May 17, 2024


Outside of my usual routine of just downloading the new releases and once in a while tracking down a specific film, Tsukasa Aoi isn’t a name that is high on my list for most memorable. But I do remember faces and succulent asses and SSNI411 just made me remember her in a couple of movies in my collection that I recall because she filled out the costumes really well. I was surprised to see her in an ass-centric film primarily because I never thought of her for that role and after watching SSNI411 she was a great candidate for it. Clocking in at two hours, this film has four costume changes and mainly in a classroom/gym setting. Costumes ranging from skirts, pants, thigh-highs, and casual tops. Nothing outlandish in the wardrobe department and nothing too complicated in the setup leading to the sex scenes.

First scene is her in a black skirt with thigh highs and she helps out her student off of a ladder so she can climb up and showcase the goods. Sex takes place on the floor with the camera angle mainly behind her as she gives the BJ, thigh highs stay on for the duration of the scene which is a big plus for me and once penetration starts, camera is POV and you are treated to her riding the actor. She’s in doggie for the climax and the actor finishes on her back.

Second scene is in a very casual white pants/knit top costume inside a gym. Camera angles seem a bit wonky here as multiple cuts are made to get the right shot. Not bad by any means, it was just different to have a cut instead of a natural progression from one position to another. She cycles through different positions in this scene as opposed to the first, and as a result the scene has a much more visual pop. Finish is outside on her ass while in doggie.

Third scene is a cheeky one as she accidentally sits on a wet spot inviting the student to attempt to wipe off her skirt, only to have him bury his face in her ass. Fully nude, she does foot play and gives him a thigh job to completion. Bit of a filler scene if you ask me.

Last scene is her rewarding her two top students with a fuck session that has her in reverse cowgirl covered in sweat with a little bit of drool, nice touch. Camera focus is of course more geared for her backside and she does go through a lot more varied positions here but the scene just lets it play out especially when she’s riding on top and her ass is rhythmically bouncing up and down, and conversely when she faces the camera she looks engaged and the drool hanging off her chin spiced things up quite nicely. Finish on her face with a BJ clean up and the scene wraps.

The role of teacher suits her and she did have some fun moments with the actors and she’s comfortable in the theme. Vanilla sex scenes were terrific as it was a good showcase for her ass and her charming smile. Nothing wild with the acting and it looked believable that she was in the moment. 3 out 5 for me.


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