July 20, 2024

[HDKA-089] Naked Housemaid, Nude Maid Agency, Shizuku Amai

Shizuku Amayoshi does the Naked Maid series. Note that this is not the busty maid series from OPPAI but is the one from Planet Plus. Anyway, the plot is straightforward, the company sends you your own naked maid who cooks, cleans, and helps you with your sexual urges. Shizuku is seen cooking and cleaning, but also gets the guy off a few times. She washes his back (and his cock of course), she has sex with him a couple times, gives him a paizuri/blowjob, the standard sort of stuff you’d expect.

vlcsnap-2016-11-29-17h41m50s707Shizuku is cute as ever here, I think she’s fairly cute actually. Her boobs are also fairly nice, though they look much better in the cover shot. What’s detracting is the stretch marks on her lower stomach region, which are also purple in colour. At moments when they’re displayed, they look fairly bad and diminish from the quality. In a lot of other stuff, they try to keep her lower body covered with like a top they don’t fully take off or something. Thankfully, you don’t notice them a ton. Especially when she’s cleaning the house, she’s often captured in moments where she’s on all fours so you don’t see it. Her ass isn’t that good for that position though, but no stretch marks is just overall the best way to present her. I think overall, her body size is probably less than ideal for this video, and it really comes down to how detracting that is for you. Some people are okay with BBW, some are not.

Shizuku’s acting isn’t that great, but this is one film where I don’t expect a lot. She’s decent at giving genuine smiles and she comes across very genuine in this video. Of course, more vocalization from her and more polarizing expressions would be better, but I can live with her performance. I’d say she should have said a lot more during it, she seemed a fair bit quiet, more than she ought to have been.


The sex is not half bad here. Shizuku’s not very good at moving her body, probably partially due to her weight, but that doesn’t stop it from still looking okay. They do a variety of positions and things like sucking him under the table while eating is always nice to see. I also do like scenes where they’re cleaning the house, but Shizuku’s body isn’t good for that. The difference between Shizuku and someone like Naho Hazuki cleaning the house is a lot.

Let Shizuku cook, clean, wash your back, and even suck you off while you eat.

Rating: 7.5/10

This is probably one of her best films. She looks alright and does a passable job with the acting and sex. Considering she’s normally a bit of a plank in her acting, she’s starting to show signs of life. I think more than anything, she felt comfortable doing this one and let it come through. Obviously her comfort level is still fairly low, but the fact she looks any bit comfortable is a good sign. As always with Shizuku videos, watch it if you like Shizuku and skip it otherwise.


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