May 17, 2024


Well perhaps the most hyped Hitomi release in some time is finally out. Does it live up to the hype? Well…yes and no. Starting out with the plot that has Hitomi taking the role of a cosplayer who seems to be visiting some fans. One fan writes a secret love letter to her and she proceeds to rip it up afterwards. Of course he gets upset and takes his revenge via raping her pretty much. The rest of the scenes follow the same sorta setup of non-consensual sex although the last scene in particular isn’t quite as rapey. The plot may be in fact the biggest disappointment. Oppai could have structured this like the much beloved MIDE-248 cosplay video starring Anri Okita where all the scenes take place in the settings and styles of the costumes. Instead we get this lazy and uninspired premise that wastes the potential of these amazing outfits. Plus me personally I’m not a huge fan of rapey plots. So overall the plot is a big letdown.

The runtime is the usual 2 hours with 5 scenes overall. In total there’s 2 full sex scenes, a group paizuri scene, a solo paizuri scene and a vibrator play scene. I must admit the action is a bit lacking. The sex scenes are solid for the most part and enjoyable and group paizuri scene is fine. However the solo paizuri scene is bland and the vibrator scene where a group of guys use toys on her is incredibly frustrating. In it she wears her super sonico cosplay which looks fantastic but it’s completely wasted in this short and forgettable scene. So overall the action is decent but could have been far better.

Hitomi’s performance here is fine but nothing extraordinary. She’s capable of much more but being delegated to a submissive role for majority of the video is just wasted potential. For what it’s worth she plays her role well enough but I just wanted to see a little more of a dominant or at least neutral role from her here. But now we get to where the video did live up to the hype and that’s the wardrobe. Her outfits and costumes are outstanding. Imo the first and last are the best but they all look terrific. Which makes this even more frustrating that it’s sorta wasted on this video.

In closing PPPD-636 is wasted potential. Amazing and sexy outfits gone to waste on average sex, submissive acting and worst of all a lazy and uninspired plot. This *could* have been a contender for video of the year but at best it’s a solid albeit disappointing release. Oppai is capable of much more but with every batch of releases there just seem to be less and less effort. Maybe one day they’ll return to their glory days…


Female Looks 10/10

Sex 8/10

Plot 6/10

Performance 8/10

Overall Rating: 8/10


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  1. Very fair review, and I agree with you that it’s a tad lazy and uninspired.
    I don’t care for overly rapey plots either, and Hitomi is definitely hotter when she’s aggressive.


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