May 16, 2024

Pan’s Top 40 Favorite Videos of All Time Part 4/4

10. IPZ-559

“Tight Skirt Cram School Teacher


Hands down this is the best Jessica Kizaki video imo and may even be my favorite teacher video of all time(stay tuned for that). At its core the plot is your typical seductive teacher premise. IdeaPocket does a great job with the scenarios here leading to some very memorable scenes. Whether she’s fucking a student that she’s tutoring at his house or blowing a group of students after accidentally showing a sex tape of herself during class. Watching Jessica seduce her students is incredible as she delivers a superb performance. She boasts wonderful enthusiasm and is very engaging overall. Not to mention she gets super sweaty throughout which is always a plus. Which leads me to her appearance which is maybe the best aspect of this video. Her entire wardrobe is top-notch consisting of the usual teacher attire that suits her perfectly. Expect lots of high-heels, pantyhose, stockings and skirts that show off her ridiculous legs and body in amazing fashion. Of course this would all be for nothing if the action wasn’t good but thankfully it is. You get a little bit of everything from several sex scenes to some outercourse scenes and even a nice group blowjob scene. I can’t say enough good things about this one. It’s an easy 10/10 and a must watch for any teacher lover.



9. JUFD-570

“Ecstatic Ass Trembling Dripping Wet Big Assed Fucking


If you love big asses like I do then it’s hard to top this massterpiece. This was one of the first Kaori videos I watched and it’s a still a classic. One of the main reasons this video is so great is the premise. She plays a housewife who inadvertently seduces random men by flaunting her ass. Such as when she has a plumber over and she “accidentally” gets sprayed with water. So of course she proceeds to shove her booty in his face. I personally love that type of plot and Kaori does a fantastic job with it. Adding to that is Kaori’s terrific acting as she delivers one of her better performances to date. Now the only slight negative is the number of sex scenes being only two. However they’re very good and even the filler scenes are worth watching due to the amazing camerawork. It perfectly captures the best angles of the action and really shows off her incredible body and ass. Also the first sex scene is by far my favorite Kaori scene of all time. But by far the best aspect here is Kaori’s appearance and wardrobe. Every single outfit fits her perfectly and is super tight and sexy. In closing this is one that should be seen by just about everyone. Not just Kaori fans but also anyone into thick actresses and especially big asses.



8. WANZ-348

“Cowgirl Babe’s Nut-Busting Creampie SEX


This series is one of my all time favorites and Kurea’s entry is easily the greatest imo. It’s a pretty straightforward video focusing nearly entirely on cowgirl sex and loads of creampies. The highlight of course is no doubt the outstanding action. The lighting and camerawork are excellent and the variations on the cowgirl position are remarkable.  Watching her ride these guys for several loads is truly breathtaking. Kurea’s forceful and dominant performance makes all these scenes 10 times better. Her enthusiasm is unparalleled and puts nearly all other actresses to shame. Of course adding to all this is her stunning appearance. Her wardrobe is minimal but still fantastic with some sexy lingerie and some awesome latex gloves and knee-high boots. Beyond that though her body is in utterly perfect shape. No denying she’s got one of the best bods in jav. There’s really not much else to say. It doesn’t get much better than this when it comes to Kurea Hasumi.



7. IPZ-127

“My Super Sweet Cohabitation Life


By far one of the greatest pov videos of all time. The plot revolves arounf you moving in with your two good friends in Aino Kishi and Rio/Tina Yuzuki. They certainly make a great pair and work very well together. I’d even say their chemistry together rivals that of Anri and Hitomi. This series really makes expert use of pov and takes full advantage of it. Such as all the filler of you and the girls goofing around and playing games which really enhances the whole premise. Now moving onto to the action which as you can probably guess is fantastic. There’s plenty of amazing threesomes along with a really nice “holdthemoan” type scene of you fucking Rio while Aino Kishi is in dining room and you’re trying to stay quiet. Oh and she squirts several times during this scene which is a huge plus. Another nice aspect is that the girls aren’t afraid to engage with each other throughout as they grope and kiss several times. And when it comes to their performances they’re equally terrific as they play their parts very well and are super engaging which is critical with a plot like this. They’re also very bubbly and expressive. Finally they each look gorgeous here. So cute and adorable but sexy at the same time. All this combined makes for what is easily one of the greatest pov masterpieces ever created.



6. STAR-604

“Enjoy A Loving, Incestuous Life With The Incredibly Dirty And Beautiful Marina Shiraishi As Your Stepmom”


Incest and pov. Two of my personal favorite themes ever together in one video.  The premise is pretty typical as it starts out with you spying on your stepmom(Marina) while she’s cleaning. Then while she’s asleep you jerk off to her. Afterwards she discovers you’re porn dvd stash and gets a little turned on. Eventually you two get down to business and proceed to fuck throughout the rest of the video. Now speaking of the action it’s incredible. There’s several sex scenes of course but in between are a blowjob and paizuri scene and even those are superb. The plot and pov use certainly enhances those scenes and makes them so much better. Also gotta love that you’re treated to several nice shots of her ass as she rides you. Perhaps though the best aspect here and what really makes these scenes standout is her flawless performance. There is no one and I mean NO ONE that is a better fit for this role than Marina. Her naturally bubbly and inviting personality shine here and really make each scene worth watching. She has such a warm and motherly tone to her acting that doesn’t feel fake or put on. Her facial expressions are second to none and her gorgeous smile is irresistible. As a whole she really draws you into the experience.  Lastly I gotta mention her stunning appearance. Her wardrobe is subtle but matches her perfectly. And physically she’s in top-notch shape. Every single element of this video is perfect. Here’s to hoping she eventually return to AV.



5. IPZ-059

Awesome Threesome With Big Titties


I’ll admit I kinda glossed over this one initially as I’m not really a fan of Kokomi Sakura but once I gave it a chance I was absolutely blown away and it proved to be one of my favorite videos of all time. I believe the premise revolves you and the girls, who are your friends, moving in together and sharing a house. I could be wrong but it honestly doesn’t matter too much in the end. Just know that the whole video is entirely pov and its done extremely well. There’s loads of action here as the runtime is nearly 4 hours long with numerous solo and threesome sex scenes. And if you’re looking for a little girl on girl then you’ll find a touch of it here too as the girls frequently grope and play with each other. Also the filler bits in between the sex scenes really help draw you into the premise. Performances from both are outstanding as well. Little whining, great engagement and full of energy. They’re chemistry with one another is great too and they both look super sexy and cute to boot. No doubt if you like pov and threesomes then you’ll be in heaven here. This is just absolutely perfection from start to finish.



4. MIDE-213

“A Date With a Slut With Amazing Technique and Huge Tits Who Makes Me Cum Over and Over”


This video gives you the pov experience of having Anri Okita as your girlfriend as you go on a few dates together and fuck…a lot. After all the runtime is 4 hours long loaded with tons of sex scenes mixed in with some nice shots of you two hanging out and talking, like a real date. Now despite having a simple plot the action contains a great amount of variety in the scenes and is a huge selling point for this one. There’s of course the typical hotel room sex scenes but beyond that there’s plenty of paizuri, a scene where she jerks you off in the car, a bathroom handjob scene and another scene taking place inside the car but this time she fucks you while people are walking by on the street. There’s never a dull moment and you’ll be entertained from start to finish. Not to mention the pov element is used to great effect in these scenes helping them feel more engaging. Of course enhancing all this action is her outstanding performance. She seems very natural here and plays the flirty girlfriend role quite well. Her enthusiasm is also second to none and she really delivers one of her best performances of her career. And do I need to mention how gorgeous she looks here. Because she is absolutely stunning and has never looked better. Everything from her boobs to her face and body are on point.  MIDE-213 stands as my personal favorite pov video and I don’t think anything will top it.



3. PLA-045

“The Second We Met This Porn Star Jumped On My Dick For A Creampie”


Any Ai Uehara fan knows this video and how legendary it is. The premise is super simple as it basically follows Ai as she moves around a house fucking the shit out of any guy she finds. Often making them cum multiple times in a row. Every single element here is just flawless starting with her appearance. Besides wearing a few sexy outfits she’s in perfect shape. Definitely in her prime here. Secondly the action is just completely over the top and incredible. It’s nearly non-stop from beginning to end with tons of facesitting, some squirting and loads of creampies. The best word to describe it all is “entertaining”. Watching her trying to find guys in a game of hide-in-seek and then immediately jumping on their dick and riding them is just amazing to watch.  Plus the fact that she often makes them cum twice in a row is just remarkable. But by far the most notable aspect is her acting. This could be the most enthusiastic performance I’ve ever seen from any actress. She’s just relentless here as she chases guys through hallways, holds them down and just milks them dry. So full of energy without ever skipping a beat as she has the ability to make even the mundane handjob scene a sight to behold. I could on all day about this video but I’ll end it here. PLA-045 is in a class of its own.



2. MIGD-209



Moodyz’s “Dream Woman” series happens to be the best bukkake series imo and it’s honestly my 2nd favorite video ever. May sound odd since it’s just a bukkake video but it’s that damn good. I don’t think I need to explain the premise too much. It’s a typical bukkake video so expect lots of cumplay and facials. Now one of the main reasons this particular entry is so amazing is due to the scene variety. Every single scene feels unique and memorable. Such as one featuring her as a dominate teacher getting covered in cum while having sex or another where she’s made up to be a gyaru or “gal” with a tan receiving multiple facials. In addition there’s plenty of squirting too and some cum swallowing to boot. Once again as I’ve mentioned before on this list Rio is in top-notch physical shape. She wears a variety of sexy outfits as well that all look great on her. Rio Hamasaki’s acting is another highlight. She delivers a performance that is just as varied as the scenes. Whether she’s dominant or submissive or anything in between she nails it with ease. She takes all these facials with a smile and boasts great enthusiasm. Just an absolute pleasure to watch. Also I should add that this was personally my first full length video I ever owned so I have a bit of nostalgia bias for it. Still it easily earns the 10/10 score and will always remain a huge favorite of mine.



1. MIRD-150

“J & L – Two Pairs Of Huge Tits Take Real Creampies


This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. You all knew this was coming. I’m sure 95% of everyone reading this right now knows of this video so I won’t go too in depth over it. It’s basically just Anri and Hitomi having sex together and taking creampies. MIRD-150 absolutely nails everything. Big tits? Check. Creampies? Check. Girl on girl action? Check. Group sex? Check. Squirting? Check. MIRD-150 stands as one of the best videos ever made imo. From the insane chemistry and performances they share to the top-notch sex with plenty of variety and quality camerawork and just Hitomi and Anri looking stunning. There’s so many things in this video you won’t see any happen anywhere else. One example being when the dude is about to cum while fucking Anri so Hitomi furiously jerks him off inside her and then proceeds eat her out afterwards. So many amazing moments that lead to MIRD-150 feeling entirely unique and very memorable. I feel like this a video that everyone should see at some point no matter what. After all there’s a reason this video topped the sales charts for nearly the entire year in 2015 at Many years later it’s still my #1 video and I don’t really see it being replaced anytime soon.



And that ladies and gentlemen concludes my top 40 favorite videos of all time. There’s probably a few videos I forgot but for the most part I feel pretty confident in this list. Organizing all this was a bit of a chore but it was a fun ride along the way. Hope ya’ll enjoyed it.

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