June 17, 2024

[T28-481] Training Together With Kaho Shibuya

The video starts out showing quick clips of Kaho in the different situations she’ll be in – working out in a gym, biking, martial arts, and swimming. Aptly titled sports course, the video is about Kaho Shibuya in various sporting situations.

Right off the bat, Kaho looks really good here, and the uniforms are great. I enjoy clothed sex in moderation, but what makes it so good here is that they often switch between being fully clothed (nothing showing) to exposing her boobs, and it works out really well to have that mix. The various clothes are different enough to not feel like the same thing over and over, while setting the scene well.

The first scene is her meeting with a fellow biker, both of them in a bike suit. It then shows them in a locker room and Kaho is naked. She gets on a bike machine and the guy is at a loss for words, and I don’t blame him, who wouldn’t be? You get to watch Kaho riding the bike machine, getting tired, boobs flopping everywhere. It then snaps back to reality, where Kaho isn’t actually naked, the guy just fantasizing before. The guy then gives Kaho some pointers while he’s mostly staring at her boobs. She falls off the bike and as he goes to try to catch her, they land with him on the floor and her boobs in his face. He then can’t help himself and starts feeling her up. She hesitates for all of 5 seconds before she decides it’s not so bad. The scene progresses into her giving a blowjob before they continue into sex. Kaho remains mostly clothed during the scene, she’s wearing that biking uniform, which is zippered, and has no bra on, so at various points they unzip the shirt and let her breasts move around, then zip it back up; she does not take off her pants at all, they make a hole instead. They continually have sex on top of the bike until he creampies her. After, he compliments her and she’s happy, I guess the training went well.

In the second scene, she’s running on a treadmill and once again, her instructor visualizes her naked running on it. image1After he snaps back to reality, he starts giving her a massage until he takes it a little too far and then just starts groping her. She doesn’t dislike it though, and eventually starts giving him a blowjob/paizuri. Once again, her top (which is a sports bra) is on at some points, off at others. They eventually start having sex on the treadmill in various positions and then on an exercise machine while the guy is working out at the same time; Kaho even starts working out at some points during the sex. He finishes on her boobs while they’re on a bench, but the action doesn’t stop there. Kaho sucks him until he’s hard again and they continue on a bouncy ball until he cums on her gym shorts.

In the third scene, her and another guy are performing some martial arts sparring. After she takes him down, he starts fantasizing about her naked. Unlike the others, we don’t see her naked in the current situation, he just fantasizes about her doing various things while nude. She’s wearing her uniform with no clothes underneath and her boobs get exposed several times where the guy takes note and starts staring. He taps out at some point and just lays there, and when Kaho lowers his uniform to see what’s wrong, she notices his hard-on and goes to work. They start going at it in some sort of half sex, half martial arts action; they rather quickly settle on a paizuri though. Eventually he finishes between her tits. Her tits are exposed when they start, but her uniform is still on.

image4In the fourth scene, she’s swimming laps when two guys in the pool start fantasizing about her swimming naked in front of her. We get some nice footage of her swimming naked, including underwater shots from various angles. After she gets out, she lies down on a spread out towel to rest and the two guys start massaging her. They progressively get more adventurous with their massaging until they’re groping her. She starts touching herself and squirts right in their faces. The action then ends up back in the pool, where she has sex with one of the guys. It quickly moves back onto the towel where they take turns creamping her. Lik in the second scene, it doesn’t end after the first creampie. She takes multiple creampies, one shot on her swimsuit, and one on her face. The video ends in the most Kaho way possible, which is a nice squirt.

Kaho’s acting is only so-so here. She looks like she’s enjoying it sometimes, but generally doesn’t express any emotion. She doesn’t seem particularly engaged in it, and is just going through the motions. It comes off all average to me. Kaho also makes those weird faces she’s known for, which I’m not a big fan of.

image2The sex looks quite good though, a lot of unique situations, like on a treadmill, in a pool, etc. I especially liked her giving a blowjob while on the treadmill. She doesn’t really lead the sex in any way, just sort of lets it happen for the most part. She does a good job leading it in the martial arts scene or when giving a paizuri, but that’s about it as far as directing the sex goes. That’s not to say she just sits there and takes it, but that she could take a more active role in the sex.

The plot is generally good, and I like that they fantasize about her naked. It comes off very realistic, because a lot of guys would probably fantasize about her in that situation. Outside of the first scene, the sex builds up slowly and very naturally, so overall it’s very good at pacing itself and not having any sort of issues. The scenes are also good, different scenarios, different uniforms, and I really like it as a whole.

Rating: 9.3/10

This is definitely a good video. The performance leaves a bit to be desired, but the uniqueness of the video coupled with great sex is what sells it for me. I really like her in different scenarios and outfits, and the whole video is very enjoyable. If you’re a fan of fitness JAV, you will absolutely want to watch this. If you’re a fan of clothed sex, you’ll want to watch this. And if you’re just a fan of Kaho, well, it’s a great video and you’ll want to watch it.


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