April 14, 2024

What Have You Been Watching in 2018?

We’re now half way through the year and I thought I’d ask everyone what they’ve been watching this year. So what actresses have you seen, and what good videos have you seen?

Everyone knows I watch a ton of JAV, and last year was really crazy. I decided to basically only watch 2017 videos, and I watched too many. This year, I’ve been watching a ton of JAV as well, but with no restrictions. It’s let me watch a few of my favourites I wasn’t watching, as well as a few new ones. Without further ado, he’s a breakdown of what I’ve been watching

Best Videos


Julia is someone who can be really good or really bad, and you never know what you’re gonna get. At her peak, she’s actually a really great performer, but she rarely performs that well. This video is simply a really great theme with an amazing performance. Angry Julia is fantastic, and watching her punish a guy is so incredibly hot. Definitely one of my all-time favourite Julia videos.


RION is always someone who looks 10/10 and then just doesn’t have the performances to back it up. I like RION, don’t get me wrong, but I always wish her videos weren’t so boring. This video is basically an S1 version of GES and it’s great. RION and her sister’s boyfriend fucking around the house behind her back. Lots of risky moments and a rather delightful performance from someone who’s usually not that exciting. Definitely a great video from this year.

2017 Rise Actresses

In my 2017 In Review post, I mentioned 6 actresses that I was going to watch more of, which was really 7 if you count my newcomer of the year. Here’s a breakdown of those actresses and how I’ve been watching them.


Marina Yuzuki

I’ve really been enjoying her, she’s plenty attractive with large breasts. I’ve been warming up to her breasts more and more, and she’s been growing a lot on me. Her variety in genres really stands out as a newcomer to me. While she’s certainly not a top tier actress, she might be if she continues at this pace. I’m definitely going to keep watching tons of Marina and hoping she can cement herself as one of the best.


Ai Sayama

As I said, I’ve been going back and slowly watching some of her older stuff. I’ve also been keeping up with a few new things. I’ve been finding her more attractive in her older videos recently (though I think her GES is the peak of her beauty). She’s been surprising me with how good of a performer she is, especially considering she’s been great for a long time. I definitely have a few more of her older videos to watch, but I’ve been really impressed.


Yuri Oshikawa

Yuri was someone I had meant to watch more of since I saw her GES, and last year was really that opportunity. I enjoyed Yuri, and I still do. I haven’t watched her quite as much as some others on the list, and I think that largely comes down to her videos not exciting me. There’s certainly a lot of material but a lot of it doesn’t seem like it would be good. Still, Yuri’s attractive and I’m definitely going to keep on the lookout for good stuff.


Aki Sasaki

Aki probably has the largest rise in popularity for me since Rena Fukiishi. Even though Aki doesn’t have large breasts, I’ve been enjoying her a lot. She reminds me a lot of Rena Fukiishi ironically, with a large volume in a short period, and with lots of videos that look like they’re worth watching. Aki’s performance has been plenty enjoyable, and there’s a good amount of variety. I even recently did a rate the actress post of her. Aki is definitely here to stay.


Aika Yumeno

I’ve been trying to find Aika’s best videos lately. With panpicks for her, I’ve been steadily going through some of her stuff. I’m still finding she isn’t the best performer, but she certainly looks great and her bubbly personality is enjoyable. I do think her charm as this bubbly young girl is a good selling point for her. Considering I wasn’t much of a fan two years ago, I’m very much so a fan of her now.


Mako Oda

I’ve been a fan of Mako for a while, and I’ve been keeping up a bit with her lately. I’ve actually been promoting her subreddit recently and I’ve posted a few videos and gifs to go along. Mako’s performances seem like she’s missing just that extra something to propel her to the top, and I find I’m often left wanting just a little more. Hard to argue with Mako’s amazing body though.


Wakaba Onoue

I really haven’t watched more of her. I definitely had plans to, but I think she was the one I was least excited about. She had a couple of really good videos, but a lot of them weren’t quite that good. I’ve seen a couple videos, and there’s a couple more I plan to as well, but she just hasn’t quite had the impact on me I thought she would. It’s also worth noting that I think she’s more attractive now than she used to be, so I haven’t been enjoying her older stuff nearly as much as I expected.

Other Favourites I Watched In 2017

Despite having a few actresses I planned to watch more of, there’s always a group of actresses that are my favourites. This list is basically my top six + one other.


Hitomi – Let’s face it, Hitomi has been my number 1 for a long time, and I doubt that will ever change. I always watch a ton of Hitomi, I watch every new release and have seen all her videos. I tend to pace myself reviewing her older stuff so that I don’t run out of content of her. Still, she’s my favourite and I’m just always gonna watch her stuff.


Kaho Shibuya

Another in my top three, I love watching Kaho Shibuya. There’s always some really great videos from her if you look through a little, and so I keep trying to find her best. Can’t go wrong with how great she is at squirting, and I love her breasts. Her facial expressions can certainly be off-putting at times, but I tend to find enough other good qualities to keep watching her stuff. She’s simply one of my most watched actresses and I doubt that changes.



Meguri’s one of my top three actresses, and I always watch a lot of her. I recently finished my first spotlight post, and Meguri was the actress. I had to watch a lot of videos to prepare that content, so up until that post I was watching a lot of her. I still watch her, but not nearly as much, as I’m making time for some other favourites.


Chitose Saegusa

Chitose’s one of my favourites, and nearly ended up my favourite performer last year. It’s hard for me to not want to watch her stuff. Chitose recently retired, but I’ve still got a few of hers I want to watch. I’m definitely planning a spotlight post for her once I get through a few more of her things, so she’ll continue to be someone I watch a lot of.



Julia always looks fantastic and always tempts me into watching her stuff. It’s always hit or miss, but when it’s a hit it’s really good. I’ve gone back and found a few that I remember being great, and boy were they ever. I keep watching new Julia hoping for the best, and every once in a while I find something special, like the video of hers I highlighted. Julia says she’s gonna keep at it forever, and I’m happy with that because she’s one of my favourites.


Rena Fukiishi

Rena’s been one of my favourites for quite some time now, and I watch a lot of her videos. She consistently looks great and has a lot of solid videos. A lot of people probably know by now just how much I like her, and as long as I have good videos to watch, I’ll continue watching more and more of her.


Yui Hatano

Last year I said I thought Yui was overrated; half way through the year I had seen a lot of mediocre stuff from her. During the second half, I watched a ton of good stuff from her, and she proved me wrong. Yui’s really great, and going through her extensive catalog I’ve been finding some really great stuff. Even if there’s a lot of mediocre stuff, there’s so much content that there’s bound to be some good stuff. I’m definitely a big Yui fan now and I’ve been watching a surprising amount of her.

Old Favourites

Watching JAV last year was fun, but at times I missed not being able to watch some of my old favourites. Now that I’m watching whatever I feel like, these are the ones that I’ve been watching the most.


Ai Uehara

Ai’s really a one of a kind actress, and not being able to watch her last year was really not fun. This year I’ve gone back and watched a bunch of her stuff. I’ve been branching out and watching more standard stuff from her, as I was usually watching videos only Ai would do. Ai’s definitely been holding up pretty well, even in the standard stuff.



Anri Okita

Anri’s someone I watched a lot of before I started reviewing, and I really only got into my stride last year. This year, I’ve been going back and watching some videos I’ve remembered fondly. Anri’s really holding up well among new and old favourites alike, and I’m sure I’ll continue to watch more of her.



Ayumi Shinoda

A favourite of mine for sure, and one of the few I missed being able to watch last year. I’m finding Ayumi isn’t quite as good as I remember her, but I still have a lot of things I’m interested in, and I’ll probably get proven wrong. She’s got such an extensive catalog and it’s so easy to find stuff to watch, which is a good selling point for her.

New Favourites

Every year I always have new favourites. Actresses retire, new actresses pop up, or maybe I just learn about some retired actress that’s great. These are the ones that are new to my favourites list from this year that I’ve been watching frequently.


Yuna Shiina

Yuna isn’t quite a new favourite, but I’d only really seen one, maybe two videos prior. Now that I’m watching videos from all over, I’ve been enjoying Yuna a lot. She’s not a good performer by any stretch, but her seductive look blows everyone else out of the water. Seriously, she always looks like she’s up to no good and that look just does something special for me. I’ve seen a surprising number of videos, and I plan to keep watching more.

kaho-kasumi-5 (2).jpg

Kaho Kasumi

Kaho is someone I admit that I was wrong about. I never watched her before, but I’ve become a huge fan recently. She’s a much better performer than I anticipated, and she’s got a lot of content in a lot of genres. While it’s unfortunate I’m only now getting into her, there’s no shortage in videos I’m interested in watching.

honoka mihara.jpg

Honoka Mihara

I’ve been surprisingly impressed by Honoka. She’s not afraid to get down and dirty, whether that’s anal or some sloppy deepthroating. Her deepthroating skills are probably the best I’ve seen in JAV, she’s insanely talented. I’m actually a huge fan of deepthroating, and JAV usually doesn’t hold a candle to Western porn. While that’s still true (particularly because of the size of cocks), Honoka is great at taking a pounding and also holding it for a long time. I haven’t really seen much of her standard stuff, but I’ve at least been enjoying what I’ve been watching. Maybe I’ll come to enjoy her enough to watch her standard stuff, but for now, I’m just going to keep watching the fetish stuff I’ve been enjoying.


So there you have what I’ve been watching this year. I watch far too much JAV and have so many favourites now. I’m curious to see what everyone else has been watching this year. Are there some new favourites? Are there old favourites you’ve been reacquainted with?


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