May 17, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Marina Shiraishi Videos



    • Birthday: 8/10/86(31 years old)
    • Career Status: 2013 – present
    • Measurements: JP 90-60-90 (US) 35-24-35
    • Cup Size: G
    • Height: 154 cm (5 ft 1 in)
    • Hair Color: Brown
    • Eye Color: Black


Metric Score
Breasts 5/10
Face 10/10
Body 8/10
Ass 8.5/10
Acting 9.5/10



Marina Shiraishi began her career back in 2013 shooting for SOD Create. Now while she has shot one or two videos for other studios such as IdeaPocket and Dandy nearly her entire career has been with SOD. Marina is supposedly married and has a child although there’s no way to 100% confirm this but given her acting style and various other things it makes a lot of sense. Also she is currently a member of the Ebisu Muscats which is a J-Pop group consisting of gravure and AV idols. Marina’s most notable aspects are her beautiful face, impeccable smile, thick body and nice ass. Not to mention her superb and unique acting talent. I always feel Marina is a bit underrated but perhaps after reading this you’ll be convinced to give her a shot. Or if you’re already a fan then maybe you’ll find some new favorites.

Honorable Mentions


“Bouncy Soft Titty Fuck


I’d never thought a paizuri focused video from Marina would be good let alone one of her best but here we are. Although her boobs aren’t the best she manages to turn this into a memorable and fantastic video mainly thanks to her flawless acting. She’s very engaging and expressive which is a huge factor imo when it comes to paizuri. And there’s a decent variety in the scenes as well.  Check it out if you’re a paizuri lover.


“4 Full, Sensual, Raw, Dripping POV Fucks


This one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s all about pov through 4 sensual sex scenes. All of them take place in private giving them that more intimate feel. As you can probably guess her performance is solid and the pov action is tight and done well. Also she looks incredible and wears a few nice outfits. Pov enthusiasts should definitely give this a shot.


“The Magic Mirror Number Bus Is Cumming!! All Real Amateur Cherry Boy First Experiences In Reverse Threesomes With Ultra Beautiful Girls! A Too Envious For Words Double Casting Special!”


This entry is a crossover with Ideapocket. It uses the infamous “magic mirror van” as virgins are invited in to have a threesome with Marina and Harumi. These two make a great pair and their chemistry together is very good. A lot of sexy outfits as well between the two of them. Add in some top-notch acting and you’ve got a real winner.


“This DQN School Son Filmed His Stepmom In A POV Fuck Video And Sold The Footage Without Permission”


When I initially saw this cover I assumed it’d  be another bland rape themed release from Marina but I was wrong. The plot revolves around this guy who finds a sex tape of his stepmom(Marina) and somehow uses it have his way with her. At the end him and his friend get caught banging her by his dad who ends up joining in. It’s a little strange for sure but I really enjoyed the plot overall and her performance really sells it. Easily one of her better plot driven films.


“Housewife For A Day!? Marina Shiraishi Will Cum To Your House For The Day”


I absolutely love fan thanksgiving videos as they allow for the actress to be themselves and act natural. This premise lends itself greatly to Marina’s strong acting ability and results in a truly amazing video. She’s very expressive, bubbly and engaging in every scene making even the mundane blowjob so much better. Besides that she looks fantastic and the action is solid too.


Best Videos


“A Seductive Teacher Who Will Whisper Into The Ears Of Her Students’ Boyfriends And Has Her Way With Them”


This is one of Marina’s latest videos releases and is easily among her all time greatest. The premise revolves around Marina playing your highschool teacher in various scenarios as she seduces you right behind your girlfriend’s back. And did I mention it’s all shot in pov as well? This video nails every single aspect starting of course with the excellent plot. There’s enough variety in the scenes and setup to keep things interesting plus seeing Marina take on a slutty and seductive role is always a treat. Which leads me to her incredible acting. I cannot stress enough when I say that Marina is hands down one of the best performers around atm. Everything from her facial expressions to her enthusiasm and her engagement are just perfect. Another thing to note is that she feels very natural, not overly fake which is always great. Next up is the action and I gotta say this video knocks it out of the park. There’s several full sex scenes all ending in creampies and shot in glorious pov. In addition every scene features an element of risk involved due to the girlfriend. Such as when she takes you into the hallway and goes to town on you while the girlfriend is writing on the board in the room still. Lastly I can’t forget to mention how gorgeous she is here. Her wardrobe is stunning consisting of typical teacher garb and a very sexy pair of glasses. But above all else she naturally is incredibly beautiful as ever. I still stand by my statement of her being the prettiest actress in jav right now. So in the end this is easily her best release over the past year and should absolutely not be missed by any Marina fan as well as pov fans.


Voluptuous Fitness Instructor With G-Cups


Gym/workout inspired plot, sweaty action and  Marina Shiraishi. What could be better? The plot is pretty straightforward as it’s mainly just about Marina in various gym settings and what not. Nothing too complex. The main draw here is her astonishing appearance.  Seeing Marina in tight workout clothes is just amazing and her juicy, voluptuous body is shown off wonderfully here. When it comes to the action this video nails it. With a four hours runtime to be had you can expect plenty of sex, all featuring her getting very sweaty. Now the filler scenes aren’t too special such as the paizuri scene but one or two mediocre scenes out of 6 or so is still pretty great. Marina delivers a good performance overall but could have been better in some areas. Just a little too whiny here and there but still terrific nonetheless. With all this being said I HIGHLY recommend this particular video to anyone into workout themed videos and sweaty sex.


“12 Ejaculations During A Flirtatious And Lustful Day Trip To The Hot Spring”


STAR-665 stands as one of my personal favorite Marina videos and is one that everyone should watch. Featuring a decent plot that’s handled extremely well with great use of pov. Basically it’s you and her going on a trip to a hot springs for some fun. The action is definitely a highlight here as the sex is plentiful and the location variety helps keep things interesting. Yes most of the scenes take place at the resort but some happen in the hallway, bedroom and in the hot springs themselves. The video flows really nicely as well never spending too much time on one scene. While there is a good bit of setup in between the scenes with her flirting with you it’s still great to watch due to her flawless performance. Flirtatious, lively, energetic and incredibly bubbly. Marina has risen to become one of the best performers in jav right now and this is a perfect example of her work. She turns even the average handjob scene into something deeply engaging and amazing. Her facial expressions are also some of the best mainly due to her incredible eyes and smile. And of course she looks utterly gorgeous and vibrant here.


“Obscene Hips and a Big Ass – Straddling Cowgirl Fuck With Her Ass Exposed”


Choosing this one was a no brainer. A video focusing entirely on Marina’s big round ass? Hell yes. If you’re the kind of person who wants to see loads of action and less plot then this is definitely more your style. With a runtime of 3 hours there’s certainly no shortage here. Each scene centers squarely on Marina’s ass so expect a lot of cowgirl, doggystyle and facesitting. In addition her wardrobe is outstanding. Each one highlights her ass and thick body very well. Those fishnets on her look particularly amazing. Also the camerawork is top-notch too capturing all the best angles of her fantastic ass. My  biggest gripe is her acting which is a little lackluster compared to some of her previous performances. Beyond that though this is no doubt one of her best videos. For anyone that’s an ass lover you absolutely gotta see this.


“10th Anniversary – If The Ladies Don’t Know About It It’s Their Loss! Marina Shiraishi Gives The Biggest Cock in The World A Forced Blowjob/Gets Covered In BUKKAKE/Wild Soapland Play/Tied Up And Fucked”


Marina is no newcomer when it comes to interracial. She’s currently shot 3 videos in the genre with this one not only being the best among herself but also just in general. The video is 4 hours long and features her flying out to L.A to shoot this video. One of the best aspects here is the sheer variety in the action and scenes. There’s a traditional one-on-one sex scene, a scene where she’s on the bus with a bunch of black guys trying to make each cum within 10 minutes, a bukkake scene, soapland scene and a light bondage type scene. No matter what you’re into you’ll find something to enjoy. Plus all the technical aspects are excellent and there’s virtually no filler. The other major highlight is her performance. Overall she’s got some nice enthusiasm, energy and she’s pretty active throughout. A nice change of pace from a lot of interracial videos where the theme is typically rape focused and the actress just isn’t fun to watch. She’s full of energy here and incredibly vibrant. Round all that up with her superb and bubbly appearance and you’ve got a winner. I strongly recommend anyone into interracial videos to watch this as you won’t be disappointed.


Enjoy A Loving, Incestuous Life With The Incredibly Dirty And Beautiful Marina Shiraishi As Your Stepmom


Incest and pov. Two of my personal favorite themes and the combining them together results in perhaps my all time favorite Marina video and an absolute masterpiece. The premise is pretty typical as it starts out with you spying on your stepmom(Marina) while she’s cleaning. Then while she’s asleep you jerk off to her. Afterwards she discovers you’re porn dvd stash and gets a little turned on. Eventually you two get down to business and proceed to fuck throughout the rest of the video. Now speaking of the action it’s incredible. There’s several sex scenes of course but in between are a blowjob and paizuri scene and even those are superb. The plot and pov use certainly enhances those scenes and makes them much more engaging. Also gotta love that you’re treated to several nice shots of her ass as she rides you. Perhaps though the best aspect here and what really makes these scenes standout is her flawless performance. There’s one and I mean NO ONE that is a better fit for this role than Marina. Her naturally bubbly and inviting personality shine here and really make each scene worth watching. She has such a warm and motherly tone to her acting that doesn’t feel fake or put on. Her facial expressions are second to none and her gorgeous smile is irresistible. As a whole she really draws you into the experience.  Lastly I gotta mention her stunning appearance. Her wardrobe is subtle but matches her perfectly. And physically she’s in top-notch shape.  I can’t say enough about this one. Every single element of this video is perfect. If you’re like me and love incest and pov then stop right now and go download this immediately.


“Cum Swallowing, Massive Bukkake, Extreme Orgasmic Trance Covered In Sperm”


Being a massive fan of this genre I was thrilled to see Marina shoot a video for it. I gotta say its one of the best videos in the genre I’ve seen in recent memory. Overall the premise is based around cum swallowing, bukkake and tons of cum play. Each scene is varied enough to stand out so you’ll never get too bored. The first half revolves around cum swallowing in various scenes. Such as a pov blowjob scene, group sex scene or at the end of a one-on-one sex scene. Whats nice is she does it all with a smile, no struggling or gagging. The second half focuses on facials and bukkake. Once again there’s a group sex scene along with two bukkake centric scenes each with a different theme. In addition spread throughout is some minor squirting and paizuri. Marina’s performance overall really elevates this video to an even higher level. Imo Marina has truly become one of the better performers in jav right now. Here is no different as her personality really shines through. She’s very bubbly, fun, warm and quite enthusiastic. She swallows every load with a smile and eagerly awaits the next one. When it comes to the bukkake scenes she’s amazing as well. Taking every facial with a smile and never shying away from them. Overall her facial expressions are really on point here. Finally Marina looks pretty nice here and she wears some sexy outfits too. Such as in the one sex scene in which she wears cat ears, leopard print panties and fishnets while getting fucking doggystyle. Truly mesmerizing. Definitely check this out if you’re a fan of bukkake and cum play.


“Reverse Rape With My Son’s Classmate Body Pressing Baby Making Sex”


I always love seeing dominant Marina and this is another home run from her. Here she plays a mother who lusts after her son’s friend. It starts with her crashing into him while riding her bike and then she dreams about having sex with him. Later she throws herself at her son’s friend while he’s playing in the pool and has her way with him. She then has sex with him again but the son witnesses the aftermath. Finally at the end the son has sex with her after watching her fuck his friend. It’s a kinky plot but if you enjoy incest and reverse rape you will do doubt love this premise. Nearly every scene features her taking the lead and playing the dominant role. Also the last scene was pretty exciting as she has sex with her son while in bed with her husband. Really great risk element involved. As you can probably guess Marina’s performance is excellent here. She’s dominant, lewd, flirty and very engaging. She’s constantly smiling and her facial expression are second to none. Always having this warm and inviting look on her face. Last but not least she’s in impeccable shape here. Everything just comes together perfectly. Her eyes, smile, hair…etc. While it’s certainly a bit more niche than some videos here it’s definitely worth your time if you enjoy shotacon, incest and reverse rape.


“Watch Her Scream, Spasm, And Cum In Creampie Raw Footage Fucking With Big Black Mega Sized Cocks”


Marina is no stranger to interracial and bbc as this is her 3rd video featuring it and the 2nd on my list. This is a pretty basic video that centers around creampies and intense sex. So with that being said the action better be good, right? Thankfully it is. There’s barely any filler to get in the way here as this video contains 3 full creampie sex scenes with the final one being a foursome. It’s all pretty intense and the creampies are very nice. Hell she even squirts a bit too. Adding to all that is Marina’s superb performance. She genuinely seems to have a good time and enjoys herself throughout. Plus she’s pretty engaging and boasts excellent enthusiasm. Overall very lively and fun to watch. Lastly Marina looks great here as always and her wardrobe is pretty nice too. Especially in the final scene in which she wears full body fishnets. In closing this is yet another stellar interracial release from Marina and is a definite must watch for fans of the genre as well as anyone into creampies.


“24 Hours Of Irresistibly Obscene Cock Sucking”


I’m far away from being a fan of blowjob focused videos but I was completely blown away by this one. This is easily one of the very best from this genre. So as you can probably guess there’s no overall plot here. Instead its composed of many different blowjob themed scenes each with a different scenario. Some examples have her playing a dentist, teacher, nurse and masseuse. Also the first scene features her with a bunch of lucky fans. Now there aren’t just blowjobs here as there’s several sex scenes as well. But no doubt the blowjobs are the main focus and are handled very well. Every scene feels unique and memorable thanks to the varied scenarios and even included pov use in some scenes. What really sets this apart though is her incredible performance. Marina’s blowjob technique is second to none. Her enthusiasm and energy are off the charts here. She’s so bubbly, cheerful and engaging in nearly every single scene. Her facial expressions are amazing too. Rounding all this out is her gorgeous appearance. When it comes to her wardrobe there’s a great amount of variety. No doubt you will find something to like here. But perhaps the most astonishing aspect is her face. Her smile and eyes are just amazing here and since the main focus is blowjobs you get plenty of time to appreciate it. All this being said I can’t recommend this enough especially to blowjob enthusiasts. Hands down one of the greatest in the genre.

Worst Videos


“Married Woman S&M Sex Slave


Bondage and ropes. Two of my absolute least favorite themes in jav. I will admit I only lightly skimmed through this but that alone was enough. I’m sure some of you out there enjoy this stuff I definitely do not.


“High Class Sexual Services Wife


Now this one isn’t truly awful but it’s just not my cup of tea at all. I find soapland videos to be very repetitive and this one is really no different. Plus her performance is pretty mediocre which isn’t surprising given this is early in her career.

Now that we’re at the end of my list I hope you have a greater appreciation for Marina Shiraishi. I always feel like she’s very, very underrated and perhaps this will change your mind or give you some new videos to check out. She’s easily one of the best performers around at the moment with a cheerful personality as big as her ass.


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