June 18, 2024

Who do you want to watch more of than you do now?

Every year the actresses I like change. Some retire and I watch less, some newcomers show up and become people to look out for. Sometimes some of the actresses that I like just appeal less to me, and there are actresses I’ve never seen before that I get wowed by. I watch a lot of JAV in general as I think people know by now. While the actresses I watch change frequently, there are always ones that I want to watch much more than I do.

Here are some actresses that I am planning to watch more of in 2019. Keep in mind that these are actresses I’m going to increase my watching consumption of and are not necessarily who I will watch the most of.


Ai Uehara and Anri Okita

Ai and Anri are two actresses who have consistently made my top 10 list. I like both of them a lot, and for different reasons too. With Ai and Anri being two of my favourites I’ve reviewed a surprisingly little number of their videos. I’ve seen a number of their videos prior to when I started reviewing and I didn’t watch either in 2017. Last year I watched around a dozen of them each but this year I want to watch more. I’ve reviewed about 40 videos of each of my top 6 and with Ai and Anri being 7th and 8th on my list, it’s about time I watch enough videos for them to catch up.


Rio Hamasaki


Rio is someone I’ve never seen quite enough of. She doesn’t show up highly on my lists but that’s more so a matter of me not watching enough of her. She’s got really great breasts, squirts like a champ, and is a phenomenal performer. Somehow I’ve just never seen as much of her as I realize I should have, perhaps because her content is a lot harder to come by. In 2019 I’m going to make a point to watch more of her.


Mion Sonoda


I’ve seen only a few videos of Mion but every time I watch her I’ve been impressed. It’s quite possible I’ve just been lucky with what I’ve seen, but it’s also quite possible she’s really good and I’ve been missing out. I’m definitely planning to watch much more of her in 2019 and we’ll see where it goes. Maybe she won’t pan out but maybe she’ll turn out to be awesome.


Yuu Shinoda


Yuu’s someone who’s impressed me. A lot of people look at her as just being someone with a nice ass. Granted, her ass is that nice, but she’s more than that. Yuu actually has a surprising amount of content that looks great and there’s like a dozen videos I’m interested in watching. Considering that she’s still producing great content and how little I’ve actually seen, I’ll definitely be watching more of her this year.


Mio Kimijima


Mio is someone I never liked at first, but as I started watching her I realized that she was pretty awesome. The big stand out to me about Mio is how much quality content she has. With her freelancing and putting out as much content as she does it’s no surprise she’s got some good content in there. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for a few good videos to check out this year.


Saki Okuda


Saki Okuda was one of my choices for New to Me week. She was definitely someone I should have seen long before I actually did and quite frankly I’m not sure why I didn’t. I’m glad I saw her during that week because she turned out to be great. There’s definitely a good amount of stuff from her I’m interested in watching that I just haven’t gotten around to yet. Considering how few videos of hers I’ve seen so far I’m fairly certain I’ll end up watching much more than that this year.


So there you have it. Two of my favourites I’m going to watch more of, five that I’ve seen only a few that I want to watch much more of. Who are you going to watch more of this year?


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