July 20, 2024

Beginner Series: Vanilla Content

Today starts the beginning of a new series I’m doing called The Beginner Series. What is The Beginner Series? It’s a series where I expose people to a bunch of different themes and actresses. Think of it as a place to start off if you’re new to JAV. If you’re well exposed to JAV then maybe there won’t be anything you get from this, but if you’re new it’s going to be a great place to start.

Today’s topic is vanilla content. So what exactly is vanilla content? A lot of people think of Japanese porn as something where the actresses moan a bunch, don’t really do much, you know, that sort of “generic” content that doesn’t stand out at all. That’s certainly an oversimplification of things and there’s certainly a lot of wacky stuff, but then there is some amount of stuff that is as generic as people say. Actresses who don’t act much, who moan a lot, and videos that don’t really offer up all that much. Vanilla is a term I coined for this as it’s as plain as it gets. All of the videos star actresses who don’t perform well, have generic themes, or are from studios known for plain content.


Yua Mikami



Why This Actress / Video?

Yua is pretty and vanilla. That’s basically a winning combination here. A lot of Yua’s popularity stems from how pretty she is as well as ventures outside of JAV. Her performance isn’t anything to write home to nor does the video have any unusual genres. The video is about her in loose tops with no bra and the situations she gets herself into as a result. Yua’s been known not to venture too far into fetish territory and so you just always get these types of videos from her.





Why This Actress / Video?

RION is the prototypical “piece of ass” as the phrase goes. She’s really hot but when it comes to performing it’s just all out the window. She doesn’t really show much signs of enthusiasm or excitement, and even when she does you can tell it’s quite reserved. An actress with this low level of performing capabilities would probably have trouble capturing the hearts of people if she wasn’t one of the most attractive actresses out there.

Soapland is a theme that’s about as vanilla as themes get. A little bit of oil and massage and that’s all you need. Sure, there are soapland videos that offer much more like threesomes or creampies but that’s really not something you need. Especially with a performer like RION backing this one, you can really see just how minimal soapland really is.


Minamo Nagase



Why This Actress / Video?

Minamo is a newcomer to the industry and has less than half a dozen videos when this came out. The industry has plenty of newcomers and they’re a rather big thing in the industry. Most of them end up being rather tame and mediocre, which is perfectly understandable – you have to practice to become good at anything, porn included.

I think Minamo’s performance also aligns well with the video. The theme is mostly there as a backdrop just to give the video a little something. At the same time, it’s really good at pointing out just how mediocre Minamo is, and you really notice how she’s just mostly moaning and saying basic things like kimochii / iku.


Arina Hashimoto



Why This Actress / Video?

S1 is a studio known for being vanilla. Arina happens to be surprisingly popular, far more than anyone would ever guess looking at her. She’s actually among the top 10 in the industry in popularity, believe it or not. Her being not so busty is also something that reminds people that big tits isn’t a requirement. So much of what we (especially myself) post is all busty actresses. I definitely made sure to include someone who wasn’t busty.


Touka Rinne



Why This Actress / Video?

Touka is a relatively new actress who debuted for S1, a studio well known for their vanilla content. After a while she decided to go freelance, but unfortunately, she retained that vanilla persona she had come by. This video is a good chance to remind people that an actress can be vanilla even if they freelance. It’s not exclusive to any studio, even if this one happens to be vanilla…

The video itself is rather vanilla but it’s also a good opportunity to show off the studio E-Body. They’re known for having busty newcomers and having a really high turnover rate. Those in the industry who stick around only end up shooting a small number of videos for them. With their large amount of newcomers the videos end up being quite boring as the actresses can’t quite put up a good performance. And E-Body recognizes this as well, so their videos tend not to have complex themes that require actresses to really perform well. The video’s theme really is as simple as cum between her tits.


Asuna Kawai



Why This Actress / Video?

Hot springs is a very generic theme. Literally the entire premise is going there and having sex. There’s usually a scene in the onsen and a scene in the bedroom on a tatami mat. Hot springs are a theme that has a lot of potential to offer more, and in some cases they do venture out quite a bit. But for this one it’s pretty straightforward and plain.


Erena Sasamiya



Why this actress / video?

Thicc actresses need some love too just the way there was Arina for a non-busty actress. This is relatively early on in Erena’s career for a studio that’s known for pretty bland videos. The video’s quite vanilla and doesn’t really jump out of the box with much. Pretty much every video they release is the same as this, some very basic content with someone thicc.



I hope you’ve all enjoyed the first beginner series post. I’m sure there are plenty of you that aren’t new to JAV and already get a lot of this, but I think there are also plenty who are new to JAV and will enjoy this series. I hope I’ve done a good job picking a variety of videos and actresses that promote how tame and plain JAV can be. Stay tuned for future series!


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