July 18, 2024

Oppaira’s 2019 Wishlist

In the spirit of the holidays, I like doing a discussion where we talk about all the things we’d love to see. There’s always plenty of things to watch every year, but there’s always stuff we want to see. So here’s a bunch of things I hope happen in 2019!


10. Asahi Mizuno does anal


I’d love to see Asahi Mizuno do anal. She’s got a lot of variety and a lot of content, but anal is one thing that’s missing. Especially given how nice her ass is, it would be an absolute treat to watch it. Asahi’s probably already finished shooting all her porn and we’re just waiting for it to come out, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t get it. Kaho Kasumi’s retirement video had anal in it, so here’s hoping Asahi will get bold for the end of her career!


9. GES gets some more big names


GES, as people know, is my favourite series. And while I love it, I’m always skeptical about them using people new to Oppai rather than big names in the industry who could perform well. I kept hoping for Kaho Shibuya and Chitose Saegusa to star in it and neither of them did. Kaho starred in something pretty close, but the video really wasn’t that good. With both of them now retired I won’t get to see them in it, so instead I’ve got some others I’d like to see star in it: Mako Oda, Yumi Kazama, and Natsuko Mishima.

Mako Oda is someone I think would excel in it given some good directing, and her body type is exactly what the series calls for. She hasn’t worked for Oppai yet, but she’s worked for four different studios this year and I wouldn’t be surprised if she branched out more. Yumi Kazama starring as the mom is certainly a good video in the making and hopefully Oppai realizes that, especially since Yumi worked with them as recently as November. Natsuko hasn’t worked with them in nearly two years, but with the way her comeback is going, I think that one day she might be a name they consider.

Another trio I’d really love to see are Marina Yuzuki, Nanami Matsumoto, and Marina Shiraishi. For both Marina Yuzuki and Nanami Matsumoto, I think I’d rather see them become a good performer before starring in this series. They’re both relatively new and I think some more experience will help them with this series. For Shiraishi, well, she’s gonna have to leave SOD first, which leads me to…


8. Marina Shiraishi goes freelance


Marina is a really great performer and likes to do a lot of variety. You can see it when she does things like BBC (which she has done a few times now). I think SOD is holding her back. I feel like SOD just doesn’t offer enough opportunities for Marina to really excel at her job. I think freelancing could really help her career, as she has so much to offer. Her thicc body as well as her young appearance despite being labelled a MILF so often gives her so much flexibility. I could see her working for studios like Venus and Madonna while at the same time being at Fitch, Moodyz, and Oppai. Marina’s probably happy coasting with one video per month, but here’s hoping!


7. RION comes back


RION is a huge mystery right now because nobody really knows what happened. Did she retire? Did she get fired? I’ve even heard much worse things that I won’t mention. Either way, this mystery leaves it open that she might just be taking a break. I won’t claim to be the biggest RION fan, though I am still a fan of this beauty. I’d love to see her come back as I think many people would. Maybe she can even switch studios, Prestige and E-Body would welcome her with open arms, but I’d love to see her go to Oppai personally. So here’s hoping that RION didn’t retire and comes back. Speaking of which…


6. No more of my favourite actresses retire

Actresses retire all the time, that’s just the nature of the business. People just simply don’t want to do porn forever, and eventually it’s time for them to move on. It’s a sad time for fans, even if we know it’ll happen and want the best for the actresses we’ve come to love.

2018 happened to be a particularly bad year for actresses retiring, at least for me. A bunch of actresses I like retired, announced retirements, or simply vanished, including RION, Wakaba Onoue, Nana Fukada, Aki Sasaki, Asahi Mizuno, Kaho Shibuya, and Chitose Saegusa. It’s hard enough when one of my favourites retired, but three of my top ten retired!

In 2019 I’m really hoping none of my favourites up and retire. Hitomi, Julia, and Rena Fukiishi are the lone survivors on my top 10 list still around, so here’s hoping that the three of them stick around for the year.


5. A good 2019 debut actress

Actresses are rarely ever good when they debut. Some of those favourites from the past two years include: Marina Yuzuki, Iori Yuki, Nanami Matsumoto, Monami Takarada, Hotaru Mori, and Touka Rinne. While I’ve enjoyed all of them, they haven’t been great performers during their debut year. All I really want is someone who’s an impressive performer within the first year.

Sometimes actresses learn to perform really early on, Chitose Saegusa is a good example. Chitose was only in the industry for four years, but that doesn’t matter when she was performing like a pro within her first 12 months. She’s one of my all-time favourites, and half of my top 10 are from her first year.

While it’s great finding all sorts of new actresses to replace those who leave the industry, I’d really like to find someone who just knocks my socks off next year. Especially with more than half of my top 10 retired now, I just want someone who can really compete for a spot on the list.


4. Kaho Shibuya / Anri Okita work abroad

Both of them are retired, but I’m not convinced that’s the last time we’ll see them topless. Anri is still keeping up an OnlyFans account and Kaho Shibuya still does lots of cosplay stuff.

Anri has already worked for Nadine post-retirement, including a threesome with Milena and Hitomi. I think Anri was self-conscious about her large, lactating breasts, though Nadine’s site would have welcomed that with open arms. Perhaps once she stops breastfeeding she may be more open to going back, and we can already see her opening up a lot more on OnlyFans and such.

For Kaho, she’s casually mentioned working with Score again potentially. I’m pretty sure she won’t ever do hardcore again, but topless totally seems like it could be a thing. I’m sure if Score offered, she’d go back. Considering Hitomi hasn’t even gotten another Score offer, something tells me they’re off the table. Now Nadine’s site, on the other hand, may be a possibility. It’s funny because when I was first writing this, I was hoping she’d work for Nadine, and then literally exactly that happened just a few days after. It looks like it’s just a photo set, but anything is better than nothing. So while I guess I kind of got this one a bit early, I’d still like to see her do a video.

If we’re lucky, we might just get the two of them together. If Kaho sucked the milk out of Anri’s breasts I might just lose it. Or maybe Kaho and Hitomi. I was pretty bummed out that Kaho + Hitomi was never a thing, but I think I would still enjoy something topless at Nadine’s site. Nadine, if you’re reading this, MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


3. Julia does a lesbian video

I once asked Julia if she’d be willing to do lesbian, and while she said she’d prefer to have sex with a guy, she wasn’t totally opposed to it. In fact, she actually asked for some actress recommendations. It never seems to happen though, so maybe 2019 will be the year. She said she didn’t want to compete in the boobs department with Kaho Shibuya, Anri Okita, or Hitomi, so picking someone to partner with her who had similar proportions would be great.


I would have picked Asahi Mizuno because they’re from the same agency, but with Asahi retiring that doesn’t seem like an option anymore. I’d probably be looking more at actresses like Erika Kitagawa, Yui Hatano, or Yumi Kazama. I think actresses that have been in many lesbian videos and can be the dominant one would be good, since I think Julia won’t be too proactive. All three of them are solid performers and I think can do a good job dictating the pace of the video. With them all being slim and busty (but not particularly bigger than Julia), I think it would work out. Considering Julia says she wants to stay in the business basically forever, I think it’s more a question of when than if.

Since Julia is one of my favourites and she’s so tame, I’m basically going to keep asking for her to do this every year until she does. I feel like this year more than most, she’s opening up a little bit. She managed to work for WANZ a few times and even do the infamous “If you can withstand her for 10 minutes, raw creampie sex” series. Considering she says she’s interested in doing it, it’s high on my list because I think it’s actually a reasonable thing. So who knows, maybe 2019 is the year!


2. Hitomi switches studios


Hitomi’s been with Oppai for quite some time now, in fact she’s been there over three years now. Oppai’s been running out of ideas for her, and a lot of her videos are pretty bland as a result. Her last couple have been much better, and I have extremely high expectations for her upcoming one, but Hitomi’s so much better than her current stuff makes her look. I think it’s time that she finds a new studio to call home that can utilize her better.

I think her going back to either Moodyz or Tameike Goro would be excellent for her. I personally think she would excel more at Temeike Goro, as they’ve got a lot of series with opportunities for her to showcase her performance skills. That being said, she did work with Moodyz recently for her VR, so I think that’s more likely to happen. Not so secretly, I’d love to see her freelance, but I think she’s too comfortable with her output the way it is to want to do so. Either way, she needs to get out of Oppai before her videos become too boring to watch (though I’ll never stop watching them regardless).


1. Meguri comes out of retirement

Meguri recently posted on Twitter that she’s thinking about re-debuting. I would absolutely love to see that. Meguri’s one of my absolute favourites and it would bring me all sorts of joy to see her come back. She went out with such a bang and the future for her in the industry is really bright. Especially with a bunch of my favourites recently retiring, I could use someone coming back. This would have been on a magical fairy land list if I didn’t read it with my own eyes, and I avoided listing things I thought would never happen. I think I speak for a ton of people when I say yes, absolutely yes, please come back!


So what’s on your wishlist?


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  1. The most exciting hope for me are just RION’s comeback and no more good actress retired.
    Sorry OOT, I heard that Momo Sakura had a inner problem, I hope she won’t retire soon in 2019


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