June 13, 2024

Top 10 Videos of 2016

Another great year has come and gone and with it 2016 saw the release of many great videos. Narrowing them all down to just 10 took quite some time and was full of hard decisions. Now before I delve into the top 10 lets start with a few honorable mentions. 

JUX-678 I Don’t Want Your Baby!” Hot Sisters Swallow Their Husbands’ Creampies (Erika Kitagawa and Ayumi Shinoda)


This one was the hardest one to leave off my list as list. It’s easily one of the best duo videos of the entire year. Erika and Ayumi have great chemistry together and their performances are on point. The lesbian interactions between the two were also nice as they’re not afraid to grope, kiss and eat each other out. And of course the main premise is amazing as they both eat cum out of each others pussies and swap it back and forth till one eventually swallows. Honestly this would be my number 11 pick and was so very close to making it. Also the cover for this one is amazing and one of my favorites.

PLA-060 Creampie Raw Footage With An AV Actress Who Gets Busy As Soon As We Meet” (Shuri Atomi)


No you’re not seeing things. I’m far from being a loli fan but I gotta say I was completely taken by surprise by Shuri Atomi and specifically this video. This series is one of my personal favorites and she did an awesome job. Her performance is absolutely incredible as she’s very dominant, enthusiastic and fun to watch overall. The combination of her cuteness and innocent appearance with her overly dominant and sexual acting make for something truly unique and I can appreciate that.

And now the top 10 starting with…

10. CJOD-007 “Slutty Female Ninja” (Ai Uehara)


Honestly I could have swapped this one out for any of my honorable mentions. This spot was very difficult to decide on. Ultimately I went with this one over the others for a few reasons. One is I absolutely loved the premise of Ai playing a slutty ninja seducing and tormenting her foes. It was both exciting and entertaining to watch. Hell at one point she makes a shadow clone straight outta Naruto for fuck sake.

The action was another highlight as it contains facesitting, handjobs, blowjobs and some really intense sex scenes. And its only made better by Ai Uehara’s signature “semon demon” performance. She really give it 100% in every single scene as she’s incredibly dominant and in control. In closing I thought this was her best video from 2016 and was certainly of her most unique videos ever.

9. JUFD-586 “Wild, Voluptuous, Colossal Tits – I Wanna Get Ravaged By A Slut” (Kaori and Yumi Kazama)


Coming in at number 9 is the sexy duo of Kaori and Yumi Kazama. Fitch has become one my favorite studios over the years due to their excellent camerawork, directing and casting. Having these two play fitness instructors and wear super skimpy and tight clothing is just a no brainer. These two work well together and look stunning as a pair. The sex is fantastic as there’s a nice mix of solo and threesome sex scenes each one making use of a personal favorite of mine, body oil. If I had one gripe it’s that I wish there could have been some more interaction between the two as they really don’t play with each other enough as I would have liked.

And the performances from the two are outstanding. They’re both exceptionally slutty, lewd and have really nice energy. Also in every single scene they’re exceptionally dominant and barely whine at all. All these things combine to make one nearly flawless video. You got top notch acting with some intense sex , although lacking in interaction between the two stars, along with an amazing and effective premise topped off with some stunning outfits. Easily one of Kaori’s best releases of the year and one of my favorite duo videos as well.

8. CJOD-017 “Living With a Slut, 24-Hour-Creampies” – (Aika)


2016 was a very busy year for Aika with many great releases. Some good and some very average. However my favorite of the year for her and one of my all time favorite pov videos ever is CJOD-017. Featuring a very simple premise in that its just you and Aika living together having constant creampie sex. Whats better than that? One of the many reasons I loved this one so much is her look. I’m not much of a fan of her short hair or whenever she dyed it silver or gray. Not only does her hair look good but her outfits and body look amazing.

The sex is another highlight as well. Now you could argue that there’s not a whole lot of variety and you’re kinda right. It is just one-on-one pov sex all the way through. But its done extremely well. And well elevates this video to an entirely different level is her outstanding performance. The best way to describe her here is relentless. She just doesn’t stop even when the dude has cum once or twice she still goes for more. Even the little things she does are fantastic such as a moment when she handcuffs herself to you while riding so you can’t get away. Other than that her facial expressions are on point and she’s perfectly lewd, dominant and of course slutty. In closing if you’re even remotely interested in Aika then you owe it yourself to watch this near flawless release from her. This is one every Aika fan should have.

7. PPPD-481 “My Girlfriend’s Big Sis Tempts Me With Her Big Tits And OKs To Creampie Her” (Asahi Mizuno)


 No surprise here that an entry from one of my favorite series ends up on the list. Spoiler alert it won’t be the last either. I struggled with choosing what entries to put here as this series had some incredible videos this year but ultimately I picked this over some others for a few main reasons.

Perhaps the biggest and most important aspect is the risk factor. The risk involved in each scene is why I love the series. From giving the boyfriend a tittyfuck in the kitchen to just flat-out fucking him while the girlfriend is asleep in bed a few feet away. Every single scene is like this as opposed to other entries where only maybe half the scenes include any sort of risk.

Asahi’s appearance is also a huge plus here. Not only is she herself incredibly sexy here but her wardrobe and the camerawork do a fantastic job of showing off her cleavage and stunning body. Last but certainly not least is her superb performance. Her acting here is some of her best easily. Super seductive, slutty and dominant as she takes command of every scene. She’s a big flirt too which is something very critical for a performance in this series. PPPD-481 does nearly everything right and knocks it out of the park. Sure there’s a few nitpicky things here and there like a few instances of whining from her but those hardly impact the video. This is one of the best all time entries in the series and makes for an absolute must watch for 2016.

6. BBAN-088 “Sweaty Sporty Lesbians” (Kaho Shibuya and Ayumi Shinoda)


Bibian is one of the best studios around when it comes to lesbian videos and this is yet another stellar release from and is one of my all time favorites in the genre. The overall theme here, if you couldn’t tell from the cover and title, is workout and sweaty/wet sex. Seeing the two of them grind and play with each other while covered in sweat and body oil is a thing of beauty. And those outfits are just absolutely amazing. Tight fitting and perfectly showcasing their boobs along with the rest of their bodies.

The action here for a lesbian title is pretty solid as well. While it is limited to mostly just fingering, kissing and some scissoring its very intense and passionate. Plus Kaho squirts several times throughout which is always a nice touch. Now the most important factor to me in a lesbian video is the chemistry between the two actresses as well as their performances. Here is a shining example of both of those elements. Kaho and Ayumi are equally aggressive and just full of passion and enthusiasm. They seem to work well together too and really get into it here.

BBAN-088 is not just one of the best videos of the year but also one of my personal favorite lesbian videos ever. I loved the workout themed premise and their outfits were just outstanding. And their acting and chemistry with one another are superb and on point. No lackluster or passive performances here. My only gripe is that I wish there could have been some use of toys or a strap on. But when you have Ayumi Shinoda eating out Kaho Shibuya to the point of her squirting all over her face how can you complain?

5. PPPD-494 “A Horny Slut With Big Tits Steals Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend” (Hitomi Tanaka)


2016 overall was a great year for Hitomi. She had many excellent titles and it was a struggle narrowing them down and choosing the best ones. I decided to pick two and this is the first one with her starring in one of my favorite series. Hitomi is a complete natural for this role as she possesses two of the most essential elements. Strong acting and of course her large assets.

The scenes here are all terrific with just one small exception being the bathtub paizuri scene which just ends up feeling like filler material. Mainly due in part to the lack of risk involved. Besides that one small blemish every scene is exciting and entertaining. The highlight being the final sex scene in which Hitomi is fucking the boyfriend while the best friend is asleep on the couch. It perfectly captures what makes the series so great.

When it comes to the performance here Hitomi absolutely delivers. No lying around and being passive. She’s energetic, flirtatious and shows off her seductive side. Of course it’s not hard to be seduced by her. All she has to do is show off her boobs and its game over. Last but certainly not least her appearance is stunning here. Every one of her outfits shows off her immaculate cleavage extremely well. And she herself is in great shape as well. Now while I may be slightly biased towards Hitomi there’s no denying her strong performance and excellent scenes. PPPD-494 stands as a shining example of not only Hitomi’s improved acting ability but also raises the bar for this series and what to expect.

4. PLA-058 “We Met 3 Actresses Who Immediately Started Us On A Creampie Raw Footage Harlem Sex Show” (Mao Hamasaki, Hibiki Otsuki and Nanako Tsukishima)


Oh my…where do I begin?  This is hands down of the craziest videos I have ever seen. Its like one long thrill ride from start to finish that is just relentless but oh so entertaining. This particular series has always been a favorite of mine with such amazing videos like pla-044, -045 and -047 to just name a few. Hell PLA-060 is an honorable mention from me. They’re all directed by Nao Masaki who is an outstanding director and really knows her stuff. The basic premise is that these three roam around a building finding guys and immediately start fucking them silly. No foreplay whatsoever.

So what makes this video so great? Well first off the sex is some of the most intense and relentless I’ve seen out of any video this year. Once it starts it never lets up. There’s creampies, cum swallowing, squirting, threesomes and everything in between. Also they will frequently keep sucking and fucking guys long after they cum and its pretty hot. Hell at one point all three of them chase a guy around the building until they catch them and one of them fucks him while her friends hold him down. Also the video is over three hours long which is just insane.

Speaking of insane lets talk performances. The acting here is some of the craziest and energetic I have ever seen in my time of watching jav. For starters there is no whining here which is always a plus in my book. All three of them are full of enthusiasm and have great chemistry with one another. After all Hibiki and Mao are some of the most dynamic and exciting perfomers around. Now I could spend all day talking about my favorite moments but I’ll highlight just one.  One of my favorite moments is when Mao Hamasaki gets creampied and Hibiki eats the cum out of her and shows her mouth full of it. Mao tries to kiss her and steal the cum from her but Hibiki just teases her and ultimately just swallows it for herself. It’s so over the top and utterly amazing.

PLA-058 is hands down not only one the best videos of 2016 but also features some of the best and entertaining acting and performances I have ever seen in jav. They are relentless, enthusiastic and just insane. The sex is all over the top and features something for everyone.

3. CJOD-006 “An Incredible Slut Grown Muscular From Hardcore Fucking Rides Cowgirl Style” (Kurea Hasumi)


Kurea Hasumi’s output for 2016 was definitely a disappointment as most of her releases were with the same studios such as Fetish Box which I absolutely hate. However there were still a few highlights such as RKI-429 and then this masterpiece right here. CJOD-006 is a perfect showcase of what makes Kurea Hasumi one of the best talents in jav right now. It emphasizes all the strengths of her to near perfection.

Now with this title there’s no plot or story. Just several sex scenes each with a different theme. Such examples being a soapland style scene, pov sex scene and an excellent dominant sex scene featuring Kurea doing what she does best. The action is loaded with creampies, facesitting and a fantastic array of positions that highlight her amazing body. Which brings me to the terrific camerawork here. They do a great job of capturing all the best angles of her ass and her sexy long legs.

Now of course it wouldn’t be complete without a flawless performance to back it up and here Kurea brings her A game. Completely dominant, full of energy and enthusiasm and just oozing confidence. This is a classic performance from her doing what she does best. The other amazing aspect of this video is Kurea’s appearance. She is in perfect shape here. Her abs, legs and ass all look incredible. Not to mention her wardrobe is great too with her wearing some very sexy lingerie.

If you have ever wondered “what makes Kurea so great?” then THIS is the perfect video to watch. No strange plot here to get in the way. Just intense action with lots of creampies and a top tier performance that is full of enthusiasm and energy. Great action, amazing performance and Kurea looking sexy as ever. What more do you want?

2. JUFD-570 “Ecstatic Ass Trembling Dripping Wet Big Assed Fucking” (Kaori)


In 2016 I discovered a few new actresses that I really fell in love with such as Kaho Kasumi, Erika Kitagawa and Aimi Yoshikawa. However my overall new favorite was no doubt Kaori. From her beautiful face to her solid fake boobs but most of all her flawless ass. There were many great videos from her this year but ultimately JUFD-570 reigns supreme for me.

Every aspect of this video is perfect starting with the plot. I’m personally a huge fan of the housewife seduction premises and Kaori is a good fit for the role. After all who could resist her magnificent juicy ass. This also allows for her to show off her seduction skills which she does a remarkable job with.

The sex here is another highlight. Now the scenes themselves are incredible and all feature her ass in one way or another. But perhaps the best part is the terrific camerawork. In every scene they consistently get the best shots of her body. Whether she’s giving a blowjob and shooting her ass from behind or pulling a leg up during sex and filming her backside. The angles and positions here all highlight and showcase her body perfectly.

Now what really helps it all come together is her performance. I must admit that Kaori isn’t the absolute best performer out there. On one hand she never gets whiny but at the same time I’ve never really seen here go all out like Kaho Kasumi, Kurea Hasumi or Ai Uehara do sometimes. But here she really holds her own and delivers. No whining as I mentioned and she’s fairly engaging. Could she be better overall? Sure but for the most part its hard to complain.

Lastly how I could not mention her appearance. For starters her wardrobe is exceptional. Every single one teases her ass so well and suits her body perfectly. Especially that blue dress, god damn. And of course Kaori herself looks incredibly sexy as she always does. Again the fanservice from Fitch here is wonderful as they constantly show off and highlight her ass so well.

What more needs to be said? THIS is hands down my favorite all time video from Kaori. From her performance and acting to the phenomenal camerawork and sex and of course the terrific plot. There’s a few minor nitpicks sure. For example you could say her acting isn’t a 10/10 but in the end it doesn’t matter all that much. If you’re watching this video you want to see Kaori’s juicy ass and Fitch delivers the goods. This is my number one recommendation for Kaori and if you haven’t seen this one yet then shame on you. GO NOW!

1. PPPD-511 “Face-Sitting Babe With Super Colossal Tits Get Ready For The Delicious Torture Of Crushing O Cups” (Hitomi Tanaka)


Well here we are at number one. Hitomi has come a long way since her career started. She’s released some top notch videos over the years and 2016 saw quite a few of them. But none come close to this one here. This is without a doubt my all time favorite solo Hitomi video ever for a myriad of reasons.

First off the overall premise is just genius. Now it is very simple as its just Hitomi smothering guys with her boobs. But it works so well. Another nice aspect is that each scene has its own scenario. From her playing a yoga instructor to having her way with a home intruder. The variety in the scenes is what really helps make each one standout from each other and be memorable.

Speaking of the scenes the action and sex are really something special. This being a Hitomi video you can expect lots of paizuri and you get plenty of that. Hell there’s even a double paizuri segment in one scene. The positions are also another huge positive. So many positions have her smothering the guy with her boobs while riding the absolute shit out of the him. Also there’s several creampies although to be honest they’re probably fake.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this video is Hitomi’s performance. Now say what you will about her appearance and you may find her boobs unappealing however when it comes to her performing ability she is exceptional. She has greatly improved since her early days and now is a remarkable performer and quite frankly one of the best around. She really knows what she’s doing here and it shows. The way she throws her boobs around is quite the sight to see. Going beyond that her enthusiasm is breathtaking and her facial expressions are some of the best I’ve seen. And of course best of all is next to no whining from her.

Finally how could I not mention Hitomi’s stunning appearance. Now its no secret that I’m a massive fan of hers so I may be just a little biased here but I think she looks amazing from start to finish. Nearly every outfit is a winner here. Not only that but she herself is an incredible shape. Hitomi’s current look has drawn some mixed opinions from her fans as some say she’s too skinny but I think she looks the best she ever has. Her skinny waist combined with her massive boobs is very appealing and her face looks pretty good too.

With all that being said this is hands down not only my favorite of 2016 but this also makes my top 10 videos of all time list. Perfect performance combined with some incredible sex and great variety in scenes and plots. Not to mention Hitomi looking gorgeous. If I had any criticism it would be the masseuse scene feeling a little underwhelming compared to the rest of the scenes. But even then that’s a very minor nitpick. This is one that should be in every Hitomi fans library and perhaps even worth a watch for non-fans as you may be persuaded.


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