June 18, 2024


I have been enjoying quite a bit of Kaho Imai’s releases, she’s got a pretty face, her bob hairstyle suits her well, and she has that right amount of thickness to make her fun to watch while in doggy. Her acting fits the themes and she’s not trying too hard to sell the scene. In MIAA-145 she plays the young step sister in a house that has the mom and dad in it as well which lends to a sneaking scene during dinner. This film is an ass-centric title which should satiate those looking for a movie that is focused on doggy, and I guess a schoolgirl theme to some extent as she does have the outfit on for two scenes. Creampies are plentiful, its authenticity is subject to discussion, but it does look great dripping out of her.

The opening scene did its best to setup thong reveals for the stepbrother to pounce at that stepsister goodness. There was a moment where it reminded me of a Rocket release where the girl would purposefully be so engulfed in her phone that she unknowingly sticks her ass up in the air and the scene starts. Thankfully it was only that one moment that took me out of the movie and the scene plays out with Kaho trying to some degree, fend off her stepbrother only to have him put her through multiple positions that have her ass facing the camera and pump her pussy with multiple creampies. Schoolgirl outfit stays on, only the thong is taken off and I appreciated how the scene is just a mad scramble to poke her and her top and skirt stays on. Maybe the lighting is superb, but her skin tone is just popping amidst the colors around her. Fun scene that could’ve been a release from PRED, but Kaho handled in such a way that she actually liked it which frames the remainder of the movie where she actively seeks out to be fucked and played with.

Next scene is the reveal to her stepbrother that she liked it, I’m not entirely sure what she said to him, she basically gives him the green light to do stuff to her. With the mom and dad engaged in conversation around the staircase, Kaho gets fondled while in sleeping shorts, blows the stepbrother and finally has him finish on her ass cheek. Again, her skin tone just looks great with the color of the thong and makes it more fun to watch with that fabric wedged between those cheeks. Immediately after this is a filler scene where the brother is soaping her ass in the shower. It might have been following the staircase scene and he’s cleaning her up, but I interpreted it as a separated incident. But I bring it up because I was disappointed to see it didn’t lead to a full blown scene.

Third scene is Kaho asking her stepbrother for a massage which is the signal to get her nice and shiny for another fuck session. Lots of doggy mixed with more massage oil and the creampies are smearing on her asshole (which looks superb, by the way). She gets a bit more camera focus on her face during this scene which was almost non-existent in the first scene. She looks like she was into the scene and the way she was lead to twist her hip towards the camera is a great looking shot.

Final scene Kaho is napping with mom and dad downstairs while she’s upstairs overlooking them playing a game and she’s got her ass poking out of her schoolgirl skirt and right on queue the stepbrother comes over to fondle. A sneaky creampie with her thong still on and her pussy dripping the white stuff, they continue the action to his room. Creampie given with the outfit still on, then another when she fully removes it, and it’s safe to say these two aren’t reaching for a condom anytime soon. Action is good, flows well and speaking of flowing, the closing scene is her just looking happy and her pussy is leaving a trail of semen on the bed.

Overall I was happy with this release and they kept things simple. She wanted to get fucked but she wasn’t pouncing on his dick, she gave him the opportunities to do so. Outfits were simple but effective, short schoolgirl skirt to get the thong to show, and booty shorts to have the reveal of her glorious ass when he slips it off. I definitely would’ve liked more camera time on her face, but the action is on her ass so the majority of the time its focused there. Sex is definitely vanilla but with her prime asset being her ass, I don’t blame them for having the positions mostly in doggy. Creampies were the best thing about this film, as it would’ve broken the action if he pulled out to remove the condom to finish somewhere on her or in her mouth. The more time her ass is in front of the camera, the better. Best way to get into Kaho, is to watch her from behind, 4 out of 5.


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