June 15, 2024

Ohura’s Spotlight – Kaho Shibuya


  • Born: 20/05/1991 (27 years old)
  • Career: 2014-2018
  • Measurements: 91-58-89
  • Cup Size: K-Cup
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Eye Colour: Black


Kaho made her debut in late 2014 for Alice Japan. She was this young, attractive actress with huge tits that was hard to resist. While her career took a bit to take off, especially as a freelance actress, she eventually made it big and became a huge star. Her pretty face and massive breasts are definitely what got people interested, but it was her infectious, bubbly attitude combined with her squirting really stole the show.

8Kaho Shibuya retired in 2018 after what felt like such a short-lived career. However, Kaho was always busy, and produced over 200 videos in her time. She also wasn’t afraid to do all sorts of stuff, including anal sex with black guys; Kaho really felt like she would try anything once. Seeing Kaho open up on social media was always great, and was probably the best thing about her. She’d post comments like “I’ll knock you out with my knockers” or “in the name of boobs, I shall punish you” while wearing a Sailor Moon outfit. Kaho could always be seen holding things up with her boobs, and my word could she hold some things up. She’d frequently hold her ukulele up underneath her boob. Kaho simply had so many great qualities to her that make her one of my all-time favourites.

Metric Score
Face 8.5
Tits 10
Ass 6.5
Body 8.5
Video Quality 9
Genres Way Above Average
Performing 8

kaho_shibuya-11.jpgI always thought Kaho was quite pretty. I find Kaho is very naturally pretty, and seeing her live on Instagram without makeup she still looks great. I’m usually not the biggest fan of short hair, but I found it to work really well on her. She also went through some time with long hair that gave you the best of both worlds. Kaho’s breasts are absolutely my favourite physical aspect about her. They’re large and shaped really nicely, even if they are a bit saggy. Her nipples and areola look amazing, and I love watching her breasts sway when she’s on her back. The way she’s capable of using them is nothing short of amazing. Her ass leaves a bit to be desired, but I do enjoy her body. I think her body has a bit of thickness to it that makes her breasts fit her small frame much better than they otherwise would.


kaho-41.jpgKaho Shibuya’s social media is really a sight to behold. Kaho is actually fluent in English, which she learned from being a baseball reporter as well as her love of wrestling. Her social media is full of content in English, which is a rarity among actresses. It’s not even just comments in English, she also sings in English sometimes. She even has a few videos where she speaks English, which I absolutely love. Fans of her will remember her infamous Jennifer scene in NEO-549, where she plays a tutor who teaches her student some sexual terms. Her quirky attitude really shows up on her social media when she has all sorts of funny boob related puns on her posts. She can be seen frequently wearing awesome outfits or holding things with her breasts. Seriously, she can hold all sorts of things between them, and she even has a non-porn series about it. I think at this point, the only thing that hasn’t been between them is me. But seriously, others could learn a thing or two about social media from her, because hers is really amazing. She regularly does Instagram Live videos, and even plans to keep up her social media post-retirement.


26Kaho’s performing is a bit of a mixed plate. She can be really good at times, and really bad other times, and it really just depends what side of Kaho comes out. Kaho’s bubbly personality is one of her best qualities, so videos that let her put it on full display are always enjoyable. I find it makes videos like fan appreciation really great because she can just be herself. One big downside to Kaho is her facial expressions are sometimes really poor. Sometimes she 27just makes some really awkward faces that really aren’t attractive at all. That tends to happen more in rape videos, or in videos her bubbly personality takes a back seat. As a result, I find there’s just a high variance on her performances. Sometimes you get bubbly Kaho who’s awesome, and sometimes you get awkward face Kaho who’s bad. One other really great aspect about Kaho is her paizuri skills. If ever there was someone who might contest Hitomi for the crown of “best paizuri”, it would be Kaho. Kaho just finds ways to use her breasts that others really don’t even think of, and her paizuris are always legendary. As a whole, I definitely think the good outweighs the bad, and I think of Kaho more as an enjoyable performer than bad. Still, her negative qualities do still happen often enough that it is a problem for some.

Kaho’s squirting is also something that really needs to be singled out. In my opinion, Kaho is the best squirter I’ve ever seen in JAV. She’s capable of squirting at a moment’s notice and really letting it fly. She has just so many videos where her squirting comes out and is totally awesome. Anyone that’s seen a couple of Kaho videos no doubt knows what I’m talking about. Some actresses might squirt once or twice in a video, and they might not even be that good. With Kaho, you’re always getting some great streams – it’s basically a fountain down there. Love it or hate it, it’s hard to argue that her squirting isn’t amazing.


Kaho really has a lot of variety in her videos. Since she’s the kind of actress to do anything once, you get some surprising variety that’s awesome. There’s the typical sort of stuff you’d expect in a high variety actress: anal, BBC, lesbian, etc. Then there’s Kaho variety, like semen overload, fake nipples a guy can fuck, hell she’s even wrestled in JAV. The one major thing she never did was uncensored, and she intentionally chose not to due to how Japanese law works and not wanting to jeopardize her career. Still, she’s got so much variety that you really don’t need uncensored to find good content.


Kaho’s videos end up being pretty good overall. Sure, you’ll run into a few bad ones, but she has so many good ones. I think her squirting really adds quite a lot to videos. What might be a simple office lady video is now so much better because she squirts a bunch. As I mentioned earlier with her paizuri skills, having one or two paizuri bits in a video also really make them great as well because she’s just that good. When you couple that with the high variety, you get a lot of weird and wonderful videos. I think at the end of the day, even if her performing skills sometimes aren’t that good, the other qualities she has makes up for it in ways that make you able to still enjoy videos.


Honourable Mentions


Female Anchor Titty Fuck – The Big Titties Show


Of course a comedic video for Rocket would show up somewhere, it just seems to fit Kaho so well. Kaho plays the news anchor who gets herself into sexual situations. It’s straight out of a hentai manga and it’s exactly what you want to see. Kaho fucking while delivering the weather, giving a paizuri while delivering the news, or getting sexual visiting people on the street is great, not to mention squirting on TV. It’s quite a good video and just a little shy of making my top 10.



Creampie Sister-In-Law’s Seduction – My Busty Brother’s Wife Seduces Me With Her Huge Tits


Kaho and her brother-in-law seem to have the hots for each other and enter this carnal relationship while he’s visiting. A lot of Kaho’s best videos are ones where she’s out being her bubbly self, but that’s not always what people want. Kaho here provides a much different performance where she’s more sensual, which is a nice change from her usual stuff. I found her facial expressions just a little off at times, and the lack of squirting was a bit of a disappointment, even if it made sense. While still a great video, just not quite top 10 material.



Mature Facial! Double Sex, Sperm Lesbians and Beautiful Mature Women – Kaho Shibuya and Yumi Kazama


This was a surprisingly good video, and I think the title really tells you why. The video is a bukkake that features two actresses I love (Yumi has appeared on my top 10 list before) getting covered in spunk. What separates this is that there’s some lesbian content… well that and the fact it’s a bukkake starring two actresses. Ironically, that’s also why it’s an honourable mention. As much as I like bukkake, it’s not quite the same when they don’t get covered as much. I found Yumi and Kaho shared the spotlight in a way that, while enjoyable, made the bukkake itself worse. Fewer loads on them in a way that was noticeably less than usual. Still a great video if you like bukkake though.


Top 10 Videos


10. IPZ-712

The One And Only Insatiable Actress “Kaho Shibuya” Offered To Do This Herself! Fucking 100 Men!! Guys Who Want To Cum! Bring It On!


Kaho’s always been known as someone who really loves her job, and this video is exactly that. They take Kaho to a place filled to the brim with guys. She’s greeted by a bunch who just want nothing more than to fuck her. As she explores the place, she just keeps entering room after room and finding guys waiting for her. It’s this perfect video to let her have fun and really show off her skills.

Kaho’s fun to watch in this one as she has a lot of fun herself. She’s given all this freedom to just do whatever she pleases, and they have a ton of fun situations. For example, in one scene she walks into a bunch of guys all in doggy just waiting for her. She totally goes to town and just does whatever she pleases and it’s super fun. There’s even a scene where they give her some dildo nun-chucks, and watching her laugh at the whole thing is great.

This is just a video that perfectly emphasizes everything about Kaho. Letting her go about and shine is the perfect setting for her.


9. JUFD-948

Kaho Shibuya Retirement Work! Three Holes, Creampies, Gokkun, Bukkake Fan Thanksgiving


Kaho’s final video. It’s a bittersweet end to her amazing career. The video contains a bit of everything: bukkake, gokkun, anal, dp, creampie, paizuri, cosplay – what more could you possibly want.

Kaho’s performance is pretty enjoyable. She’s her usual bubbly self for most of the video and reminds us that even in her retirement, she’s still loving every moment. Kaho has long since been known for someone who’s bubbly personality shows up in her videos, and it’s definitely nice to still see it. Whether she’s giving someone an epic paizuri or swallowing a load, she’s doing it all with a smile.

The content is also pretty good. A really long paizuri scene starts it off, and while you’d think it might get boring, Kaho’s paizuris are so good that it’s impossible not to enjoy. I think just the sheer amount of different stuff in here – anal, creampie, bukkake, gokkun, cosplay – it’s just got everything. And with a near 3 hour runtime, it’s a lot of time to get all of this awesome content.

Honestly, this video is really the perfect send-off for her. It’s got a bit of everything for fans to enjoy. Not gonna lie, I got a bit teary eye’d at the end when she started crying. I couldn’t be happier that her retirement video was good enough to be one of my favourites.


8. RKI-426

He Just Keeps Cumming and Cumming Kaho Shibuya Chinami Sakura


I think most people know I love this series a lot, and Kaho and Chinami really knock it out of the park here. If you somehow don’t know this series, the guy has a fake cock/balls and cums insanely huge amounts. With great content and a great performance, what’s not to love?

The two of them both performed well in their individual scenes and together. I thought the two of them fed off each other’s energy in a way that made them seem really great. Kaho’s really known for this kind of great energy type of videos, they really suit her well. And as good as Kaho is, Chinami was just as good. She did a great job managing things, giving us moments where she’d make him pull out while creaming her to show what was going on, then the next time take the entire load. The two of them being able to give paizuri was also great, adding another enjoyable aspect. Especially Kaho’s legendary paizuri skills, watching her get blasted like that was fantastic.

This video might not be for everyone but if you enjoy it, it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen. Chinami and Kaho perform well here, and it’s another one of those “let Kaho have fun” types of videos.


7. NITR-210

Colossal Tits, French Kisses, And Bukkake – Shaved Pussy Secretary Kaho Shibuya


Kaho plays the busty secretary who gives all the guys the pleasure they need. Whether it’s getting her boss off, the fucking the janitor, or being the company cum dump, she happily does it all.

Kaho does a solid job of playing the lusty secretary. Sure, she goes over the top a few times, but I think the whole is still enjoyable. I think that expression on the cover just really sells the whole thing.

The content is also a great mix of action from fucking a guy to a group scene including bukkake. Kaho wearing glasses provides something extra nice for her outfits. Not every scene is perfect, but I think the vast majority of it is enjoyable. Watching her squirt all over the place and get used by her coworkers is just awesome.

If Kaho was the secretary at my work, I’d never get anything done. Hard to go wrong with a video where she’s the slutty secretary fucking everyone at work.


6. T28-481

Sports Course With Kaho Shibuya


Kaho plays a busty girl trying to be active in this one. You get to see her cycle training, working out, or even practicing karate. The video is sort of filled with this idea of “well, what if she was there and things just became sexual”. I think we’ve all had thoughts like that, and this video captures all of our thoughts.

Kaho definitely looks fantastic here. Watching her fuck in those outfits is exactly what you want to see. That cycling outfit on the cover is great, as are several other outfits. You’d be surprised how nice a paizuri while she’s wearing a karategi looks. Kaho also performs pretty solidly here as well. You can often see her going all out, especially in that karate scene.

The content is also really great. Scenes often start off with her trying to get fit and then slowly become sexual. Sometimes the guy is fantasizing, while other times Kaho just takes matters into her own hands. I think the video feels relatable in a way that’s easy to enjoy. Yeah, people probably haven’t fucked anyone at the gym, but they’ve sure as hell seen some hot girls in nice outfits and wondered.

Kaho getting fucked while working out? Sign me up! With plenty of great action and outfits, it’s easily one of my favourites.


5. JUFD-757

Ultra Orgasmic Technique For Unlimited Ejaculations! A Reverse Creampie Threesome Club With Horny Slut Bitches Kaho Shibuya and Mizuna Wakatsuki


This is basically the kind of threesome video everyone wants to see. Kaho Shibuya and another lovely, busty lady Mizuna Wakatsuki. Tons of action and especially a good amount of interaction from the two. With a duration over three hours there’s just so much great content to enjoy.

The content starts out a bit slow, but when it picks up, it really picks up. The two of them just seem to both be willing to do all this nice lesbian stuff. Sure, they kiss and play with their breasts, but they do so much more. Kaho eats out a creampie from Mizuna, and Mizuna lets Kaho squirt right in her mouth. Like I said, when it gets good boy does it ever get good.

If ever you wanted a proper threesome video, this would be it. Kaho and Mizuna put on one hell of a performance, from eating out Mizuna’s creampie to Kaho squirting in Mizuna’s mouth.


4. BBAN-088

Sweaty Sporty Lesbian – Get Naughty To The Samba Rhythm! Busty Ballroom Dancers With Colossal Tits, The Most Extreme Carnival! Kaho Shibuya & Ayumi Shinoda


Lesbian videos are great, right? Now what if it starred another great actress in Ayumi Shinoda? What if I then told you the two were constantly active and really going at it? I bet you’d want to see that video. That’s exactly what this video is. The two of them just non-stop go at it and deliver a high octane performance.

The content is super fast paced in this one, watching them switch from position to position and just going all over the place. Sometimes it’s a little bit much and I wish they’d slow down. On the other hand, it’s way more enjoyable than slow paced videos where the actresses are being too passionate the entire time.

Kaho and Ayumi also have good chemistry. Ayumi’s done so much lesbian, and Kaho can get really wild. The two of them just make it work so well. Watching them fuck each other senseless or Ayumi enjoying Kaho squirting, they just keep the action going.

If you like sweaty lesbian sex, this is definitely a go to video. This fast-paced video is sure to be a hit with fans of Kaho and Ayumi.


3. PPSD-050

Creampie Life With Two Wives With Big Tits. Anri Okita Kaho Shibuya


A duo video starring two of my favourites? Count me in. Kaho and Anri Okita play your busty wives, as you have a polygamous relationship. The two of them are totally in to fucking you together whenever they can. The video is shot entirely in POV and, of course, you get to creampie them.

Kaho and Anri perform really well together. They’ve got a good chemistry that lets them really flow nicely. The two of them go back and forth nicely as they share the spotlight. They’re also really great at being active when they’re not in the spotlight, so they might make you play with their tits or something.

It’s also plenty enjoyable just to look at the actress you’re fucking because let’s face it, Kaho and Anri are both great. There’s also plenty of content where they simultaneously blow or give a paizuri that’s a real treat. Each has one solo creampie scene as well, so if the two of them ever feels like too much, you can enjoy each of them separately.

Pretty hard to argue with two amazing, busty ladies. Either one of them would have been enough for me, but the two of them is just amazing.


2. VICD-338

Busty Female Prisoner Gets Destroyed By Massive Dicks Kaho Shibuya


Kaho Shibuya ends up in jail and everyone decides to mess around with her. She gets fucked by guards and other prisoners with no holds barred. The video is her trying to plead her innocence while everyone is more interested in the beauty in jail.

One of the biggest things about the video is Kaho’s performance. She speaks English almost the entire time. Seriously, it’s incredible to see a video where you can fully follow along, especially since her English is fantastic (she’s actually fluent). You not only get to follow along, but hear her tell them to fuck off in English.

There’s also plenty of good content. A 1-on-1 and threesome scene with black guys is exactly the kind of content you want to see. Sometimes BBC videos focus too much on the act itself and forget that people just want some nice porn to watch. The video does exactly that, giving you plenty of good sex to watch, especially as the guys explore her body and all she has to offer.

Definitely a great video if you’re in to BBC or would love to follow along in English. Some may not like the rape theme or facial expressions from Kaho, but listening to her tell them to fuck off in English is hot.


1. T28-480

On Days When Our Parents Aren’t Home, My Big Tits Sister And I Fuck Each Other’s Brains Out – Kaho Shibuya


Have I ever mentioned I like risky sex videos? This video is about Kaho and her brother, who have a sexual relationship. Kaho takes every opportunity to get busy with her brother she can, even if her parents are right there. She just can’t help herself but want to fuck and suck and give him great paizuris. Not only that, it’s largely done in POV.

This video is basically everything you could want. It’s got a good amount of risky sex to really propel the theme. You get to see Kaho suck you off under the covers or behind the kitchen counter. On top of that, her expressions are awesome throughout. When they almost get caught in the kitchen, her expression is perfect. Add in Kaho having sex and her high quality paizuris and you’ve got a recipe for success.

I totally loved the risky nature and Kaho’s performance was just what was needed for this. Her bubbly attitude and some great facial expressions really make this my favourite from her.



Kaho Shibuya is one of my top three actresses, and has been for a long time now. Her amazing breasts, bubbly personality, and insane squirting abilities really make her shine. I’m sad to see her go, but Kaho’s promised she’ll stay around on social media. She does Instagram Live all the time, and her social media frequency makes her retirement feel like it’s not the end. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for her and wish her all the best. Forever Kaho.


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