July 13, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Minori Hatsune Videos



    • Born: 12/10/1987(31 years old)
    • Career Status: Retired ;_;
    • Measurements: JP 89-58-85 (US 35-23-33)a9
    • Cup Size: H
    • Height: 158 cm (5 ft 2 in)
    • Hair Color: Brown
    • Eye Color: Brown



Minori Hatsune got her career started clear back in 2007 shooting softcore videos for “Miman” studio. Shortly after she began doing hardcore films for S1 and was exclusive to them until 2010. Then she switched to IdeaPocket where she shot most of her best known videos. She worked for IP for 6 full years before moving onto her last studio in Moodyz where she only lasted about a year before disappearing without a trace from the industry. In addition she was also a member of the J-Pop AV idol group, Ebisu Muscats.

Honorable Mentions


“Vacuum Blowjob: Cocks Swallowed Whole


Never thought I’d have a blowjob focused flick on my list but here we are. Normally I’m not a fan of this genre as it gets super repetitive but this series from Moodyz is top-notch. The scene variety is wonderful and Minori’s performance is incredible. She’s very intense and full of energy. I’d even say that this was her best video shot with Moodyz. Also it was her…last…


“Colossal Tits Captain


This one boasts quite the interesting premise. It casts Minori as a wrestling coach seemingly. There’s a fair mix of submissive, neutral and dominant style scenes. Also helps that Minori looks very good and her acting is appropriate for each scene.


“Supreme Butt Fetish Maniacs


An entire video dedicated to Minori’s ass? Sure why not. Honestly her ass isn’t that amazing but IdeaPocket works their magic and makes her ass look brilliant here. Excellent camerawork along with fantastic directing. Plus Minori’s wardrobe is stunning and does a nice job at highlighting her ass. If you’re an ass man I strongly recommend giving this a shot.


“180 Minutes Of Minori Hatsune – Four Extreme Sex Services


This particular video just barely missed the cut. It’s all based on her playing a variety of different sex workers such as a soapland girl and hostess club worker. Minori shows off an excellent range of acting as she plays everything from submissive to dominant. There’s plenty of action too and Minori looks super sexy.


“Miracle Collaboration”


This just had to make my list somewhere. A duo flick with both Minori and another big favorite of mine in Kaho Kasumi? Sign me up. Featuring some great action and good chemistry between the pair it’s no wonder why this is here. Also there’s even a bit of girl-on-girl moments however my one main critique is that I wish there was more. Still you can’t go wrong with this video.

Best Videos


“Awesome Threesome With Big Titties”


I’ll admit I kinda glossed over this one initially as I’m not really a fan of Kokomi Sakura but once I gave it a chance I was absolutely blown away. I believe the premise revolves you and the girls, who are your friends, moving in together and sharing a house. I could be wrong but it honestly doesn’t matter too much in the end. Just know that the whole video is entirely pov and its done extremely well. There’s loads of action here too as the runtime is nearly 4 hours long with numerous solo and threesome sex scenes. And if you’re looking for a little girl on girl then you’ll find a touch of it here too as the girls frequently grope and play with each other. Also the filler bits in between the sex scenes really help draw you into the premise. Performances from both are outstanding as well. Little whining, great engagement and full of energy. They’re chemistry with one another is great too and they both look super sexy to boot. No doubt if you like pov and threesomes then I strongly recommend this. This one is near perfection from start to finish.


“The Tutor With Colossal Tits Private Tutor Teaches Filthy Lesson”


Minori as a sexy tutor, whats not to love? This one nails every single aspect. One factor is how gorgeous she looks here. Minori’s cute and innocent appearance makes for a perfect fit for this role. Her outfits are nice plus she herself is in terrific shape. The action is another highlight as the sex is plentiful with some interesting scenarios including a nice pov scene. And of course this is all backed by her near perfect performance. Most of time she acts innocent but at times she can turn up the slut factor and really deliver. This was one of my earliest films of hers and continues to be a top favorite of mine and one every Minori fan should check out.


“Clothed & Glamorous – Her Bursting Tits Will Whet Your Appetite Until You’re Ready To Fuck With Your Clothes On!”


If clothed sex is your fetish then this is right up your alley as its the overall theme for the entire video and its handled very well. Whats nice is that each scene has its own premise such as her purposely ordering a pizza just so she can fuck the delivery guy because she’s so horny. Need I say more? The action is superb too with some intense sex only made better by her incredible outfits. In one scene she fucks outdoors in a pair of jeans and in another she has sex while wearing tight leather pants. Of course Minori looks as good as always which is a given. My one slight criticism is that her performance was only about average. In some scenes she’s great and has some real standout moments while in others she’s just ok. Still this is easily one of her best videos especially if you enjoy clothed sex. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


“I Won’t Forgive You Until You Cum – Two Smart Frustrated Sluts Become Filthy Reverse Molesters”


This was perhaps the easiest one to choose for this list. After all it includes one of my all time favorite scenes ever in jav. The premise is basically that of a typical reverse rape/molester video. Both actresses go around in a public location such as an elevator, restroom and library and proceed to throw themselves at unsuspecting men. Every scene features both actresses sometimes in a threesome, foursome or fucking a guy one after another. Hands down the best scene is the elevator scene as Minori showcases her flawless dominant and lewd acting. Speaking of acting the performances from both actresses are quite good with no real glaring weaknesses. Wardrobe is also another highlight too. Their outfits are of typical OL style wear with some normal clothing as well. It creates a great contrast as they appear classy on the outside but slutty on the inside. I could go on endlessly here but I’ll end it by saying this is a video that should 100% be in every Minori fans library. An absolute must watch and a personal top 10 all time video for me.




As a massive fan of facials and bukkake deciding to include this was a no brainer. There are many aspects of this video that earn it a spot on my list but one of the biggest is her performance actually. She acts pretty engaging here and is incredibly expressive along with being super slutty. Hell at times she’s practically begging for more cum. Not only that but her appearance is another highlight as well. Besides wearing a few nice outfits she’s physically in her prime here. She is just so utterly adorable and cute in this while at the same time being incredibly sexy. The last key element at play is the sex and facials both of which are excellent. Featuring several sex scenes along with plenty of amazing cumplay action. At the end of the day if you love facials and cum focused videos then this right up your alley and is definitely a must watch. Even if it’s not your thing then you may still find something to love here.


“Large Orgies


I’ve always enjoyed this series and this entry is easily my favorite, I’m sure you can guess why. Anyway the setup is super simple. It’s all just one big orgy from start to finish. 2 full hours of consecutive fucking and blowjobs followed by a major bukkake scene at the end. If you’re someone who just wants sex and tons of it without a plot then this is right up your alley. One thing this video absolutely nails is the action. There’s no filler or slow parts she is constantly getting fucked for nearly every minute of this film. It’s pretty amusing watching her move around the house while still getting fucked. In addition that bukkake scene is sure to please avid fans of the genre. Also the directing, camerawork and lighting are all on point as well. When it comes to her acting she’s pretty solid all around. While I will admit I wasn’t particularly blown away she definitely gets the job done. And finally Minori is in perfect shape here. Everything from her face to her boobs and her body are flawless. Easily the most action packed entry here on my list for sure. If you’re looking for tons and tons of sex then look no more.


“Sweaty SEX


Sweaty sex is what’s on the menu here with this entry. Personally I’m a huge fan of it so including this somewhere was a no brainer. There’s no real premise here as the overall theme among every scene is of course sweaty sex. Some scenes however do include their own unique plot such as her practicing some yoga or seducing you while your friend is asleep. Nothing too deep but it does help when it comes to variety. Obviously the main draw here is the sweaty intense action and thankfully it does not disappoint. As you’d want she gets very, very sweaty in nearly every scene. There’s plenty of sex as well with one scene taking place at the infamous “jav pool”. Technical aspects are also top-notch including the camerawork capturing plenty of great shots of Minori’s sweaty body. Which speaking of she looks stunning here as always. Her glistening body is a sight to see and her wardrobe is pretty nice too. One last thing of note is her performance which is solid. Again like my last entry she won’t blow you away but she’s serviceable enough. All in all this is another fantastic sex focused video with one hell of a theme. Sweaty sex is always good in my book and this is definitely no different.


“Beautiful Erotic Nurse

Nurses are one of my personal favorite themes so naturally I’m gonna include Minori’s entry on my list. It’s pretty routine as she plays a seductive and slutty nurse who fucks her patients and even the doctor too. The scene variety here is exceptional. One example being her fucking a patient who’s broken both his arms. Or milking a guy’s dick to get a semen sample from him. They all make pretty excellent use of the hospital theme. Even the filler scenes are quite enjoyable thanks to the variety. Also the technical aspects such as the lighting are top-notch. In addition Minori delivers a strong performance overall. While I can’t say that she’s perfect she does show off her seductive and lewd side very well with minimal whining. Last not but definitely not least is her immaculate wardrobe. Of course she mainly wears the usual slutty nurse garb but besides that she wears some sexy lingerie and nice fishnets too. In summary this is easily one of the best nurse/hospital themed videos I’ve seen in jav. Great variety, solid acting and sexy nurse outfits. What’s not to love?


“The Sweet Temptation of a Game Show Hostess You Can’t Get Away From”












Here’s a fun fact. This was actually Minori’s final release with IdeaPocket and it was a damn good one at that. It boasts quite a unique setup. Here she auditions for(and wins) the role of a game show host. Never seen a plot similar to this so it definitely gets points for originality.  This premise helps make every single scene here standout. From the beginning when she fucks the talent scout to get the job or when she flirts with a photographer leading to her sucking his dick. Or my personal favorite when she has sex with a group of fans backstage. They all use the theme very well. Another great aspect of this theme is her wardrobe which is absolutely a home run. Overall she mainly wears the outfit seen on the cover but also a bunny girl outfit too. She looks incredibly sexy in every one of them and it’s no doubt one of her best appearances ever imo. Complimenting this plot is her amazing performance. Just like my previous pick she’s very lewd and slutty from start to finish. Great body language, facial expressions and enthusiasm as well. All this makes for one of her most memorable and unique videos ever. Definitely don’t wanna miss this.


“Sweet Lifestyle of Minori and Me


Some of you may recognize this video from my top 20 pov video list I posted earlier this year. I’m a big fan of pov so including this was a no brainer. It’s pretty straightforward as it’s really just you and Minori living together as a couple. What’s better than getting to live out the fantasy of having Minori as your girlfriend through pov? The action is definitely a highlight here as there’s plenty of fantastic pov sex scenes and blowjobs that are handled very well with expert camerawork. One unique facet of this video is that she works as a dentist so expect some scenes to take place in a dentist office and some cute bits of her brushing your teeth. Which leads me to one of the nicer elements of this video which are all the “filler” bits. Moments such as her brushing your teeth or playing in the bathtub really help draw you in. That extends to her performance which is exceptional. She’s really bubbly, energetic and expressive. Honestly her acting is nearly flawless. But perhaps my favorite aspect is just how utterly gorgeous Minori looks. She’s without a doubt the cutest actress ever imo. So adorable and pretty with a sexy body. And in the case of this video she’s in impeccable shape and her wardrobe is very nice. I could go on and on about her but I’ll stop here. This should be in every Minori fan’s library. Especially if you love pov.

Worst Videos


“Beautiful Wicked Women


Honestly I don’t really know the exact plot but it really doesn’t matter. There’ nothing redeeming here. Her performance is very submissive and whiny for one. The plot is super rapey and I cannot stand the ugly back tattoo she sports here. Avoid at all costs unless you enjoy rape and lots of whining.


“Bad Girl Detective Special


What a surprise another rape video. The plot is the typical undercover agent who gets captured and raped. Normally I don’t mind that theme too much but this just didn’t do it for me. She’s far too whiny, the lighting felt off and I wasn’t too crazy on her wardrobe. Fans of rape may enjoy it but everyone else can safely ignore this.

Now with that this list is complete. Minori Hatsune is easily in my top 3 favorite actresses of all time and hopefully after reading this you’ll find a new appreciation for her. What’s not to like? She’s incredibly cute, a solid performer and sports a great set of tits. And maybe, just maybe we’ll see more of her in the future. Please…


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