April 17, 2024

Pan’s: Top 40 All Time Favorite Videos – Part 1/4

This is a list I’ve been meaning to do for quite some time now and I finally got down to it. As the title suggests this is counting down my top 40 favorite videos ever. Now one thing of note here is that I’m limiting each actress to just around 2 videos each. That way this list isn’t consisting of just Anri, Hitomi, Rio…etc. Also I’m breaking this into 4 parts for easier digesting. So without further ado I’ll kick off this list starting with number 40…


40. PPPD-368

“Trying to Make a Baby With A Big-Titted Bride on Her Day Most Likely to Conceive”


Who better to start my list off then none other than Julia. How you you like to make a baby with her? Get to experience just that in this fantastic video. The plot features her as your girlfriend as she is currently ovulating and wants to have a baby. So with that she and you have sex constantly trying to strike gold. It’s a pretty enjoyable premise that is certainly made better with the pov aspect. First off the action is superb with multiple creampie sex scenes and some good paizuri to boot. What’s really nice is that it all takes place in a day starting off in the morning with her waking up you for some early sex and ending the day with some bedtime action. Each scene also features some really memorable scenarios such as when she wants to fuck but for whatever reason you don’t want to so she pouts and ends up playing with herself in front you till you give in. In addition her performance is quite solid. She’s not 100% flawless but she’s relatively engaging, active and plays her role well. Beyond that what could be the best part of this video is Julia’s stunning appearance. Once again this is Julia prime as every aspect of her body is perfect. Also her wardrobe is decent too with a few nice outfits but nothing truly remarkable. You just can’t go wrong with this video. Excellent premise, great pov camerawork, fantastic sex and Julia looking super sexy. What’s not to love?



39. JUFD-365

“Lust Filled Big Booty Sluts -Underwear Free


JUFD-365 features Haruki Sato in her peak physical shape. The video here is a flawless example of that. Now I’m not 100% sure on the exact plot but I believe Haruki and the actor here are supposed to be classmates. Beyond that it’s about her being a massive slut who constantly teases and seduces the guy. That’s all you need to know really. The standout aspect of this entire video has to be her appearance which is absolutely outstanding. Her wardrobe here is out of this world. I mean just look at that cover. Easily the highlights are the fishnets and a cheerleader outfit. This may be the best Haruki has ever looked and that’s not hyperbole. She’s super thick here and in amazing condition. Everything from her hips to her thighs and ass are all fantastic Next up is the action which is very good as well. Now there is only 2 sex scenes here with the rest being some outercourse . That could be a negative however the sex is pretty great and those outercourse scenes are fantastic due to her appearance and acting. One funny scene occurs when she’s sitting behind the guy as he’s studying and she proceeds to masturbate and squirt all over. Lastly there’s her acting which is solid all around. She delivers one of her better performances here for sure. Great energy and facial expressions along with being very engaging. Hands down this is no doubt one of her best videos ever. JUFD-365 nails every aspect and should not be missed.



38. JUX-950

“M-Ma’am… I Can See Everything! ~My Wife’s Friend Flashed Me Her Snatch During A Booty-Shaking Dance”


This by far is easily Ayumi Shinoda’s all time best video imo. The plot is based around her teaching a friend of hers some dance moves. During which the husband walks in on them and becomes turned on by Ayumi. Eventually it all leads to some intense and passionate sex. Madonna is definitely one of the best studios when it comes to production quality and this is a great example of that. The plot progression and technical aspects are all on point. When it comes to the action here this video definitely favors quality over quantity. While there’s only a few sex scenes and a blowjob scene they’re all amazing in their own way. Mostly due to the overall intensity and how sweaty Ayumi gets. Speaking of which Ayumi Shinoda looks absolutely stunning here. Not only does she wear some nice tight and skimpy outfits but seeing her body glistening with sweat is a sight to behold. Finally regarding her acting she delivers a solid performance all around. She plays her role very well and boasts good enthusiasm. I will admit she’s not perfect but she more than enough gets the job done. Any fan of Ayumi Shinoda should have this in their library already and if you don’t you need to ASAP.



37. CJOD-017

“Living With a Slut, 24-Hour-Creampies


Aika over the years has gone through a series of changes, mostly on her face. Some good and some…not so good to put it lightly. One thing that’s always been constant however is her acting and this is a shining example of her talent. The premise here is very simple. Its just you and Aika living together having non-stop sex. I think that’s a concept we all can enjoy, right? Now despite the title every sex scene doesn’t end with a creampie as condoms are used in some parts. However its still pretty hot because in the scene she makes the guy cum multiple times in a row using the same condom. Which leads me to her performance which is easily one of her best. The best word to describe her here is relentless. She doesn’t stop and often makes the dude cum several times throughout each scene. Hell at one part she handcuffs herself and you together so you can’t get away. Also she is just super slutty and really enjoys herself here. And some of you may disagree with me on this part but I believe Aika is her prime here, at least physically. Her hair, body and mainly her face are on point and look terrific. Anyway in addition her wardrobe is excellent as she wears some stunning lingerie that really sell her slutty appearance and personality here. This is without a doubt my all time favorite solo Aika video.



36. SNIS-789

“We’re Making A Popularity Ranking Check On Kirara Asuka At The AV Shop Surprise Interviews With Our Members Of The Public! If They Give Her Hate, She Shows Up From Behind! Kirara Will Attempt To Raise Her Ratings With Her Amazing Nookie Technique!”


Kirara Asuka having sex with fans inside a dvd store. What a fantastic premise. SNIS-789 excels in every key factor in grading a video. First off the plot is great and allows for some exciting and entertaining scenes. Speaking of, the sex scenes are all amazing. Nearly every single one features her fucking the fans inside the store with other customers around presenting a nice sense of risk. Not so much in the last scene where she fucks the manager in the backroom to secure more shelf space in the store but even then its still a superb scene. Of course more than likely its staged but the fantasy behind is still very hot. In addition her performance is very good. Expressive, flirty, bubbly and she really just seems to have good time overall. Easily one of her better performances to date. If you only watch one Kirara Asuka video, make sure it’s this one. You won’t be disappointed.


35. HND-123

“Pumped Full Of Cum Doggie Style -From Hot Ass-Pounding Fucks To Real Creampies”


I can confidently say this won’t be the last time you’ll see Ai on my list. Ai Uehara has many, many great videos and this one always impresses me.  Now if you’re a simple man and just wanna enjoy Ai’s glorious ass with no weird plot or premise then this is for you. This whole video boils down to 2 elements really. Tons of ass focus and creampies. There’s no story involved whatsoever. It’s all very simple but that’s definitely not a bad thing. With all the focus on the action it better be good right? Well thankfully it is. There’s several sex scenes all ending in creampies along with a scene of her masturbating while guys cum on her ass. Beyond that the camerawork is exceptional capturing some truly amazing shots of her. Also one sex scene is even shot in pov. Now I will say that her acting is just about average overall. She doesn’t really get too crazy here but it doesn’t impact the overall enjoyment too much. Thankfully though Ai looks outstanding here. Every single outfit she wears is amazing and fits her perfectly showing off her incredible ass and thighs. They definitely nailed that aspect. Honestly that’s all there is to say. Creampies and Ai Uehera’s ass. What more could you want? I mean just look at dat cover. Nuff’ said…


34. PGD-911

“Kick-Ass Nympho Boss Controls Everything From Work To Ejaculation”


When it comes to playing dominant roles Ai Sayama is fantastic at it and this is easily one of her best. The premise is simple enough with Ai playing a dominating nymphomaniac boss who vigorously fucks her employees however and whenever she wants. Definitely a great fit for her as she has the body and acting talent to really knock this out of the park. One of the strongest elements of this masterpiece is her appearance. I personally love the OL(office lady) look and Ai Sayama is stunning in all her outfits here as she wears super sexy high-heels, glasses and stockings. Her voluptuous body perfectly fits this wardrobe. The action is just as great with some incredible sex scenes and a terrific paizuri scene. All the technical aspects are on point and the positions used really play to her strengths. Sadly there are no creampies but it’s hardly a big issue honestly. Now what really sells this premise and video all together is her immaculate performance. This is right up her alley as playing a slutty and dominate type role feels very natural for her. The best things about her acting here is her enthusiasm and facial expressions. Very high energy and incredibly engaging. And when it comes to her facial expressions she’s unbelievable as she’s super seductive and sultry. I can’t say enough good things about this video. Definitely an all time best Ai Sayama video.


33. REAL-679

“This Female Teacher Is Teasing And Toying With Her Male Students In An Empty Classroom During Summer Vacation And Raping Them With Consecutive Rounds Of Compulsory Creampie Sex”


This was one of the first Sakura Kirishima videos I ever watched and its still one of her best. Sakura plays a very lewd and slutty teacher who loves to seduce and tease her students eventually leading to creampie sex. Guess that’s a good segway into speaking about the action. As a whole there’s very little to complain about. My one slight gripe is that the position variety could’ve been better. Beyond that though the sex is fantastic. The two sex scenes are brilliant as they feature terrific lighting, camerawork, intensity. In addition there’s also a handjob and paizuri scene that are also great mostly due to her performance which I’ll get to shortly. Also one more thing is that in nearly every scene she makes the guy cum multiple times, sometimes inside her. Now her performance here is nothing short of extraordinary. Her enthusiasm is off the charts and her facial expressions are spot on to match. Plus she’s super engaging and just makes every scene extremely fun to watch. Lastly her appearance as well is just as good. She looks gorgeous in every scene. Her body especially is in optimal shape. Amazing figure with some of the best natural boobs around and just the right amount of meat on her. If you’ve been sleeping on Sakura Kirishima this is the video I recommend checking out.


32. SNIS-736

“A Delivery Health Sex Service That Will Go Anywhere You Ask! Aika Yumeno And Her G Cup Titties Will Reverse Pick Up Men On The Street And Give Them Hot Sex Club Action!”


By far my all time favorite Aika Yumen video and one that highlights her fun personality and strong performance ability. Here she’s asked with picking up “random” guys off the street and giving them a chance to fuck her. I’m a big fan of this premise myself as it typically allows for the actress be her natural self. This video nails just about everything. The action is plentiful with several sex scenes all with a soapland theme. She looks amazing as well and her overall outfit is terrific. Those shorts and red bikini look great on her. And most importantly her performance is outstanding. She’s everything you want out of a film like this. Cheerful, upbeat, engaging and boasting some very fun facial expressions. Always love seeing her with a big grin on her face while getting fucked from behind. All of this combined makes for a perfect 10/10 video and one that should be seen by every Aika Yumeno fan.


31. BBI-152

“Excellent Slut’s Black Dick Hunt


Not only is this one of Kurea’s very best but it’s also my all time favorite interracial film. One of the biggest reasons why is Kurea’s incredible acting. Typically in interracial videos the actress will act submissive and whiny but not here. Kurea is her trademark self with a super dominant and enthusiastic performance. Hell in one scene she even ties a guy down and goes to town on him. Besides that the action is superb with several sex scenes all featuring Kurea in the driver’s seat. Not to mention there’s plenty of ass focus. Also there’s a fantastic threesome at the end. In addition she looks very sexy with some nice outfits as well. This film is just such a breath of fresh air among this genre. All thanks to a flawless dominant performance from Kurea and some very intense action. An easy 10/10.



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