frequently seen with these big smiles on her face or just laughing in general; she just always seems to be having a great time. Now, she’s not always perfect and sometimes has trouble keeping up the act. Especially during sex she’ll sometimes moan a little too much or make unpleasant faces as she writhes in pleasure. I do find that she bounces right back from moments like that though so even if her composure is temporarily lost it’s still only temporary. Another thing Aki is really good at is deepthroating. You wouldn’t necessarily guess it but she can take it pretty deep and it’s definitely a big plus. What’s more, she often just casually does it in a scene just because. It’s one thing to do deepthroat in a deepthroat video but it’s another thing entirely to do it casually just to make videos more enjoyable.


When it comes to genres that Aki has done she’s at the top. Aside from uncensored she’s done almost everything else. Anal, BBC, bukkake, you name it she’s done it. It’s rare to find people who will do everything the way she has and it’s even rarer to find people her age who will do everything. Finding MILFs who will do anal and BBC, especially MILFs who look the part – just wow. And Aki seems to love working with others and always finds herself working with huge names like Yui Hatano, Hibiki Ootsuki, Yumi Kazama, Ayumi Shinoda, Asahi Mizuno – the list just goes on and contains so many actresses I love. It’s definitely been one of my facourite aspects of Aki. It’s unfortunate she never stumbled into uncensored but you don’t need to for me to find your variety really enjoyable.

DPH2dBfUQAArbm7Aki’s videos wind up being pretty good but a bit hit or miss. She does have a lot of quality stuff but there’s also a fair amount of mediocrity. I’ve certainly watched videos where I’ve been excited from a cover and title and wound up being underwhelmed by her performance. She can be great but that’s certainly not always the case. For someone who loves to smile and loves to deepthroat casually it seems really odd that her video quality varies and sometimes she just doesn’t show up. I do think she’s very enjoyable when she does show up. I also found that her best stuff wasn’t quite as good as the best from others. I found she just never went that little extra distance that separates the best videos from really good ones. Another key thing about Aki is that because of her age she often got typecast into MILF roles whether that’s the boss at work, the mom, the teacher, etc. While it’s certainly a bit annoying she was only playing MILF roles there’s still plenty of variety among a generic tag of “older woman”.


Honourable Mentions



Mother Son Violation – Aki Sasaki is Jealous of Her Only Son’s Girlfriend


The title is exactly what it sounds like as Aki is jealous of her son’s girlfriend. Turns out the only cure for that is to fuck her son herself. Her son isn’t really into it at first but eventually he realizes he can’t say no to his mom. Eventually she decides she has to get rid of the girlfriend so she invites her over while they’re fucking and she shows up to her boyfriend giving his mom a creampie.

Aki delivers a really good performance that perfectly captures her role as a frustrated mom. Watching her range of expressions flow between contemplation of something so absurd to pure desire to apologizing is really great. It’s so difficult to capture such a wide range and yet Aki does it no problem. That sexually frustrated desire really gets sold well here and you can definitely sense just how frustrated she is. So many videos like this lack that sort of performance and it really sets a tone for how good of a performer Aki is.


Top 10 Videos


10. PGD-857

 My Sister-In-Law’s Creampie Temptation


Aki’s brother-in-law comes over to visit and there’s an immediate attraction between them. Almost instantly they’re fucking like wild animals. Aki’s sex life with her husband is great but she’s insatiable and can’t help herself. Aki just takes every opportunity to get busy with her brother-in-law behind her unsuspecting husband’s back.

The content is pretty awesome as they mix this raw attraction with riskiness.  Watching Aki fuck her husband while staring at her brother-in-law is one of the hottest things you’ll ever find. This game of seduction the two play with each other is really awesome to watch unfold. Here’s two adults that know they shouldn’t do this and yet it’s impossible to deny how they feel. That tension is what really makes this video so great.

This series is usually fairly good and Aki’s is no exception. Watching her enjoy messing around with her brother-in-law is definitely a treat here.


9. JUY-125

She Was Supposed To Pop Her Little Brother’s Cherry Boy Friend… But It Felt So Good She Enjoyed Multiple Pussy Pounding Orgasms Instead!


Aki’s brother has a friend over and Aki can’t help but be attracted to him. That instant attraction goes really far as she decides she’s going to take his virginity. Aki thinks she’s all that once she’s done the deed but soon finds out he has his own ideas and decides to pound her like she’s never been pounded before. Suddenly the roles are reversed and Aki’s the one who can’t take it.

Aki’s performing is very enjoyable here as she displays two complete opposites. At first she’s totally in charge and leading all the action but once the guy takes over she just moans in uncontrollable pleasure. Watching her flip so seamlessly is super hot. Let’s also not forget just how nice Aki looks in those loose-fitting clothes and how she so easily tempts the guy.

A great video as you get to see Aki do a complete 180 from having her way with her brother’s friend to him having his way with her.


8. JUY-299

This Married Woman Librarian Is Quietly Luring Me To Temptation In The Library


Aki is the librarian at school and loves to fool around with her students. There’s this lovely student there who one day catches Aki and another student walking out of the washroom stall. It doesn’t take long for everyone to realize and before you know it Aki has a new fuck buddy. The video then consists of them being naughty around the school before ending in a threesome with both of her students.

What makes this video so enjoyable is how nice the theme is. Most people have had a hot teacher, librarian, nurse, etc. at school and to find an opening as perfect as this is basically every kid’s dream. Watching Aki come onto him in the library is hot and the guy plays it really well. As it unfolds like it would in a manga it’s a really great series of scenes as it flows from the library to the washroom stall to finally a threesome. And with Aki being as seductive and awesome as always she nails the performance.

What can I say, the idea of a hot librarian fucking her student is just too much to pass on. Aki delivers a great performance throughout several great scenes.


7. PGD-932

Temptation Of A Married Woman Office Lady With A Juicy Ass


Aki is the boss at work and finds herself having fun with her employees. The video is a smorgasbord of scenes whether Aki’s fucking someone in an office, out in the open space, or having them over for dinner and fucking them at her house. Aki plays this take charge married boss who’s goal is to fuck all her employees.

The quality of this video comes down to all the scenes being awesome. Aki’s nice and bubbly during the scenes and isn’t afraid to take what she wants. I really enjoyed watching her go to town on some unsuspecting business men. Really simple scenes like an interview where the poor guy’s trying to play it cool that he has a raging hard on for Aki. Even the small interlude scenes are super simple and hot.

Aki playing the hot boss at work fucking her employees is a treat. These simple scenarios that turn into hot sex is just an absolute treat.


6. JUX-861

There’s No Way I’d Fall Victim To Lesbians… Women’s Group Hot Spring Vacation Edition


Aki Sasaki, Maki Hojo, and Reiko Sawamura all go to a hot spring together. Aki finds Maki and Reiko are lesbian lovers and is pretty uncomfortable about it. However, she finds herself roped into it as well. She doesn’t like it at all at first but it doesn’t take long for her to realize she actually enjoys it.

For starters the cast was great, three premium MILFs is fantastic. Secondly the video flowed really well. I liked watching Aki be this awkward flower there and turn into someone who fully enjoyed what was going on. At first she’s super hesitant and Maki + Reiko are having their way with her. By the end of it Aki’s voluntarily joining them to fuck. Even as she’s finding out the extent of their relationship there were moments where Reiko was staring at Aki while fucking Maki, and it’s little things like this that make a video great.

At the end of the day three good MILFs in a lesbian video is hard to ignore.


5. HND-449

When I Awoke, I Found That I Had Been Creampie Fucked…


Aki plays a mom who wants nothing but the best for her son. When she realizes her son just jerks off to VR porn she takes it upon herself to give him the real thing. So he takes off his VR gear to find out his mom’s riding him. Suddenly she’s all for getting rid of his porn and putting her in place. While the guy keeps not wanting to fuck her he can’t stop her forever and Aki keeps taking advantage of her.

I think the concept and execution work out super well here. Aki playing the mom who fucks her unsuspecting son is hot. Even hotter is the first scene with the VR. Watching him pull off the gear to find his mom riding was a nice surprise. Then he’s trying to go back to it but she’ll have none of it and offers herself. Really awesome seeing her pull out that really strong personality and dominant the scene.

I definitely think how crazy the theme is and how well Aki plays it are the star of the show, especially when it incorporates VR. The gif above really demonstrates just how great the content is.


4. RKI-453

The World’s Greatest Creampie Semen Sucking Girl! Incredibly Pleasurable Babymaking Sex


Aki takes on Rookie’s fake semen overload series. The premise is that the guy shoots insanely huge loads, this one with a penchant for creampies. Aki is in various outfits like pink lingerie and a competitive swimsuit getting all sticky from the cum. Aki takes it everywhere whether she’s getting creampied again, huge loads on her face, or her clothes covered.

This is easily one of my favourites from Rookie and a lot of it goes down to managing the fake cum well. They squirt it everywhere whether it’s all over Aki or inside her or wherever. It’s awesome seeing her drenched in it while also having it gushing out of it. Too often do they skip on aspects but Aki’s happy to take it wherever. Speaking of which, Aki seems to love the whole thing and has a ton of fun. There’s even one time they play a game where he has to shower some photos of her; when he wins she ends up letting him creampie fuck her.

This type of stuff might not be for everyone but for those that like it this is definitely one of the better ones.


3. NTR-035

Cheating Threesome With The Hot Sisters In My Shared Apartment


Aki Sasaki and Hibiki Ootsuki decide that they want to mess around with their brother. The pair take it upon themselves to suck and fuck him every chance they get. This awesome flick features solo scenes from both as well as duo scenes alike. It also features a very lengthy duo scene wearing the lingerie on the cover.

Hibiki and Aki both knock it out of the park here. Both of them are really great at taking what they want and you can really see each of them going after their brother and even fighting over him at times. One thing I loved was the dynamic on physical attractiveness. I think both of them are very pretty (both made my top 10 list) but it’s an interesting dynamic because Aki looks older compared to Hibiki. The elder sister vibe that creates is really quite awesome.

If Aki and Hibiki were your sister’s you’d have a hard time ignoring them too. A dynamic duo that just works out well together.


2. ATHH-003

Sweet Creampie Seduction By Career Women


Aki Sasaki and Ayumi Shinoda are coworkers that decide they’re interested in having fun with some of their coworkers. Every opportunity they get they find a lucky guy to have fun with. They get busy with guys left and right whether it’s at their desk, in an office, or even in the washroom. The video culminates in a MMFF scene at someone’s place.

The two of them are a delight to watch and really play their roles well. You can see how well they play it when they’re deciding some helpless (or lucky) guy is going to be their next victim and it doesn’t stop there. The final scene has the two of them interacting quite lovely with each and it’s all sorts of awesome. All of the scenes are just such high quality and it’s hard to ignore how enjoyable the content is.

Definitely a top notch video from the pair. Ayumi and Aki really show you what office MILFs are made of.


1. WANZ-671

I Love Fucking My Friend’s Husband


Aki goes over to her friend’s house and decides she’s interested in him. It doesn’t take long for her to decide to go to town on him. The video is just risky scene after another where Aki’s getting busy with her friend’s husband despite her friend being right there.

Part of what makes this video so awesome is how much risk there is. The first scene shown below is just such a good indicator. Aki really doesn’t care her friend is right there she’s totally willing to go to town. The rest of the video is much of the same with Aki totally owning the show. Aki’s also really enjoyable to watch here, great facial expressions and a really positive attitude toward what she’s doing. This is absolutely an amazing video that shows you what Aki’s capable of.

It’d be hard not to be tempted by someone as hot as Aki doing this type of stuff. Holy hell would I be scared to get caught in a situation like that but how do you say no?

I’m definitely sad to see Aki retire. She’s someone I only got into less than two years ago and it feels like she’s leaving too soon. However, I can enjoy what Aki has accomplished in her few short years. For me to like Aki as much as I do given her smaller breasts shows just how awesome she is. She quickly went from someone I wasn’t interested to straight to one of my all-time favourites. I hope this post lets people know just how awesome she is and makes a few new fans of hers.


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