December 8, 2022

Pan Takes: DVAJ-450

Video DVAJ-450
Cast Kurea Hasumi
Duration 130 Minutes
Studio Alice JAPAN
Genre Big Tits, Slut, Cowgirl, Creampie
Release Date April 12th, 2020

The full title of this video is “His Dick Is Ready To Explode, And She’s Slowly Grinding On Him, Teasing Him, And Then Hitting Him With Some High-Speed Piston-Pounding Action To Bring Him Within An Inch Of Ejaculation As She Shifts Gears Into A Cowgirl A 3-Fuck Cum-Splattered Special“. What a mouthful am I right? Anyway this film is all about Kurea doing what she does best which is grinding men into a pulp. Read on to find out why this may be Kurea Hasumi’s all time best video.


There really is no plot to speak of here. Instead the director, Nao Masaki, basically just gives Kurea Hasumi the keys and lets her go to town. She rides and grinds these guys into a pulp over the course of the film with multiple cumshots and creampies. It’s very femdom oriented as Kurea takes complete control from start to finish. While I definitely appreciate and desire a good plot most of the time, sometimes you just can’t go wrong with just letting Kurea go full nympho mode. Truly a sight to behold.


Since the entire focus is exclusively on the action it should be good right? Well thankfully it is and it’s some of the best Kurea has ever had a hand in. It encompasses 3 scenes that are full on sex with multiple cumshots. Now as the title states the major focus is on cowgirl however there is some other positions featured such as doggystyle. Beyond that there’s some furious handjobs, blowjobs and even some glorious thigh fucking. And hell one scene is a spiritual successor to a scene from WANZ-348, very nice touch. Overall the action is incredible intense and will leave you breathless.

Production Quality

There’s really nothing to complain about regarding the production quality. For one the pacing is terrific as it doesn’t waste your time with unnecessary filler and gets right to the action. No scenes are too long either. Kurea’s wardrobe is amazing featuring some sexy stockings and red lingerie. The lighting and camerawork are top-notch too perfectly fitting this video. I got no issues whatsoever here. It’s pretty much perfect.

Overall Satisfaction

It’s funny because I initially passed over this film when it came out but just recently when back through Kurea’s library and was like “oh lemme grab this” and boy am I glad I did. The one aspect I haven’t mentioned yet is her acting and I gotta say she may deliver the best performance of her career. She is beyond words here. Her raw enthusiasm is completely unrivaled as she rides and fucks with such a fierce intensity. There’s also a lot of little things she does too such as jerking the guy off, taking off his sock and wiping his cum on it and then shoving his dick back in for a second load. This film solidifies her as the best performer in JAV as far as I’m concerned. I could go on all day about this film but I’ll end it here. This is hands down the best video I’ve seen this year so far and it is Kurea at her absolute best. It’ll leave you breathless.












  • Intense sex
  • Multiple cumshots
  • Kurea is in stunning shape
  • Absolutely insane performance
  • Excellent pacing


  • Nothing

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