May 17, 2024

Pan’s Top 15 Interracial Videos

Some people love it and some people hate it. Interracial can be a very polarizing genre. Personally I’ve always been a favorite of mine due to a few reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason is how intense the sex usually is. Plus just seeing them get nailed by a bigger than average dick is always great to see. That being said here is my top 15 all time favorite films of this genre.

15. JUFD-569 “Exclusive And Unleashed! Black Mega Sized Cock Fuck” – Kaho Kasumi


I’m kicking off my list with the world-class Kaho Kasumi. Fitch’s interracial series is one of the best around and don’t be surprised to see more entries make my list. It’s a pretty straight forward video with a few sex scenes mixed with the typical filler scenes. One of the best aspects is Kaho’s appearance as she looks gorgeous and wears a couple sexy outfits as well. You may be wondering why it’s not higher on my list. Well there’s one filler scene here that’s completely forgettable and takes up way too much screen time. Also her performance isn’t up to par with how well she usually performs. That being said it’s a still a very solid video worth watching for any avid fan of the genre.

14. PGD-682 “Shocking! Yuki Shin’s Godly Ass Fucked By Black Cock” – Yuki Jin


That’s one eye-catching cover right? Leave it to Yuki Jin aka “goddess of ass”. Despite that title there is in fact no anal whatsoever here. Much like the previous entry there’s no plot as it’s all focused on the action. Yet again the real highlight here is just how amazing Yuki Jin looks. There’s plenty of ass focus here and overall she’s in flawless shape. The sex is fairly good too although I personally I wasn’t a fan of the settings they used. I realize it’s a little nitpicky but they were just too “drab” imo. I And lastly her acting here is mostly average. Not terrible but nothing too memorable.

13. MILD-846  “I Just Love Big Black Dicks…” – Shiori Kamisaki


That title is pretty straight and to the point. This is a pretty entertaining interracial film from start to finish. Mostly thanks in part to some intense action with several quality sex scenes ending in creampies. The camerawork is great as well capturing some nice shots of her ass. Which leads me to her appearance. Her wardrobe is fine but I was more impressed by how stunning Shiori looks herself. Great thick body with nice curves and of course a phat ass. When it comes to her acting she’s decent but still a little too whiny in some spots. In summary this is one of Shiori’s best videos imo and a fantastic interracial film.

12. REAL-545 “REAL 10th Anniversary – Sex With Her First Huge Black Cock” –  Hibiki Otsuki


One of the most recent entries that I’ve discovered and it turned out to be a real standout. This one features Hibiki traveling to the U.S and having sex with black guys of course. First off the sex here is amazing for a few reasons. It’s super intense, the guys here are well hung to say the least and Hibiki squirts like a fountain several times throughout each scene. Now on the downside her performance is hit or miss and there’s a little too much setup. Those few negatives however are nowhere near enough to detract from this superb video. Definitely one to watch especially if you love squirting.

11. SNIS-118 “Black Dick Fuck” – Saki Okuda


S1 and interracial are two words that really don’t go together but surprisingly they made it happen quite a few years ago with this entry. And even better it’s actually pretty good. The action is varied with not only a couple of sex scenes but some great filler scenes including paizuri and a double blowjob scene. It’s also quite intense and the technical aspects are handled well. Her performance overall is not half bad. She has some real great moments throughout and boasts some good enthusiasm. Plus she looks terrific too. Saki has an excellent figure with nice boobs to boot. Really solid video all around.

10. DANDY-414 “Ayumi Shinoda Takes On Hard Fucking And Black Cock Creampies From Some Of The Most Well-Endowed Men In The World!” – Ayumi Shinoda


Ayumi Shinoda is no stranger to interracial as she has several entries under her belt. This is easily among the best. Partly due to it’s fun premise of Ayumi traveling to the U.S to film this video. This also allows for some good variety in the scenes such as her riding a bus and fucking a guy onboard. Or in another when she cooks for some homeless guys and has sex with one of them. The sex is also very intense and features loads of creampies. Her performance is just about average with a few highlights here and there. And I gotta mention how good Ayumi looks here. Very beautiful and gorgeous. All around a unique and memorable interracial film.

9. JUFD-623 “Exclusive And Unleashed! Black Cock Fucking” – Mako Oda


Another Fitch release to make my list this time featuring the thick and juicy Mako Oda. Much like the previous one it’s very basic and straightforward. The action here is fantastic featuring plenty of intense sex scenes and a very nice paizuri scene. It’s bolstered by solid camerawork and lighting as well. Her performance is another bright spot. She’s quite expressive and her enthusiasm is terrific. While not perfect she manages pretty well. Lastly she looks stunning here. She wears several sexy outfits that fit her perfectly and beyond that she’s just in top-notch physical shape looking thick as ever.

8. RCT-562 “Big Black Cock Squirting” – Haruki Sato


Lots of squirting and Haruki Sato. What’s not to love? There’s virtually no plot here as it’s just focused on the action which features Haruki getting fucked and squirting a ton. Easily one of the best aspects is her appearance. She looks insanely good here mainly in the final scene. She’s definitely thick and juicy in this one. The action is pretty good too with intense sex scenes, creampies and of course squirting. Now when it comes to her performance she could have been better. She’s a little whiny for sure. However I’m a little biased towards her so I can forgive some of that. Anyway if you’re a fan of Haruki and squirting then be sure to add this to you library.

7. DV-1166 “English Lesson in Bed” – Yuma Asami


The only video on my list to not focus solely in black guys. This is easily one of the more memorable videos of this genre. The premise here centers around the lovely and adorable Yuma Asami having sex with white guys while learning the English language. It’s all very entertaining and leads to some genuine funny moments. Mainly thanks to Yuma’s bubbly and energetic performance. Yuma is her usual self here as she’s overflowing with enthusiasm and is just a ton of fun to watch. I can’t stress enough just how unbelievable bubbly she is. Also helps that Yuma is looking fantastic. Not much in terms of wardrobe but it doesn’t matter much when you look as good as Yuma. The action is just as good too with plenty of sex scenes. By far one of the most entertaining entries on my list and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

6. STAR-789 “Watch Her Scream, Spasm, And Cum In Creampie Raw Footage Fucking With Big Black Mega Sized Cocks” – Marina Shiraishi


Marina is another actress who has shot more a than few interracial films. She has shot about four in total and this stands as one of the best for sure. The main overall theme here is creampies, which you could probably figured out from the cover. There’s only 3 scenes in all but they’re all pretty good. Mainly thanks to some solid position variety, great creampies and even some light squirting. Beyond that Marina looks amazing especially with those full body fishnets featured on the cover. All this is complimented by some superb acting. Expect to see classic Marina with her usual bubbly energy and top-notch expressions. If you’re a creampie fanatic then you can’t go wrong with this one.

5. JUFD-400 “Amazing Footage Revealed! Ayumi Shinoda Gets Destroyed By Massive BBCs!” – Ayumi Shinoda


What a damn good cover. This series always has some grade A covers and this one is no different. This entry is much like the previous videos in the series. It’s all focused entirely on the action as it features several intense sex scenes and some nice paizuri as well. Of course the camerawork and lighting are on point too. One of the biggest positives here is Ayumi’s appearance. She looks absolutely gorgeous and her wardrobe is super sexy consisting of some amazing lingerie. Now her performance is hit or miss for the most part. Sometimes she’s good and her enthusiasm is incredible. Other times she’s quite whiny but overall not enough to detract from the video. Still though you can’t go wrong with some top-notch sex and the stunning Ayumi Shinoda.

4. DANDY-329 “Woman Who Don’t Know Are Missing Out! World’s Biggest Mega C*ck Blowjob/Squirting/Creampie Raw Footage” – Ai Uehara


Gotta include the legendary Ai Uehara somewhere on my list. She’s a few interracial flicks but this is probably her best. In it she travels to Los Angeles to meet and fuck several black guys. Pretty simple. While her performance is more submissive than I’d like this is still a fantastic interracial film and one of the best among the genre. Lots of squirting and creampies plus the overall action is very intense, mainly due to how hung these guys are. Not much to say regarding her appearance but she looks great as always. Definitely one to watch for any avid fan of both Ai and interracial.

3. DANDY-493 “10th Anniversary – If The Ladies Don’t Know About It It’s Their Loss! Marina Shiraishi Gives The Biggest Cock in The World A Forced Blowjob/Gets Covered In BUKKAKE/Wild Soapland Play/Tied Up And Fucked” – Marina Shiraishi


Choosing between this and STAR-789 was not easy but I ultimately gave this the higher spot due to the sheer variety in the action and her performance. The main premise is much like the last one as it features her flying out to L.A to shoot this video. As mentioned one of the best aspects here is the sheer variety in the scenes. There’s a traditional one-on-one sex scene, a scene where she’s on the bus with a bunch of black guys trying to make each cum within 10 minutes, a bukkake scene, soapland scene and a light bondage type scene. No matter what you’re into you’ll find something to enjoy. Plus all the technical aspects are excellent and there’s virtually no filler. The other major highlight is her performance. Overall she’s got some nice enthusiasm, energy and she’s pretty active throughout. She’s full of energy and incredibly vibrant. Round all that up with her beautiful appearance and solid wardrobe and you’ve got a winner.

2. JUFD-660 “Ultra Hard Sex Unleashed! Big Black Cock Fucking” – Aimi Yoshikawa


Here we have Aimi’s very first interracial video and it’s easily the best imo. This video is exactly like the other entries on my list. There’s of course a few full sex scenes(one being a 3p scene) and a superb paizuri scene. Plus there’s some really nice positions used here too. Now I will say there is a very mediocre masturbation scene that’s extremely forgettable. Beyond that though the action is fantastic thanks to excellent technical aspects such as lighting and camerawork and some overall intense fucking. Also another nice thing is that the guys all have big dicks which makes it all much more fun to watch. The other big positive is just how damn good Aimi looks. Besides wearing a few stunning outfits her body is in incredible shape from her boobs to her face. Especially those boobs. Now her acting however is not that great but I can say its a slight step up from her usual self. Notably during the paizuri scene she’s actually quite expressive but during the sex scenes you’ll be wanting to hit that mute button. Still though if you’re a big Aimi fan or just love big tits then you can’t go wrong here.

1. BBI-152 “Excellent Slut’s Black Dick Hunt” – Kurea Hasumi


When it came to picking my number one there really wasn’t any trouble. Hands down the best interracial video I’ve ever seen. One of the biggest reasons why is Kurea’s incredible acting. Typically in interracial videos the actress will act submissive and whiny but not here. Kurea is her trademark self with a super dominant and enthusiastic performance. Hell in one scene she ties a guy down and goes to town on him. Besides that the action is superb with several sex scenes all featuring Kurea in the driver’s seat. Also there’s a fantastic threesome at the end. In addition she looks very sexy with some nice outfits as well. This film is just such a breath of fresh air among this genre. All thanks to a near perfect dominant performance from Kurea and some intense action. Not only should interracial fans watch this but anyone that’s not a fan should consider giving it a shot.  You won’t be disappointed.


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