April 17, 2024

Ohura’s Top 10 Most Attractive Actresses

Today we’re counting down the top 10 most attractive actresses. While I’ve always been someone who loves large breasts, I actually find a woman’s eyes to be the most attractive physical quality. Whether you find an actress cute, pretty, hot, or beautiful, we’re counting down my top 10 most attractive actresses. Keep in mind that this is my list, and others will obviously have different opinions, which I’d love to hear!

Honourable Mentions

Nana Fukada
Marina Yuzuki
Marina Shiraishi
Aika Yumeno

I really wanted to find room for them on the list, but unfortunately not everyone can make the list. Maybe one day they might make the list, but for now, they’re the few that were almost close enough.

10. Rena Fukiishi

rena fukiishi

Everyone has someone they like that others don’t, and for me that’s Rena. Part of why I like Rena as much as I do is because I find her so attractive. I don’t know what it is about her, or why I find her so attractive, all I know is that I do. I wasn’t always this way either, in fact I didn’t even like her at first. But once I did start watching her, I realized that I kept admiring how attractive I found her.

9. Aki Sasaki

aki sasaki4

Aki Sasaki wasn’t someone I thought I would watch when I did, but I kept noticing she was very pretty on covers. When I did finally watch her, it wasn’t long before I was just watching her all the time. For someone her age, she’s insanely attractive and doesn’t even look that old.

8. Ai Sayama

ai sayama

Originally I never found Ai Sayama this attractive, but her GES completely changed my thoughts. She looked so good in that one and I couldn’t help but admire her. Since then I’ve pretty much been a huge fan of her appearance. Even her older stuff has been standing out to me a lot as well.

7. Anri Okita

anri okita

I don’t think anyone will be surprised in the slightest to see Anri on this list. She’s clearly very attractive, no doubt about that. I definitely preferred Anri at the end of her career, as she started to look just a bit older and really refine her looks. What’s not to love about Anri?

6. Erika Kitagawa

erika kitagawa

Erika Kitagawa has been pretty throughout her career, whether she’s had short hair, dark hair, light hair, you name it. It’s hard for actresses to be attractive for as long as she has with as much variation on her appearance, and yet Erika’s done it. There’s always just something about her where she looks so amazing. If that first picture doesn’t get you I don’t know what will.

5. Hibiki Ootsuki

hibiki ootsuki4

Hibiki is the newest addition to this list, and boy is she ever pretty. When I watched her for the first time, there was one thing that stood out to me: holy was she pretty. As much as I enjoyed her performance and the video,  her beauty stood out to me the most. It really took me a couple videos to realize just how good she is, but now I’m totally hooked on her. Combining such good performances with these looks is amazing, and when you get all sorts of awesome pics off of social media, it’s impossible not to want more.



There’s no denying RION’s beauty. RION might not be the best performer, but she got so far in her career just based on her physical appearance. Yeah, her breasts are amazing, and yeah, her body is nice, but she’s also such a beauty. Actresses are so much more than one or two qualities but sometimes certain qualities stand out enough that you just can’t help yourself; that’s exactly the case with RION.

3. Julia



Julia has long since been one of the most attractive JAV actresses. She’s looked different throughout her career but she’s also been insanely attractive as well. I think that’s one of the big reasons I keep watching Julia, because she’s really hot. It’s kind of exactly like RION, except I do find Julia a little more attractive (and a better performer). Recently Julia hasn’t looked quite as good as she historically has, but that doesn’t take away from Julia in her prime being drop dead gorgeous.

2. Hitomi


Hitomi’s defining physical characteristic is her breasts, but I think she’s actually very beautiful. A lot of people seem to miss that, but I know there are some who think she is attractive – even among those that dislike her breasts. People always seem to think the reason I love her so much are her breasts, especially with a name like Oppaira, but they’re only partially right. Yes, I love her breasts, they’re my favourite in all of JAV, but she wouldn’t be my favourite if that was it. She has other great qualities: her acting is fantastic, but she’s also just so damn pretty. Maybe I’m biased from all the years I’ve spent watching her, but regardless, I think she’s gorgeous.

1. Meguri


Meguri has long since been the most attractive JAV actress to me. Not just that, she’s just straight up the most attractive person I’ve ever seen. Meguri is just amazingly beautiful to me, and it’s hard to describe in words just how pretty I think she is. There’s a good reason she’s in my top three actresses, and her attractiveness is that reason. I find myself admiring her beauty in videos, which meant I enjoyed non-sexual parts more or enjoyed blowjobs a lot more. Meguri is without a doubt my number one most attractive actress.


This concludes my top 10 most attractive actresses. I hope to hear from others who their favourites are!


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  1. Like anything of this nature, very subjective.
    I see that you prefer massive boobs.
    I only approve of 2/10 in your list.
    A LOT of great 美女 are missing.
    Kudos for the list anyway.


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