May 16, 2024

Pan Takes: IPX-474

IPX-474(April 2020)

“You Can Cum Inside Me!” My Female Boss Completely Seduced Me With Dirty Talk and Steamy Panty Shots”


I haven’t been too keen on Minori’s comeback as most of her vids up til this one have been underwhelming. However that changes with IPX-474. The plot follows Minori as your boss who catches you looking up her skirt. So of course she decides to have some fun with you and fucks you silly. The rest of the film features Minori seducing and having sex with you all over the office. Also the whole thing is shot in pov with Minori constantly whispering dirty talk into your ear. I’ve been waiting for a good plot driven release from Minori and this one lives up to my expectations.


The action here is super good boasting 4 scenes with 3 being full sex scenes and the other being a paizuri scene. The sex scenes are terrific overall with some nice position variety and creampies(albeit fake but still). Plus the addition of pov greatly enhances the experience and make them much more engaging. On top of that there’s even some element of risk involved in a few scenes such as her sucking your dick underneath the desk while a co-worker is nearby. There really isn’t much to complain about here regarding the action.


I’ll admit I’m a sucker for OL(office lady) attire so as such I really loved Minori’s appearance here. It’s the typical outfits you’d expect complete with pantyhose, stockings and skirts. They all look quite nice on her. Also regarding her physical appearance I think she looks really good. She’s looking a bit better than her previous releases imo. I personally think she fairs much better now with more mature roles as opposed to more youthful roles such as before her hiatus from jav.


Minori’s performance here is pretty good overall. She’s quite lively all around with terrific facial expressions and energy. She’s super engaging too which is always important when it comes to pov. And lastly she does a fine job at playing her role and making it believable. Besides a few moments here and there where she’s a bit lackluster she really delivers an excellent performance.


IPX-474 is easily her best video since her comeback. I’ve been waiting for her to star in more plot driven videos and this one did not disappoint. The premise is fantastic and allows for Minori to deliver a wonderful seductive performance. The addition of pov makes the experience much more engaging and as a result the action is superb all around with plenty of sex scenes. Pov and Minori fans rejoice as this is a nearly flawless film.













  • Engaging plot
  • All pov
  • Fantastic sex scenes
  • Great seductive performance


  • Paizuri scene a bit lackluster

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