April 14, 2024


Rino Kirishima may be listed as the starlet, but the real star is the BDSM costume she has on the cover. A lot of covers will feature the same costume and while all the idols look fantastic in it, the total package belongs to Rino Kirishima. The film is devoid of various different locations outside of the hot springs spa where they are, and in doing so, the film will have to rely on its star to keep the audience’s attention.

Rino does a good job tailoring herself to the theme. She’s not the dominatrix, nor a helpless private investigator, she’s the doting significant other who loves to please you. Her facial expressions are enough to make you believe she is afraid to get caught and her body convulsions are believable to the point that she’s totally into you and the moment.

There’s plenty of light and the indoor scenes really make her skin tone pop and you focus solely on her, which of course is the point. The whole film isn’t in a first person narrative, the setup in some scenes use that technique but then shifts to a traditional filming style. There are some questionable cuts in the scenes, but if you can forgive them and just look at Rino, then you’ll be fine. Movie runs through the typical hot springs trip motif, starting with the introduction of the costume, outdoors fun with the costume, some play in the hallway, and a closing fuck scenario that wraps up the whole trip.

We start off with “you” giving her the BDSM costume as a gift. Ecstatic, she almost strips in front of you but the camera jumps to where she has the outfit on underneath a robe. In my initial viewing I thought it seemed really odd for the scene to do that. She started to slip out of her skirt, which in and of itself could’ve been a special series for her in the future, then all of a sudden she appears already in the outfit. She gets played with lightly with fingers and a massager while in the costume. The scene itself could’ve benefited from more wider camera angles. The focus was just a little too tight for my taste, especially since this is the first time we see her in this costume. She stays in it in this first scene which was the saving grace. Did I mention she looks stunning in the outfit?

The next scene is more than likely outside of the room where you and her are staying in. Still wearing the costume underneath the pink robe, she’s fingered in the outfit up until it is presumed someone might catch her and the action stops. Shot mainly with low angles and a very shadowy hallway, the scene is still decent with the pink robe providing a nice pop to an otherwise muted color palette.

Next is the scene where the DVD cover originated from. Lots of light provide a nice balance to Rino’s skin tone. Here you’ll finally see the robe come off and she’s in full view in the outfit. She’s not in it for too long as the actor removes it off of her. But before doing so, the camera gives her the full frame shot that she deserves with that outfit. She does a sloppy blowjob with drool coming out of her mouth which leaves a trail down her stomach when she begins riding you. Good facial expressions and the whines sound decent. There’s a cut right before the creampie where it’s tight on her face then it pans back out when the creampie is given. It’s obvious, but her minute twitches and dirty talk make the scene a decent one.

Back to the room, and she’s in a lovey dovey mood. No BDSM outfit underneath the robe, this first person blowjob-centric scene cuts before an ejaculation takes place and the scene shifts to the bathroom where you pop in her mouth. Not sure why the change in scenery but she does a gagging blowjob and she does get sloppy, so overall it’s an average scene with nothing to complain about. It has a first person element to it, but intermixed with regular shots and it has a nice flow.

Our last scene has her tied at the wrist while she answers a phone call. It’s a fun element to add as she has been playing more of the dominated one in the film. Action moves indoors and filmed on the same level as the mats they’re supposedly going to use to sleep on, it gives off a home video vibe. At creampie, it does the same cut where it focuses on her face then pans out.

If you’re used to her other work, you know they can be varied. What’s going to keep you focused is her charming smile, full lips, and toned figure. This film does a good job showing you what she looks like if she were a girlfriend/wife with a little bit of kinkiness thrown in. It’s a great fanatsy if one were to ever be with someone that resembles a Rino Kirishima. Her performance was good, nothing too over the top which was the goal for something like this. The camera angles did the best they could based on the interior shots, but the outdoor scene was the best one. I think they could’ve cleaned up the edits better, there were some good angles but it ended too soon and went to another angle. I’ll rank this as a three out of five. I wished they used her more in the costume in better lighting and less obvious cutaways during the creampie.


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