July 16, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Julia Videos


  • Birthday: (5/25/87) 32 years old
  • Career Status: 2010 – present
  • Measurements: JP 100-55-84 (US) 39-22-33
  • Cup Size: J
  • Height: 157cm (5 ft 2 in)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown



Does Julia really need an introduction? She’s easily among the most famous and most recognizable actresses in the industry. I’m sure nearly everyone reading this is aware of her. She’s famous for her pretty face, great body and boasting one of the all time greatest sets of tits ever in jav. At the same time though she’s also known for her mediocre acting.

A little background on Julia here is that she used to work as a receptionist in a medical office before her career. Her house caught fire and she need money badly. So she interviewed for an AV movie and well the rest is history. She’s been at it for 8 years now and shows no signs of slowing down. She’s worked for many different studios such as Fitch, Wanz Factory and Idea Pocket but most notable are Moodyz and Oppai.

Honorable Mentions


“Secretly Stealing My Best Friend’s Boyfriend. JULIA, The Perverted And Sexy Young Lady With Big Tits”


Truly a classic series courtesy of Oppai. Julia seducing and stealing her best friend’s boyfriend, what’s not to love? Julia’s acting here is pretty good all around and she’s in remarkable shape to boot. Of course though the main attraction is the action which is fantastic besides the last sex scene which is pretty vanilla. All the other scenes incorporate an element of risk making them much more fun to watch.



“Breast Fetish Appreciation Party – Incredible Titty Fuck Techniques


That’s one hell of a cover right? Thankfully the video is pretty great too. It mainly revolves around Julia tittyfucking a bunch of her fans. While the main focus is definitely on paizuri there’s still some terrific sex scenes too. In addition her performance is solid and she looks great as well. Can’t go wrong with this pick.


“Reverse Rape By A Nurse With Peach Breasts


Let me just say that is personally one of my favorite Julia covers. I realize its slightly shopped but goddamn does she look good. It’s a basic nurse themed video with an emphasis on reverse rape, hence the title. You can expect to see Julia take on the dominant role with reasonably solid acting. Plus the action is terrific and above all else Julia looks outstanding.


“Thick, Hot, Gooey Creampie


Definitely one of Julia’s more unique videos to make my list. The overall theme is creampies but each scenario has an almost hentai like vibe to its plot. One example being a scene where Julia has sex with an orc like humanoid but then it turns out the two of them are a couple and are wearing dbz like scouters, thus it was all just a roleplaying fantasy. The variety here in particular is impeccable in terms of wardrobe and scene scenarios. Highly recommend it if you want to see something a bit different from Julia.


“Skinny BOIN Female Teacher – Body That Leads Guys Into Temptation


One of the oldest videos to make my list in some way. The title says it all as it casts Julia in the seductive teacher role who tempts her students into sex. The sex is all around fantastic and her boobs are in incredible shape. However her performance is lacking and unconvincing and also her face isn’t quite as good as later in her career. Still worth checking out though.

Best Videos


“Ultra High Class J-Cup Maid With Colossal Tits


Porn and maids go together like peanut butter and jelly. They’re a timeless combination and this particular video is easily among my favorite of the genre and of Julia’s library. The premise here is very straightforward. It’s mostly shot through pov as Julia plays your own personal maid who services you and takes care of your every wish. Whether that be a tittyfuck in the bathroom or a late night fuck. This leads me to the action which is a home-run. There’s really no weak scenes to be had here. It’s full of great sex and a terrific paizuri scene. The camerawork is on point too with some excellent pov shots. But perhaps the best aspect of this video is Julia’s stunning appearance. Imo this is absolute prime Julia in that her boobs are firm, full and perfect. Not to mention her body and face overall look superb too. She is gorgeous from head to toe. Now when it comes to her performance she’s mostly just average to be honest. Most of you reading this know what to expect from her acting. She’s far from awful but leaves a lot to be desired. So while her performance is average everything else here is top-notch and makes for one of her all time best videos, especially if you have a maid fetish.


“Sweaty Body Fitness Club


Continuing with classic themes of porn next up we have gym/workout which is always a big favorite of mine personally. Just like the previous pick the plot here is very basic and simple as it revolves around Julia working out at a gym, getting super sweaty and having sex. What could be better? Now let me get the negative out of the way first. Yes her performance is once again average. She definitely has a few great moments here and there but for the most part she’s just ok. Now while that aspect was underwhelming her appearance is certainly not. Seeing Julia in tight workout clothes like shorts and sports bras is just beyond incredible. Not to mention she gets very, very sweaty in nearly every single scene to the point where she’s dripping wet. The action is another highlight with several nice sex scenes, a fantastic solo masturbation scene and an amazing outercourse scene. It’s incredible from start to finish. Also the camerawork is on point capturing some very nice angles of Julia’s body here. All in all MIDE-286 stands as one of the all time best workout videos imo and should be a part of every Julia fan’s library.


“My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempted Me With Her Big Tits And Her Willingness To Take My Creampie”


Julia’s acting has never been her biggest strength. But when it comes to this particular video her performance ranks as one of her all time best and results in quite possibly her greatest video to date. Most of you out there know this series and the plot but for those 2 out there unaware here’s the brief rundown. Julia seduces her sister’s boyfriend by flaunting her big tits and promising to let him creampie her. It’s a brilliant plot that allows for Julia to show off her slutty side which she does so to near perfection. She plays her role flawlessly with appropriate facial expressions and terrific enthusiasm. Plus she’s in control for most of the scenes. She’s definitely not her usual dead fish self here. All this would be for nothing if the action wasn’t as good and thankfully it’s fantastic. There’s multiple creampie sex scenes and nearly every one includes an element of risk. Such as in the final scene where they fuck while the girlfriend is asleep in bed just feet away. This certainly makes the action much more exciting. And of course I gotta talk about how damn good Julia looks here. She’s truly in her physical prime with this release as her boobs, face and body are is pristine shape. All this makes for a perfect 10/10 video. This is one that should be seen by everyone.


“The Temptation of a Bare Breasted Married Woman


Personally I’m always a huge fan of this theme. The premise here revolves around Julia playing a married woman who seduces random men into sex by showing off her cleavage. I love this type of plot as it usually allows for the actress to have more fun and show off her seductive side. Also who doesn’t want to see Julia flaunt her immaculate cleavage? Firstly when it comes to her performance she’s a little above average overall. During foreplay and seduction she’s solid but when the sex starts she becomes a little too submissive which imo conflicts with the main theme here. Anyway acting doesn’t matter much with Julia as we all watch her for her gorgeous body and thankfully she’s in top-notch shape. For starters her wardrobe here is outstanding. Nearly every single outfit shows off her irresistible cleavage in amazing fashion. In addition Julia is once again in prime condition and looking absolutely incredible. Especially those boobs. Lastly there’s the action which is another home run with several full sex scenes and an excellent paizuri scene. Also the camerawork is exceptional as it always captures the best shots of Julia’s body and her boobs. This was Oppai at their best. If you want to see Julia be a little more seductive and enjoy a good plot then you can’t go wrong with this.


“Super Huge Titty Instructor Jcup


What can I say, I’m a sucker for gym/workout themes. This is definitely one of Julia’s best works from earlier in her career. As you can guess she plays a voluptuous gym instructor who tempts male customers with her colossal J-cup tits. This video makes excellent use of the workout theme with a fair variety in the scene scenarios as well as the outfits. Which speaking of are extraordinary. Everything she wears here is super sexy and suits her very well. One look at the cover should give you an idea. Also helps that Julia looks pretty damn good as well. Now I briefly gotta mention her performance which honestly isn’t too bad. She has some good moments and during foreplay she’s fine but as always during the sex she’s a little underwhelming. But at least though that action is terrific. Plenty of great sex scenes and solid paizuri as well. Also there’s an amazing facesitting scene with Julia getting super sweaty. None of the scenes really drag on too much either and feature excellent technical aspects. So in closing if you love workout videos as much as I do then I guarantee you’ll love this. Now if only we all could have an instructor like her…


“Big Tits Reverse Molester Craves Creampie”


Julia taking on a more aggressive role and having her way with random guys. Sounds like a good time, right? Thankfully for the most part it is. The premise is of course reverse rape which for those unaware is exactly what it sounds like with Julia “raping” unsuspecting men. It’s always been a favorite genre of mine and an entry with Julia is too good to pass up. Now one of the key aspects with this theme is acting and in all honesty Julia delivers a terrific performance for the most part. While at times she may be a bit too submissive beyond that she really plays her role well and does so with great facial expressions and solid enthusiasm. Not to mention seeing Julia show off her seductive side is always a treat. When it comes to the action it’s all around fantastic. Each scene features a unique scenario all based around Julia being in a public situation and taking advantage of the guy. The sex scenes are superb and even the fillers scenes are nice with some great paizuri for example. Plus there’s several creampies and two of the three sex scenes are shot in pov. Last but not least there’s her appearance which as always with her during this era is top-notch. Her wardrobe isn’t particular noteworthy but naturally she looks amazing as ever. Beautiful and those boobs are in perfect shape. Reverse rape is a rather niche genre but for those that really enjoy it I definitely recommend it.


“Busty College Girl Tutor


Don’t we all wish we had a tutor like Julia? Well now you can experience that in this particular video. It’s pretty simple and straightforward as it’s exactly what it sounds like. Julia plays a slutty tutor who teases and seduces her students into sex. Not a complicated plot by any means and it’s executed to near perfection. The first thing I gotta mention is the incredible action. The total runtime is a sizable 2 and a half hours with several sex scenes and some nice paizuri. Every single scene here is great and worth watching thanks to top-notch lighting and camerawork. Plus each scene features a relatively unique scenario that helps keep things fresh and interesting. Now this is usually the time where I rag on her acting but I gotta admit she delivers a surprisingly solid performance. She’s very engaging, active and her enthusiasm is pretty good. Not to mention her facial expressions are terrific. Now I will say that she shines the most during the seduction segments and non-sex scenes. As usual during the full sex scenes she can be less than impressive but certainly not awful. Another huge positive is just how utterly gorgeous she is as imo Julia is her her prime here. Meaning that her boobs, body and face are all in immaculate shape. Seeing just how perfect her boobs look here makes me weep considering how they look now. Anyway this is by far one of her all time greatest videos that nails every single aspect and shouldn’t be missed by any Julia fan. Now if you’ll excuse me, I got some studying to do…


“Public Shame


This particular video is a bit different than anything else on my list. The premise tasks Julia with enduring public sex acts as such as exposing herself in a bathhouse or giving a blowjob in a changing room. It certainly makes for some exciting and entertaining scenes. Now I do gotta say overall it’s a bit light on action but if enjoy this genre like me then you’ll be fine with it. As you’d expect every scene involves exposure somehow such as in one scene where she goes into a public bathhouse naked, washes a random guy and has sex too. In another scene she wears a very revealing outfit inside a rec center and plays herself and eventually once again has sex. While it may be minimal on actual sex, the public exposure stuff is great and fun to watch. And when it comes to her appearance for the most part she looks great. Given that this is early Julia her teeth and face aren’t perfect but her body and especially her boobs are in flawless shape. I miss prime Julia’s boobs. Definitely hall of fame worthy. Also that outfit she wears on the cover is super sexy. So while her appearance is classic Julia unfortunately her performance is as well. What this means is that she’s very underwhelming as she’s nearly a dead fish when she’s getting fucked. No enthusiasm or energy at all really. But I’m willing to let it slide a bit as acting isn’t the main factor here. So in closing if you like public sex/exposure then this is right up your alley.


“Trying to Make a Baby With A Big-Titted Bride on Her Day Most Likely to Conceive”


Want to make a baby with Julia. Of course you do. Get to experience just that in this fantastic video. The plot features her as your girlfriend as she is currently ovulating and wants to have a baby. So with that she and you have sex constantly trying to strike gold. It’s a pretty enjoyable premise that is certainly made better with the pov aspect. First off the action is superb with multiple creampie sex scenes and some good paizuri to boot. What’s really nice is that it all takes place in a day starting off in the morning with her waking up you for some early sex and ending the day with some bedtime action. Each scene also features some really memorable scenarios such as when she wants to fuck but for whatever reason you don’t want to so she pouts and ends up playing with herself in front you till you give in. In addition her performance is quite solid. She’s not 100% flawless but she’s relatively engaging, active and plays her role well. Beyond that what could be the best part of this video is Julia’s stunning appearance. Once again this is Julia prime as every aspect of her body is perfect. Also her wardrobe is decent too with a few nice outfits but nothing truly remarkable. You just can’t go wrong with this video. Excellent premise, great pov camerawork, fantastic sex and Julia looking super sexy. What’s not to love?


“I Was Brutally Forced To Cum Over And Over Again By My Big Tits Sister-In-Law… A Lowly Maso Orgasmic Cock Who Gets Brought To Full Erection Even While Getting A Serious Scolding”


Rounding out my list is by far her best video in recent memory. Here Julia catches her brother-in-law spying on her so she does what anyone would do in that situation. She ends up fucking his brains out of course! By now its no secret I love seeing Julia take on dominant roles and she delivers here. Her enthusiasm is top-notch and she takes control in every single scene in convincing fashion. Speaking of fashion how I can not mention her appearance. There’s a great variety in her wardrobe from suspenders to sexy lingerie there’s plenty of fantastic outfits here. The real meat of the video, the sex, is just as good too. Not only is there plenty of creampie sex scenes but there’s also a nice sneaky paizuri scene. While recent Julia videos have been very underwhelming I have to commend this one. No doubt her best video in years and one that every Julia fan should have in their library.

Worst Videos


“A Big Tits Bitch Is Tied Up On Her Danger Day For Pregnancy Fetish Breaking In Training”


I don’t need to say much here. Rape and ropes are easily two of my least favorite things in jav. Combine that with a whiny, lackluster performance from Julia and you’ve got a real dud of a video.


“A Bad Boy Ex-Boyfriend Filmed This Peeping NTR Video”


NTR has never been my thing and that continues here. It’s an NTR focused video with some rape and ropes throw in just for good measure. While I will say her acting isn’t too bad in some scene I’m still not a fan of her overall submissive performance. If NTR is a favorite of yours then you may find some enjoyment here otherwise just stay away.


“A Spence Gland Development Clinic Special


This last dis-honorable mention could really be any recent Oppai release. 90% of her recent work with Oppai is just incredible generic and plain, like this video here where the main overall theme is just centered around groping her boobs. Nothing stands out here from the action to her appearance. It’s so incredibly forgetful and not worth your time.

With that I’ll bring this Pan Picks to a close. With a career spanning nearly 10 years it’s often difficult to narrow down which of her many, many videos are worth watching. Hopefully after reading this you’ll have an easier time deciding.


2 thoughts on “Pan Picks: Top 10 Julia Videos

  1. Man, Julia…
    I’m a hardcore Hitomaniac, but Julia is something else.
    If I were to choose one word to describe her, it would be ‘elegant’. NOT something I think of with Hitomi.
    I don’t think she’s a “bad” actress, but I do believe she just doesn’t have that porn-gene in her.
    She’s best in her early solo vids/photo sets. Stunning!


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