June 17, 2024

What Have You Been Watching?

Most of the world is on lockdown and we know what that means: more time to watch JAV! This week I thought I’d ask everyone what they’ve been watching lately and share what I’ve been watching so far this year. With all the discussion posts I do there are several different groupings of videos I watch so I’ll be explaining what they are and give some examples of videos. For anyone joining along and talking about what they watch, feel free to discuss in any capacity, whether it’s a video or actress you want to highlight, what kinds of videos you’ve been watching, or even groupings like myself. Without further ado let’s get into the groupings


Active Favourites

For starters the group I’ve been watching the most are my favourites that are still active. There’s around 20 or so actresses among my favourites that I’ve identified to watch regularly throughout the year and a good portion of what I’ve seen lately has been those favourites. The reason I’ve been doing this is to try to keep up with the actresses I really enjoy. This is much easier said than done with that number of actresses and it does tend to gravitate toward my favourites among that subset. Thankfully the top few like Hitomi, Meguri, and Ai Sayama only release on video per month but for freelance actresses it can be hard to keep up. Another challenging aspect is that actresses don’t always have good releases each month. So far I’ve been quite flexible and have only been watching stuff I’m interested in but we’ll see how this continues throughout the year. Given how the industry is right now the dry spell might give me a minute to catch up. There are so many different actresses I watch and videos for the other groupings that 2/3rds of my capacity in this group just isn’t realistic.


Spotlight Actresses

As people probably know if you’re here there are actresses that I do spotlights for. These posts are quite heavily involved and come with lots of great stuff including a top 10 video list. In order to produce that list I need to watch a lot of videos by the actresses. While I typically have already seen a lot of their videos by the time I decide to do their spotlight I typically watch a good amount closer to the spotlight to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I’ll be keeping those names under wraps a bit for now but I’m sure astute readers could make some pretty reasonable guesses. So far this year I’ve done Anri Okita and I watched quite a few of her videos to prepare. I’d say this could be anywhere between 10-30 videos per actress in general. For Anri I watched around a dozen videos this year. I also watch plenty of videos from favourites that are retired that I’d love to do spotlights for in the future like Ai Uehara (the only retired actress in my top 10 I haven’t done a spotlight for yet). I find with those actresses it’s a good mix between prepping for the spotlight but also just that I enjoy them (it’s why they’re one of my favourites) so I’m happy to keep watching them.


New To Me

New To Me is still going on and I’ve done a couple this year so far (counting the old to me entry). I have another entry upcoming as well. This is usually is 14 videos per year but I undoubtedly find actresses I like among them that I wind up watching more of. While I’ve only seen Momo more than once among the last entry’s list there’s basically always some that I become fans of as a result. I’ll try not to spoil some future posts but some of the actresses on my active favourites list have shown up in New To Me posts. One actress I’ll point out is Saeko Matsushita, someone who I’ve been watching quite a bit of lately. She has rather nicely slotted into the spot that Rena Fukiishi was occupying as I suspected she would.

2020 Debuts

2020 debuts are chugging along. I’ve seen very few so far this year but that’s usually the case with the debuts. I tend to wait until later on in the year so that I can be more selective with both the actresses and the videos I watch from said actresses. While some people like how raw debut videos can be I tend to prefer the opposite and want to see something a little more interesting. I am expecting 2020 to be a bit of a downturn year with what’s been going on but there should easily be the 21 actresses that’s ideal for the three posts worth of content. One 2020 debut I have seen is June Lovejoy. A lesbian video with one of my favourites is the perfectly¬† video to watch.


Other Discussion Posts

I also tend to watch a good number of videos for other discussion posts that I do throughout the year. I’ve done beginner series on lesbian and teacher so far and there have been some videos I’ve watched for those. I also generally watch a number of 2020 releases outside of my active favourites to prepare the best of 2020 list. It’s usually around 200 from the year in total so we’ll see how that plays out this year. The vast majority of 2020 releases I’ve seen have been from my active favourites but they’re certainly not the only actresses I’ve seen.



I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention VR. I finally bought into VR late last year, about 6 months ago now. I’ve watched about 40 videos now with half of them having been watched this year. I’m planning a much more in-depth post on VR in the near future so I’ll keep this section brief. Most actresses I like release VR so I’ve had plenty of opportunities to watch it. Here are a few VR I’ve seen this year.


To finish off I thought I’d list a couple of my favourite videos from this year.

Both of these videos are excellent and they’re actually both my favourite videos from the respective actresses. In both cases the actress displays a performance level that I’ve always thought they were capable of but never quite reached. In Touka’s case it was a great display of her more dominant side that she was able to keep up during all the action. In Aika’s case she was more of a cutesy, lovey-dovey type of girl, but like Touka she was able to keep up that performance during sex, something she rarely does. I think that’s a big thing for many actresses, having the performance during non-intercourse parts match it during intercourse.


I hope everyone has enjoyed delving into what I’ve been watching. It’s always such a mix between all the different groups of videos I have to watch for. While it might seem like discussion posts drive a lot of the videos I watch it’s usually the opposite: discussion posts are driven by what I watch. I look forward to hearing what everyone else has been watching whether it’s a good video, actress, series – whatever.


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