May 18, 2024

Top 10 Videos Of 2016

2016 was another good year for JAV. Personally, my JAV consumption went through the roof, where I started my own streaming sub (r/hugeboobsjav) and went from watching a mix of JAV and Western to almost entirely JAV. There were a few new actresses I came to enjoy over the course of the year, like Rena Fukiishi, Kaori, Marina Shiraishi, and Asahi Mizuno.


Here I count down the top 10 videos of the year. First, let me give a couple of honourable mentions:

PPPD-506 – My Girlfriend’s Mom Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her  – Rena Fukiishi

PPPD-481 – My Girlfriend’s Elder Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits, Saying It’s OK To Creampie Her – Asahi Mizuno

Everyone knows how much I like GES, I wrote a top 10 review and we featured it as the weekly discussion topic. It’s a fantastic series and these are two of the better entries. These undoubtedly made my top 10, but with how much attention I give to the series, I thought it was time they took a back seat. These two are getting the honourable mentions for my list. Both of the videos had great performances and good scenes throughout.

If you’re interested in seeing those reviews, you can find them here. Now without further ado, let’s get to the top 10 list.


10. BBAN-088 – Sweaty Sporty Lesbians – Kaho Shibuya and Ayumi Shinoda



Coming in at number 10 is Ayumi and Kaho’s lesbian video. It’s exactly what you think it is from the title, the pair wear sports clothes while they engage in hot lesbian action.

What sets this video apart from other lesbian videos is how fast-paced the action is. Quite often, lesbian action is very slow and sensual, whereas this is really up-beat. They’re constantly moving around and engaging each other, and it’s very enjoyable to watch. Both of them put forth a good effort at being active and participating.

One major downside to the video is that they’re so active it’s hard to enjoy any one part. In a normal sex video, some people like doggy, some like missionary, some like cowgirl – to each their own. The same is true of lesbian videos, some like making out, some like eating pussy, some like playing with breasts – to each their own. The positions change so rapidly that you kind of have to watch a bit of everything to get anything. And although the content is all good and enjoyable, it can be hard to enjoy when it changes so frequently.

Overall it’s still a solid video, lots of good action and all the scenes are good.


8. T28-481 – Sports Course With Kaho Shibuya – Training Together – Kaho Shibuya


Let’s face it, everyone loves workout clothes and watching girls at the gym, that’s just something guys universally like. This video gives you exactly that. We see Kaho in a bike uniform, a Karategi, some workout clothes, and a swimsuit. A good variety of outfits and scenes with tons of good sex.

I really enjoyed the second scene where they were working out in the gym. They managed to make good use of the props, like the treadmill, bar press, and stability ball. That scene is simply fantastic work, but that’s definitely not where the video starts and ends. All the other scenes are still pretty good, I like her wearing a Karategi and giving a paizuri, or watching her get fucked in a pool.

One interesting thing they did was have the guys imagine her performing her workouts while she was naked. So in watching her on a bike practicing, you see her naked briefly while the guy is just thinking about her naked. It’s very hot to watch and really sets the scenes up nicely. It gives a nice realism effect as well because I think we’d all be imagining Kaho naked there.

If you like workout videos, and I think we all do, this is good one to check out.


8. HND-322 – A Slut And 20 Single Men Under One Roof Please Spend The Day With Me And Be My Creampie Manager – Asahi Mizuno


This is one of my first introductions to Asahi, perhaps my second or third video. I was quite impressed with the GES video I saw (PPPD-481) and this is another great performance from her. This video reminds me a lot of IPZ-712, but it was considerably better.

The basis of the video is that Asahi goes to a house to help out around the house. But while she has a broom in her hand on the cover, it’s not cleaning that she’s doing, she’s helping people with their sexual desires. The video is split cleanly into two halves. In the first half, she goes around the house just getting anyone she runs into off, and in the second half, there’s a large orgy.

The first half is really quite good. I love Asahi’s acting here, she’s always laughing and seeming like she’s having the time of her life. She just goes from room to room getting off whomever she runs into. She doesn’t even seem to care about anything else, so she doesn’t even lift down her skirt or anything. She’ll take a creampie, laugh while she watches it drip out of her pussy, and then go straight to the next guy. No cuts in it is really fantastic. It really helps keep the immersion in check.

The second half is a fairly standard orgy, but she still has some good energy through it. She keeps up this act the entire time, which is what makes me really like the video. It’s really easy for an actress to just give up during an orgy, but not this time.

Definitely a good video from Asahi and definitely worth the view.


7. ONGP-037 – After Taking Horse Breeding Stimulants, These Couples Go Hard & Have Sopping Wet Creampie Sex – Yumi Kazama


You might not have expected this video to be so good given the title, but it really is. Yumi Kazama takes some horse breeding pills and then goes to town on guys with creampie sex.

When I first saw the video, I thought to myself it would be gimmicky. But hey, it’s unique, Pan said it was decent, and I really like Yumi Kazama, so what’s to lose? I was actually pleasantly surprised by it.

The acting is far and away why I like this video. When she takes a large amount of horse breeding pills, the only way I can look at it is that she’s going to be completely overtaken by her sexual desire. If I had to pick one video with the most perfect acting I’ve ever seen, it might actually be this one. While there are certainly other videos on the list with great acting, this video really sets a new bar for me. She perfectly understands how she’s supposed to be acting. In the first scene, a second guy walks into the frame and she literally runs straight over to him and just immediately takes off his pants and goes straight for his cock. In the second scene, there’s a moment where they offer her more pills and she just starts shoving them in her face and the face of the guy she’s fucking. Even at the end of the scene, she goes after the cameraman as though she’s not satisfied. It’s really a new level for me in terms of what to expect out of a performance.

As far as the scenes and sex go, they’re all fine. I don’t think any of them are fantastic in a vacuum, it’s more so that coupled with her acting, they come across great. Even if all they’re doing is just having creampie sex in a bed, the fact that Yumi puts on this insanely good performance really turns what would otherwise be an average scene into a great scene.

With Yumi being depicted as a MILF in so many videos, this is a great reminder that she can really do it all. She’s been around the industry forever now, and it’s a great reminder that she’s still one of the best.


6. PPPD-494 – A Horny Slut With Big Tits Steals Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend – Hitomi


When I said there was no GES on the list, I may have not been entirely truthful, because this series is basically GES 2.0. Hitomi steals her best friend’s boyfriend and has sex behind her best friend’s back with him.

First and foremost, the fact this is almost identical to the GES series is what makes me such a huge fan. I love everything about the hold the moan and risky sex aspects that come up here. Secondly, her acting is once again on-point. She does a great job at holding her voice and really looking like she enjoys the idea of stealing him away.

One of the most iconic moments from any video I saw this year is when Hitomi slapped her boobs with the guy’s cock while her best friend was right around the corner on the phone. The guy was so scared they would get caught and Hitomi just wouldn’t let him go. 10/10 execution on that scene.

In a world where GES is my favourite series, why isn’t this number one on the list? Well, for starters, the scenes aren’t nearly as good as GES are. They downplay the risky aspect of it a bit. Particularly, I dislike that the video doesn’t end with them getting caught. Part of what makes the thrill of it all is getting caught, but it’s another thing entirely to get caught and keep going. The endings have always been my favourite part, so when it just casually ended, I wasn’t too happy.

Still, this video is quite good, good enough to make my top 10 list for this year. GES and Hitomi fans should rejoice with this one, it’s still a good video and worth watching.


5. JUFD-570 – Ecstatic Ass Trembling Dripping Wet Big Assed Fucking – Kaori


I may not enjoy Kaori quite as much as PanKing does, but it’s impossible to deny just how amazing of an ass Kaori has. She has the best ass in JAV in my opinion, and this is the perfect ass fetish video.

The video just has minimal plot scenes, where Kaori is some sort of housewife who has sex with various guys. They really just spend a couple minutes setting up a scenario before they end up having sex. There’s nothing particularly interesting or unique, but it’s not bad either.

The one thing you can’t stress enough about this video is how good of a job they do at displaying her ass in all its glory. In every scene there’s a lot of focus on it, and the camera angles are superb at showing it off. Even when she’s sucking cock, they’ve got her bent over and the camera angle is from behind. It’s just absolutely perfect to see her like that. I’ve been critical of ass videos before that they don’t show them off enough, and this is the example of one done perfectly. I remember Kaori and Asahi Mizuno doing a video together, and them doing very little ass-promotion, especially with almost no doggy. This video is the exact opposite, it’s just all ass all the time. Even in positions that typically do a bad job of it like missionary, they make a point to modify the position a bit to show off her ass, whether that’s holding her legs up so her ass is visible, or propping her hips up to show her ass.

Kaori’s appearance is also very good here. She’s more attractive than I probably give her credit for, but her outfits are actually really good for this and what stand out to me. Especially when they show her bent over in that blue dress, I can’t hold myself back.

If you like big butts and cannot lie, this is the video for you.


4. VICD-338 – V’s 10th Anniversary Fat Black Cocks Unleashed! Busty Female Prisoner Gets Destroyed By Massive Dicks – Kaho Shibuya


Now I know a lot of people don’t like rape themes, but I’m indifferent on the subject; as long as the video is good, I’m okay with it. This video is exactly that though, a very good video.

Kaho Shibuya is a prisoner and is raped by other prisoners and the guard, who are all black men. She sucks a guy off in one scene, has a threesome in another, and a solo scene with the guard at the end. Throughout this they go into the narrative of her being taken prisoner and what’s going to happen.

What immediately stands out for me in this video is Kaho speaking English. Almost the entire video is in English, a rare treat in JAV. Kaho’s actually fluent in English but we rarely get to see any of that in her videos. We see it all the time on her Twitter, she sings a lot of songs in English while playing on her Eukelele. I actually asked her in her AMA if she’s going to use English more in videos in the future, and she seems excited to do so.

Now with the sex, it’s about as much as I expect from interracial. They focus on the sex a lot and I really had no complaints. Kaho really gave in a lot during it, but I also thought it was appropriate and worked well.

The acting was something I quite enjoyed. There’s something about Kaho telling a black dude to “fuck off” or “get your cock off my face” that does it for me. She really came across like she knew what she was supposed to be doing.

I know a lot of people dislike the theme, but it’s hard to ignore a video in English with one of my favourite actresses.


3. JUX-678 –  “I Don’t Want Your Baby!” Hot Sisters Swallow Their Husbands’ Creampies – Ayumi Shinoda and Erika Kitagawa


The title and front cover basically tell the story. Ayumi and Erika are sisters who’s husbands want to knock them up, but they’re not ready to get pregnant yet. So they help each other out when they get creampied.

I think many people complain about the lack of interaction between females in JAV, and this is a video where they do a good job of interacting. Ayumi and Erika both play the part well, really understanding to interact with each other. They come in and eat their sister’s creampie, even making out with the cum still in their mouth. I think it stands out a lot because that sort of thing doesn’t happen a lot in JAV. Even during the sex, they’re not afraid to touch each other in various ways. I’ve called it MIRD-150 lite because that’s basically what it is. It’s MIRD-150 if it had a plot.

Ayumi and Erika are surprisingly good together, their acting is great. They’ve actually starred in a lot of videos together, including lesbian videos. There have been titles calling them best friends, I don’t know if they’re quite best friends in real life like Hitomi and Anri are. I think that they’re just really comfortable together on-screen, and it certainly showed.

If videos like PPSD-050 (polygamy special with Anri and Kaho) or PPSD-046 (polygamy special with Meguri and Ai Sayama) got you down for their lack of lesbian interaction, then this is the video you’re looking for.


2. STAR-681 – We Made Marina Shiraishi Go Out And Get Fucked… – Marina Shiraishi


Marina Shiraishi is someone I newly discovered in 2016, and this is actually the first video I saw of hers. But this video is fantastic and everything you could want.

The video is basically Marina in various public settings where she has sex with people. She’s meant to be an exhibitionist, going out and enjoying herself. There’s a scene at the batting cages while she has a trench coat, a scene in a park with multiple guys, a scene on the subway, and a scene in a store.

The theme of the video is a big reason I enjoyed it so much. They do a very good job of playing the theme correctly. I find in a lot of public sex videos, they don’t quite grasp the nature, but they nailed it here. In the batting cages scene, they vary the camera angle at times to show them having sex from across the field, and it really helps get across the theme. In the subway scene, you get to see her having sex while there’s people riding the subway in front of her, which once again drives home the theme.

Another reason I enjoyed this video so much is her performance. Her acting was really something special here. It’s kind of hard to nail an exhibitionist personality. You’re supposed to be enthusiastic while also being a bit embarrassed/ashamed. She does an excellent job of doing exactly that, really blending both expressions together nicely. When they take off her trench coat, she really seems a bit hesitant, but then when they get down to things, she seems to be enjoying herself. On top of that, just her looking over her shoulder from time to time is enough to really drive home the acting.

If you haven’t seen Marina Shiraishi, I absolutely recommend her and this video. It’s a video done right, and her acting is extremely good in it. I think she’s underrated as a performer, and this video is a good example of what she has to offer.



1. PPPD-511 – Face-Sitting Babe With Super Colossal Tits Get Ready For The Delicious Torture Of Crushing O Cups – Hitomi


I don’t think anyone is surprised to see me list this as my favourite video of the year. Hitomi is my favourite actress and this was simply a good video from her. It scored very highly on my top 10 Hitomi videos, and scoring highly here is no surprise to me.

The premise is actually extremely simple: big tits in your face. The premise is great, you don’t need a complex plot for it to be enjoyable. There’s a few different scenes where they just set up some very basic scenario (tutor, yoga instructor, etc.) and then Hitomi just shoves her tits in their face. Whether they do or don’t want them, they’re getting them.

With this video, it’s definitely the performance that makes it so good. Hitomi’s debut was nothing special in terms of acting, and she really wasn’t good for a few years after that. But present Hitomi is a top tier actress, she’s simply one of the best in the industry. Her facial expressions are always on-point, she knows exactly what emotions she’s supposed to be conveying and does a fantastic job with them. Her enthusiasm in this video is unparalleled, she simply looks like she’s really enjoying the video from start to finish.

As far as the sex goes, it’s quite good too. Hitomi leads the majority of it and really gives us what we want. Those boobs in your face, oh man, I can’t get enough of them. Even outside of that, there are lots of really good moments. She gives a double paizuri in the yoga scene, I don’t think I’ve ever seen two cocks between her breasts at once but it’s great to see.

I know a lot of people don’t like Hitomi’s breasts, and I don’t fault them for it. Everyone has their own preferences and I respect their decisions. That said, it’s hard to deny that she’s a fantastic performer and just how good of a display she puts on here. A lot of actresses could learn a thing or two from her videos.


There you have my top 10 videos of 2016. I’m working hard on a list for 2017 already as well as some more top 10 lists in the future. I hope you all enjoy these posts because you can expect to see more of them.


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