April 17, 2024

Pan Takes: SSNI-700

SSNI-700(Feb 2020)

“See Through With No Bra, J Cups Fall Out, Temptation Of Clothed Hot Tits”


That is one hell of a cover right? Well as the title states this videos theme is all about Rion going bra-less in various situations and ultimately leading men on. Such as when she plays a workout instructor and her boobs keep popping out. Or when she gets caught in the rain and as a result has one of the best wet t shirts I’ve ever seen. This is a pretty basic setup but one that makes sense for Rion. Simple but effective for the most part.


In total there are 5 scenes here. Three of them are tittyfuck/hanjob scenes and the other two are sex scenes. Overall the action is a mixed bag. The cumshots are rather lackluster here which isn’t the end of the world but bothers me personally. The paizuri itself is rather underwhelming too. Thankfully the sex scenes are pretty great all around with excellent camerawork captures some real shots of her and her tits. Only having two sex scenes though is really a disappointment.


Well here we are. How is her performance here? About what you’d expect really. On one hand her enthusiasm isn’t too bad overall in some scenes. But her facial expressions can leave a lot to be desired. Plus she can be rather lethargic too. Her paizuri technique for example is mostly a letdown. While it’s not her worst performance or godawful by any means, still a disappointment all in all.


Ah yes. This is where Rion excels at. Not gonna lie, Rion looks absolutely killer here. I’m a big fan of this bra-less big tits look and she pulls it off brilliantly. My only gripe is that in the last scene her look is really plain and doesn’t really benefit from the theme. Easily though the highlight is the wet t shirt. Plus I gotta mention what amazing shape she’s in here. Her boobs may be bigger than ever before honestly. They look amazing and as a complete package she’s in peak form.











  • Pure top-tier eye candy
  • Nice and fitting theme for Rion
  • Good camerawork


  • Underwhelming performance
  • Weak cumshots
  • Too much lackluster paizuri

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