April 20, 2024


Yui Hatano’s latest film scores big with me from personal experience and while there was a certain aspect of this video that didn’t land with me, it is worth a watch if not purely for watching Yui in slinky dresses. This five scene massage themed video mainly revolves around urination and each scene has Yui spraying the actor. It’s not typically something in my collection, but so much about the atmosphere and the lead up to the sexual acts have all struck a chord with me and made this film a decent title. Her performance is excellent and she moves fluidly from one position to another. She utilizes her surroundings extremely well and uses the massage table for various positions and rarely will you see an edit to the next position because she knows how to use the space properly. Her hair and makeup are wonderfully done and give her just the right balance between masseuse and sex goddess.

Scene one:

Dressed in a masseuse outfit that reaches her knees, she starts off this scene by spreading oil on the actor’s back. After some sweet talk to the actor and the flip over, she reaches up under her dress and pulls down her panties and lays it on his face while she stradles him and starts to urinate on his stomach. Some face sitting and a blowjob, and this scene ends with a hand job.

The great: Panties being taken off rank very high for me. This theme, plus Yui equals fun times ahead.

The good: Sensuality is still the main focal point and Yui did well to show lots of adoration for the client with DFK (deep French kissing) and plenty of caresses.

The bad: I wanted to find fault with this scene such as her laying her panties on his face, but the more I watch it, the more I realize even that gesture she did it with sensuality.

Scene two:

The cover outfit mini dress makes its appearance here and from the first second of the scene and you’re staring at the sheerness of the back of the dress and you can make out her black thong. Not too much by of a faux massage as within a few minutes she’s pulling down her panties and the urination starts. Her neck accessory stays on throughout the entire scene which add a nice spice to the whole thing. She’s does doggy and cowgirl on the massage table and it is a joy to watch her perfectly balance herself throughout the transition without breaking continuity. Scene concludes with a creampie, but as the actor pulls out, Yui sucks him hard again and they go to a second round with a finish on her ass.

The great: Panty pull down in the beginning and when she removes the mini dress while the actor is still eating her, wonderfully, and I mean wonderfully executed by Yui.

The good: Such an expert, she rarely made the scene drag on as she varied her motions and still managed to give a GFE.

The bad: It’s not glaring but I feel I need to at least fault a scene for something, there is an unecessary edit in the early penetration sequence that I think she would’ve arrived at naturally.

Scene three:

Yui arrives to the actor in a sheer micro skirt and a tie top, and proceeds to kick things off by urinating on his back to act as a lubricant for the “massage”. Much more of a straight urination fetish with a hand job finish, this scene was an easy skip for me.

The great: The intro shot is in POV and is filmed as if you were on your stomach on the table and when Yui walks in with a sheer skirt, you see panties and a bare midriff.

The good: When she slithered on the table for a 69 position she did it so smoothly and the camera work with the pan around to her pussy was a thing of beauty.

The bad: Urination. Urination into a funnel into the actor’s mouth.

Scene four:

Yui makes a house-call and strips down to lingerie while she urinates and gives a foot job. She looks fantastic in the lingerie, but overall this scene is a filler scene for me as she gives a good blow job but nothing else to note. Hand job finish.

The great: The strip down to the lingerie was nice and she fills it out really well.

The good: More likely just something funny I guess, she pulls out the lotion as if she’s going to give a massage, but puts it back into her bag and gives a half-hearted walking on his back routine. Then she literally kicks him off the bed onto the floor and then urinates on him.

The bad: She assumes more of the dominating role here as she pinches and then bites, the hell out of his nipples.

Scene five:

Thankfully we’re back to the massage table and as Yui walks in she’s wearing an almost identical barely-there outfit in scene three. As she turns around she’s wearing a skirt with the back cut out so we’re treated to her thong. Straight forward to some lotion play and she removes her top to reveal a cup-less bra and some paizuri occurs. This plays out more of a straight sex scene and I noticed positions were more robotic in nature as opposed to happening naturally. Creampie finish and Yui urinates on his face for good measure afterwards.

I have lived that scumbag life where I can relate to these scenarios (sans urination) and they are fun to experience. Yui did amazing in the masseuse role and she absolutely knocked it out of the park with the costumes. Her sexual performance was very good in the first two scenes but the last three didn’t land well with me. Overall for the nostalgia of my past experience (again sans urination) in these massage parlors, and her performance in that scenario, this is a 4 out of 5.


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