June 14, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Anri Okita Videos



  • Born : 10/28/86(31 years old)
  • Career Status: 2011-2016
  • Measurements: JP 101-59-92 (US 40-23-36)
  • Cup Size: K
  • Height :  168 cm (5 ft 6 in)
  • Hair Color: BlackpX5ugon
  • Eye Color: Black


Metric Score
Breasts 10/10
Face 9/10
Body 9.5/10
Ass 7/10
Acting 8.5/10


Top Videos


“If You Can Endure Anri Okita ‘s Incredible Techniques, You Get To Have Creampie Sex With Her!”


Kicking off my list is one of my favorite series. Featuring an entertaining premise and some super sexy outfits along with Anri delivering a knockout performance so including this one was a no brainer. Most of you know the plot but basically Anri has 10 minutes to make these “random” guys cum. If she fails then the guy gets to have creampie sex with her.  Now the only slight negative here is the sex which given the premise centers mostly around handjobs, blowjobs and some paizuri. The actual sex scene count is low however quality over quantity here as they’re all fantastic. Making all the action better is Anri’s flawless acting. She’s incredibly vibrant and engaging here with some terrific facial expressions to boot. Truly a standout performance from beginning to end. But perhaps the best aspect of this flick is just how utterly gorgeous she looks. Every single one of her outfits show off her curves and boobs perfectly. Plus she even wears a sexy police uniform.



“A Date With a Slut With Amazing Technique and Huge Tits Who Makes Me Cum Over and Over”


MIDE-213 is not only one of Anri’s best videos ever but also a top favorite all time pick for me. This video gives you the pov experience of having Anri Okita as your girlfriend as you go on a few dates together and fuck…a lot. After all the runtime is 4 hours long loaded with tons of sex scenes mixed in with some nice shots of you two hanging out and talking, like a real date. Now despite having a simple plot the action contains a great amount of variety in the scenes and is a huge selling point for this one. There’s of course the typical hotel room sex scenes but beyond that there’s some paizuri, a scene where she jerks you off in the car, a bathroom handjob scene and another scene taking place inside the car but this time she fucks you while people are walking by on the street. There’s never a dull moment and you’ll be entertained from start to finish. Not to mention the entire thing being filmed in pov certainly enhances the overall experience. Couple that with one of Anri’s best performances ever and herself looking absolutely perfect and sexy and you’ve got a flawless 10/10 film. If you’re an Anri fan and hell even if you’re not this is one you cannot miss.



“J & L – Two Pairs Of Huge Tits Take Real Creampies”


This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Not only is this my favorite Anri Okita video ever but I can easily say this is my all time favorite video period. I’m sure 95% of you already know this video and how perfect it is. MIRD-150 absolutely nails everything. Big tits? Check. Creampies? Check. Girl on girl action? Check. Group sex? Check. Squirting? Check. MIRD-150 stands as one of the best videos ever made imo. From the insane chemistry and performances they share to the top-notch sex with plenty of variety and quality camerawork and just Hitomi and Anri looking stunning. I feel like this a video that everyone should see at some point no matter what.  Afterall there’s a reason this video topped the sales charts for nearly the entire year in 2015 at R18.com



“Masao Loves To Cum And His Sister’s Horny: Now They’re House-Sitting Together”


Nothing like some good old-fashioned incest and shotacon. The overall premise tasks Anri with watching her little brother. A cup of tea gets spilled on his lap by accident and she changes his pants. During which she noticed his dick which sets off her lust for him and she fucks the shit out of him throughout. Which leads me to the action that is filled with tons of sex and creampies(albeit probably fake). Anri also looks absolutely amazing and wears some very nice outfits. Lastly her performance is spot on and she nails her role. She’s relentless and super horny along with boasting some incredible energy. All together this is one my of favorite plots to a video of hers and the action and acting are equally as good. Highly recommend if you enjoy incest and shotacon type plots.



“SUPER BODY: Cosplayer With Colossal Tits – 6 Transformations”


Easily one of the best cosplay videos I’ve ever seen. Anri cosplaying as Cammy, Chun-Li and even Mikasa from Attack on Titan. Every single outfit looks flat-out amazing and makes it worth watching for that alone. What’s particularly great is that each scene’s premise revolves around the cosplay and uses it effectively. The sex is equally fantastic although the first scene could have been better but that’s a minor nitpick. Hell even the non-sex scenes are terrific such as the succubus scene where she relentlessly teases a poor guy in the middle of the night or the Cammy scene where she seduces her attacker. Adding to that is her outstanding and varied performances. From submissive to dominant and of course slutty she covers all bases here. No doubt one of her absolute best videos and if you love cosplay then you can’t miss this one.



“Busty Teachers Temptation”


Anri has done several teacher themed videos all of which are very good but this one is my personal favorite. The premise is pretty simple as it’s the typical slutty seductive teacher based plot. She does a stellar job in her acting and really knocks it out of the park. From playing a school nurse type role to playing the seductive tutor she looks and acts the part. Speaking of appearances Anri is absolutely flawless here. Her teacher wardrobe suits her perfectly and every outfit is stunning. Her physical appearance is also top-notch. Lastly the action is just as excellent with several full sex scenes and solid technical aspects. There’s also a decent variety so none of the scenes feel repetitive. All of this combined certainly makes for not only one of Anri’s best videos but also one of my favorite teacher themed videos ever.



“Special Agent OL”


I’m a big fan of office themed videos and combining one with a secret agent premise is just perfect. By day she is the boring, homely, chief clerk of the general affairs section of an advertising agency. But by night she is tasked with protecting the CEO from scandal and internal problems. I really loved the contrast between her dorky and plain daytime self and her slutty and outgoing side. Of course all of this would be for nothing if not for her stunning performance. She plays both sides well but her slutty side really shines. Very dominant, engaging and lively. The action is varied with some great sex scenes and entertaining scenarios. One example being where she fucks a co-worker inside a bathroom while she smacks him in the face with her boobs. Entertaining from start to finish making for a very memorable video.



“Lovey-Dovey Creampie Cohabitation Life”


Wouldn’t we all like to know what its like to have Anri Okita as your girlfriend. Well lucky for all of us we get to experience that fantasy here. Whether it be good morning sex, bathroom sex or passionate sex at night you get to live it all through the incredible use of pov. Although I will say there are a few camera angles that break that illusion but they’re pretty sporadic. Besides that slight issue this video really delivers. Lots of great action with some top-notch sex scenes that are only made better thanks to pov. Also there are loads of creampies too. In addition Anri looks flawless and gorgeous as ever. Lastly her performance is fantastic too as she’s engaging and sensual as she does an amazing job at playing her role with only minor whining here and there. There’s very little not to love here. Pov, creampies, tons of sex and of course Anri Okita. What more could you ask for?



“Colossal Tits Pheromone Whore”


This was one of the first Anri Okita videos I ever watched and it really blew me away at the time. It still manages to be one of her best works imo. The premise centers around her working in the sex service industry as various professions. Some examples being a high-class prostitute, soap land worker and a masseuse. The variety is really exceptional with each scene feeling unique and memorable. Lots of great sex all around with no weak scenes to be had.  When it comes to her performance she shows off her range quite well. From being a bit submissive to dominant to aggressive and everything in between. There’s something for everyone. That variety also extends to her wardrobe. She wears several nice and sexy outfits. In short there’s tons of variety here and you will no doubt find something to love her.



“All You Can Fuck With A Busty Girl”


One of the more straightforward videos on this list. It’s all focused entirely on sex with a slight emphasis on creampies. So while yes the premise and even the location is pretty basic and vanilla it doesn’t matter all that much because everything else here is perfection. The sex is superabundant starting from nearly the beginning and lasting until the very end. The lighting and especially the camerawork are superb and provide all the best angles of Anri. Not a weak scene to be had here. Compounding all that is Anri’s phenomenal appearance with a few choice outfits and just her overall stunning flawless body. Her performance is excellent too albeit not perfect as she does get whiny occasionally. If all you’re looking for is just tons of sex with little plot then this is for you.



Honorable Mentions


“Erotic Tights”


This one just narrowly missed my top list. I personally love myself some clothed sex and this was one of the best videos for the fetish I’ve ever seen. When it comes to clothed sex videos the actresses wardrobe is perhaps the most important aspect. Each of the 3 outfits she wears her suits her perfectly and does a wonderful job at showing off her curvy body. They’re all super tight and very sexy. The only real issue is her so-so performance. Still though if you’re a fan of this fetish you absolutely need to see this as you won’t be disappointed.


“Passionate Hitwoman”


I really loved the plot here and in fact that’s the major reason why it made my honorable mentions. In this Anri plays a bitchy secret agent type role whose job is to assassinate some high up boss man or something idk. The scenarios for the scenes are both interesting and entertaining. For example when she’s inside an underground bunker with her male partner and while being very bored decides “hey lets fuck to kill some time”. In addition her attitude and performance are spot on as she’s super aggressive and dominant. Plus she looks amazing to boot with giving off an almost Tomb Raider sort of vibe in her wardrobe. Great action, amazing premise, stunning appearance and fantastic performance. Definitely one of my favorite plot heavy films from her.


“My GF’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits and Openness to Being Creampied”


Anri Okita doing an entry in one of my all time favorite series? Sign me up! This just barely missed my top 10 list but it’s still a fantastic video. I think we all know the plot for this so I won’t go into detail. Some real great risky sex scenes along with a lewd and slutty performance from Anri. Plus she even speaks some English too. Anri is a perfect fit for this particular series. After all, who could resist her?


“Hard Fucking Orgy”


If non stop fucking is your then look no further. This video is very simple. Within the first several minutes sex starts and it continues until the very end. She moves around the house room to room constantly getting fucked. All until the closing scene when a group of guys cum all over face. So as such the action is the highlight here and its pretty great. Her performance is solid and she looks terrific as always. Certainly one of her better sex focused videos.


“My Naked Teacher is Too Sexy to Study”


Yet another teacher themed video on my list here. I’m personally a big fan of the teacher genre so including this was a no brainer for me. The premise is pretty basic as it’s just Anri playing a slutty schoolteacher. Nothing too groundbreaking. However there’s a fair amount of variety in its scenarios that help keep things fresh and her performance is excellent. Super slutty and enthusiastic. Not to mention her teacher outfits look superb. Once again if you like teachers then this is a must watch.

Worst Videos


“Suntanned Big titted Wild BITCH”


I’m sure some out there will disagree with me but I really can’t stand the tanned sunburn look, especially in Anri’s case. It just doesn’t suit her at all. In addition the lighting here is just…off. Something just isn’t right. Sure the action and her acting aren’t awful but it’s still not enough to get over her terrible tan.


“BUKKAKE SEX With Guys Who Ejaculate The Most Semen In The World”


I loathe fake cum so choosing this one was pretty easy. While Anri looks alright and the sex itself is fine I just hate the whole premise and the over the top use of the fake cum. Some may enjoy it but I’m completely turned off by it. Now if there was a legit bukkake film from Anri it would have no problem making my top list but this is far from it.

Anri Okita was one of the best actresses to ever grace jav and she’s had so many amazing videos to choose from. I hope this will narrow them down and give you some highlights to check out. No doubt she had one of the best bodies ever from her incredible curves and hips to her perfect boobs. Maybe one day she’ll return but until that day she’s given us plenty of grade A material. 


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