July 20, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Erika Kitagawa Videos


  • Born : 12/09/86(30 years old)
  • Career Status: 2010 – present
  • Measurements: JP 87-58-86 cm (US 34-23-34)
  • Cup Size: E
  • Height : 153 cm (5 ft)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blackerikad-kitagawa-8

Metric Score
Breasts 9/10
Face 8/10
Body 9/10
Ass 6/10
Acting 8.5/10

Honorable Mentions


“Erika Kitagawa’s Super-Tight Pussy Barely Has Room for the Tips of These Black Monster Cocks!”


Erika has done a few interracial videos but this one is easily the best. Highlighted by a rather solid performance from Erika as she’s quite energetic and engaging along with just some very good action. Plus she looks terrific too and seeing her petite body take these bbc is a sight to see. Highly recommend it if you’re a fan of the genre.


“Reason Collapsing Under Pleasure”


This particular video is very straightforward as it’s just focused on sweaty sex. It’s a little simple and vanilla but the action is done well with superb camerawork capturing some really great angles of Erika. And she looks absolutely amazing from start to finish with her body glistening from the sweat. Sometimes the most basic of premises can be enough.


“Utterly Charming Lesbian Pheromones”


Erika and Ayumi make a great pair and have excellent chemistry together so the idea of a girl on girl video with them is just gold. While a little disappointing that there’s no toy use or strap-on fucking there’s still plenty of fingering, kissing and groping. Both of them each give a pretty passionate performance and seem to enjoy themselves too. Can’t go wrong with this one.


“The Kinky Boss Who Tames Her Employees With Her Luscious Body”


Always love to see dominant Erika and combining it with an office theme is just fantastic. Her performance is excellent and the sex is equally great. Plus she looks amazing throughout. There’s even a nice pov scene at the end. Definitely check it out if you’re into femdom style videos.


“Full Scale Sexy Married Woman Picture Scroll, I Forgot To Wear A Bra”


I’m a really big fan of this genre so I just had to include this on my list somewhere. Something about seeing a girls boobs, big or small, protruding underneath her clothes especially without a bra is such a turn on. Its one of my favorite plot devices. Erika looks absolutely gorgeous here and action is solid too. Her performance is great with just a few weak spots here and there.

Best Videos


“My Girlfriend’s Big Sister Seduced Me With Her Big Tits And Her Offer To Let Me Give Her A Creampie”


Erika doing an entry in one of my all time favorite series is a no brainer to top my list. For those unaware the premise of this series revolves around the actress(Erika in this case) seducing her sister’s boyfriend via showing off her tits and promising to let him creampie her.  A big factor as to why this series is go great is that risk involved. This particular entry does a fantastic job in that regard as she tittyfucks him while he’s bed with his gf and fucks him while the gf is in the next room. Backing up this incredible action is her top-notch acting. She delivers one of her best performances to date here. Everything is flawless from her facial expressions to her enthusiasm and to her moans. Coupled with her stunning sexy petite body and solid technical aspects and you’ve got a near perfect video. Not only one of her best videos but also one of my favorites of all time.


“I Don’t Want Your Baby!” Hot Sisters Swallow Their Husbands’ Creampies”


Let me just say that this is an amazing cover. And it only gets better as the video itself is equally incredible. First off the premise is pretty hot as it centers around these two playing sisters who fuck each others husbands. After which they proceed to swap and swallow creampies. Ayumi and Erika have great chemistry together and they make a sexy duo. They’re performances are also excellent and the action is superb too although a little repetitive. This one’s got a little bit of something for everyone. Creampies, cum swapping and swallowing, threesomes and some girl on girl action. Top it off with an outstanding plot and you’ve got a real winner.


“I Have Eyes For Only You – Reverse Sexual Harassment Life Filled With Love – G Cup Wives Edition”


Pov? Erika Kitagawa? Great plot? Sounds like a winner to me. I’m not completely certain on the plot but I assume Erika plays your best friend’s wife or something like that. Of course the pov enhances the whole experience. The action is easily one of the biggest highlights with some great creampie sex scenes and excellent technical aspects. To compliment all this Erika delivers a terrific performance. She nails her facial expressions which is always a key factor in pov shot videos. Pretty engaging too with minimal whining. Not to mention her appearance is very exuberant and vibrant. She’s in great shape and her wardrobe is solid as well. All this combined makes for one of the best pov videos of recent memory and a true top pick for Erika.


“Baby Making Sex At The Erotic Sensual Festival In The Village Of Big Tits”


Some may recognize this entry as it was apart of my pan picks for Aimi Yoshikawa. Well here it is again because it’s just that damn good. The plot is nearly the same as every release from this studio. It’s a harem style premise shot entirely in pov focusing on group sex. The action is nearly non-stop and is full of threesomes and foursomes. This cast is also one of the best ever put together for this series. Not only does Erika look fantastic but of course Aimi and Asahi both look spectacular. Performances are equally incredible as they’re all engaging and enthusiastic with only minor whining(mostly from Aimi). Not much needs to be said here as this is hands down not only one of my top picks for Erika but also a top favorite pov video of all time. Can’t miss it.



“I Can’t Stop Thinking About Her Awesome Cleavage! I Even Dream About Titty Fucking My Mom!”


Erika is no stranger to the incest genre and she’s had many great videos apart of it. This is one of my personal favorites. The premise revolves around this guy trying to resist temptation from his mom’s “awesome” cleavage. Spoiler alert he fails and the two have sex several times over. I loved the focus on her boobs and it leads to some nice paizuri moments. The sex scenes are great and all end in creampies which is always a plus. Erika delivers a superb performance overall as she’s enthusiastic, expressive and really just seems to enjoy this role. Last but certainly not least Erika looks fantastic. Her wardrobe is incredible and does a standout job at showing off her awesome cleavage. Plus she herself is looking as sexy as always and in top-notch shape. If you’re like me and enjoy incest based plots and of course Erika Kitagawa then this is a no brainer.


“Entranced by Stepmom’s Sweaty Breasts”


Here we have another mother son incest video that is yet another home run. The plot is largely similar to the previous one on my list but instead of the son being tempted by his mom’s cleavage this time its her sweaty body which is just as good if not better. Seeing Erika’s petite body getting all wet and sweaty is a sight to see for sure. Her wardrobe is nice too consisting of thin and revealing outfits. The action is excellent with the usual blowjob and paizuri scene but also some fantastic creampie sex scenes. A nice touch is that a couple of scenes incorporate some element of risk as they fuck while the father is in the room. Her performance is pretty great too for the most part as she plays her role very well. Although maybe not quite as perfect as the last video as she is a bit more whiny. Still a solid job all around. Once again I strongly recommend this to fans of incest and also sweaty sex. You won’t be disappointed.


“Slutty Psychiatrist Toys With Cock In The Cowgirl Position”


Imagine going to a psychiatrist who wants to fuck your brains out. That’s the premise with this incredible video. From what I can gather Erika plays a very slutty psychiatrist who fucks her clients to help with their issues. Not sure how this helps them but I won’t judge. I’ll give points for the plot for at least being original and pretty entertaining. One huge positive here is Erika’s flawless appearance here. Naturally she looks gorgeous as ever but her wardrobe is just phenomenal. Some stunning lingerie and a pair of eyeglasses that suit her perfectly. When it comes to her performance she delivers completely. She’s very dominant, slutty and engaging. Always taking the lead and controlling the scenes. In addition the sex is just as good. It features mostly cowgirl with a few other positions here and there. But it never gets stale due to her flawless acting and terrific appearance. In all this is easily one of her best videos to date and if you’re into dominant performances and slutty acting then go watch this immediately.


“Kira Kira SPECIAL Mission Dispatch Gal Employee – S-BODY GALS Hidden In The Office”


How can you go wrong with the cast of Erika, Aika, Yui and Nami Itoshino? The plot tasks these four with going around an office and fucking employees senseless. There are lots of great group sex scenes including threesomes and foursomes. Such as one scene where Erika and Nami have sex with a guy in the restroom. Another highlight includes a group paizuri scene with all four actresses. The acting from everyone is pretty solid as they’re quite engaging and forceful. They definitely take the lead here. In addition they all look stunning. No real weak links among the bunch. Even Aika looks great as this is long before she nuked her face. The outfits are especially nice consisting of sexy office wear, high-heels and skirts. What’s not to love here? 4 sexy actresses, office theme, slutty acting and group sex. Certainly makes for one of Erika’s best.


“A World Where Creampied Pussies Charm You Super Up-Close. Gaping And Drenched”


If creampies are your thing then you’ll love this one just like I did. Its pretty straight forward for the most part in its premise. Focusing entirely on creampies featuring pretty vanilla sex with minor plot involved. That particular scene has her playing a slutty tutor who has sex with her student at home. Beyond that the action is nothing too original but it’s executed well with excellent technical aspects, a nice pov scene and of course 100% legit creampies. When it comes to her acting she delivers a terrific performance. Active, energetic and great facial expressions. Plus an overall strong slutty overtone. Of course I can’t forget to mention how amazing she looks here. Lots of sexy lingerie and stockings that suit her very nicely. And as always Erika is as sexy as ever.


“If You Can Withstand Erika Kitagawa’s Amazing Techniques, You’ll Win Creampie Sex!”


Easily one of the most famous and recognizable series in all of jav. For those 2 people who are unfamiliar with the series here’s a brief rundown. “Random” guys are pulled off the street and tasked with lasting 10 minutes with Erika. Do so and you get to have creampies sex with her. It’s a simple but amazing concept and its personally a favorite of mine. The series usually brings out the best in an actresses performance due to having fewer restrictions and they can just be themselves. That’s a big reason why I love it so much and here is no different. She has a lot of fun here and really brings some high energy and expressiveness. Not to mention the wardrobe is typically a highlight as well. Erika wears some very enticing and sexy outfits throughout and she has a great natural glow. The action is honestly a little light but her strong performance makes even the minuscule handjob/blowjob scenes much more entertaining. The sex scenes aren’t long-lasting either(no surprise there) but for what its worth they’re still great and all end in creampies.  If you’re a fan of this series you won’t be disappointed.


Worst Videos


“Old Hag Cosplay! I Made The Housewife Next Door(Mother Of A Cute Boy In The 2nd Grade) Engage In Shameful Cosplay”


This one was such a disappointment. While the cover is great and her cosplay is nice the rest is pretty terrible. Its boring, slow and contains only minimal sex. Even then the action is mediocre at best. Take my advice and skip this as you won’t miss anything of value.


“Forced To Cum With Dirty Talk! Teasing Female Pervert Captures Cum”


The cover is nice and the title certainly catches your eye. Unfortunately beyond that this video is awful. First off there’s only one sex scene for the entire 2 hours. The rest of the action consists of handjobs and blowjobs with some spotty camerawork. What’s even worse is that her hairstyle in the sex scene is outright terrible. Her performance is fine but that’s far from enough to save this. Don’t waste your time with this.

Erika Kitagawa is no doubt one of the best petite actresses out there. She is such a sexy little minx. Amazing perky boobs, fantastic figure and a terrific performer. While her output as of late has kinda tapered off there’s no denying that she’s produced some top-notch content. And now after reading this hopefully you’ve found some new favorites.


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