May 18, 2024


Being sold on the cover is something I’m sure we’ve all done, but it’s been a while since something has come by where I have been completely sold on from beginning to end. Yuuna Ishikawa is a pleasure in this film with her performance, and outstanding costumes. She flows naturally with the actors for the most part, and her noises are natural and don’t come off as annoying. Her sexual positions, mannerisms, and dirty talk during the film are superb and just a joy to watch and listen to. The lighting and color are bright and even during the low light scenes, she is at the forefront and you will not have any trouble enjoying her. The few complaints I have are so minor it doesn’t detract me from having this film on rotation.

Scene one:

The cover outfit debuts in this scene and she looks terrific in it. I love the blend of the schoolgirl look and high cut one piece swimsuit with her perky ass cheeks peeking out. Plenty of shots of her from behind to really showcase the costume and the best part is she wears the costume throughout the duration of the scene. Action moves smoothly from the couch to the floor mattress where dirty talk is constant in the whole scene and really help with her performance. The actor gets the greenlight for a multiple pops so the climax is a creampie and the second is a finish on her stomach then she gives a blowjob as the clean up.


The great:
Dirty talk (even though I can’t understand it) is nice to hear and is a joy to listen to her talk to her teacher as she guides the action through the positions.

The good:
The costume is just too damn good with her in it. While we may not see her completely naked, this might be the one time I prefer the costume stay on completely. And by completely I mean she has on the shoes, thigh highs, and everything else during the entire scene.

The bad:
The kissing was great when it was actual kissing, then as the scene went on, it devolved into a lizard-style of tongue flicking.

Scene two:

Bloomer-style one piece swimsuit I guess is the best description I have for this costume. Dildo action mixed with lotion play start off this scene then blowjob transition with an actor to a handjob completion. She makes good use of the chair she’s sitting on for her close ups with the dildo and when the actor enters the scene, she still is perched on the chair for the actor to eat her pussy and go into a 69 position.


The great:
Dirty talk throughout the entire time keeps this scene from being stale. Her convulsions during the solo portion are convincing and the low angle shots were a wise decision as it keeps you in the moment.

The good:
When the actor enters the scene she keeps her focus on him directly and doesn’t deviate to stare at the camera to ham it up.

The bad:
Not a fan of pissing in these films, so when she does a fair amount into his mouth, it was slightly off-putting.

Scene three:
Blue swimsuit with side cut outs and glasses is the costume this time and it’s a blowjob-centric scene. She has a more a domineering role in this one leading the actor to the different positions and dictating the flow. With her being taller than the actor, it lends to some interesting visuals during the wide shots and during the POV blowjob the scene completely comes alive.


The great:
She performs really well with the positions; so fluid moving from a standing position to sitting to standing to kneeling. There is no wasted space in this scene, she’s kissing, running her fingertips on him, caressing, and guiding him to the next motion. It was nice to see her engaged like that.

The good:
Her glasses during the POV are the just as memorable as her slurping and masterfully using her tongue.

The bad:
She does a little paizuri which she was not built for.

Scene four:
The highlight for me, plain and simple. A massage scene with her in an ass wedged leotard that’s sheer in a sailor-style motif, while wearing thigh highs. Glorious warm lighting makes her oil glazed ass a thing of beauty and when the action starts she works that cowgirl position all the way to the creampie finish.


The great:
Camera work is superb. Great cuts to really put you in the thick of things such as when she’s giving a BJ on the table the camera would be positioned to her pussy, then slowly pan to the side view and holds it there for a bit, then slowly works the camera back to her for a tight close up just as she rises up from giving a BJ and a little drool would come out and she’s transitioning to straddling his dick in a cowgirl position.

The good:
The amount of focus she has on the actor and the dirty talk that goes on really add to the flavor of this scene.

The bad:
Would’ve liked a bit more time to enjoy her in the costume to enjoy its sheerness.

She is a fun performer in this film and she looks cute as hell. I was happy to see the costume stay on throughout the scenes and she looked comfortable performing in it. Camera work was well done and showcased her face properly and the set design for the most part, was a great contrast to her skin tones. A great watch that earns a 4 out of 5 for me.


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