July 17, 2024

Pan Picks: Top 10 Aoi Videos


  • Born :  (12/03/93) 25 years old
  • Career Status:  2014 – present?
  • Measurements: 92-58-88 cm (36-23-35in)
  • Cup Size: H
  • Height : 160 cm (5 ft 3 in)
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color:  Brown



Aoi made her debut back in 2014 with S1. Now her video career isn’t as interesting as some others as she has been with them through her entire run. She did have a brief hiatus in September of 2017 but returned in April of 2018. However as of this post she hasn’t made a new video in 2 months and doesn’t have any new videos listed on S1’s official website. This is very similar to her previous hiatus. At this point we really don’t know if she’s return or not. Keep your fingers crossed.

Honorable Mentions


“Secret Investigator Woman – Extreme Forced Ecstasy


Most of you reading this know what to expect here from this video. It’s premise is centered around Aoi playing a secret agent who gets captured and subsequently raped as you’d expect. Normally I personally don’t care for this theme too much but I actually enjoyed it this time. The action is very good across the board and features some nice facials. In addition she looks amazing and her wardrobe is superb. Yeah her performance is whiny but its fitting. If you’re a fan of the rape genre this is a good watch.


“Life Insurance Saleslady’s Pillow Trade


As the title suggests the plot here is that Aoi plays a life insurance saleswoman who uses her feminine ways to earn some sales and promotions. Such as when she visits this older couple in their home and fucks the husband while his wife is right in the next room. All to convince him to buy some insurance. Aoi wears plenty of office lady outfits throughout and looks pretty sexy in them. And lastly her performance is about average. Nothing really stood out to me, for better or worse. All around a solid video with a great premise.

Best videos


“Live-In Sex Life With Aoi


Kicking off my list with a simple and straight forward video that I think almost anyone can enjoy. The premise gives the experience of having Aoi as your live in girlfriend, a perfect use of pov imo. It of course makes for some amazing scenes and great action. Like in one scene where you two are having drinks with a friend and afterwards the guy passes out. So then of course she comes onto you and proceeds to have sex. Nearly every scene here is fanastic and worth watching. Sometimes Aoi can be hit or miss as a performer but here she delivers a solid performance. Her enthusiasm all around is great and she settles into her role quite well. She maintains good eye contact too throughout. And physically Aoi looks stunning. Not much to say regarding her wardrobe but physically she’s vibrant and gorgeous. All around this is a perfect starting point if you’ve never checked out Aoi before. Can’t go wrong with some good ol’ pov action.



“Ultra-High Class Hooker


This was one of the earliest Aoi videos I ever watched and still remains a favorite of mine. I mean just look at dat cover. The premise is pretty straightforward as it casts Aoi with playing the role of a sex worker. So expect to see her playing a prostitute or soapland girl. It’s all fairly vanilla with simple one-on-one sex scenes.What’s especially nice is that its all shot in pov. I’ll admit some shots kinda break the pov viewpoint but overall not a big deal. Now one of the best aspects for sure is her appearance. The lighting here compliments her really nicely and her body is just phenomenal shape. Out of all the talent over at S1 Aoi easily has one of the best overall bodies for sure. I can’t forget to mention her ass. It’s a damn shame her ass never gets the proper focus it deserves. Anyway moving onto her acting which for the most part is fine. You won’t be blown away but she’s serviceable enough. She can really be hit or miss at times. Still  though I can’t recommend this one enough. Aoi looks absolutely amazing and with plenty of sexy pov action there’s a lot to love here.



“Girls Who Wanna Get Groped – Kinky Female Teacher Edition


The premise here revolves around Aoi playing a teacher who gets off on getting groped and fucked by strangers. Its a really nice plot that puts a fun and entertaining twist on the molester genre. Such as allowing a guy to grope and cum on her ass while on a subway. Or flashing a few guys late at night and then taking them back to have sex with em. There’s also a really nice group blowjob scene ending in a messy facial. I gotta give praise to the action as its pretty varied in its scenarios. They take the premise and really do some interesting things with it and it keeps the scenes from feeling repetitive. Good stuff all around. When it comes to her acting she’s a bit above average overall. She’s appropriately lewd, slutty and her facial expressions aren’t too bad either. However she’s still quite whiny at times and her enthusiasm could have been better. Thankfully though Aoi looks fantastic here. Her wardrobe is terrific consisting mostly of teacher uniforms and such along with some lingerie. For those wanting something a bit different and varied for Aoi you can’t go wrong here.



“Super Body Double Cast 4 Hours


You can’t really go wrong with a video featuring two of S1’s best actresses together. Now in this there’s really no plot here at all. It’s just various sex scenes with some different themes. All that is fine by me personally. Aoi and Nami together is enough on its own. Now as the title states the runtime is a lengthy 4 hours containing a whopping 10 scenes all together. Most of them feature the two of them together except for a few scenes which are one-on-one sex scenes respectively. Beyond that there’s plenty of threesomes with some being full sex scenes and others being focused on outercourse or blowjobs. Overall the action is incredible with a decent variety, lots of sex and little filler to get in the way. However I wish there could have been a lesbian scene or any interaction between the two(more on that in a bit). No doubt one of the best aspects of this video is their appearance. Both of them look gorgeous here and wear several sexy outfits that highlight their bodies very well. And seeing them together is a sight to see. Now when it comes to the acting it’s about average honestly. Unfortunately there’s next to zero interaction between Aoi and Nami here which is a huge letdown. Also they both can get rather whiny at times. But their enthusiasm is good and they seem to have fun. Still though seeing these two together is well worth a watch.




“Cosplayer With A Perfect Golden Ratio Body Cumming Through Their Clothes In Perverted Sex Featuring Aoi”

All around this is a basic cosplay video. Its comprised of several different scenes each featuring a different costume/cosplay and theme. I’m not really familiar with any of the cosplay used here besides one or two but they all look amazing for the most part. Each one is unique making all the scenes memorable and stand out on their own. That also lends itself to her acting which is just as varied. You’ll get to see a wide range of acting from submissive to dominant and everything in between. Now while her acting is varied it’s not perfect as she is kinda whiny and lacks some enthusiasm at times. Still a solid performance all around. Finally regarding the action its pretty great as there’s several sex scenes and some nice outercourse scenes as well. The technical aspects are on point too leading to a fantastic production across the board.



“Amateurs Okay For the First Time!! Aoi Fan Thanksgiving Day And Everyone Can Fuck Her! Amateur House Visit Tour”


I’m a huge fan of the fan thanksgiving genre so including this was a no brainer. The plot is pretty simple as it tasks Aoi with visiting her “fans” and having sex with them. Are they real fans? Probably not considering a few “fans” are definitely actors. Still though fan thanksgiving videos are always a favorite of mine as they allow the actress to be themselves and they don’t have to adhere to some sort of character or role. The action for the most part is good. It consists of 2 sex scenes along with a soapland outercourse type scene and a blowjob scene. The sex scenes are solid and even the soapland style scene is pretty nice. My only gripe is that the setup to the scenes including the interviews tend to drag a bit leading to the slightly bloated runtime. Thankfully though Aoi delivers a strong performance. Being able to just be herself she feels very natural here and shows off her more bubbly side and really seems to have a good time.  Good engagement and facial expressions as well. Tying this all together is her gorgeous appearance. Her wardrobe is rather minimal and basic but she herself is in top notch shape. Her body looks amazing here especially those boobs and ass. Speaking of can we PLEASE get an ass focused video outta of her from S1. She’s got an incredible ass that needs to be showed off properly.



“A Hot And Horny, Lusty AV See Tits, Ass, And Fucking Up Close In This Specialized Low Angle Video”


What a fucking cover right? This here was actually the very first Aoi video I ever saw. Needless to say I was blown away. The basic premise here centers around close up shots of her boobs, pussy and ass. Its mostly just vanilla one-on-one sex scenes. Now lemme just this out of the way first. Her performance overall is very average. The reason this video made my list is not her acting. She’s not bad at times but more often than not she’s rather lackluster. Lets move onto the reasons why this made my top 10 which is the superb action. There’s plenty of sex scenes here that all feature some amazing camerawork. Some may be bothered by the use of the fish eye lens but I personally don’t mind it as it results in some stunning shots of her body throughout. And speaking of her body she looks absolutely flawless here. I was completely blown away by Aoi’s body the first time I saw her here and I’m still amazed. Everything from her tits to her ass looks fantastic. Overall if you just wanna enjoy Aoi’s stunning body and some great sex then look no further. This is definitely for you.



“This Alluring Big Sister Will Make Your Daydream Fantasies Cum True In A Sure Thing Erotic Situation”


Combining incest and pov is a winning formula imo and the outcome is one of the very best videos of the year. Here Aoi plays your sister who wants your dick very badly and lets nothing get in her way. There’s plenty of risky sex scenes here such as where your father enters the room with you and her so Aoi decides to sit on your face to keep you quiet. Really great plot with plenty of exciting scenes. Which speaking of there’s plenty of great action here. There’s 3 full sex scenes, a blowjob scene and a paizuri scene. As I mentioned earlier a good number of the scenes include a risk element to them making them much more entertaining. All the technical aspects are on point too and it’s all shot entirely in pov. There’s really nothing to complain about really. Great action from start to finish. Her appearance is another big highlight. When it comes to her wardrobe it’s mostly pretty simple but it suits her very well. And physically she’s in immaculate shape. Her ass, tits, face and body all look superb. Now Aoi has always been an average performer at best but here she really delivers one of her best performances to date. She engages well, boasts solid enthusiasm and plays her role reasonably well. Still not perfect though as her facial expression are a little off at times. All these factors combine to make for one of Aoi’s very best videos of recent memory.



“Jiggling And Wiggling Titties And Asses!! She’s Indulging Herself In Selfish Ass-Shaking Cowgirl Sex Because She Wants To Cum And Cum Over And Over Again”


Do you like cowgirl sex? Well then this is the video for you. This is pretty much just a sex driven video with no real central plot at all. While some scenes do incorporate a slight theme to them they never go beyond that. Given that the focus is entirely on the action it better be good right? Thankfully that answer is without a doubt a resounding yes. In total there’s 5 scenes with 3 being full sex scenes. In addition there’s a fantastic pov outercourse scene. As for the sex scenes themselves I got no complaints. Despite focusing on cowgirl they all feel distinct and unique. Also don’t fret as there is a few other positions used besides cowgirl. One element that definitely deserves a mention is her appearance.  Not only does the camerawork doing an exceptional job at capturing some stunning angles of her body but her wardrobe is superb too. Like in one scene where she’s dressed as a teacher or in another when she’s getting fucked while wearing ripped jeans. Not when it comes to her acting she’s about average honestly. At times she’s great and other times she’s a bit underwhelming with a lack of enthusiasm or energy. That being said this is still absolutely worth watching especially if you like cowgirl.



“My Girlfriend’s Busty Big Sister Seduces Me With Pantyshots And I’m The Loser Who Gives In To Temptation”


Do I really need to explain the setup here. You all know this type of series by now. Aoi plays the lewd and slutty sister who seduces her sister’s boyfriend via flashing him her panties. This entry does feel a bit different thanks to the different element of seduction being pantyshots and not her boobs or cleavage. Also it’s all shot in pov which is always a plus. The action here is wonderful with nearly all the scenes incorporating a sense of risk making them much more exciting. As a result even the two filler scenes are solid. Performance is always key in this series and Aoi overall does a fine job but could’ve been better. My biggest gripe is her facial expressions which often don’t change too much. But on the positive side she’s not that whiny and she engages well. Plus her enthusiasm is solid. Fairing much better is her appearance. She looks amazing here. One nice aspect is that she’s constantly showing off her ass. By far though my favorite look from her is in the 2nd sex scene in which she wears a nurse uniform complete with some sexy stockings. Aoi really knocks it outta the park with SSNI-424. Not only is this one of her best but also a top favorite of mine for 2019.


Personally Aoi is easily one of my all time favorite with S1. She’s a solid performer with one of the overall best bodies in jav ever. Very proportional with great tits, pretty face, solid body and an amazing ass. Her body is damn near as perfect as you can hope for. Hopefully after reading this you’ll have a greater appreciation for Aoi. And please jav gods…


Don’t let Aoi retire silently 🙁


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