July 18, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Haruki Sato Videos


  • Birthday: 12/01/1991 (27 years old)
  • Career Status: 2011 – 2015
  • Measurements: JP 89-59-88  (US) 23-35-23
  • Cup Size: F
  • Height: 160 cm ( 5 ft 3 in)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown



Metric Score
Breasts 7.5/10
Face 8/10
Body 9.5/10
Ass 8.5/10
Acting 8/10



Personally Haruki Sato was one of the very first actresses I have ever learned the name of in jav. She will always be a favorite of mine. Haruki got her start back in 2011 as a freelance or non-exclusive actress working for a wide variety of smaller studios such as Bi, AKNR and Natural High just to name a few. After gaining some popularity she started to get picked up by larger studios like Moodyz, E-Body and Ideapocket. Not only did her body of work change but also her physical body as well.

When she debuted she was rather skinny but as her career went on she put on weight and became quite thick and curvy. In her prime she had one of single best bodies jav has ever seen imo. Not to mention her ridiculous squirting ability definitely helped her stand out from the rest. She retired in 2015 after a solid run and has since pretty much disappeared. She did have an Instagram account but a few months after retirement it vanished. Still though she gave us many memorable videos and hopefully this list will narrow down her library and provide some insight on what videos to watch and some to avoid.

Honorable Mentions


“AV Actress Championship Title! We Invite Unknowing Regular Guys To Work With Them and See Who Can Get Them To Succumb To Temptation Lose All Of His Reasoning At Work and Stick His Cock in Their Cunt First!”


This is easily one of the most unique and entertaining videos on my list. The premise tasks these 3 with trying to seduce and lead random men into sex. Such as when Haruki gets a massage and tempts the masseuse  by stripping nude and grabbing his hands and moving them onto her tits and pussy. Afterwards she proceeds to fuck his brains out. While Haruki’s scenes only account for two total they’re easily worth it alone. The rest of the video is pretty solid too and super entertaining from start to finish.


“Cute Little Incontinent Sweetheart


What could be better than having Haruki playing your girlfriend through pov who also happens to be a huge squirter? It really doesn’t get much better than that. It’s a pretty standard video in that “girlfriend experience” genre although I will say the pov use is a little messy as it breaks into 3rd person at times. Still though Haruki looks fantastic and the action is top-notch.


“BLACK GAL HIGH SCHOOL 2013 Reverse Rape Squirting And Splashing High School Girl Field Trip”


Haruki Sato looks damn good with a tan. Throw in some reverse rape and lots of squirting too. The plot is basically your typical reverse rape styled video with Haruki going around and having her way with “random” guys. Her performance is on point and the action is superb. It’s always fun seeing Haruki take control and you’ll see that everywhere here.


“If She Can Withstand Cock Torture We’ll Pay Her 100,000 Yen


This is one of my all time favorite series and Haruki’s entry is nothing short of exceptional. What could be better than watching her pick up “random” guys off the street and giving them a chance to creampie her. It features a really fun and entertaining premise, lots of squirting and a solid performance from Haruki. Can’t go wrong with this one.


“Mao Hamasaki & Haruki Sato Double Big Tits They’re Gunning For Only The Best Bikini Titties Putting The Nipples In Max Sensitivity With Aphrodisiac Oil Lesbian Picking Up Girls In Enoshima Picking Up Girls JAPAN Lesbian Hunt”


While the previous video had Haruki picking up random guys this time she goes after random women. This one is under the guise of her rubbing “aphrodisiac oil” on their tits to make them bigger. Once she convinces them to do so well Haruki gets pretty friendly with them. Expect lots of fingering, kissing and toy use with some squirting to boot. There’s even some Mao Hamasaki here as well.

Best Videos


“Squirt! Cum! Slurp! 4 Person Fuck!


Two of my all time favorite actresses starring in a video together? With tons of squirting no less? This was one of the most easiest picks on my list for obvious reasons. There’s no plot to be had here. Instead its just several scenes of these two together in threesomes, foursomes and girl-on-girl action. Speaking of the sex it’s pretty damn good. Let me just say that if you enjoy squirting then this is as good as it gets. Every single scene features tons and tons of it as they constantly blast like a geyser. Beyond that there’s plenty of lesbian play as they grope, finger and kiss each other. Compounding that is their incredible chemistry together. It doesn’t feel too forced and they get along great. Maybe a little too whiny at times but it doesn’t matter all that much. And it goes without saying that both of them look terrific. Not a whole lot in terms of their wardrobe but that’s fine as their natural appearances are more than enough. They really make a nice pair together. All in all this is one of my personal all time favorite duo cast videos. If you love squirting and of course Haruki Sato and Ai Uehara then this is easily a straight 10/10.


“Lust Filled Big Booty Sluts -Underwear Free


Prime Haruki is a phrase you’ll hear quite often through here. What that essentially means is Haruki in her physical peak where she was perfectly thick without overdoing it. This includes everything from her thighs to her ass. The video here is a flawless example of that. Now I’m not 100% sure on the exact plot but I believe Haruki and the actor here are supposed to be classmates. Beyond that it’s about her being a massive slut who constantly teases and seduces the guy. That’s all you need to know really. The standout aspect of this entire video has to be her appearance which is absolutely outstanding. Her wardrobe here is out of this world. I mean just look at that cover. Easily the highlights are the fishnets and a cheerleader outfit. This may be the best Haruki has ever looked and that’s not hyperbole. She’s super thick here and in amazing shape. Next up is the action which is very good as well. Now there is only 2 sex scenes here with the rest being some outercourse . That could be a negative however the sex is pretty great and those outercourse scenes are fantastic due to her appearance and acting. One funny scene occurs when she’s sitting behind the guy as he’s studying and she proceeds to masturbate and squirt all over. Lastly there’s her acting which is solid all around. She delivers one of her better performances here for sure. Great energy and facial expressions along with being very engaging. Hands down this is no doubt one of her best videos ever. JUFD-365 nails every aspect and should not be missed.


“Cute Face With A Big Ass!!”


The title says it all. Continuing the ass focus on my list with yet another ass centric video. This time courtesy of Marrion who are experts in this area. Expect no plot here whatsoever as it’s just sex scenes and lots of ass focus. Now just like my last pick the best element of this video is her appearance. Imo she’s in absolute prime shape here. Her thighs, legs, ass and tits are all just perfect. And her wardrobe certainly helps accentuates that. It’s nothing too fancy but definitely suits her well. Regarding the action it’s pretty great all around. Expect a few sex scenes, some outercourse and lots of facesitting. In addition she squirts quite a few times too. Now one element I can’t really praise that much is her performance. She’s serviceable and gets the job done but she definitely won’t blow you away. All in all this is a terrific ass focused video that will easily please any Haruki Sato fan



“Lolita Sluts Fucking Outdoors, Getting Wet, Squirting Tons and Having an Orgy”


The more the merrier right? Well that expression rings true here. Haruki is no stranger to multi actress videos and this has always been a big favorite of mine and imo one of the best. The premise based around these playing three playing massive sluts as they go around and fuck “random” guys. And as the title says expect lots and lots of squirting. One thing this video does very well is how it balances out the 3 actresses. Each one gets a solo sex scene and is featured in both of the group scenes. Every scene here is fantastic. While the one-on-one scenes are nice the real highlight is the final foursome sex scene as they each take turns riding the guy and squirt like crazy. Some very intense action throughout. Complimenting the slutty and wild action is their equally dominating and fun performances. All three are top-notch boasting super high energy and excellent facial expressions to match. Adding to the slutty theme is their wardrobe and appearance. One look at the cover should give you an idea. Sexy lingerie and lots of fishnets here. Plus they’re all in excellent shape including Haruki with her signature thickness. You can’t go wrong with this pick. Tons of squirting, intense action and slutty acting. What could be better?


“Visiting My Parents To Let Them Know We’re Engaged, My Fiance Snuck Into My Futon And Fucked Me Until My Parents Woke Up When We Were All Sleeping In The Same Room”


This is the earliest video of Haruki’s career to make my list and it also happens to be one of her most exciting. In this she goes to visit her future in-laws with her fiance and during which she can’t help herself as they continuously fuck around the house. Now I will say it does get a bit silly at times. You’ll have to suspend some belief here as there’s a ton of risky/daring sex moments where they really should have been caught but the parents are absolutely oblivious to them. It’s just a minor issue as it certainly makes for some exciting scenes. Such as when she’s giving him a blowjob underneath the table while her parents are sitting there. Or when they fuck practically right in the middle of them as they sleep. Also during which she squirts over top of them. Her performance here is pretty great as well. She’s quite flirty, engaging and lewd which fits this plot perfectly. Finally when it comes to her appearance she looks terrific. Her wardrobe is rather mundane although she does wear some sexy fishnets in the last scene. Beyond that though she’s in good shape, even if she’s not super thick. By far this is my favorite “skinny Haruki” era video. Exciting action, entertaining premise and solid acting make this a must watch for anyone into daring/risky sex.



“Fan Appreciation Day: Raw Creampie Orgy With 20 Amateur Men”


How would you like the opportunity to fuck and creampie Haruki Sato? Well some lucky fans got to do just that in this video. The premise overall is very simple as one look at the title tells you everything. Twenty “fans” are invited to have sex with and cum inside Haruki. What could be better than that? With a 3 hour runtime you’ll certainly get your fill of genuine creampie sex. Most of the scenes feature a group of guys taking turns on her however the final scene is a more intimate one-on-one scene. Now one of the reasons as to why I enjoy this genre so much is the actresses performance. This fan appreciation type theme allows the chosen actress to act more natural without feeling confined to a specific role. Finally I can’t forget to mention Haruki’s appearance. Not only does she wear a few sexy outfits but in addition she’s near her physical prime here. She’s just about in perfect shape and is looking plenty thick. Whether you’re into the fan appreciation genre or enjoy creampies you’ll find something to love with this one.


“Squirting Slut Straddles And Dirty Talks


It wouldn’t be a Haruki Sato list without at least a few squirting videos. This one is easily one of the best. There’s next to no plot here as the focus centers around cowgirl, dirty talk and of course squirting. Which speaking of squirting this video features loads of it. Every single scene has her getting super soaked and wet. Regarding the action itself there’s a solid variety here. You’ve got a few masturbation scenes, an outercourse scene, a pov sex scene and lastly a nice threesome. Another highlight is how great Haruki looks. I mean just look at that cover. While I will say that her outfit there is really the only notable one she still looks amazing throughout. This is pretty much prime Haruki so she’s plenty thick. Finally regarding her acting she delivers a fine performance. Nice enthusiasm and is pretty engaging throughout. Not a whole lot to complain about besides some minor whining. If you’re a fan of squirting then this is definitely one to add to your list. You won’t be disappointed.


“Soapland Girl With A Huge Ass


The soapland genre isn’t usually my thing however any video featuring a big focus on Haruki Sato’s ass is always worth a watch imo. As with the rest of this series there’s absolutely no plot. It’s all just soapland themed scenes with a variety of action ranging from some full sex scenes to a handjob scene and a few outercourse scenes. Also I gotta mention that she squirts several times throughout which is always a blast. The video does a splendid job of highlighting her ass through excellent camerawork. Speaking of her ass it looks amazing here just as you’d expect. As a whole Haruki looks stunning as she’s in prime shape with her incredible curves and thickness. Her wardrobe is rather minimal but it hardly matters when Haruki looks as good as she does. And rounding all this up is her acting. Now I’ll be honest and say that her performance is just about average. It’s not very memorable but she does get the job done. In the end if you enjoy the soapland genre or just wanna admire Haruki’s body and ass without some weird premise then this is right up your alley.


“Super Cute Sister-In-Law With Big Tits And Glasses”


Haruki Sato wearing glasses playing your cute sister-in-law who wants your dick badly, need I say more? Throw in some pov here and there you’ve got a winner. As mentioned this is mainly shot in pov except for some parts as it casts Haruki in the cute but sexy sister-in-law role who seduces you throughout the course of the video. This premise certainly makes for some exciting and interesting scenes. Such as where she is tittyfucking you while her father is just mere feet away. Or a scene where she catches you spying on her while she’s making love to supposedly your brother(hence the sister-in-law part). As a result she invites you to join in for a threesome. Overall the action is terrific with several standout scenes. Haruki’s appearance definitely compliments the plot as she is a perfect for this role. The glasses and pigtails really suit her and physically while she’s not super thick here she still looks amazing. Finally I can’t forget to mention briefly her performance. She plays her part pretty well for the most part as she’s quite flirty and devilish. She can be a little whiny at times but nothing that ruins the video. Whether you enjoy pov or a good seduction plot then this is right up your alley.


“Maximum Exposure: Fishing For Men


Let me just say right off the bat. How amazing is that cover shot. Easily one of her all time best. Now the video itself features a really fun premise. It follows Haruki as she picks up “random” fishermen and convinces them to come with her to have some fun. Sometimes she just gives them a blowjob and other times she goes all the way. Definitely one of my favorite plots she’s ever partaken in. I mean who wouldn’t want a half-naked Haruki Sato coming up to you and asking to fuck. It all makes for some very entertaining scenes. Which speaking of the scenes there’s a fair mix of full sex and handjobs/blowjobs. And while I do wish there was another sex scene I gotta say Haruki’s performance during those latter scenes helps make up for it. Unfortunatetly her acting isn’t perfect as she can be a bit whiny during sex. However beyond that she’s pretty flirty and sells the premise very well. But perhaps what could be my favorite aspect is her appearance. I don’t think I need to explain why. Haruki Sato in high-heels boots, fishnets and tight jean shorts. What else do you need? Plus she’s in incredible shape too. If you’re looking for something a bit different and fun then I suggest giving this a watch. At least if for nothing else just to see her in the cover outfit.

Worst Videos


“I’m Getting Married. But Before I Do That I Wanted To See You…”


Overall this is just a bland super forgettable video. It’s far from the worst but whenever I go to watch it I just find it very boring. Her performance is decent and the use of pov is good but the setting and plot just aren’t that interesting. Overall there’s nothing memorable here at all.


“Confinement – Girl Hole


Anyone that knows me is aware of how much I typically dislike rape themed videos. This one features her being held captive and of course, raped. Honestly there’s nothing redeeming about this one. Whiny performance, lackluster appearance and mediocre action. Definitely avoid unless you really enjoy rape.


“Until My Husband Comes Home… A Sister-In-Law’s Unforgivable Everyday Immorality With Her Brother-In-Law”


To be fair I could list much worse videos than this but they’d all be rape and I’d like to have a little variety here. That being said this is still a very underwhelming video. The premise is self-explanatory with the title. There’s really just nothing praiseworthy here at all. Just mediocre all around from her performance to the premise with missed opportunities and the lackluster sex. Definitely below average across the board.


With that I bring this Pan Picks post to a close. Haruki Sato has always been and will forever be a big favorite of mine. Her curves were some of the all time best and she could squirt like a geyser. For those unaware of Haruki or have just passed on her over the years I hope you’ll read this and give her a shot. Maybe someday you’ll be gushing over her too…


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