July 17, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Sakura Kirishima Videos


  • Born : 3/2/1995 (24 years old)
  • Career Status:  2014 – present
  • Measurements: 92-59-88 cm (36-23-35in)
  • Cup Size: I
  • Height : 157m (5 ft 2 in)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color:  Brown



Sakura Kirishima has been an actress that imo is too under the radar and deserves more attention for reasons I’ll explain in a bit. I don’t have too much info regarding her background before her jav career sadly. I couldn’t really find anything solid. Moving on she got her start shooting for E-Body back in 2014. Shorty afterwards she moved on from them and become a freelance actress working for a wide variety of studios such as BeFree, Oppai, Fitch and Crystal Eizou just to name a few. At the moment however she’s mainly working with just H.M.P.

Now there are plenty of reasons as to why I personally love Sakura Kirishima so much. Of course from a physical viewpoint she’s gorgeous and has an amazing body. Curvy, thick, busty and very beautiful. Not only that but her personality is one my favorite aspects of hers. She’s so naturally bubbly and cheeful and it shows in her videos. As a performer I firmly believe she’s easily one of the best around. She often reminds me of Yuma Asami because of how engaging and bubbly she can be. All this makes for a one of a kind talent and definitely one of my favorite active actresses.


Honorable Mentions


“I’m Not Fucking Her Big Sister!? My Girlfriend’s Big Sister Laid A Honey Trap And Creampie Fucked Me”


It may be a bit surprising to see this as an honorable mention and not a top 10 pick. For those 2 people unaware the plot here revolves around Sakura stealing her sister’s boyfriend. Now don’t get me wrong the video is indeed great. There’s a few risky sex scenes that are a thrill to watch and Sakura delivers a superb performance for sure. However the last sex scene is incredibly vanilla and offers next to no risk and some scenes are a bit too outlandish. That being said it’s definitely still worth your time.


“My Wife Was Nearby, But This Barely Legal Didn’t Care, She Smiled Devilishly And Came At My Hard On Like A Slut”


I always love seeing the devilish/lewd side of Sakura and it’s on full display here. The premise is all about her secretly fucking this married man while his wife is nearby in the same room. She plays the slutty young girl role quite well and nails her performance with some very naughty facial expressions. Plus there’s a great sense of risk to the action too. While she’s only got one scene in this video it’s easily the best and a must watch.


“A Forgiving Wife


Sakura has a few shota videos under her belt but imo GVG-626 is the best. Now honestly I’m a bit unsure on the exact plot as the title does very little to explain it. Just know that she plays a married woman who loves to seduce and tease this young man here. Sakura looks very good here and delivers a spot on performance. Plus there’s a nice risky sex scene too at the end. While this genre is a bit niche if you’re a fan you gotta check it out.


“The Hottest Beautiful Girl In Town! A Camera Girl With Colossal Tits”


Here Sakura seems to play an adult photographer taking pictures of this couple as they get it on. However part way through the assistant starts groping her eventually leading to him fucking her. The next and last scene involves her getting some revenge on the male half of the couple as she proceeds to dominant him and fuck him senseless. I actually really liked this premise and her performance is fitting. Plus the action is superb too.


“Had A Crush On This Hot Housewife Who I Would Always See On The Morning Commuter Train, And One Day I Saw Her Being Harassed By A Molester, But She Was OK With It, Once I Had This Information, I Decided To Embark On A Molester Mission Too, But When I Tried To Touch Her, She Whispered Into My Ear, “You’re Shaking… Are You Nervous?” My Only Skill Is Being Proper And Courteous, But Starting On This Day, I Became A Molester!”


That title is a mouthful I know. No doubt this is one of the more unique videos on my list. I don’t think I need to explain the setup too much. She basically plays a horny housewife who loves to get groped and fucked. As always Sakura’s performance is excellent and I really enjoyed this plot. It makes for some exciting and intense scenes. Camerawork is great too here. All around a rather unique video worth watching for anyone wanting something a bit different.

Best Videos


“This Female Teacher Is Teasing And Toying With Her Male Students In An Empty Classroom During Summer Vacation And Raping Them With Consecutive Rounds Of Compulsory Creampie Sex”


This happened to be one of the very first videos I watched of hers and it still manages to be one of her absolute best.  I don’t think I need to fully explain the premise too much as it’s pretty straightforward. Sakura plays a very lewd and slutty teacher who loves to seduce and tease her students eventually leading to creampie sex. Guess that’s a good segway into speaking about the action. As a whole there’s very little to complain about. My one slight gripe is that the position variety could’ve been better. Beyond that though the sex is fantastic. The two sex scenes are brilliant as they feature terrific lighting and camerawork and the intensity is superb. In addition there’s also a handjob and paizuri scene that are also great mostly due to her performance which I’ll get to shortly. Also one more thing is that in nearly every scene she makes the guy cum multiple times, sometimes inside her. Now her performance here is nothing short of extraordinary. Her enthusiasm is off the charts and her facial expressions are spot on to match. Plus she’s super engaging and just makes every scene extremely fun to watch. Lastly her appearance as well is just as good. She looks gorgeous in every scene. Her body especially is in optimal shape. Amazing figure with some of the best natural boobs around and just the right amount of meat on her. If you’ve been sleeping on Sakura Kirishima this is the video I recommend checking out.


“Sexy Tongue Plump Giant Balloon Titties BODY Tongue Kiss Mania”


That cover alone should sell you on this. NITR-361 doesn’t exactly feature a real premise instead it’s mainly focused on kissing and licking for the most part. Honestly I don’t really care for this theme whatsoever. However through this video I discovered that Sakura has one long and very sexy tongue. Definitely one of the best I’ve ever seen from any actress. Overall I felt the action was quite good with just a few slight issues. On one hand the actual sex is quite good with some nice positions and camerawork. However there are a few underwhelming blowjob scenes that are pretty forgettable. Plus there’s a lot of kissing involved in nearly every scene which was a turn off for me personally. Again though the sex scenes are a standout and easily make this video worth a watch. Sakura’s performance overall is pretty solid. She engages well and boasts great enthusiasm. However she definitely can be a little too whiny here and there. Now the best element of this video has to be her appearance. She not only wears a few super sexy outfits, which you can see on the cover, but she herself looks incredible. Those juicy tits and wide hips of hers have never looked better. Overall this serves as a great introduction to Sakura focusing on her sexy tongue, big tits and her amazing curvy body.



“A Resort Massage Parlor That Will Guide You To The Most Amazing Ejaculation It Will Cost You More Than 100,000 Yen The No.1 Girl At This Ultra High Level Parlor Has A Divine Technique That You Must Experience For Yourself A Rejuvenating Salon”


Sakura Kirishima has several massage parlor videos under her belt and they’re all pretty great. This one however may surpass them all. At its core it’s a typical massage themed video with everything you’d expect pretty much. While it doesn’t exactly break new ground it uses the massage theme well enough and makes for some excellent scenes. Now regarding the action the only nitpick I have is that there really should’ve been another sex scene. It feels a bit lacking with just two. That being said every single scene here is absolutely worth watching and is incredible in it’s own right. Even the mundane handjob is amazing thanks to her passionate performance. Such a great variety too as there’s even some good footjob stuff here and pov scenes as well. All around just impeccable. Appearance wise she looks stunning. Her wardrobe consists of the usual masseuse type attire that suits her very well and she pulls it off quite well. Of course naturally she’s in top-notch shape. Lastly when it comes to her performance this is easily one of her very best that I’ve ever seen. If you wanna question her acting talent then check this one out. Her energy is superb along with being incredible expressive and engaging. In the pov scenes she really shines as she can make an average handjob scene 5 times as memorable. If you’re a fan of the masseuse theme I can’t recommend this enough. Easily a must watch.


“Tutor Overdoing It


Who doesn’t love a good sexy tutor plot? This one is as good as it gets. Sakura plays a lazy, uninspired tutor who is at risk of being fired from her job by the father of the 3 boys she’s tutoring. Given one more chance she makes the most of it as she uses her body to engage and teach her lessons, with impeccable results. Such as in the first scene when she strips down to a bikini and places her stickers all over herself with answers to a practice quiz she gives to one of the boys. And in another instance when the father asks her how she helped improved his son’s grades so much she shows him first hand by giving him a tittyfuck. Overall a really fun premise leading to some very entertaining scenes. My only gripe with the action is that there’s only 2 sex scenes however the other scenes are pretty varied and feature some unique setups that help them stand out. Sakura’s performance here is easily one of the best aspects of the entire video. She really seems to enjoy herself and the role she plays. Her enthusiasm is incredible and makes even a mundane paizuri scene a must watch. Couple that with some excellent facial expressions and you’ve got a phenomenal performance. Additionally her appearance is absolutely stunning as she nails the tutor look. She wears some nice glasses here and several outfits that show off her cleavage too. If you’ve got a thing for sexy tutors jump on this immediately.




“Every Night, My Neighbor With H Cup Sized Colossal Tits Will Suck And Slurp All Of My Semen Until My Balls Are Dry”


Succubus videos tend to be hard to come by. I’m a huge fan though and Sakura taking on that role is just a perfect match. Yes she in fact plays a succubus who loves to tease and milk her neighbor dry of all his cum. Often she’ll make the guy cum multiple times. This is a great role for her to play and the plot is amazing as well. Who doesn’t love a sexy succubus? There’s very little to complain about regarding the action as a whole. My one main critique is that the lighting is too dim in quite a few of the scenes which does hamper it a bit. Beyond that every scene is fantastic, even the non-sex scenes due to her performance. All the scenes are fantastic with no real weak ones at all. Sakura delivers a standout performance here. She plays the succubus role very well boasting terrific enthusiasm and matching facial expressions. Also she’s super lewd here as she constantly wants sex and almost begs for it at one point. All around a fantastic job. Compounding this is her stunning appearance. Now while Sakura mainly wears the same outfit throughout it looks amazing on her I must admit. Plus the contact lenses and horns really help pull her succubus look together. If you’re looking for something a bit different then look no further. Can’t go wrong this video.


“The Fully Nude Big Tits Massage Parlor Therapist


Yet another masseuse video from Sakura and just like the last one it’s pretty damn good. This one is relatively straightforward as the premise is your typical massage theme with Sakura playing a busty masseuse. It’s pretty basic but it’s a classic setup and it’s handled nicely. Overall it’s presented with a more “authentic” feel to it as Sakura settles in and plays her role in convincing fashion with a real sense of professionalism. The action itself is pretty great with a nice use of body oil, great positions and solid camerawork. And with 3 full sex, including a pov one, and a few paizuri scenes you’ll definitely be entertained from start to finish. However on the downside a little variety would have been nice as they all nearly use the same setup and setting.  When it comes to her appearance physically she’s in immaculate shape and looks outstanding. However her wardrobe is very minimal with mainly just a neckerchief and some heels as she spends most of the video naked, which isn’t a huge issue honestly. Plus you can really appreciate her stunning proportions in full glory. Now I already touched upon her acting earlier but again she definitely delivers here. Her enthusiasm and energy are top-notch and she’s very engaging too. And when it comes to playing the masseuse role she nails it with perfection. All this makes for one her greatest videos for sure and a must watch for anyone into massage themes.



“She Fucks Virgins


Gotta love that title. Simple and straight to the point. It’s also a simple video too as it just centers around Sakura having sex with 3 different virgins. Are they actually virgins? Who knows to be honest. Personally I’m a big fan of this plot as it normally allows for the actress to be more natural and just be herself. Thankfully she does just that here. Overall the action is superb with 3 full sex scenes each ending in a creampie. Hell in the final scene she makes the guy cum twice in a row. It does take a bit for the scenes to start as Sakura will bathe or cook with them. Afterwards though the action begins and all around it’s solid. Technical aspects are all great and not much filler to get in the way either. Now one of the best elements here is easily her acting which is nearly flawless. Sakura Kirishima is allowed to just be her natural bubbly self and it shows. She’s very warm and inviting with fantastic energy. So bright and cheerful throughout. Honestly her performance is perfect besides some minimal whining which isn’t a huge deal. Not much to say regarding her wardrobe. Most of the time she’s naked which is fine by me of course. Naturally she’s in terrific shape. And if you like pigtails you’ll love her look in the final scene. Definitely one of the best showcases of her bubbly personality to go along with a great plot and solid action.


“A Voluptuous Big Tits And Nice Ass French Kiss NEET Girl


Title feels like they just threw a bunch of words together. Despite having “Neet” in the title only the first scene really has any sort of reference to it. Beyond that there’s really no central plot to speak of. It’s mainly just several different scenes that emphasize her sexy long tongue. Now without a doubt one of the best elements here is just how damn good Sakura looks. If there was just one word to sum up her appearance it’d be voluptuous for sure. Incredibly curvy and thick. Plus nearly all her outfits suit her perfectly and do a spectacular job at showing off her body. The camerawork is fantastic as well capturing plenty of great shots of her. That leads me to the action which is another strong point. There’s 3 blowjob scenes with one being a group scene that ends in her taking multiple facials. In addition there’s 2 sex scenes that are both terrific with my personal favorite being the threesome scene. My only real nitpick is that the lighting could have been better in the second sex scene. Still great nonetheless. And on top of that her performance is excellent. Very high energy and engaging throughout. Plus her facial expressions are quite nice too. All in all this is a fantastic video that appeals to just about anyone.



“The Cute Girl’s Rapturous Penis Massage Can Give You A Heavenly Orgasm! Super Idol Massage For Super Hard Cumshots!”


Tittyfucking and massages are on the menu for this entry. Beyond that there’s really no real premise here whatsoever. The overall main focus is definitely centered around paizuri and her boobs but thankfully there’s still some great sex scenes here. While there is only two sex scenes both of them are fantastic with terrific camerawork. And those aforementioned paizuri scenes, for the most part, are solid as well. My one hangup is that some scenes definitely take too long to get started and drag a bit. There’s some nice outercourse moments too and they use the massage theme pretty well. Helping bring these scenes to life is her superb performance. She’s very engaging and as always boasts high energy. Her bubbly personality shines here for sure. Finally regarding her appearance she wears one or two standout outfits that look amazing on her. Beyond that physically she’s in top-notch shape. Everything from her face to her boobs is just perfect. Overall if you’re a big paizuri fan and enjoy a slight massage theme then I absolutely recommend this. Even if you don’t though, HODV-21186 is still worth your time I’d say.


“This Elder Sister Has Colossal Tits So Filthy They’ll Blow Your Mind In Seconds!!”


This video along with REAL-679 were among the very first videos I watched of Sakura. What an introduction! URMC-010 is similar to the previous entry in that its devoid of any plot whatsoever and instead just focuses on the action and more importantly her gorgeous tits. There’s a few paizuri scenes, a one-on-one sex scene and lastly a threesome sex scene. Also there’s a scene of her playing with a dildo but it’s pretty average but at least features some gorgeous views. Overall though the action is quite nice mainly thanks to the constant focus on her boobs. In addition the camerawork is terrific and captures some stunning shots of her. When it comes to her acting she’s solid but it’s not her best performance honestly. On one hand she can get rather whiny at times and her facial expressions are hit and miss. However her enthusiasm and energy are pretty good throughout. The best aspect by far here is her appearance. First off she wears some very sexy outfits that compliment her body quite well. And I gotta say, Sakura’s got one hell of a body and it’s on full display here. You definitely get a nice appreciation of her wide hips and flawless tits. In summary this is probably the most vanilla video on my list and if you want a simple introduction to her you can’t go wrong with this pick.

Worst Videos


“Please Listen To My Cuckold Tale My Wife Was Being Groped By All Of Her Single Co-Workers Who Love Titties All Day, Every Day”


What can I say? Rape and NTR are really not my cup of tea so as expected I didn’t care for this video at all. One of the best aspects of Sakura is her bubbly and fun performances but seeing her being whiny and submissive throughout this whole video is just no fun at all. The action is underwhelming too and it all just makes for one of her least appealing videos to date.


“My Girlfriend’s Big Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits And Creampies”


This series is almost always a home-run but not this time. Honestly this ranks among the worst of the GES series. Not only is her performance not up to par but this is fairly early in her career so she doesn’t look quite as good and her haircut isn’t too great either. Couple that with some mediocre action and you’ve got a real disappointment. Thankfully her most recent GES style video is much better.


Sakura Kirishima is very underrated imo and that is partly why I’m creating this specific Pan Picks post. I want to help spread awareness for just how amazing she truly is. She has plenty of great videos under her belt and with the help of this post hopefully you’ll discover some new favorites. 


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