May 16, 2024

Pan Takes: HJMO-430

HJMO-430(April 2020)

“Couple Challenge! Husband Will Receive Prize If He Can Withstand Maria Nagai’s Super Techniques! But If He Cums Twice His Wife Will Be Fucked Raw By Another Man!”


I’ve always been a fan of this series and I was pretty stoked upon seeing Maria Nagai star in it. The plot involves a couple and Maria as she tries to make the guy cum twice within 20 minutes, all the while the girlfriend watches in another room. If the guy can last then they receive a money prize. If the guy fails then he has to watch his girlfriend get fucked raw right in front of him while he’s tied up. It’s a super entertaining premise and it makes for a fun watch as the guys try to resist Maria. However with a runtime of 3 and a half hours it can feel a little dragged out at some points.


The action  spans 3 scenes with 3 different couples of course. Each scene starts out with Maria seducing and having sex with the guy. Afterwards it’s time for the girlfriend to get fucked. The sex with the girlfriend is pretty solid all around. There’s some squirting, creampies of course and overall it’s quite intense. Now the sex with Maria is average at best. There’s no actual penetration with the first guy as it’s just outercourse and the other two scenes are fine but don’t last too long, as you’d expect.


First off I’ll talk about the girlfriend’s acting. For the most part they’re resistant and submissive which makes sense given the setup. I will say though that the 2nd girl is a little “looser” and isn’t quite as whiny as the others. They play their roles well enough overall. Now regarding Maria’s performance she really delivers here. She is very engaging and flirty while boasting great enthusiasm. She’s superb at being seductive here. I only wish we got to see more of her.


When it comes to the girlfriend’s appearance they’re all fine. The best looking imo was easily the 2nd girlfriend as she’s got a real nice body and great tits. The other two are okay but I certainly wasn’t blown away. Maria’s appearance though did blow me away. She’s in remarkable shape as always but what really stands out is her wardrobe consisting of some very sexy lingerie. Not only that but she even sports pigtails in the last scene. They do a fantastic job at giving her a super slutty look here which is spot on.


Overall I really enjoyed this film. It features an entertaining setup that allows for Maria to really flex her performance ability and show off her seductive and slutty side. Her acting is fantastic although I wish we would’ve gotten to see a bit more out of her. The sex with the girlfriends is solid enough as well although sometimes the scenes are a little too long. In closing if you’re a big fan of Maria or enjoy the more “wackier” and “gameshow/objective” based plots then this is right up your alley.












  • Stunning wardrobe for Maria
  • Fantastic slutty performance
  • Entertaining plot


  • Scenes last a bit too long
  • Sex is too brief with Maria

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