June 12, 2024


Following the theme of a weekend getaway, Aoi Akane takes our actor on a four scene romp with two creampie scenes, vibrator, and BBJTCIM. Outfits ranging from a schoolgirl, a one-piece swimsuit and a gym uniform, the action is mostly POV interspersed with third person camera angles. If you’re new to this theme, the actress gets picked up and in the car there’s a little chit chat to get things going (not going to assume it’s a sexual conversation) and then she gets played with in their room to get her warmed up. Next is a poolside fuck, followed up with dinner and she gives a BJ, with the finale scene being a sleeping idol being woken up for the closing fuck. Actress is fairly new to me and the big sell was the glasses, so if you’ve got that fetish, you’ll be glad to know she has it on throughout the whole movie. This has more of a school theme with the outfits being school-related and she fills them out quite nicely. I am impressed with the physical attributes: pouty lips, engaging smile, toned frame, and a nice skin complexion. Her non-sexual acting skills were quite pleasant in this movie and she seemed like she was comfortable playing the role.

First scene is the drive up to the resort. She’s dressed in a schoolgirl outfit which is resembling more of an actual school uniform as opposed to something kinky. Inside the room, she’s fingered, eaten, and had the hand-held massager bring her up to temperature. The scene is mainly to get you teased before the main events kick off, but to be really honest, the scene was nothing more than filler.

The great: Prior to the scene transitioning to the next one, her BF leaves her alone while he went ahead, and she sneaks in a few more vibes with her vibrator before she goes and follows him.

The good: She looks terrific with just the bra pulled up and her panties pulled down.

The bad: Nothing more to this scene than a quick intro to her shaved pussy and somewhat lackluster facial expressions.

Second scene she changes into a one piece swimsuit much akin to a school-issued one. They’re in an outdoor pool while indoors has one bystander innocently minding his own business while he bathed himself. When the coast is finally clear, she’s free to give a blowjob and fuck with the swimsuit still on. Not exactly sure how he managed to cut the hole to get access to her pussy, but it gets done nevertheless. Her blowjob skills are terrific on camera. She conveys a gentle rhythm and looks like she enjoys giving them. Add that to the fact that her glasses are on the entire time, and you will love how her eyes look up at you through those glasses. She fucked to a creampie at the conclusion.

The great: Did I mention her blowjob looks terrific, because it does.

The good: Didn’t overact the scene, where others might have played up the “someone might be watching us” routine and constantly looked over their shoulder.

The bad: They lingered a bit too long doing things while still in the pool and I couldn’t help but think they probably didn’t want to splash around too much.

Third scene is purely a blowjob scene. After they have some dinner, she shows off that gentle blowjob. Glasses are still on the entire scene and she loves to go really slow and methodical with some gagging thrown in for a little variety. Finish in her mouth and spills it out on her palm.

The great: She didn’t play up to the camera, she stared directly at the actor.

The good: She didn’t stop midway to jerk him off, she was all mouth.

The bad: The change to different positions could’ve been a little smoother.

Fourth scene is her in a school gym uniform underneath her robe. Kind of an odd scene I’d say, she’s “asleep” while she’s wearing her gym uniform. Could’ve been naked, I’m just saying. She wakes up as he’s feeling on her and she puts on her glasses and we get to business. Her bottom comes off while she still has on the t-shirt and she could not look hotter. She looks more comfortable in this setting as opposed to the pool scene which is nice to see. Creampie to completion and she comes up and keeps on sucking him off.

The great: Just a joy to watch from all angles, lots of smiles and doesn’t overdo it with the facial expressions.

The good: Nothing wild from the different positions. Her different assets are on display: from her slim waistline, her impeccable lips, to her face behind her glasses, you get to enjoy them in an easy going scene.

The bad: At times she can come off as robotic. I don’t have much experience in watching her so I don’t know whether to chalk it up to her being in the moment and she has a habit of being lifeless when she’s really enjoying the moment, or she didn’t have chemistry working with the actor.

I was overall satisfied with this film. The penetration scenes seemed like she was enjoying it and she was happy to oblige with the different positions. The film was tame with the sex positions and nothing too rough which was just right for her given that she had glasses on throughout all the scenes. Her highlights were definitely her blowjob tactics and just the way she owned her glasses for the entire movie. She had a warmth in this movie which was needed because they needed to convey that this was a getaway with the girlfriend. Creampies look realistic and the entire movie definitely has a home movie vibe since the majority of the shots are from the actor’s hand held camera. I definitely rank this a pleasant addition to the collection and as such gets a 3 out of 5 from me.


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