June 15, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Kurea Hasumi Videos



    • Born : 12/03/91 (27 years old)
    • Career Status:  2012- present
    • Measurements: JP 86-57-87 (US 34-22-34)
    • Cup Size: F
    • Height : 158 cm ( 5 ft 2 in)
    • Hair Color: Brownkurea-hasumi-02022971
    • Eye Color:  Black



Kurea Hasumi is pretty much a household name to any jav enthusiast. Known for her sexy legs, intense performances and of course dat ass. While her career might have tapered off lately there’s no doubt she’s given us plenty of quality material over the years. Don’t be surprised to see that nearly all of my top picks cast her in the dominant role. After all there’s no one better than her at it.

Best Videos


“An Incredible Slut Grown Muscular From Hardcore Fucking Rides Cowgirl Style To Creampie”


Kicking off my list is a perfect example of what makes Kurea Hasumi so amazing. In this one there’s no real plot. Just sex with a focus on cowgirl and creampies. So why do I think it’s a perfect example of Kurea Hasumi? Well because it emphasizes all her strengths. For one her body is in immaculate shape. Everything from her legs to her abs and of course her ass are in top-notch condition and look amazing. Another huge positive is her excellent performance. This is quintessential Kurea here. Slutty, controlling, energetic and very engaging. A perfect example of why she’s one of the best performers ever. Can’t forget to mention the superb action too.  Lots of facesitting cowgirl and creampies. Plus they really do a fantastic job of showing off her super sexy body. Plenty of ass shots and showing off her long, slender legs. If for some reason you’ve never given Kurea a chance or overlooked her this is the perfect video to start with.



“Female Teacher In A Tight Skirt”


Not just one of Kurea’s best videos ever but also one of the very best teacher themed videos I’ve ever seen. The premise is simple as Kurea goes around and has sex with her students in a mostly dominating fashion. Now what truly remarkable is that every single aspect of this video is flawless. Starting with her outstanding appearance and wardrobe. She constantly wears skirts, high-heels, stockings and pantyhose all of which emphasize her super sexy legs and amazing ass. The sex is equally just as good with some intense action focusing on clothed sex. There’s some great facesitting as well and also one of the best footjob scenes I’ve ever seen. Finally there’s her perfect performance. Extremely dominant and slutty with fantastic energy and facial expressions. She makes even the mundane footjob scene very fun to watch. In closing this is hands down one of her all time greatest and maybe even a top 10 all time favorite for me. Perhaps that will be another list in the near future…



“One Day My Sister Suddenly Transformed Into A Dog! There Was Nothing Else I Could Do, So I Looked After Her Like A Pet, When Suddenly She Went Into Heat! Unbelievable Incest!”


Now I know from the title you’re probably thinking “wtf is this” but hear me out. This is one of the strangest but also greatest Kurea Hasumi scenes I’ve ever seen So yes somehow Kurea get turned into a dog(not quite sure how) and ends up going into heat and having sex with her brother. Kurea’s scene is easily the standout here. She behaves like a dog so perfectly. There’s something incredibly hot about seeing her bark and beg like a dog. At one point he’s trying to get away from her and she’s just dry humping him like crazy. And when it comes time to fuck she turns it up and knocks it out of the park. The sex here is really good as well. It’s not long-lasting but it’s very intense and super entertaining. All this combined makes for one of her all time best scenes and one that shouldn’t be missed. This is grade A vintage Kurea Hasumi.



“Cowgirl Babe’s Nut-Busting Creampie SEX”


One of the earliest Kurea Hasumi videos I remember watching and still stands as one of her absolute best. It’s a pretty straightforward video focusing nearly entirely on cowgirl sex and loads of creampies. The highlight of course is no doubt the outstanding action. The lighting and camerawork are excellent and the variations on the cowgirl position are remarkable.  Watching her ride these guys for several loads is truly breathtaking. Kurea’s forceful and dominant performance makes all these scenes 10 times better. Her enthusiasm is unparalleled and puts nearly all other actresses to shame. Of course adding to all this is her stunning appearance. Her wardrobe is minimal but still fantastic with some sexy lingerie and some awesome latex gloves and knee-high boots. Beyond that though her body is in utterly perfect shape. No denying she’s got one of the best bods in jav. To summarize this is hands down one of her greatest videos and perhaps even one of the best sex focused videos I’ve ever seen.



“She Meets Him, Then She Attacks Him – This Time It’s The Girl Who Wants The Creampie Raw Footage Sex”


Kurea’s entry in one of my favorite series ever is a no brainer to be included on this list. This one is directed by one of the best directors around in Nao Masaki. Its all centered around creampie sex after 10 seconds of meeting. Such as suddenly giving a blowjob to the gaffer while filming, and pushing down the makeup artist and sitting on his face. She even plays tag, fucking whoever she catches on the spot. The most notable aspect is no doubt her flawless performance. Her enthusiasm is just insane here. She rides and fucks with such a fierce intensity. So much so that several times she make the guy twice in a  row. The action is equally amazing with tons of creampie sex. Very little filler or slow scenes to be had. Lastly she looks stunning as always. A few sexy outfits along with her just being in top-notch shape. Hands down one of her most intense and entertaining releases to date and easily earns a spot on my list.



“Demonic Asses From Hell!”


If that cover doesn’t grab your attention then you need to check your pulse. You just can’t beat the asstastic combo of Kurea and Yuki Jin. There’s very little plot here as the entire focus is just on their incredible asses. Sounds fine to me. One nice thing about this video that is sometimes lacking in duo videos such as these is that there is some interaction between the two. Ranging from light kissing to groping each others asses. Such as in the last scene where they spank each other while one is riding the guy. Which leads me to their performances which are top-notch. Minimal whining, dominating, sexy and very energetic. Plus their chemistry is pretty strong. In addition both of them look killer. Not only are they in peak physical shape but some of their outfits are just superb. The highlight being the first scene where they’re wearing thongs (see front cover). If you’re an ass lover then good lord you’ll be in heaven. Now finally when it comes to the action its a little light honestly as there’s only one sex scene but it’s very good. That being said though the rest of action which consists of blowjobs and a lot of outercourse type stuff is still worthwhile and fun to watch thanks to their performances and amazing looks. Definitely one of the best duo cast films in recent memory and add that every ass lover should watch.



“Sports Cosplay Lesbian”


I’m normally not one for loli type actresses but Azuki is one exception as she’s cute and has a big ass for a petite girl like herself. To my surprise this ended up being not only one of Kurea’s best videos but also one of the greatest videos of 2017 imo. It’s entirely girl on girl focused with the general theme based around school and sports. Now honestly lesbian videos can sometimes be very hit and miss depending on their chemistry and the action. Thankfully this one boasts terrific action as it features tons of strap-on sex and lots of kissing and groping. Seeing Kurea fuck Azuki relentlessly is a sight to be had. Performances from both are great as they each play their respective role well. Azuki is much more submissive while Kurea is very dominant and controlling. Their chemistry together is solid too. Their wardrobe is another strong point as they both wear plenty of light and sporty clothes. Especially in Azuki’s case as she wears some sexy thigh high socks. And at the same Kurea wears a sports bra and super tight shorts. I can say with certainty this is one of the best lesbian videos I’ve personally ever seen and its sure to impress if you’re a fan of the genre.



“Shame! Swooning Outdoors! An Orgasmic Date With Enormous Vibrators And Extreme Squirting!”


I’m a big fan of this series and Kurea’s entry is easily my favorite of the bunch. For those unfamiliar she is tasked with enduring a hidden vibrator inside her while working at a spa. Most of the enjoyment comes from just watching her deal with the constant teasing and trying to contain her moans. She’s very expressive and it leads to some very entertaining scenes. Now there is some sex here but it’s not really the main draw as odd as that sounds. It is a pretty great sex scene though where she fucks a guy inside a sauna. So while it’s a little more niche and narrow in its appeal if you’re a fan of the series you will not be disappointed



“Daddy’s Girl”


No doubt one of her best plot driven videos ever. The premise tells the story of a father who marries a young hot woman, Kurea Hasumi. The father goes away for some time and the son and her end up getting into an intense sexual relationship. Perhaps the best aspect of this video is how well-directed it is. Everything from the lighting to the camerawork and storytelling is on point. Which leads me to the action. As a whole it is very good. On one hand there’s only really two sex scenes but they’re fairly intense and the other scenes that consist of blowjobs, paizuri and outercourse are still great thanks to her electric performance. She really settles into this role and knocks it out of the park. Her energy is fantastic along with her engagement resulting in a top-notch performance. Of course all this is bolstered by her incredible appearance. Nothing too exciting with her wardrobe but her body is in perfect shape. If you enjoy a good plot and great action then look no further. Easily one of her all time best.



“Huge Booty Lovers”


I think that’s a title we all can get behind. This one is very straightforward in its premise. It’s all centered around Kurea’s magnificent ass, as if you couldn’t tell by the cover. Lets just start with how utterly amazing she looks here. All her outfits are super sexy and show off her ass perfectly. Especially this jean thong that she wears in the final scene where gets all oiled up. It will make your jaw drop. The sex is pretty terrific too. There’s 2 full sex scenes with the first one being the highlight. Don’t wanna say too much but I’ll just say it’s maybe my all time favorite sex scene of hers. Beyond that there’s loads of facesitting and some handjobs and blowjobs. All of which is made better courtesy of her stunning performance. Her acting is about as perfect as you can get. Very engaging, fantastic facial expressions and sky-high enthusiasm. Again I come back to the first scene where she delivers one of her best performances to date. I cannot stress enough how amazing this video is. If you’re an ass lover this is an absolute can’t miss. 10/10 appearance, 10/10 acting and 9/10 sex. A true must watch.


Honorable Mentions


“High Class Slut Kurea?Hasumi ‘s Reverse Rape”


One of Kurea’s earlier videos but also one of her most intense to date. This video is all about reverse rape as Kurea has her way with several guys here and fucks their brains out. Her performance is outstanding as she’s incredibly slutty and dominant. Couple that with some high energy sex scenes such as when Kurea drags two “random” guys into a car and fucks them silly. Plus her wardrobe is very slutty too which is a great fit for her here.


“Excellent Slut’s Black Dick Hunt”


For the record this would probably rank number 11 on my list so it just barely missed it. Hands down this is one of the best interracial videos ever imo. Attributing to that claim is no doubt her performance. Typically in interracial videos the actress will act submissive and whiny but not here. Kurea is her trademark self with super dominant and enthusiastic performance. Hell in one scene she ties a guy down and goes to town on him. Besides that the action is superb and she’s looks super sexy. Fans of interracial should absolutely add this to their library as it’s my all time favorite for the genre.


“Two Sluts Have A Threesome With A Nurse”


Here’s another entry that just narrowly missed my top picks list. Ultimately there was no way that this wouldn’t be on my list somewhere as the duo of Anri and Kurea is too good. Very straightforward in its premise as they both play the typical slutty nurse role. The action first off is amazing with tons of threesomes and even some shot in pov. Next up is their appearances which is fantastic as they wear not only nurse uniforms but also very sexy lingerie(like on the cover). Now their performances are mostly great and their chemistry is solid but not perfect. At least on the plus side they’re not afraid to grope and play with each other here. Still this is definitely worth checking out especially if you enjoy nurse themes and of course Anri Okita.


“The House Where A Slut Lives Alone With 30 Bachelors”


Creampies, creampies and more creampies. That’s the main focus with this one as she gets filled with tons of cum. And this is real semen too not the fake creampies from other studios. Anyway the premise tasks her with going through this house and just fucking every guy as she goes through. Constant sex from start to finish. So of course the action is terrific if not a slight bit repetitive. Her performance is solid as always and her wardrobe is pretty great. My one complaint is that she doesn’t wear that silver dress for long enough. Seriously that dress makes for one of her best covers of all time. In closing if creampies are your thing I can’t recommend this enough. You won’t be disappointed.


 “Not Fit to Be a Mother”


One of my favorite plot driven releases from Kurea for sure. The basic rundown is that she plays a mother who happens to be a nurse as well and accidentally gives the wrong pills to a teenage patient of hers. She’s then essentially blackmailed into sex with him and eventually she starts to enjoy herself. By the end she’s joyfully fucking him and his friend while her son is sitting there watching her mom turn into a total slut. The action is great with some solid sex scenes and creampies. In addition her performance is spot on as she acts submissive to start but over time shifting into pleasure and enjoyment. While it’s a  little more of a niche plot but if shotacon is your thing I strongly suggest giving it a watch.

Worst Videos

Mid 2016 to present

Instead of narrowing it down to a few select choices I just thought I’d pick a whole span of time. Let me explain myself. Starting from roughly early to mid 2016 running all the way through this year Kurea’s releases have been massively underwhelming. Besides just a very small handful, her videos are not worth watching at all. For one the main studios she’s been working with have been C Rank/backwater studios such as Fetish Box or other no name studios. In addition a lot of her releases have been through multi actress videos such ones with Hunter, Apache and KM Produce. Secondly there’s something off about her look. Could be her hair or makeup. I long for the time when every other week we’d be treated to a 8/10 or 9/10 video from her but sadly now its a barren desert of mediocrity for the most part. Here’s to hoping she’ll return to her former glory.

To summarize Kurea Hasumi is easily one of my top favorite actresses of all time. She has several amazing attributes starting with her insane body. From her sexy legs to her incredible abs and of course her 10/10 ass. But maybe her best aspect is her phenomenal acting. Easily one of the greatest performers to ever grace jav. While her career as of late has certainly had a drop off there’s do denying that she’s produced some incredible and very memorable titles. 


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