July 17, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Asahi Mizuno Videos


  • Born :11/12/90  (27 years old)
  • Career Status: 2013 to present
  • Measurements: JP 90-58-88 cm (35-23-35 in)
  • Cup Size: G
  • Height :  165 cm (5 ft 5 in)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Black


Metric Score
Breasts 8/10
Face 8/10
Body 10/10
Ass 9.5/10
Acting 9/10


Asahi Mizuno made her debut clear back in 2013. She was never really exclusive to one studio as she worked early on for studios such as BeFree, IE Energy and Venus just to name a few. Since then she’s worked for nearly every studio out there. Asahi is best known for her incredibly sexy legs, amazing ass and her signature godlike hips. Overall she boasts one of the best overall bodies in jav right now.

Honorable Mentions


“The Female Teacher With Aching Loins Whose Cock Hardening Techniques Will Make You Cum Inside Her Over And Over”


Asahi as a slutty teacher just writes itself. This ones pretty simple as it’s just Asahi fucking her students senselessly and milking them dry. She wears some very hot outfits including full body fishnets and there’s a few great pov scenes as well. Plus just look at dat cover. Pure fire.


“An Instructor Who Uses Her Own Body To Give Lessons In 100% Success Rate Pregnancy Fetish Fucks


This one boasts quite an interesting plot. Asahi works as a pregnancy specialist who helps men with their fertility and performance issues. She puts on a fantastic performance and really plays her role perfectly. The action is terrific too with some really unique positions.



“Super Speed Cowgirl With Booty


A video focusing nearly entirely on cowgirl sex with Asahi? What more could you possibly want? While the plot is solid all the attention is devoted to Asahi’s ass and her terrific dominant performance. Plus the camerawork is on point capturing some awesome shots of her ass. This is Asahi at her best.


The Best Way To Fuck A Hard Working Slut Office Lady Is To Creampie Her From Behind!!”


Combining two of my favorite themes into one makes for one hell of a video. The plot here has Asahi playing a sexy and seductive office worker who tempts her co-workers into sex. Nothing terribly original but the clothed sex aspect certainly makes it more unique. Plus Asahi delivers yet another solid performance.


“Big Tits And Slender Bodies Are Our Specialty A Reverse Threesome Erotic Spa”


A video starring both Asahi Mizuno AND Erika Kitagawa just had to make my list somewhere. I’m always down for a massage parlor premise and these two make for a great pair. Solid performances, great threesomes and of course both of them looking fantastic. My only real gripe is that it’s a little slow in some spots and the action isn’t super intense. Still an amazing video though.

Best Videos


“Sweaty Colossal Tits: Creampie Fuck


That’s certainly a damn good cover and also a damn good video to go along with it. Asahi Mizuno and sweaty sex, what more do you need? I’m not 100% sure on what the exact plot is but I believe it revolves around her seducing and having sex with her roommates or friends. More than likely I’m off the mark here but the premise isn’t super important. Now what is important however is the action which is absolutely fantastic. There’s several full sex scenes along with an outstanding outercourse and handjob scene. Another thing of note is there’s a great intensity to the sex making it much more exciting In addition there’s creampies of course(hence the title) and the camerawork is flawless capturing some breathtaking shots of Asahi’s gorgeous sweaty body. And boy does her sweaty body look insanely good here. In every single scene she gets completely drenched and soaking wet. It’s made even better in some scenes as her clothes stick to her body too. Truly mesmerizing. Compounding all this is her immaculate performance. Her enthusiasm is through the roof here and her facial expressions are great as well. She’s just super intense and dominant from start to finish. There’s not a single weak spot with this particular video. By far one of the all time best sweaty sex videos ever and one of Asahi’s best films.



“My Girlfriend’s Big Sis Tempts Me With Her Big Tits And OKs To Creampie Her”


No surprise here that an entry from one of my favorite series ends up on this list. For those 2 people out there who are unfamiliar with it here’s a brief rundown. Basically Asahi seduces her sister’s boyfriend with her “big” tits and promise of creampie sex. One of the most notable and crucial aspects is the risk factor. The risk involved in each scene is why I love the series. From giving the boyfriend a tittyfuck in the kitchen to just flat-out fucking him while the girlfriend is asleep in bed a few feet away. Every single scene features that sense of danger and it makes the action much more exciting. Asahi’s appearance is also a huge plus. Not only is she herself incredibly sexy but her wardrobe and the camerawork do a fantastic job of showing off her cleavage and stunning body. After seeing her here I don’t think anyone could resist. Last but certainly not least is her superb performance. Her acting here is some of her best easily. Super seductive, slutty and dominant as she takes command of every scene. She’s a big flirt too which is something very critical for a performance in this series. Not to mention her energy and facial expressions are spot on. I just can’t praise this one enough. PPPD-481 nails every element from the plot to the action and to the acting. It’s a perfect 10/10 and it is a perfect showcase as to what makes Asahi Mizuno so damn good.



“I Gave The Teacher A Creampie While A Schoolgirl Was Watching”


Asahi Mizuno had a great 2017 and I consider this to be her best release from that year. Asahi Mizuno plays a teacher who humiliates the one male student in front of the girls in the class by fucking him in front of them. Not sure how that’s exactly humiliating by sign me up. It’s certainly a unique premise that is very memorable. Anyway that specific element of having them constantly there and watching certainly made the action much more entertaining. Which speaking of, the action is incredible overall. Loads of 100% real creampies and tons of sex. Not a whole of filler to be had either and even then it’s just a pov handjob scene that is pretty solid. Plus her enthusiastic performance and strong facial expressions make the scenes that much more fun to watch. She really nails her role here and knocks it out of the park with her devilish teasing and dominant expressions. She’s about as perfect as you could ask for. And as far as her appearance goes it’s pretty good overall. As you can probably guess she mostly wears the typical teacher attire which looks fine. And physically she looks as good as always. If you’re a creampie lover and want a unique plot then look no further. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.



“The Pulling Out And Ejaculation Control By The Dirty Talking Girl”


Femdom videos have always been a favorite of mine and this ranks as one of the best imo. The plot here is pretty straightforward as it’s all about Asahi putting a collar on this guy and making him her sex slave.  she puts a collar on him and becomes her sex slave pretty much. This film is chock full of femdom moments such as spitting on the guy, facesitting and locking his dick up in a chastity like device. If you’re a fan of the genre you’ll be pleased. And when it comes to the action it’s very good overall. The sex scenes are intense and feature Asahi taking complete control. In addition even the filler type scenes are worthwhile thanks to her acting and some nice facesitting moments. Also the camerawork is solid as well. Now when it comes to her performance she absolutely kills it. She’s very controlling, dominant and boasts incredible enthusiasm. Not to mention she’s super expressive too. Asahi is one of the best in this area and she shows why here. Capping all this off her is stunning appearance. While her wardrobe isn’t too exciting just her natural self is more than enough and she’s in immaculate shape. All this makes for an exciting and top-notch femdom film that I highly recommend to fans of the genre.




“Sluts Seduce You With Dirty Talk And Tease You With Pull Out Sex – My Wife’s Younger Sister Enjoys Herself As She Tortures Me To Death”


By now you’ve probably noticed a reoccurring theme with my list. What can I say? Asahi Mizuno is a natural when it comes to dominant roles. Personally this is easily my favorite series from Fitch. The plot casts Asahi as your sister-in-law who relentlessly teases you over and over until eventually deciding to fuck you all while keeping secret from your wife. Btw it’s all shot in pov too greatly enhancing the action and premise. Now one of my absolute favorite elements of this particular series is the action and it’s pacing. What I mean is that it starts out slow with her teasing your dick in the 1st scene before moving onto a blowjob and later on some outercourse. However by the end she’s full on fucking you while her sister is asleep in bed just feet away. It really draws you into the plot and pov aspect is used quite nicely although there are a few times where it breaks that and uses a 3rd person camera technique. Now for a plot like this you need a great performance to back it up and thankfully Asahi does just that. She’s everything you want to see as she’s very lewd, devilish and slutty of course. Also her enthusiasm is solid as well. Lastly I can’t forget to mention her gorgeous appearance. Not only does she looks fantastic physically but her wardrobe is superb. She wears several nice outfits that show off ridiculous curves and body very well. This is another stellar entry in one my favorites series and Asahi hits a home run with it.



“Glamorous Nurse’s Lust Booty Cum Control”


Definitely one of the more unique videos on my list. This boasts quite the interesting premise and Fitch manages to deliver yet again. Asahi Mizuno plays a nurse who focuses on bringing out youthful vigor in the elderly and giving them a newfound vitality all by using her body and her amazing ass as bait. One example being her visiting a man who has seemingly lost his wife and is depressed. Asahi uses her best asset to cheer him up and give him a new lease on life. Overall it’s a very enjoyable plot that certainly fits her style. Another big positive is the action. There’s plenty of action here and it all has a “professional” vibe feeling to it that helps make the premise more believable. Plus the camerawork is outstanding with tons of amazing shots of her body and ass. Next up is her performance which is another huge bright spot. What’s really nice about her acting is that she doesn’t overdo it and stays within character. She seems very professional throughout and still boasts excellent energy. And as always Asahi looks incredibly sexy here as she wears several stunning outfits that suit her perfectly. Plus that body is in top-notch shape and looks immaculate. Whether you want a unique plot or just want to enjoy some Asahi booty this video has got you covered.



“Male Squirting From Hell! Three-Some With Two Divinely Talented Cum Technicians Asahi Mizuno KAORI”


Don’t let the title of this video dissuade as this is a stellar video featuring the wonderful duo of Kaori and of course Asahi Mizuno. First off lemme just say that these two make for a great pairing and look amazing next to each other. They compliment each other nicely. Anyway as the title suggests this movie focuses on threesomes and male squirting. That idea alone may put you off but you’d be missing out on some great action here. Every single scene here consists of the two of them together engaging in either full on sex or handjobs. Now the only slight negative is that there’s no doggy used which feels like a missed opportunity. Beyond that though the action is excellent. Now for their performances they do an outstanding job overall. Slutty and dominant with very little whining. They take control in every single scene and generally work well together. Sadly there’s very little interaction between them but I personally wasn’t too bothered by it. Finally I gotta give praise to Moodyz for pairing these two as they match up quite nicely. They both wear some super sexy lingerie throughout and besides that they’re both looking stunning. When it comes to “Juicy” Asians what better pair could you ask for? In closing despite the unusual theme for this 3p video I still very much recommend it. Great action, great acting and above all else Kaori and Asahi looking phenomenal.



“A Slut And 20 Single Men Under One Roof Please Spend The Day With Me And Be My Creampie Manager”


This one is about as straightforward as it gets. It’s about Asahi Mizuno going into a house and having 20 or so guys fuck and creampie her. Basically she’s turned into a cum dumpster for this film. A large portion of the video consists of her going from room to room, finding guys and then having sex with them. Then for the final scene it turns into an orgy as she takes on a big group of guys all at once. If you’re a creampie lover then it doesn’t get much better than this. I will say though that the sex is usually pretty brief but it makes sense given there’s 20 dudes waiting their turn. One element I gotta talk about is her appearance. While the only real outfit she wears is the silver dress on the cover, it may just be one of the best things she’s ever worn. Her body looks beyond amazing in it and it shows off her fantastic curves perfectly. Backing all this up is her top-notch performance. She’s very cheerful and engaging here as she takes control throughout the entire video. But she never overdoes it in a dominant way. That’s really all there is to it. Loads of creampies and Asahi Mizuno, what could be better?


“Incredible MILF With Big Tits Turns Girl Into A Slut”


I don’t consider myself to be a huge fan of Shuri Atomi or loli type actresses in general but I absolutely loved the plot and Asahi’s role in this is quite unique. As the title suggests the premise is based around Asahi playing a mother who is introducing her inexperienced daughter, Shuri Atomi, to the world of sex. Starting out with her showing how to properly suck a dick to demonstrating sex right in front of her. It all leads up to the an amazing pov threesome with the two of them taking turns on the guy. All around it’s a fantastic plot that really plays to each actresses strengths and makes for some entertaining scenes. And regarding the scenes they’re all terrific. 3 out of the 4 feature full on sex with both of them together. I really loved the dynamic of having either Shuri or Asahi watching from the sideline, studying the other’s technique. It’s a bummer there aren’t any creampies but it’s not a big deal to me personally. Now one of the biggest positives here is no doubt their acting. They each play their role expertly. There’s Asahi who is pretty much just slutty throughout but not in an over the top way. Then there’s Shuri who goes from being unsure and inexperienced to confident and lascivious. Finally a quick mention to their appearances. They both look pretty great here as Shuri nails the loli-esque schoolgirl/daughter look while Asahi is on point with her sultry motherly appearance. This is definitely one to watch if you enjoy a unique plot and maybe a little loli throw in the mix.


“Super Bubble Butt Monster


Rounding out my top 10 is a simple but effective video. Unlike my previous entry that was very much plot driven the only premise here is Asahi’s ass. There’s virtually no story of any sort besides each scene having it’s own minor theme. All the action revolves around her glorious ass with some very nice facesitting, outercourse and lots of cowgirl. Oh and I should mention there’s a pegging scene as well. So as you can tell there’s a fair amount of variety when it comes to the action. To no surprise her performance here is incredible. She checks all the boxes as she’s dominant, expressive and very engaging with exuberant energy. She makes every scene memorable and super entertaining. Finally I gotta mention her stunning appearance. Every single outfit she wears here is outstanding, which you can see from the cover. They all show off her godlike hips and ass perfectly. She even wears a super sexy schoolgirl outfit complete with glasses and a short skirt. In closing if you wanna see Asahi being dominant while fucking guys senseless and looking amazing then this is definitely for you.

Worst Videos


“Listen To My Story Of How My Wife Was Fucked – My Wife Was Wrongly Accused Of Shoplifting At The Supermarket And Had A Full Body Search And Got Fucked”


While I can appreciate this slightly different spin on the NTR genre I’m still not a fan of it. It’s rather rapey of course and as you’d expect her performance is submissive and whiny. I’m sure anyone that enjoys NTR may like this but I just can’t deal with it. Not my cup of tea.


“A Big Tits Widow Gets Gang Bang Raped By Some Dirty Old Men And Turned Into Their Sex Slave”


Dirty old men and rape. Two of my least favorite genres in one video. No wonder this is here at the bottom. The plot is pretty rapey and as a result Asahi is super whiny and just not a lot of fun to watch. Not to mention the action is a little repetitive too. At least Asahi looks good on the cover…that’s about it.

Asahi Mizuno is a big fan favorite among the jav crowd and its easy to see why. Her sexy slender body combined with those godlike hips and legs. Plus her ass is just incredible. What’s not to love? While at the moment her releases aren’t quite what they used to be we can at least go back and appreciate her best work. And maybe after reading this you’ll have some new material to check out.


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